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3.15 Miles Varsity
1.5 Miles Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3.15 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Oliver Ames37
1.12Kalin Petrov
16:39 PRMansfield
2.11Jason Windvogel
16:54.0 PROliver Ames
3.11Zane Reservitz
17:01.0 PROliver Ames
4.12Collin Rice
17:40 PRMansfield
5.12Kevin Crawford
6.11Patrick Heavey
7.11Paxton Howard
17:45 PRMansfield
8.11Cullen Lancaster
9.9Nate Reservitz
18:27.0 PROliver Ames
10.11Peter Sullivan
18:36 PRMansfield
11.12Kevin Osowski
18:43.0 PROliver Ames
12.12Matt Weiner
18:46 SRMansfield
13.12Robert MacInnis
18:52.0 PROliver Ames
14.12Zachary Bellido
18:57.0 PROliver Ames
15.10David Fiedorczyk
19:09.0 PROliver Ames
16.12Alexander Foote
19:11.0 PROliver Ames
17.10Owen Nipoti
19:16.0 PROliver Ames
18.12Peter Lally
19:20 SRMansfield
19.12Eric McQuiggan
19:25 SRMansfield
20.12Devin Chatterjee
19:28 PRMansfield
21.9Alex Ramirez
19:32.0 PROliver Ames
22.11Ryan Murphy
19:37.0 PROliver Ames
23.11Justin Miller
24.12Julian Fernandez
19:52.0 PROliver Ames
25.9Connor Cerasuolo
19:55.0 PROliver Ames
26.10Andrew Waldorf
19:56.0 PROliver Ames
27.10Anthony Cardosa
20:16 PRMansfield
28.11Cole DiForte
20:32 SRMansfield
29.11Robert Saquet
20:42 PRMansfield
30.11Matthew Katz
31.11Matt Whalen
21:12 PRMansfield
32.10Dan Olen
22:31 PRMansfield
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1.5 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Oliver Ames32
1.10Joey Looney
9:18.0 PROliver Ames
2.-Danny Sandquist
9:33.0 PROliver Ames
3.12Dan Medeiros
4.9Daniel Kipp
9:36 PRMansfield
5.11Dan Knight
9:48 PRMansfield
6.9Tim Corkery
9:50 PRMansfield
7.9Drew Nickla
9:51.0 PROliver Ames
8.9Jack Taylor
9:55 PRMansfield
9.9James Schlenker
10:21 PRMansfield
10.10Aidan Patrick
10:27.0 PROliver Ames
11.10Conor McCarthy
10:27 PRMansfield
12.12Luke Wilson
10:36.0 PROliver Ames
13.11Jackson Stanley
10:37.0 PROliver Ames
14.10Ryan Petrillo
10:37.1 PROliver Ames
15.9Jack Magit
10:42.0 PROliver Ames
16.-Robert McCarthy
10:45.0 PROliver Ames
17.9Kyle Gracer
10:45 PRMansfield
18.9Cameron Moro
10:53.0 PROliver Ames
19.11Quinn Proudler
11:03.0 PROliver Ames
20.9Ryan Rispoli
11:08 PRMansfield
21.10Teddy Querzoli
11:11.0 PROliver Ames
22.9Evan Condon
11:13.0 PROliver Ames
23.11Muhammed Jamous
11:18 PRMansfield
24.9Jack McCarthy
11:25.0 PROliver Ames
25.12Matt Buiser
11:42 SRMansfield
26.11Brendan Sullivan
12:20 PRMansfield
27.9Jake Welz
12:22.0 PROliver Ames
28.10Brendan Shanahan
12:31.0 PROliver Ames
29.9Colin Mahoney
13:23.0 PROliver Ames
30.9Owen Lasbury-Casey
14:40 PRMansfield
31.12Hunter Phelps
14:41.0 PROliver Ames
32.-Jackson Franzoni
18:44.0 PROliver Ames
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Womens Results

3.15 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Oliver Ames21
1.12Elizabeth Peckham
21:04 PROliver Ames
2.11Margaret Riley
21:18 PRMansfield
4.12Olivia Timbone
22:01 PROliver Ames
5.12Chloe Kilkelly
22:11 PROliver Ames
6.11Nicole Penney
22:18 PRMansfield
7.11Valaree Buonora
8.10Julia Sarro
22:35 PROliver Ames
9.12Sarah Doyle
22:41 PRMansfield
10.12Kate Duffy
22:44 PROliver Ames
11.9Catherine O'Donnell
22:46 PROliver Ames
12.11Kaleigh Walsh
23:02 PROliver Ames
13.9Meghan Reardon
23:04 PROliver Ames
14.10Jessica Alestock
23:09 PRMansfield
15.9Emma Lamson
23:12 PRMansfield
16.12Abigail O'Brien
23:25 PRMansfield
17.-Abby Querzoli
23:48 PROliver Ames
18.12Charis MacCuish
24:04 PROliver Ames
19.9Rachel Davis
24:11 PROliver Ames
20.12Jenna Roy
24:22.0 PROliver Ames
21.12Caroline Curran
24:22.5 PROliver Ames
22.10Haley Braga
25:23 PROliver Ames
23.9Meredith Cowan
25:24 PRMansfield
24.10Samantha Greco
26:26 PRMansfield
25.10Mary Muldoon
28:35 PRMansfield
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1.5 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Oliver Ames25
1.12Emily Penta
11:09 PRMansfield
2.11Sadie Walton
12:01 PROliver Ames
3.12Emalyn Duvall
12:05 PROliver Ames
4.11McKenzie Johnston
12:14 PRMansfield
5.12Nicole Breen
12:19 PROliver Ames
6.12Jenna Magaldi
12:29 PROliver Ames
7.12Charlotte Breef-Pilz
12:30 PRMansfield
8.12Alexandra DeSilva
12:33 PRMansfield
9.12Veronica Connly
12:37.0 PROliver Ames
10.10Abby Bucio
12:37.5 PROliver Ames
11.10Ava Lerman
12:54 PROliver Ames
12.12Sage Ganshirt
12:57 PROliver Ames
13.10Hannah Pineo
13:05 PROliver Ames
14.12Ashley Walters
13:09 PROliver Ames
15.12Emma Swansburg
13:10 PRMansfield
16.-Josie Walton
13:10 PROliver Ames
17.10Maria Marcheselli
13:14 PRMansfield
18.9Alexis Tsimtsos
13:15 PRMansfield
19.12Hailey Gilson
13:17 PROliver Ames
20.-Pedroza Priscilla
13:18 PROliver Ames
21.9Katie Boch
13:19 PROliver Ames
22.12Genevine Kilgore
13:23 PRMansfield
23.12Taylor Perez
13:29 PROliver Ames
24.11Sarah Alexander
13:31 PROliver Ames
25.9Kate McCormick
13:32 PROliver Ames
26.11Anna Vidoni
13:42 PROliver Ames
27.11Lindsey Gilson
14:02 PROliver Ames
28.11Ashley Tsimtsos
14:32 SRMansfield
29.10Hannah Olsen
14:33 SRMansfield
30.-Kat Toomey
15:16 PROliver Ames
31.-Kate Wilson
15:45 PROliver Ames
32.12Emma Neary
15:54 SRMansfield
33.11Georgia Hardie
16:22 PROliver Ames
34.-Jane Eidelman
16:33 PROliver Ames
35.9Meghan Kelly
17:03 PROliver Ames
36.12Angela Corkery
17:39 SRMansfield
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