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5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
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5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Providence Day15
2.Charlotte Latin50
3.Covenant Day80
4.Charlotte Christian105

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Noah Dolhare
16:30.39Providence Day
2.10Jason Krell
17:00.47Providence Day
3.10Adam Habas
17:11.47Providence Day
4.12Johnathan Timberlake
17:14.68Arborbrook Christian...
5.9Christian Landis
17:39.92Providence Day
6.10Andrew Riolo
18:00.16Providence Day
7.11William Kressner
18:20.45Charlotte Latin
8.10Alex Huminsky
18:31.51Arborbrook Christian...
9.11Rob Schleusner
18:37.89Charlotte Latin
10.12Christopher Hardin
18:43.36Covenant Day
11.10Robert Veres
18:47.34Providence Day
12.12Michael Quartapella
18:54.53Charlotte Latin
13.9Luke Manna
18:57.54Providence Day
14.9Colter Nichols
19:04.07Providence Day
15.9Dhruv Mahajan
19:21.44Providence Day
16.11Peyton Sykes
19:37.48Covenant Day
17.11Will Zwetolitz
19:57.08Charlotte Latin
18.9Charles Harris
19:59.13Charlotte Latin
19.12David Bilbrey
20:03.26Charlotte Latin
20.9John Smith
20:03.73Providence Day
21.9David Lash
20:07.24Charlotte Christian
22.12Dillon Lee
20:11.07Charlotte Latin
23.10Hill Wilson
20:18.44Covenant Day
24.11Owen Cannon
20:44.18Charlotte Christian
25.10Jameson Barlaan
21:07.32Arborbrook Christian...
26.9Luke Dyer
21:08.89Providence Day
27.11Ethan Zhang
21:16.07Charlotte Latin
28.9Ian Macurda
21:23.29Covenant Day
29.12Will Herndon
21:23.74Providence Day
30.11Connor Sweet
21:36.91Charlotte Latin
31.10Will Alridge
21:46.84Providence Day
32.12Rich Pope
21:47.28Charlotte Latin
33.12Nick Quartapella
22:13.49Charlotte Latin
34.9Maddox Tapp
22:26.78Providence Day
35.10Jack Howard
22:42.01Charlotte Christian
36.12Harrison Chase
22:45.42Covenant Day
37.10Johnny Pu
22:46.08Covenant Day
38.11Alec Mozayeni
22:57.74Providence Day
39.10Louis Jorge
22:58.87Providence Day
40.12Sam Katz
23:01.09Providence Day
41.11Carter Bell
23:32.09Charlotte Latin
42.12Tyler Patel
23:38.16Providence Day
43.9Andrew Chang
23:38.63Charlotte Latin
44.10Bennett Herman
23:45.08Providence Day
45.12Alex Constantine
23:56.35Providence Day
46.10Jace Grauel
24:00.12Charlotte Christian
47.9Noah Ong
24:07.58Charlotte Christian
48.9John Laughlin
24:08.01Providence Day
49.9Christopher Embs
24:08.61Providence Day
50.12Jack Scott
24:10.42Charlotte Christian
51.9Andrew Hardin
24:13.56Covenant Day
52.9Wheat Sturtevant
24:32.91Charlotte Latin
53.9Kolby Oglesby
24:54.09Providence Day
54.12Charles Aiken
25:00.38Providence Day
55.10Ethan Eshleman
25:10.60Charlotte Christian
56.11Charlie Kreissl
25:41.36Charlotte Latin
57.11Perrin Craig
25:41.70Charlotte Latin
58.10Boone Foster
26:00.23Charlotte Christian
59.10Matthew Henderson
26:00.97Covenant Day
60.9Edward Weaver
26:29.68Covenant Day
61.11Joe Kerrigan
26:49.63Providence Day
62.9Grant Barlow
27:04.06Charlotte Latin
63.10Christian Palardy
27:32.95Arborbrook Christian...
