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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity2:45 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity2:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Asheville Christian Academy123
2.Cary Christian131
3.St. Thomas More Academy162
4.Trinity School of Durham169
5.Grace Christian (Raleigh)204
6.Fayetteville Christian216
8.Carolina Day235
10.Coastal Christian264
11.Calvary Day School323
12.Christ the King Catholic339
13.Carolina Friends360
14.Arendell Parrott Academy364
15.Caldwell Academy381
16.Cape Fear Academy419
17.Davidson Day419
18.Rocky Mount Academy461
19.St Davids486
20.Westchester Country Day512
21.Trinity Academy of Raleigh520
22.Faith Christian Rocky Mount633
23.Carmel Christian641 Academy658
25.Gaston Day713
26.Village Christian Academy737
27.Westminster Catawba Christian759
28.Burlington Christian Academy767
29.Freedom Christian Academy913
1.12Connor White
16:10.9Christ the King Cath...
2.11Matthew Fowler
16:24.1 PRcfa Academy
3.12Luke Evans
16:26.7Westchester Country ...
4.10Harrison Oswald
16:34.1 PRCarolina Day
5.12Will Sossaman
16:55.3Grace Christian (Ral...
6.10Jax Ledford
16:59.0 PRAsheville Christian ...
7.12Daniel Morken
17:06.8 PRTrinity School of Du...
8.11Kevin Pignone
17:08.7 PRCarolina Friends
9.10Reece Collie
17:15.7 SRAsheville Christian ...
10.10Noah Wollersheim
17:16.7 PRSt. Thomas More Acad...
11.10Nicholas McConnell
17:28.7 PRCoastal Christian
12.12Nate Stucky
17:31.6 PRFayetteville Christian
13.12Mathew Clayton
17:35.8 PREpiphany
14.12Peter Johnson
17:36.8 PRCarmel Christian
15.11Rand Cochrane
17:39.0 PRCalvary Day School
16.11Bryce Samples
17:48.3 PRO'Neal
17.12Wade Stinson
17:56.2Cary Christian
18.11Mateo Otto
17:59.4 PRCary Christian
19.11Jackson Garrett
18:02.3 PRCoastal Christian
20.8Mitchell Zammitti
18:03.7Davidson Day
21.10Lucas Ouano
18:04.5 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
22.10Liam Mack
18:17.4 PRSt. Thomas More Acad...
23.11Ethan Marotta
18:18.5 PRCary Christian
24.9Spencer Young
18:19.7 PRAsheville Christian ...
25.9Andrew James
18:20.5 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
26.10Jacob Temple
18:21.1 PRSt. Thomas More Acad...
27.10Will Rutledge
18:21.7 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
28.11Trek Thorne
18:24.4 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
29.11Alexander Bussey
18:25.3 SRFayetteville Christian
30.8Tanner Macpherson
18:25.3 PRCape Fear Academy
31.11Necco Johnson
18:29.3 PRFayetteville Christian
32.9Henry Forrester
18:31.4Rocky Mount Academy
33.10Colin Scott
18:33.1 PRAsheville Christian ...
34.11Will Connolly
18:34.7 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
35.10Jeff Lindsay
18:36.5 PRTrinity School of Du...
36.12Jay Shiffler
18:37.2 SRCary Christian
37.12Parker Mayes
18:37.7 SRCary Christian
38.12Peter Passaro
18:38.3 PRTrinity School of Du...
39.12Luke Morton
18:38.4 PRCarolina Friends
40.11Alexander Temple
18:38.8 PRSt. Thomas More Acad...
41.10Shaun Garza
18:39.6 PRO'Neal
42.8Brandon Miller
18:39.8 PRRocky Mount Academy
43.9Brian Li
18:40.5 PRTrinity School of Du...
44.11Lukas Irwin
18:40.6 PRCarolina Friends
45.8William Macfyden
18:41.1 PREpiphany
46.9Samuel Gould
18:46.6 PRTrinity School of Du...
