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Mens Races
1 Miles 3rd-4th Grade5:15 PM
1 Miles 5th-6th Grade5:30 PM
Womens Races
1 Miles 3rd-4th Grade5:15 PM
1 Miles 5th-6th Grade5:30 PM

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Rexburg Track Club
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Mens Results

1 Miles 3rd-4th Grade

Official Team Scores

1.Rexburg Track Club22
2.High Five Flyers34
3.American Heritage Charter76
1.9-10Samuel Boyle
6:55 SRHigh Five Flyers
2.4Lucas Fransen
6:56 PRRexburg Track Club
3.3Colby Call
6:59 PRRexburg Track Club
4.4Greyson Peterson
7:03 PRRexburg Track Club
5.3Kash Daniels
7:33 PRRexburg Track Club
6.3Adam Willis
7:41 PRCentral Elementary
7.9-10Brauer Herway
7:49 SRHigh Five Flyers
8.9-10Carson Sommer
7:49.50 PRHigh Five Flyers
9.3Talon Anderson
8:05 PRCentral Elementary
10.7-8Karter Ricks
8:20 PRRexburg Track Club
11.3James Little
8:24 PRCentral Elementary
12.9-10Evan Zumwalt
8:26 PRHigh Five Flyers
13.4Josh Sutton
8:33 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
14.7-8Asher Wallace
8:44 PRHigh Five Flyers
15.3Carson Beard
8:44.40 PRCentral Elementary
16.3Matthew Madsen
17.4Joshua Williams
9:10Rexburg Track Club
18.1Aaron Sutton
9:17 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
19.3Noah Rasmussen
9:19 PRRexburg Track Club
20.9-10Truman Elison
9:19.50 SRHigh Five Flyers
21.2Will Sutton
9:21 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
22.9-10Kolton Shurtliff
9:26 PRHigh Five Flyers
23.2Ethan Wynn
9:28 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
24.3Ethan Collard
10:08Rexburg Track Club
25.4Luke Rasmussen
10:12 PRRexburg Track Club
26.7-8Drew Kunz
10:31 PRHigh Five Flyers
27.1Eric Couch
11:56 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
28.9-10Lucas Larsen
11:58 PRHigh Five Flyers
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1 Miles 5th-6th Grade

Official Team Scores

1.Rexburg Track Club28
2.High Five Flyers38
3.American Heritage Charter63
1.11-12Luke Athay
6:39 PRHigh Five Flyers
2.11-12Mason Dorman
6:43 SRRexburg Track Club
3.6Tanner Severn
6:47 PRRexburg Track Club
4.5Carter Bluth
6:52 SRAmerican Heritage Ch...
5.9-10McKay Manner
6:54 PRRexburg Track Club
6.9-10Ben Call
7:05Rexburg Track Club
7.11-12Benton Elison
7:07 SRHigh Five Flyers
8.6Isacc Hendricks
7:14 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
9.9-10Tanner Clarke
7:25 PRHigh Five Flyers
10.11-12Eli Byron
7:33 SRHigh Five Flyers
11.11-12Bridger Maddock
7:38 SRHigh Five Flyers
12.11-12Fielding Manner
7:43 PRRexburg Track Club
13.11-12Andrew Hinkson
7:46 SRHigh Five Flyers
14.11-12Zachary Shurtliff
7:47 PRHigh Five Flyers
15.6Austin Averill
7:47.50 PRRexburg Track Club
16.3Layton Gillette
7:51 PRCentral Elementary
17.9-10Jace Allen
7:53 PRHigh Five Flyers
18.11-12Andrew Harris
7:55 PRHigh Five Flyers
19.11-12Luke Pinkham
8:06 SRHigh Five Flyers
20.4Jacob Risenmay
8:14 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
21.5Tyler Wynn
8:16 SRAmerican Heritage Ch...
22.11-12Brayden Merzlock
8:17 PRHigh Five Flyers
23.6Jackson Sutton
8:19 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
24.6Carsen Wages
8:23 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
25.9-10James Herres
8:23.50 PRHigh Five Flyers
26.6Owen Lee
8:25 SRAmerican Heritage Ch...
27.11-12Michael Butler
8:26 PRRexburg Track Club
28.5Elias Couch
8:35 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
29.11-12Thomas Nickerson
8:49 SRHigh Five Flyers
30.11-12Samuel Nash
9:32 PRHigh Five Flyers
31.11-12Owen Stewart
10:36Rexburg Track Club
32.5Brandon Little
10:36.50 PRCentral Elementary
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Womens Results

1 Miles 3rd-4th Grade

Official Team Scores

1.Rexburg Track Club24
2.High Five Flyers44
3.American Heritage Charter67
1.9-10Macie Winder
7:20 PRHigh Five Flyers
2.3Miriam Moldenhauer
7:20.20Rexburg Track Club
3.9-10Mia Walsh
8:02 PRRexburg Track Club
4.3Bella Dye
8:07 PRCentral Elementary
5.3Caroline Fabry
8:09Rexburg Track Club
6.4Skye Wegener
8:16 SRAmerican Heritage Ch...
7.9-10Bethany Nash
8:33 PRHigh Five Flyers
8.11-12Rylie Dustin
8:36 SRRexburg Track Club
9.3Tora Grover
8:46 PRRexburg Track Club
10.9-10Anika Johnson
8:48 SRRexburg Track Club
11.7-8Ellie Boyle
9:15 PRHigh Five Flyers
12.9-10Britta Walters
9:52Rexburg Track Club
13.3Brinlee Dorman
10:02Rexburg Track Club
14.3Kate Sessions
10:22 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
15.9-10Genna Nickerson
10:31 SRHigh Five Flyers
16.9-10Meillee Searle
11:13 PRHigh Five Flyers
17.3Madelyn Willcox
11:16 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
18.7-8Ellie Richardson
11:18 PRHigh Five Flyers
19.1Evelyn Willcox
11:22 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
20.1Lilly Nichols
11:30 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
21.1Emmaly Hendricks
11:37 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
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1 Miles 5th-6th Grade

Official Team Scores

1.Rexburg Track Club20
2.American Heritage Charter40
1.11-12Ava Boyle
7:26 PRHigh Five Flyers
2.6Abigail Wegener
7:27 SRAmerican Heritage Ch...
3.11-12Ashley Garner
7:28Rexburg Track Club
4.6Mirah Bennion
7:40 PRRexburg Track Club
5.11-12Ester Moldenhauer
7:48 SRRexburg Track Club
6.11-12Roxanna Backstein
7:49Rexburg Track Club
7.11-12Susanna Packer
7:58Rexburg Track Club
8.5Clancy Peterson
8:13 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
9.11-12Savanah Hawkes
8:18 PRHigh Five Flyers
10.6Mieley Grover
8:20Rexburg Track Club
11.5Maggie White
8:31 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
12.5Emi Robins
8:39Rexburg Track Club
13.11-12Hannah Wallace
8:46 PRHigh Five Flyers
14.5Rylee Barney
10:36 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
15.5Emma Nichols
12:53 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
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