64.10Cody Constantine
27:38.21Providence Day
65.9JT Daniel
27:47.71Charlotte Christian
66.11Ashu Ebsa
29:06.79 SRProvidence Day
67.9Jackson Sykes
29:44.18Providence Day
68.9Kieran Amin
29:50.49Charlotte Latin
69.9Jack Gerden
31:22.47Charlotte Latin
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Providence Day24
2.Charlotte Latin39
3.North Charlotte Running Acad...71
4.Covenant Day105

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Regan Cronk
21:30Providence Day
2.11Ananyaa Bharadwaj
21:47Providence Day
3.10Marion Donald
21:56Charlotte Latin
4.11Justine Cronk
22:05Providence Day
5.10Mary Catherine Pope
22:09Charlotte Latin
6.11-12Abigail Petr
22:14North Charlotte Runn...
7.12Caroline Ortiz
22:25Providence Day
8.11Ellie Beuley
22:38Charlotte Latin
9.13-14Caitlin Hays
22:47 PRNorth Charlotte Runn...
10.12Tracy Laughlin
22:57Providence Day
11.10Julia Nielsen
23:05Charlotte Latin
12.10Cassie Figueroa
23:05Charlotte Latin
13.11Olivia Lowe
23:09Charlotte Latin
14.13-14Natalie Williams
23:39North Charlotte Runn...
15.11Lily Farr
23:46Charlotte Latin
16.9-10Lydia Hardenbrook
24:16 PRNorth Charlotte Runn...
17.9Caroline Sicard
24:19Providence Day
18.10Katy Seddon
24:23Providence Day
19.9Lindsay Smith
24:28Providence Day
20.9Petra Caldwell
24:57Providence Day
21.9Sarah Shirey
25:02Providence Day
22.10Charley Denny
25:06Charlotte Latin
23.12Ellie Perrigo
25:11Charlotte Latin
24.12Dayna Asher
25:14Providence Day
25.10Tiana Sullivan
25:24Charlotte Latin
26.10Anna Snyder
25:41Charlotte Latin
27.11Raquel Latorre
25:56Providence Day
28.12Jennifer Cahill
26:06Providence Day
29.11Kelsey Troutman
26:14Covenant Day
30.11Sadie Evans
26:14Covenant Day
31.10Eva Lindner
26:19Covenant Day
32.12Daniela Dahlgren
26:20Covenant Day
33.12Anna Haynes
26:20Covenant Day
34.9Hannah Beth Brown
26:22Covenant Day
35.9Olivia Mueth
26:22Covenant Day
36.11Isabelle Dean
26:23Covenant Day
37.12Sara Kate Baudhuin
26:23Covenant Day
38.12Lauren Kent
26:49Covenant Day
39.10Hannah Brandon
26:50Charlotte Christian
40.10Elizabeth Baltusnik
26:59Providence Day
41.11-12Hope Petr
27:15 PRNorth Charlotte Runn...
42.11Casey Thomsen
27:28Charlotte Latin
43.12Grace Barlaan
27:32Arborbrook Christian...
44.10Carter Barlow
28:08Charlotte Latin
45.10Lane Tayloe
28:10Charlotte Latin
46.11Ellie Pikel
28:28Covenant Day
47.10Kate Rau
28:29Covenant Day
48.9Anna Makemson
29:06Providence Day
49.11Caroline Reid
29:09Providence Day
50.12Isabel De Armas
29:34Charlotte Latin
51.12Tess Wrigley
29:35Charlotte Latin
52.12Mallory Evans
29:35Charlotte Latin
53.11Emma Radke
29:57Providence Day
54.12Sarah Dahlberg
30:16Covenant Day
55.12Holly Levett
30:16Covenant Day
56.12Grace Halligan
30:58Providence Day
57.9Claire Woodley
31:46Charlotte Christian
58.10Sara Freedman
32:11Providence Day
59.9Kelsey Eshleman
33:20Charlotte Christian
60.11Elizabeth Gulley
33:30Covenant Day
61.9Ruth Shumway
34:05Charlotte Latin
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