47.9Nicholas Scrocco
18:47.6 PRCoastal Christian
48.10Carson Oswald
18:48.0 PRCarolina Day
49.12Philip Lindia
18:49.0 PRTrinity School of Du...
50.12Josh Harness
18:49.1 PRFayetteville Christian
51.12Evan Fisher
18:50.2 PRAsheville Christian ...
52.11Brittain Blackerby
18:50.3 SREpiphany
53.11Tanner Harron
18:53.1 PRWestchester Country ...
54.11Brooks Sullivan
18:54.2 PRCarolina Day
55.10Harrison Northrup
18:54.8 PRAsheville Christian ...
56.10Joseph Chrise
57.8Hudson Hayes
18:58.4 PRO'Neal
58.10Will Miller
18:59.1 PRCaldwell Academy
59.9David Nicholson
19:02.7 PRCalvary Day School
60.12Jordan Graham
19:05.0 PRDavidson Day
61.10Owen Rose
19:06.3 PREpiphany
62.11Bernard Malloy
19:07.3 SRChrist the King Cath...
63.11Jeffrey Short
19:09.4 PRCarolina Day
64.12Alexander Winger
19:11.4 PRSt. Thomas More Acad...
65.8Ben Riddle
19:11.9 PRCaldwell Academy
66.12Becker Andry
19:13.6 PRCarolina Day
67.10Alex Rudins
19:14.1 PRAsheville Christian ...
68.10John Paliotti
69.12Alex Nechyba
19:14.7 PRSt Davids
70.10Walker Massey
19:15.4Cary Christian
71.11Turbo Meng
19:16.9 PRO'Neal
72.9Ingo Curti Kreutz
19:19.6 PREpiphany
73.10Winston Tuttle
19:20.6 PRSt Davids
74.11Jay Grider
19:21.5 SRCalvary Day School
75.11Stefan Woolley
19:22.8 PRO'Neal
76.9Jonnie Lopez
19:25.3 PRChrist the King Cath...
77.9Erik Head
19:26.7Cape Fear Academy
78.10Richard Hernandez
19:27.5 PRSt. Thomas More Acad...
79.10Luc Clerici
19:27.9 SRCarolina Day
80.11Ben Hart
19:31.2 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
81.11William Walford
19:32.7Northside Christian
82.12Will Hanna
19:32.8 SRSt Davids
83.10Thomas Hevener
19:33.4 SRTrinity Academy of R...
84.12Eli Kunkle
19:34.1 SRCalvary Day School
85.10Graham Webb
19:34.2 PRCaldwell Academy
86.10Alex Hibbs
19:34.8 PRTrinity Academy of R...
87.10Brandon Speight
19:41.0 PRCaldwell Academy
88.10Jack Desmond
19:42.4 PRCoastal Christian
89.12Matthew Hinson
19:43.8 PRCaldwell Academy
90.10Chilly Curwen
19:44.7 PRCarolina Day
91.10Jackson Wierda
19:46.4 PRCaldwell Academy
92.-Gabe Winham
19:47.3Rocky Mount Academy
93.11Kai Hubbard
19:47.7 SRFayetteville Academy
94.11Ian Jenkins
19:48.1 PRCalvary Day School
95.10Andrew Seelig
19:49.4 PRCarmel Christian
96.12Alexander Casiano
19:49.7 SRFayetteville Christian
97.9Jack Waldrop
19:51.7 SRCape Fear Academy
98.10Jacob Sidden
19:52.0 PRFaith Christian Rock...
99.10Doug Abell
19:52.8 PRChrist the King Cath...
100.11Sterling West
19:53.6 PRGaston Day
101.9Quaid Sutherland
19:57.4 PRCape Fear Academy
102.9Max Bos
19:59.7 PRCoastal Christian
103.12John Bloemeke
20:02.0St. Thomas More Acad...
104.10Will Sandlin
20:09.8Caldwell Academy
105.11Adrian Quintero
20:13.6Christ the King Cath...
