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Mens Races
2 Miles Varsity7:30 AM
2 Miles Varsity7:30 AM
2 Miles Junior Varsity7:45 AM
2 Miles Junior Varsity7:45 AM
Womens Races
2 Miles Varsity7:30 AM
2 Miles Varsity7:30 AM
2 Miles Junior Varsity7:45 AM
2 Miles Junior Varsity7:45 AM

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Last Updated 2:42 PM, Wed, Aug 9

2017 Fleet Feet Sports Fresno Innagural XC Classic  (coaches)

Fleet Feet is reviving the old “Watermelon Run” 2 mi time trial in August and we want your team to be a part of it! The event will be held at Woodward Park on a flat 2 mile course so that you can get a feeling for your athletes fitness early in the season. This is a Fleet Feet event, so we will have our reps from Under Armor, Saucony, New Balance, Nike and Brooks selling XC flats for a discount at the event. This event is going to be a lot of fun, with raffles, team challenges, a “predict your time” prize, combined team score prizes and many other cool happenings.

Varsity category is for those finishing 2 miles in under 13 minutes.

JV category is for those finishing in 13+ minutes for the 2 mile distance. 


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Mens Results

2 Miles Varsity

12Hayden Hansen
09:38.9 PRBuchanan
12Seth Garcia
09:41.8Madera South
12Jared Falcone
09:43.7Clovis East
10Isaiah Galindo
09:53.5Clovis North
12Spencer Hauxhurst
09:58.5 SRClovis North
10Kelly Brewer
10Nicholas Carter
10:01.3Clovis North
12Rigo Gamez
10:02.2Clovis East
12Ryan Toto
12Mohamed Saleh
12Charlie Sawyer
10:08.8 PRClovis West
12Andrew Goff
12Thor Swanson
11Victor Ochoa
10:17.5Madera South
11Dustyn McKenney
11Charlie Swanson
10:19.4Clovis North
10Thomas Allen
10:19.7Clovis North
12Adrian Alvarez
10:29.1Madera South
11Reed Lienau
10:30.9Clovis North
12Juan DeSantiago
11Juan Gonzalez
9Bernard Jackson
10:32.2Clovis East
9Danny DeLoera
10Cameron Van Zant
10:34.5 PRClovis East
12Nati Wagenleitner
10:36.3 SRClovis North
11Ethan Fusselman
10:51.3Clovis North
9Adrian Cuellar
11Salvador Martinez
10:53.2 PRMadera South
9Isaac Castro
10:59.7Clovis East
11Ethan Juarez
12Matthew Battaion
11:04.2 SRBuchanan
10Joel Vogt
11:07.9Clovis East
10Jorge Toscano
11:08.7Clovis East
11Keenan Wong
11:09.5 SRClovis West
11Chase Pafford
11Alejandro Duran
11:11.3Madera South
10Francisco Maciel
11:14.7Madera South
9George Yamashita
11:17.2Clovis North
10Kyle Amerjan
11:20.2Clovis North
10Jacob Pace
11:21.7Clovis West
9Luis Lopez
12Eduardo Ojeda
11:27.4Madera South
9Gavin Quon
10Kevin Mendoza
11:33.2Madera South
12Moises Buitrago
11Kurtis Adams
11:35.7Madera South
12Matthew Morillas
11:36.3 SRClovis North
11Nathan Kennedy
11:37.2Clovis North
11Jacob Hall
11:38.8 SRClovis West
11Jacob Huebert
11:39.7Clovis North
9Christian Navarette
10Luis Ortega
11:41.6Madera South
9Christian Goff
9Benjamin Awad
9Agustin Banuelos
11Isaac Fernandez
11:52.3Madera South
9Jack Dresick
11:55.2 PRClovis West
9Francisco Vasquez
11:56.2 PRMadera South
10Daniel Llanez
12:00.3Clovis North
11Connor McPherson
12:03.2 SRLiberty (Madera Ranc...
9Bailey Montoya
12:03.3Madera South
Nathaniel Melgoza
9Ethan Pricolo
12:09.6Clovis West
9Anthony Gonzalez
9Arthur Torres
12:10.5Madera South
10Adrian Chavez
9Carrick Gilgen
12:17.5Clovis North
12Miles Beal
10Jason Moreno
12:20.2 Clovis North
10Ivan Topete
10Michael Rivera
12:30.6Liberty (Madera Ranc...
12Brandon Sassano
12:37.5Liberty (Madera Ranc...
11Subeg Singh
27:44.3 SRClovis North
12Gerardo Padilla
29:31.9 PRMadera South
9Paulino Herrera
29:58.2Madera South
10Enrique Gutierrez
Clovis East
11Sebestian Medina
Clovis East
11Fabian Barrera
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2 Miles Varsity

