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5,000 Meters Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Union Pines15
2.Harnett Central49
3.Southern Lee84
1.12Trace Fraley
18:40.28Union Pines
2.11Pieter Enkema
18:41.02Union Pines
3.10Sam Patterson
19:40.55Union Pines
4.11Ben Verchick
19:41.14Union Pines
5.10Josh Patterson
20:13.90Union Pines
6.12Ryan Fleming
20:36.59Union Pines
7.11Jesus Gonzalez
20:37.96Harnett Central
8.10Jaheem Uzzell
21:01.78Union Pines
9.9Tavish Fraley
21:06.51Union Pines
10.10Matthew Victoria
21:10.46Harnett Central
11.11Kyle Hadding
21:12.57Harnett Central
12.12Laderique McNeill
21:29.71Harnett Central
13.11Mitchell Blalock
21:33.87Harnett Central
14.10Drew Adams
21:43.47Harnett Central
15.9Jordan Cram
21:49.78Southern Lee
16.9Samuel Park
22:15.75Union Pines
17.9David Larson
22:22.74Harnett Central
18.12Ethan Thurston
22:44.84Union Pines
19.10Jacob Numerick
23:05.28Union Pines
20.11Victor Venjohn
23:11.04Union Pines
21.10Collin VanCleave
23:42.57Union Pines
22.11Colton O'Briant
23:43.77Harnett Central
23.12Brent Holder
23:44.99Southern Lee
24.-Johnathan Smith
23:52.45 PRHarnett Central
25.9Daniel Richard
24:04.11Union Pines
26.12Josh Yeshulas
24:07.48Union Pines
27.12Ethan Sherrard
24:15.11Union Pines
28.12Jan Hofman
24:31.18Southern Lee
29.12Ernesto Balleza
24:49.92Harnett Central
30.12Aidan All
24:50.99Harnett Central
31.-D. Boin
25:13.68 PRHarnett Central
32.-C. Jackson
25:15.98 PRHarnett Central
33.11Travis Rau
25:46.31Union Pines
34.9Tyler Frey
26:45.82Union Pines
35.10Chipper Williford
26:46.86Harnett Central
36.9Colin Smith
27:08.37Union Pines
37.9Brandon Thomas
27:48.15Union Pines
38.10Spencer Craven
28:30.04Union Pines
39.9William Capozzoli
28:32.33Union Pines
40.9Dylan Gattis
28:44.48Union Pines
41.9Bryce Chappell
30:06.13Southern Lee
42.12Yuttachet Kamsuwat
31:23.40Southern Lee
43.9Mekhi Womack
32:01.26Southern Lee
44.12Juan Restrep
32:48.36Southern Lee
45.12Neil Bullard
33:05.61 PRSouthern Lee
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Union Pines21
2.Harnett Central40
3.Southern Lee85
1.12Kelsey Begley
21:07.73Union Pines
2.9Emily Bowbliss
21:36.51Union Pines
3.11Kaity Culbreth
21:45.97Harnett Central
4.10Maggie McCormick
22:27.47Harnett Central
5.11Sarah Barnes
22:39.94Union Pines
6.11Wilson Schaper
23:00.59Union Pines
7.10Christen Fleming
23:11.84Union Pines
8.11Samantha Davis
23:37.30Union Pines
9.12Madison Petersen
24:03.22Union Pines
10.10Jaida Holder
25:01.91Union Pines
11.11Lauren Greenspahn
25:50.30Harnett Central
12.9Kimberly Castro
25:52.91Harnett Central
13.9Lillie Gardner
25:56.22Harnett Central
14.11Hanah Martin
25:57.12Union Pines
15.10Kennedy Petersen
26:03.66Union Pines
16.10Lillia Dillman
26:09.69Union Pines
17.9Rebecca Strong
26:10.66Union Pines
18.11Elizabeth Godwin
26:15.44Harnett Central
19.10Abbie Page
26:17.09Harnett Central
20.11Alexis Johnson
26:27.30Union Pines
21.9Tinasia Davis
26:32.69Harnett Central
22.12Anayely Coronilla
26:57.59Harnett Central
23.9Anna Vreeling
27:47.02 PRHarnett Central
24.10Rachel Sprouse
27:59.87Union Pines
25.10Abigial Fruge'
28:31.98Union Pines
25.10Abigail Fruge'
28:41.98Union Pines
26.9Sierra Begley
28:46.30Union Pines
27.11Alison Richard
28:46.59Union Pines
28.11Katia Rosa-Lopez
29:30.12Union Pines
29.11Julia Siecinski
29:33.66Southern Lee
30.10Alyssa Apple
29:38.19 PRSouthern Lee
31.12Nuvia Guardado
29:48.19Southern Lee
32.9Jordan Platt
29:51.97Southern Lee
33.9Morgan Jones
30:52.91Harnett Central
34.10Ryann Pullian
32:04.69Union Pines
35.11Jasmine Rivas
32:21.37Southern Lee
36.10Myra Coronilla
32:21.47 PRHarnett Central
37.9Yelayni Bolainez
32:24.02Southern Lee
38.12Zoe Sharpe
32:26.44Southern Lee
39.12Brionny Brown
35:18.16Southern Lee
40.11Megan Burkes
35:19.44Harnett Central
41.11Emilia Hernandez
35:28.94 PRSouthern Lee
42.9Jennifer Yeshulas
36:18.44Union Pines
43.10Vannie Damrow
36:19.44 PRHarnett Central
44.11Nani Santiago
37:56.26Southern Lee
45.11Bailee Porter
38:20.02Union Pines
46.9Jada Hooker
38:20.05Southern Lee
47.11Gracie Jonas
38:22.91Harnett Central
48.12Abby Faulk
41:29.69 PRSouthern Lee
49.11Maddie Buchanon
43:19.55 SRSouthern Lee
50.9Brianna McNeill
43:29.69Southern Lee
51.9Nariah Jones
43:41.00 PRSouthern Lee
52.9Mirical Clegg
44:37.26 PRSouthern Lee
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