106.8Isiah Stefanelli
20:14.0 PRO'Neal
107.9Grant Watts
20:15.7 PRTrinity Academy of R...
108.11Collin Seymour
20:19.9 PRCalvary Day School
109.10Jake Batchelor
20:20.4 PRFaith Christian Rock...
110.12Matthew Hines
20:20.8Davidson Day
111.9Benjamin Barnabei
20:25.7Christ the King Cath...
112.9Kyle Moore
20:26.9 PRCary Christian
113.11Jack Ransom
20:28.4Davidson Day
114.11Joel Haley
20:29.6 SRWestminster Catawba ...
115.-Brad Royal
20:30.4Village Christian Ac...
116.10Cole Grady
20:32.0 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
117.10Gage Grady
20:32.0 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
118.10Jose Barbeito
20:32.0 PRTrinity School of Du...
119.9Anthony Humble
20:32.4 PRTrinity Academy of R...
120.9Evan Das
20:39.3Cape Fear Academy
121.9Keenan Baker
20:40.0 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
122.9Thomas Watson
20:47.6Davidson Day
123.9Brendan Hanna
20:47.6 PRSt Davids
124.9Alex Kapell
20:50.8 PRCalvary Day School
125.11Sean O'Malley
20:51.1Cape Fear Academy
126.9Caleb Fargo
20:54.4 PRCoastal Christian
127.9Jack Hooks
20:56.0 PRFaith Christian Rock...
128.11Cyrus Cheek
21:04.5 SRWestminster Catawba ...
129.9Anthony Quintero
21:07.8Christ the King Cath...
130.9Tyler Lane
21:08.7 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
131.9Evan Talley
21:10.7Gaston Day
132.11Kyle Mislevy
21:19.4 PRcfa Academy
133.9Graham Marshall
21:20.1 SRTrinity Academy of R...
134.12Patrick Downing
21:28.3 SRFayetteville Christian
135.11Richard Chen
21:29.5 PRBurlington Christian...
136.10Ryan Bliss
21:31.7 PRCarolina Friends
137.11Jackson Meisner
21:32.3 SRCarolina Friends
138.11Drew Royal
21:34.2Village Christian Ac...
139.10Hunter Orel
21:38.8 PRBurlington Christian...
140.10Eric Xue
21:42.3 PRRocky Mount Academy
141.12Matthew Young
21:43.2 SRTrinity Academy of R...
142.8Kieran Barclay
21:46.3Cape Fear Academy
143.10Bryce Spain
21:50.7Village Christian Ac...
144.10Andrew Alcock
21:52.4 SRSt Davids
145.12Riley Fleming
21:52.7 PRWestchester Country ...
146.10Zach Vig
21:53.9 SRTrinity Academy of R...
147.9Ben Slay
21:54.4 PRDavidson Day
148.9Jackson Campbell
21:55.5 PRWestchester Country ...
149.9Cade Tischer
21:59.6 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
150.10Brendan Douglas
22:00.2Grace Christian (Ral...
151.12Luc Cote
22:06.5 PRFayetteville Christian
152.10Brandon Zoltek
22:06.9 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
153.9Stephen Bandy
22:09.4 PRFaith Christian Rock...
154.9Max Carr
22:10.4 PRDavidson Day
155.9Brendan Sweezy
22:15.5 PRGaston Day
156.10Josh Maze
22:16.7 PRFaith Christian Rock...
157.11Collin Wilson
22:25.4 SRcfa Academy
158.12Tony Tang
22:25.7 PRWestminster Catawba ...
159.11Luke Lindner
22:29.5 SRSalem Baptist Christ...
160.-Peter Johnson
22:40.9Carolina Friends
161.10Ben Tucker
22:50.1Rocky Mount Academy
162.11Jay Blue
22:54.6Coastal Christian
163.11Eric Hua
22:56.4Northside Christian
164.10Daniel Buchanan
22:57.0Fayetteville Academy
165.9Eli Norman
22:58.1 PRSt Davids
166.11Matthew Costello
23:01.4 SRCarolina Friends
167.8Eli Dills
23:06.4 PRGaston Day
168.12DeAnde Jones
23:09.3 PRFreedom Christian Ac...