8Ethan Smith
11:55.7 PRAlta Sierra
8Daniel Hall
12:00.8 PRAlta Sierra
8Marcus Jauregui
12:09.3 PRAlta Sierra
7Sabastian Bustamante
12:11.2 PRAlta Sierra
7Noah Ray
12:19.2 PRAlta Sierra
7Zach Weaver
12:27.5 PRAlta Sierra
8Jordan Garcia
12:28.7 PRAlta Sierra
Christopher Caudillo
7Raymond Pekarek
13:44.9 PRAlta Sierra
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2 Miles Junior Varsity

9Nate Shepherd
11:56.2Liberty (Madera Ranc...
7Keshun Wilson
12:11.7 PRReyburn
Jonathan Burdick
12:24.8Clovis East
Caleb Farmer
12:30.9Clovis East
Gabriel Acosta
8Derrick Madron
12:36.5 PRReyburn
Mattias Anstrin
12:42.5Clovis West
11Eric Halverson
12:47.3Liberty (Madera Ranc...
9Quaid Copher
12:56.3Liberty (Madera Ranc...
8Dylan Hovet
12:57.7 PRAlta Sierra
Connor Rivas
13:10.1Clovis North
Abheet Singh
13:17.9Clovis North
7Zachary Zamudio
13:20.6 PRReyburn
8Moses Luna
13:26.3 PRReyburn
8Jordan Zepeda
13:28.8 PRReyburn
8Justin Adams
13:28.9 PRReyburn
Noah Arsitio
13:33.4Clovis West
7Brian Kerrigan
13:33.7 PRAlta Sierra
Gaberial Bustos
7Charlie Pauline
13:48.4 PRAlta Sierra
Gaberial Gonzales
8Michael Zlaket
13:49.9 PRReyburn
Chase Marquez
13:50.3Clovis East
7Joshua Donaghy
13:59.3 PRAlta Sierra
7Aaron Lopez
14:00.8 PRReyburn
7Andrew TeNyenhuis
14:06.4 PRAlta Sierra
9Gavin Gladders
14:25.5Liberty (Madera Ranc...
8Isaak Nunez
14:31.3 PRReyburn
7Antonio Galvan
14:34.5 PRAlta Sierra
7Derrick Bosse
14:34.8 PRAlta Sierra
9Eric Lawrence
14:36.2Liberty (Madera Ranc...
8Jared Rathbone
14:36.8 PRReyburn
8Ethan West
14:55.7 PRAlta Sierra
8Jackson Shively
15:01.5 PRAlta Sierra
11Matthew Granger
15:01.8Liberty (Madera Ranc...
7Leondre Harris
15:31.9 PRReyburn
7Ethan Downer
15:45.8 PRAlta Sierra
7Wyatt Sanders
15:50.4 PRAlta Sierra
7Ryan Hayashi
16:16.3 PRReyburn
7Mason Stokes
16:23.4 PRReyburn
Ryan Hickey
16:46.6Clovis North
8Robert Kirkman
17:12.7 PRAlta Sierra
7Daniel Crites
19:26.5 PRReyburn
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Womens Results

