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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity5:05 PM

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Forest Hills
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Central Academy25
3.East Montgomery55
4.Forest Hills98
1.12Evan Wunder
18:31.78Central Academy
2.11Marcus Walker
3.10Noah Estrada
19:13.56Central Academy
4.12Pablo Carvajal
5.9Nick Luckman
19:31.75Central Academy
6.11Luis Molina-Flores
19:42.78East Montgomery
7.10Elliot Wunder
19:58.03Central Academy
8.12Braiden Guest
9.10Christopher Gruener
20:26.84Central Academy
10.11Keyon Ellis
20:29.40East Montgomery
11.11Ivan Valdovinos
20:29.90East Montgomery
12.10Kevin Cunningham
13.11Hernan Rodriguez-V...
20:46.53East Montgomery
14.10Michael Kenary
20:49.81Central Academy
15.12Christian Mortera
20:58.41East Montgomery
16.10Tristen Barron
21:18.56Central Academy
17.9Nicholas Pirozzi
21:18.78Central Academy
18.12Jacob Lybarger
21:41.00Forest Hills
19.9Ivan Melchor
22:20.31Forest Hills
20.11Carlos Sanchez
22:29.97 PRForest Hills
21.9Charles Sykes
22:31.56Central Academy
22.12Kalop Allen
22:50.50Forest Hills
23.11Jose Reyes
24.9Diego Penafiel-Jim...
23:21.18East Montgomery
25.9Ryan Hoover
23:25.75Central Academy
26.12Miguel Silva Sanchez
27.9Garrett Kelly
24:08.00Forest Hills
28.9Joshua McCollum
24:16.12Central Academy
29.12Rodolfo Vera
24:16.65East Montgomery
30.10Ethan Martin
24:48.22Central Academy
31.9Isaac Harris
25:32.12Central Academy
32.11Francisco Cortez
26:30.06East Montgomery
33.11Jerardo Lopez-Vela...
26:30.31 PREast Montgomery
34.12Caleb Staton
26:40.03Forest Hills
35.11Carson Staton
27:40.50Forest Hills
36.12Brian Salazar
27:43.96 PREast Montgomery
37.10Hunter Gibson
27:45.18Forest Hills
38.10Marcus Wright
28:14.66Central Academy
39.11Logan Griffin
28:38.62Forest Hills
40.-Forrest Massey
29:01.97East Montgomery
41.11Jossue Garcia - Lo...
42.-Deven Ward
32:04.53East Montgomery
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Forest Hills

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