169.-Chris Leonard
23:14.0 PRSalem Baptist Christ...
170.9Adam Cagel
23:19.3 PRBurlington Christian...
171.9Avery Welch
23:19.4 SRBurlington Christian...
172.11Austin Dean
23:23.7 PRVillage Christian Ac...
173.-Lu Songyu
23:25.7 PRWestchester Country ...
174.10Mason Newcomer
23:35.1 PRBurlington Christian...
175.12Hao Tong
23:38.8 PRWestchester Country ...
176.11Anson Gong
23:39.7Rocky Mount Academy
177.9Jack Current
23:43.1Gaston Day
178.10Josh Kriss
23:47.0 PRBurlington Christian...
179.9Keegan Fine
23:56.0Carmel Christian
180.9Luke Fuller
23:59.5 PRWestchester Country ...
181.11Luke Hancock
24:07.3Westminster Catawba ...
182.8Tyler Washington
24:12.8Northside Christian
183.10Jack Wu
24:14.2Rocky Mount Academy
184.10Mason Hooks
24:16.6 PRFaith Christian Rock...
185.11Cayden Seeman
24:19.9 SRcfa Academy
186.9Evan McAndrews
24:27.8 PRCarmel Christian
187.11Reese Dickerhoff
24:32.8 SRFayetteville Academy
188.-Benn Lindner
24:39.3 PRSalem Baptist Christ...
189.10Maxton Gilbert
24:41.6 PRBurlington Christian...
190.-John Mcgovern
24:42.2 PRSalem Baptist Christ...
191.-Nathan Feldmeyer
24:53.3Village Christian Ac...
192.11Gabriel Weaver
24:59.9 PRCarmel Christian
193.11Daniel Malinowski
25:00.6 PRFreedom Christian Ac...
194.11Jake Treese
25:08.0 PRVillage Christian Ac...
195.9Brandon Gates
25:10.0 PRVillage Christian Ac...
196.11Greyson Gardner
25:30.9Carmel Christian
197.9Miko Nation
25:31.2 PRFreedom Christian Ac...
198.9Zach Delellis
25:36.7 PRFreedom Christian Ac...
199.10Thomas Bartholomew
25:52.6St Davids
200.12Michael Peters
26:16.6 SRFayetteville Academy
201.8Michael Mitchell
27:10.3Westminster Catawba ...
202.10Jason Buz
27:26.5 PRFaith Christian Rock...
203.7Nick Hansen
27:47.3Freedom Christian Ac...
204.11Dustin Morrow
29:01.8 PRcfa Academy
205.11Andrew Phan
34:15.4 PRO'Neal
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Carolina Day37
2.Asheville Christian Academy95
3.Cary Christian96
4.St. Thomas More Academy106
5.Grace Christian (Raleigh)205
6.Coastal Christian252
7.Caldwell Academy261
8.Cape Fear Academy285
10.Gaston Day321
11.Westchester Country Day344
12.Calvary Day School351 Academy363
14.Fayetteville Christian376
15.Burlington Christian Academy391
16.Christ the King Catholic408
17.Arendell Parrott Academy417
19.Carolina Friends434
20.Trinity School of Durham449
21.St Davids463
22.Davidson Day506
23.Freedom Christian Academy619
24.Faith Christian Rocky Mount649
25.Village Christian Academy718
1.12Brooke Lindsay
19:08.0 PRCary Christian
2.10Ella Dockendorf
19:28.8 PRCarolina Day
3.9Molly Kuzma
19:29.6 PRO'Neal
4.11Ellen Weaver
19:39.2 PRCarolina Day
5.11Lucy Ketterer
19:39.8St. Thomas More Acad...
