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Boston College (BC)
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Stephen Recupero
18:03Boston College (BC)
2.12Patrick Brown
18:16Malden Catholic
3.12Drew Curtin
18:41Boston College (BC)
4.10John Gallagher
18:43Boston College (BC)
5.12Simon Moreira
18:44Boston College (BC)
6.10Michael Donahoe
18:59Boston College (BC)
7.12Jared Simonelli
19:01 PRBoston College (BC)
8.11Liam McKinnon
19:15Malden Catholic
9.12Jed Bell
19:16Boston College (BC)
12Jack Murray
19:31Boston College (BC)
10Owen DeFao
19:36Boston College (BC)
10Joe Willett
19:38Boston College (BC)
10Matt DeFao
19:39Boston College (BC)
12Jake McNeill
19:46Boston College (BC)
15.11Ian Brito
20:10Malden Catholic
16.11Jarrod Wardwell
20:13Malden Catholic
10Derrick Schirippa
20:21 PRBoston College (BC)
18.10Manuel Ventura
20:21Malden Catholic
11Brian McCrann
20:33 PRBoston College (BC)
11Joe Curran
20:39 PRBoston College (BC)
10Foxx Hart
20:42Boston College (BC)
10Will Tuzik
20:44Boston College (BC)
11Thomas Lang
20:47Boston College (BC)
10Luke O'Donnell
20:48 PRBoston College (BC)
10Hunter Hettinger
20:49Boston College (BC)
26.12Derek Blanchard
20:50Malden Catholic
27.12Joseph Armstrong
20:52Malden Catholic
28.12Noah Carlson
20:53Malden Catholic
12Kian Roy
21:14 SRBoston College (BC)
30.11Maguire O'Donnell
21:15Malden Catholic
10Leo Pulizzi
21:17Boston College (BC)
10Harry Lee
21:29 PRBoston College (BC)
11Corey Mastrocola
21:31Boston College (BC)
10Liam Holland
21:33Boston College (BC)
35.11David Sullo
21:50Malden Catholic
10Will McGurn
21:56Boston College (BC)
10Jake Donahoe
22:13Boston College (BC)
10Michael McAvinn
22:28Boston College (BC)
39.10Chris Terranova
22:59Malden Catholic
12Joe Kester
23:45Boston College (BC)
11Ben Nagle
24:37Boston College (BC)
12Dattu Kalluri
25:06Boston College (BC)
10James Duffin
25:06Boston College (BC)
44.10Tim Lynch
25:59Malden Catholic
45.10Sam Fosdick
26:01 PRMalden Catholic
46.10Jerry Nguyen
26:09Malden Catholic
47.10Mike Sekenski
26:34Malden Catholic
48.10Andy Truong
26:39 PRMalden Catholic
49.12Colin Walsh
27:39Malden Catholic
50.12George Bidgood
27:46Malden Catholic
51.11Dylan Lever
28:06Malden Catholic
52.10Jake Hall
30:25Malden Catholic
53.11Kyleigh Augustin
30:30Malden Catholic
54.10Rob Ford
30:48 PRMalden Catholic
55.11Benjamin Kerrins
33:53Malden Catholic
56.10Alex Pacy
34:25Malden Catholic
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3,000 Meters Freshman

1.9Owen Duggan
11:32Boston College (BC)
2.9Steven Roche
11:32Boston College (BC)
3.9Stephen Crowley
12:06Boston College (BC)
4.9Luke Stockless
12:09Malden Catholic
5.9Harrison Hu
12:16Boston College (BC)
6.9Patrick Lambe
12:20Boston College (BC)
7.9Thomas Tracy
12:29Malden Catholic
8.9Dylan Pathiraja
12:32Boston College (BC)
9.9Tom Curran
12:38Malden Catholic
10.9Adam Diller
12:48Malden Catholic
11.9Boyuan Duan
12:49Boston College (BC)
12.9Brian Arruda
13:19Boston College (BC)
13.9Benjamin Elenbaas
13:31Boston College (BC)
14.9Charlie Youssef
13:33Boston College (BC)
15.9Ryan Lebrun
13:38Boston College (BC)
16.9Hunter Quinn
14:05Malden Catholic
17.9Kyle Stiles-Ryan
14:29 PRBoston College (BC)
18.9Owen Hartford
14:34 PRBoston College (BC)
19.9Ryan Constantino
14:47Malden Catholic
20.9Aidan Scalzi
15:01Boston College (BC)
21.9Andrew Donis
16:35Boston College (BC)
22.9Horace Wong
17:53Boston College (BC)
23.9Ryan Carter
17:55Boston College (BC)
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Boston College (BC)

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