2 Miles Varsity

10Corie Smith
10:23.3 PRBuchanan
11Meagen Lowe
10:39.4 PRBuchanan
12Sydney Fox
10:55.6 PRBuchanan
12Katie Nili
11:24.3 SRBuchanan
12Alyssa DeStasio
11:57.2 SRBuchanan
12Veronica Ortega
12:01.6Madera South
9Gianna Chiaramonte
12:14.2 PRBuchanan
10Ariana Decker
12:21.8 PRBuchanan
10Dariana Miramontes
12:34.2Madera South
10Mia Jauregui
11Perla Jimenez
12:42.4Madera South
10Ashley Rowland
10Amanda Dolberg
12Tiffiny Jones
12:59.4Clovis North
11Toni Payton
12Clarissa Luna
10Paola Cruz
28:51.2Madera South
9Jaydah Aguilar
28:54.5Madera South
10Elisa Vega
29:25.9Madera South
12Rebecca Yrigollen
29:27.6Madera South
10Triny Leon
29:28.3Madera South
9Jalene Reyes
29:35.2 PRMadera South
10Cristal Reyes
30:19.7Madera South
11Maria Aguilar
30:43.2Madera South
9Angelica Cortes
30:49.8Madera South
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2 Miles Varsity

Caroline Mendyk
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2 Miles Junior Varsity

Jadyn Pennington
12:17.3Clovis East
7Erika Nyberg
12:18.8 PRReyburn
Emily Varney
7Ayane Isleta-Orozco
12:46.5 PRReyburn
Morgan Hutchison
7Grace Hutchison
12:57.4 PRAlta Sierra
Victoria Nardella
Faith Blackburn
12:59.1Clovis West
Chloe Schultz
13:06.6Clovis East
Jariah Lopez
13:08.7Clovis East
10Gina Chavez
10Sophia Napier
13:19.9Liberty (Madera Ranc...
8Kaylee Elliott
13:22.5 PRAlta Sierra
Cheyenne Torres-Hu...
8Allison Yee
13:27.2 PRAlta Sierra
Maria Lopez
Isabella Duarte
13:44.3Clovis East
Karisma Rodriguez
8Brooklyn Bowen
13:45.3 PRReyburn
8Ariana Womack
13:46.4 PRReyburn
Ani Hartunian
7Sydney Sundgren
14:07.3 PRAlta Sierra
Megan Payton
Victoria Melgoza
7Kylie Ward
14:13.7 PRReyburn
7Simone Tafoya
14:17.7 PRReyburn
8Maryn Wells
14:25.3 PRAlta Sierra
9Emily Martinez
14:31.9 SRFirebaugh
8Julia Fullenkamp
14:32.4 PRReyburn
9Vivian Ontiveros
14:36.3 PRFirebaugh
Yabby Abejie
10Rebecca Loquaci
14:52.5 PRLiberty (Madera Ranc...
7Olivia Sundgren
15:02.3 PRAlta Sierra
7Nina Navarrette
15:04.3 PRAlta Sierra
Mackenzie Lazarus
15:04.8Clovis North
7Emma Long
15:06.5 PRReyburn
Ani D'Acquisto
Anna Yang
8Samantha Parilla
15:25.3 PRReyburn
Amberly Sanchez
Ana Lopez
7Bailey Schulz
16:10.7 PRReyburn
Katie Boyles
16:22.3Clovis East
8Makena Willison
16:23.1 PRReyburn
Natalia Robles
16:23.8Clovis North
7Annabella Huerta
16:44.3 PRReyburn
10Taylor Pruett
17:01.3 PRLiberty (Madera Ranc...
Yazmin Guerrero
8Odalys Diaz
17:29.6 PRReyburn
8Maezi Yang
17:33.2 PRReyburn
7Haylie Metler
17:46.7 PRReyburn
7Brianna Toscano
17:47.3 PRReyburn
7Samantha Gash
19:23.3 PRReyburn
7Rheanna Abrera
24:07.9 PRReyburn
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