6.8Erin Hovendon
19:43.4 PRCarolina Day
7.11Zoe Vestal
19:54.9Cary Christian
8.12Kathleen Norton
19:57.1 SRCarolina Day
9.12Olivia Lackner
20:03.4St. Thomas More Acad...
10.8Katie Rudins
20:06.2 PRAsheville Christian ...
11.7Ryann Aycock
20:08.8 PRCary Christian
12.10Morgan Dorsey
20:15.9 PRFayetteville Academy
13.10Chloe Gilbert
20:29.8 PRAsheville Christian ...
14.10Bloemeke Anne
20:54.0 PRSt. Thomas More Acad...
15.9Lily Lauffer
20:56.1 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
16.11Ivy-Carter Young
20:56.1 PRAsheville Christian ...
17.9Chloe Christensen
20:57.7 PRCalvary Day School
18.12Peyton Jenkins
21:05.6 PRCarolina Day
19.12Laura Bozovich
21:09.3 SRCaldwell Academy
20.9Caroline Ross
21:20.9 PRSt Davids
21.10Rachel Lanter
21:24.3 SRAsheville Christian ...
22.7Ella McGarrigan
21:26.9 PRCaldwell Academy
23.11Jessica Capes
21:35.7 PRBurlington Christian...
24.-Ali Schwartz
21:43.8 PRWestchester Country ...
25.8Hadley Gessner
21:45.0 PRCape Fear Academy
26.9Emily Sansbury
21:46.1Christ the King Cath...
27.10Charlotte Ratcliff
21:50.4Davidson Day
28.9Angela Johns
21:52.1Christ the King Cath...
29.10Lexi Freas
21:57.2Coastal Christian
30.9Alexandra Schenk
22:01.8 PRGaston Day
31.10Grace Anderson
22:02.1 PRCoastal Christian
32.10Sally Ketterer
22:10.7St. Thomas More Acad...
33.10Bailey Stinson
22:11.2 PRcfa Academy
34.8Caelan McHarney
22:13.0 PRO'Neal
35.8Syan Hochstein
22:17.6 PRCary Christian
36.9Ava Paoloni
22:24.8Grace Christian (Ral...
37.11Kate Smith
22:29.1 SRCape Fear Academy
38.12Claire Murphy
22:29.5 SRCarolina Friends
39.11Tristi Townsend
22:34.4Asheville Christian ...
40.12Kayla Ausbrook
22:35.8Asheville Christian ...
41.-Sara White
22:36.8 PRcfa Academy
42.10Kate Meeson
22:40.4 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
43.7Laura-Fern Jones
22:43.4 PRArendell Parrott Aca...
44.11Karen Li
22:45.0 SRCary Christian
45.7Lydia Wilson
22:48.8 PRCape Fear Academy
46.12Grace Mellert
22:49.1 PRAsheville Christian ...
47.10Caroline Bowman
22:49.9 SRCarmel Christian
48.-Kate Dyson
22:55.2 SRWestchester Country ...
49.7Rebekah Bozovich
22:55.6 PRCaldwell Academy
50.12Alyssa Chapman
22:57.3St. Thomas More Acad...
51.11Taylor Lavin
22:57.3 PRSt. Thomas More Acad...
52.9Leslie Meadowcroft
23:02.6 SRTrinity Academy of R...
53.8Sophie Arruza
23:03.5 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
54.11Mary Paul
23:05.8 SRArendell Parrott Aca...
55.12Emmie Littlejohn
23:17.6 SRCalvary Day School
56.10Bella Lecci
23:17.8 PRCoastal Christian
57.12Michelle Kurilla
23:19.8 SRFayetteville Christian
58.9Olivia Pasin
23:29.6Cape Fear Academy
59.10Abigail Hinson
23:31.5 PRCaldwell Academy
60.8Sarah Callery
23:31.5Cary Christian
61.9Salley Heldt
23:36.6 PRGaston Day
62.11Emily Piwowarski
23:38.1 SRArendell Parrott Aca...
