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Peace Arch Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Peace Arch Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Tim Bradley
2.11Ethan Garrison
17:30.00Mt Vernon
3.11Connor Williams
17:57.00Mount Baker
4.11Nate Minor
18:14.00Mt Vernon
5.12Keegan Chapman
18:17.00Mount Baker
6.11Jimmy Calhoun
18:30.00Mount Baker
7.12Michael Lien
18:46.00Mt Vernon
8.10Dylan Green
18:55.00Mount Baker
9.10John Groesbeck
18:58.00Mt Vernon
10.12Lucas McGuire
19:07.00 SRMt Vernon
11.10David Chapman
19:32.00Mount Baker
12.10Matt Dunford
19:33.00Mount Baker
13.12Andrew Stailey-Young
19:47.00Mt Vernon
14.9Jacob Barker
20:04.00Mt Vernon
15.12Masen Stemhagen
20:12.00Mt Vernon
16.10Aaron Ballard
17.10Perry Olason
18.12Nick Borg
20:16.00Mount Baker
19.12Dane Curbow
20:31.00Mt Vernon
20.10Brandon Lozano
20:35.00Mount Baker
21.11Jacob Phipps
20:39.00Mt Vernon
22.9Tyler Buss
20:44.00Mount Baker
23.11Nathan Rex
20:45.50Mt Vernon
24.11A. J. Pieczynski
25.10Anthony Cooper
26.11Fred Vollmar
20:49.00Mount Baker
27.9Jonathan Carlson
20:52.00Mount Baker
28.-Chad Lazano
20:56.00 PRMount Baker
29.10Jesse Werdall
30.9Tyler Johnson
20:56.50 SRMt Vernon
31.10Micheal Johnson
21:13.00Mount Baker
32.9Kyle Mitchell
21:14.00Mt Vernon
33.10Nick Barnes
34.10Billy Miles
21:31.00Mount Baker
35.9Zachary Johnson
21:33.00Mt Vernon
36.9Alex Ragusa
21:42.00Mt Vernon
37.12Miles Palmerton
21:48.00 PRMount Baker
38.10Andrew Montgomery
39.9Daniel Simpson
40.10Kelton Nix
41.11Aaron O'Neill
22:15.00Mt Vernon
42.12Eric Anderson
22:18.00Mt Vernon
43.10William Buckingham
22:38.00Mount Baker
44.11Schyler Evans
23:09.00Mount Baker
45.9Todd Hoagland
23:11.00Mt Vernon
46.10Frank Burge
23:14.00 SRMt Vernon
47.11Matthew Rhodes
23:24.00Mount Baker
48.11Ryan Scherrer
23:32.00Mount Baker
49.11Nick Rogers
23:52.00Mount Baker
50.11Kagan Sloane
24:00.00Mount Baker
51.11Mitchell Eilts
24:01.00Mt Vernon
52.12Justin Cruse
24:08.00Mt Vernon
53.11Jacob Ferry
24:49.00Mount Baker
54.9Addison King
24:52.00Mount Baker
55.10Dylan Curbow
24:52.50Mt Vernon
56.9Garret Evans
25:16.00Mount Baker
57.12Nick Leslie
25:27.00Mt Vernon
58.-Kantanat Chongpayuha
25:34.00 PRMount Baker
59.9Daniel Ferry
25:42.00Mount Baker
60.12Rafael Avila
26:53.00Mt Vernon
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