63.9Abby Morris
23:38.8 PRCalvary Day School
64.11Annabel Smith
23:41.2 SRTrinity School of Du...
65.11Jenna Wilson
23:42.1 PRCoastal Christian
66.11Emily Haddock
67.11Camille Ryan
23:44.3 PRCarolina Day
68.10Erin Hild-Ladebauche
23:45.4 PRCarmel Christian
69.10Emma Von Koch
23:46.0 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
70.8Hayley Ponton
23:46.6 SREpiphany
71.9Cecelia Thompson
23:50.4 PRCarolina Day
72.9Kylie Stinson
23:51.6 PRcfa Academy
73.11Talia Ferrerio
23:52.1 PRO'Neal
74.8Katie Magsig
23:55.0 SRFayetteville Christian
75.11Emily Ward
23:57.7 SRBurlington Christian...
76.8Dasha Tran
23:58.8Northside Christian
77.12Anna Low
24:01.8 PRTrinity School of Du...
78.11Xiaohui Liu
24:07.4 SRSt Davids
79.12Olivia Horan
24:09.2 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
80.10Catherine Giusino
24:09.6 SRNorthside Christian
81.11Luisa Schenk
24:15.8Gaston Day
82.10Alexandra Casiano
24:17.6 SRFayetteville Christian
83.10Vivian Rogers
24:18.5 PRRocky Mount Academy
84.10Margaret Grace Chi...
24:28.1 SRCarmel Christian
85.12Ashley Jamison
24:34.6Gaston Day
86.8Giovanna Atti
24:35.0 PRCary Christian
87.10Madison Chalmers
24:45.2 PRCoastal Christian
88.9Isabelle Thieme
24:46.8 PRFayetteville Christian
89.9Beth Liles
24:49.2 PRTrinity School of Du...
90.12Ashley Beaty
24:50.0Gaston Day
91.12Claire Mack
24:51.8 SRSt. Thomas More Acad...
92.11Ahrianna Keefe
24:52.4 PRCarolina Friends
93.11Lindsay Holtz
24:52.6 PRCoastal Christian
94.-Anna Sloan Culp
24:55.5 PRWestchester Country ...
95.7Taylor McKinley
24:56.2 PRO'Neal
96.9Lilly Duffy
24:56.9 PRCarolina Friends
97.11Violet Dressler
98.9Kenley Newcomer
25:00.6 PRBurlington Christian...
99.10Svea Eckstrand
25:01.9 PRBurlington Christian...
100.10Emily Hughes
25:03.5Davidson Day
101.9Brooke Keffer
25:04.9 PRFaith Christian Rock...
102.-Sophia Singer
25:05.0 PRWestchester Country ...
103.9Mollie McWhorter
25:07.2 SRWestchester Country ...
104.9Lauren Vega
25:08.1 SRFayetteville Christian
105.12Kelly Byas
25:11.3Gaston Day
106.12Lillian York
25:16.3 SRSt Davids
107.10Maddeline Millward
25:18.6 PRFreedom Christian Ac...
108.9Gabrielle Smith
25:21.8 PREpiphany
109.11Molly Church
25:24.2 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
110.11Alex Dymond
25:25.3 SRO'Neal
111.12Kate Lanier
25:27.6 PRCarolina Friends
112.12Sophie Dennis
25:30.1Christ the King Cath...
113.7Savannah Stinson
25:31.9cfa Academy
114.10Lydia Caddell
25:33.1 PRCoastal Christian
115.10Cailin Bailey
25:34.5 PRFreedom Christian Ac...
116.11McCauley Schneider
25:34.5Davidson Day
117.12Abby Hurst
25:36.2 SRCalvary Day School
118.10Bella Miller
25:38.2 PRO'Neal
119.12Caroline Barnett
25:41.2 PRTrinity School of Du...
120.8Caroline Lorio
121.7Samantha Baldwin
25:47.3Freedom Christian Ac...
122.11Caroline Parker
25:48.7Westminster Catawba ...
123.11Halleigh Milleson
25:56.5 SRCalvary Day School
124.11Maggie Parker
25:57.3 PRFaith Christian Rock...
125.12Emily Hockenberry
26:00.6 SRFayetteville Christian
126.10Kiley Riggs
26:04.4 PRBurlington Christian...
127.8Corrie Craven
26:09.7cfa Academy
128.12Katie Riess
26:20.9Caldwell Academy
129.12Caroline Byars
26:23.9Christ the King Cath...
130.12Kara Parrish
26:25.8 SRCalvary Day School
131.-Gigi Paulig
26:41.9Carolina Friends
132.8Madi Schofield
26:45.6 SRFayetteville Christian
133.11Hannah Stepp
26:47.7 PRTrinity School of Du...
134.12Callie Murphy
26:51.1 SRCalvary Day School
135.12Dani Kranchalk
26:54.4 SRCape Fear Academy
136.-Natalie Eickhoff
137.7Mackenzie Griffin
26:58.1 PRTrinity Academy of R...
138.9Paige Aarsbergen
27:05.5 PRSt Davids
139.10Camille Edwards
27:10.4 SRArendell Parrott Aca...
140.10Julia Ruberia
141.9Kathryn Anthony
27:17.1Gaston Day
142.9Anna Holmes
27:17.6Northside Christian
143.10Kaitlyn Kogler
27:39.9Christ the King Cath...
144.11Tommi Nobles
27:42.2 SRVillage Christian Ac...
145.9Kiara Dean
27:42.3Village Christian Ac...
146.8Kaleigh O'Leary
27:42.4 PRO'Neal
147.10Alice Paul
27:43.0 SRArendell Parrott Aca...
148.9Sara Barnes
27:45.1 PRFaith Christian Rock...
149.11Sydney Shepherd
27:58.5Westminster Catawba ...
150.8Caroline Dickson
28:00.7Davidson Day
151.8Megan Vogel
28:01.9 PRCape Fear Academy
152.11Katie Kerr
28:03.4Freedom Christian Ac...
153.10Aslyn Strickland
28:04.2Caldwell Academy
154.7Ella Tolbert
28:04.2Davidson Day
155.9Jeannie Hinton
28:27.3 SRTrinity Academy of R...
156.12Ella Kiley
28:40.7Davidson Day
157.9Heather Anderson
28:52.3 PRcfa Academy
158.11Sarah Spencer Ball
28:54.2 SRSt Davids
159.9Alexis Kanos
28:55.1 PRVillage Christian Ac...
160.11Anna Polo
29:08.4Christ the King Cath...
161.12Meredith McHugh
29:24.2 PRChrist the King Cath...
162.10Maggie Wheatley
29:59.4 SRWestchester Country ...
163.12Ana Townsend
30:06.9 SRVillage Christian Ac...
164.11Taylor Keffer
30:11.9 PRFaith Christian Rock...
165.9Emma Reid
30:20.6 SRTrinity Academy of R...
166.12Hang Nguyen
30:27.7 PRSt Davids
167.11Cassidy Green
30:32.4 PRFaith Christian Rock...
168.10Jay Washington
30:33.9Cape Fear Academy
169.11Judy Boconegra
30:39.4Village Christian Ac...
170.10Kaitlyn Tuckmantel
30:45.8 PRCaldwell Academy
171.10Sterling McDonald
30:53.4 PRCarmel Christian
172.12Monica Hernandez
31:49.3Trinity School of Du...
173.12Nicole Van Buren
31:52.7Trinity School of Du...
174.12Katie Frank
33:00.7 SRArendell Parrott Aca...
175.12Maureen Ejeh
33:47.4Freedom Christian Ac...
176.9Katya Henderson
34:36.3 PRWestminster Catawba ...
177.10Jenna Hodges
36:54.2Freedom Christian Ac...
178.10Tanya Henderson
37:31.5 PRWestminster Catawba ...
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