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Mens Races

Belle Isle - Shed #9 Area

5,000 Meters Varsity5:10 PM
Womens Races

Belle Isle - Shed #9 Area

5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Detroit Pershing30
2.Detroit Edison PSA70
3.Detroit Cass Tech73
4.Detroit Renaissance99
5.Detroit Henry Ford139
6.Detroit Western International143
7.Detroit Denby Tech Prep165
8.Detroit Cody192
1.12Gilbert Vance
18:27.5 PRDetroit Denby Tech P...
2.-Chris Lee
18:37.6 PRDetroit Cass Tech
3.9Jahlani Thorton
19:01.7 PRDetroit Edison PSA
4.-D'Juan Hill
19:23.0 PRDetroit Pershing
5.12Ron Hill
19:24.1Detroit Pershing
6.11Emmaunel Williams
19:29.0Detroit Pershing
7.11Ezekiel Williams
19:32.3Detroit Pershing
8.12johnny Davis
19:35.4Detroit Pershing
9.12Kristopher Garrett
19:36.9 SRDetroit Renaissance
10.12Jordan Williams
19:42.0 PRDetroit Renaissance
11.12Davontea Fast
19:44.9Detroit West Side Ac...
12.11Paire Hill
19:48.1 PRDetroit Pershing
13.10Charles Carter
19:49.3 PRDetroit Renaissance
14.11Dean Fulton
19:52.1 PRDetroit Frederick Do...
15.11Ivory Parrish
19:56.1Detroit Cass Tech
16.12Dakari Cross
20:01.2 PRDetroit Frederick Do...
17.11Malcom Timmons
20:06.6Detroit Edison PSA
18.9Ralph Bland
20:08.3Detroit Edison PSA
19.12Ronald Hill
20:14.5Detroit Pershing
20.11Zechariah Bailey
20:15.6 PRDetroit Cass Tech
21.-Jaylin Harris
20:16.5Detroit Martin Luthe...
22.10Raynard Williams Jr
20:18.3Detroit Edison PSA
23.11Chris Jones
20:26.2 PRDetroit Cass Tech
24.11Bryan Taylor
20:30.9 PRDetroit Edison PSA
25.-Darius Griffin
20:51.4Detroit College Prep...
26.11Malik Frederick
20:57.0Detroit Cody
27.-Anthony Kyles
21:01.5 PRDetroit Cass Tech
28.12Demarco Johnson
21:09.4 PRDetroit Western Inte...
29.-Anthony Daniels
21:20.9 PRDetroit Henry Ford
30.12Devonne Harris
21:22.5 PRDetroit Western Inte...
31.9Demario Walk
21:27.3Detroit Western Inte...
32.11Deshawn Marbury
21:30.2 PRDetroit Henry Ford
33.11Antonio Davis
21:35.3Detroit West Side Ac...
34.11Devon Bryant
21:47.0Detroit Henry Ford
35.12Ameer Harris
21:49.4 SRDetroit Henry Ford
36.9Keon Henderson
21:51.5Detroit Renaissance
37.-Dallas Wilkins
21:55.1Detroit Henry Ford
38.10James Perry
21:56.5 PRDetroit Henry Ford
39.12Arrin Stanton
21:57.5Detroit Western Inte...
40.11Zy'keius Williams
22:01.7 PRDetroit Denby Tech P...
41.9Jaylen Flaniken
22:04.2Detroit Edison PSA
42.12Demetrius Johnson
22:09.5Detroit Mumford
43.10Jackson Capela
22:16.0Detroit Mumford
44.9Sean Byrd
22:17.3 PRDetroit Western Inte...
45.12Earl Kearney
22:18.1Detroit Denby Tech P...
46.10Ellington King
22:23.0Detroit Renaissance
47.11Angelo Robertson
22:31.7Detroit Renaissance
48.9Demetrius Williams
22:39.9Detroit Cody
49.-Tyland Tate
22:42.3Detroit Cass Tech
50.11DeAndre Turner
22:48.4 SRDetroit Cody
51.12Sterling Scott
22:53.2 PRDetroit Renaissance
52.12Desmond Lake
22:56.0Detroit Cody
53.11Eric Price
22:57.0 PRDetroit Cody
54.12Ezekial Griffin
23:02.9Detroit Denby Tech P...
55.12Dontae Massey
23:12.5Detroit CMA
56.12Samuel Olaeeur
23:24.1Detroit CMA
57.12Derek Linebarger
23:26.6Detroit Denby Tech P...
58.12Maurice Solomon
23:27.5Detroit Denby Tech P...
59.9Korron Matthews
23:33.3 PRDetroit Henry Ford
60.9Muntasir Mitchell
23:42.8 PRDetroit Renaissance
61.-Jaylin Dickerson
23:58.2 PRDetroit Denby Tech P...
62.10Landon McAllister
24:05.1Detroit Cody
63.11Landry Moss
24:11.6Detroit Cody
64.12LaTrayvion Jackson
25:10.2 PRDetroit Western Inte...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Detroit Martin Luther King27
2.Detroit Renaissance33
3.Detroit Cass Tech64
4.Detroit CMA110
5.Detroit Western International113
1.9Kynnedee Cowles
21:36.1Detroit Renaissance
2.12Shania Shepard
21:53.9Detroit Renaissance
3.11Brooklyn Taylor
22:29.1 PRDetroit Mumford
4.10Olivia Hilliard
22:43.7 PRDetroit Martin Luthe...
5.10Tishawna Williams
22:52.0Detroit Martin Luthe...
6.11Jaylyn Jones
23:19.5 PRDetroit Martin Luthe...
7.10Sharmain Jackson
24:34.3 PRDetroit Mumford
8.11Kenn'Ya Enoex
24:36.0Detroit Martin Luthe...
9.11Naima Beasley
24:54.7Detroit Renaissance
10.10Sancia Johnson
25:19.5Detroit West Side Ac...
11.12Briana Tipton
25:27.2Detroit College Prep...
12.9Asia Currington
25:39.0 PRDetroit West Side Ac...
13.-Brooke Solomon
25:47.9Detroit Cass Tech
14.12Nala Barlow
25:51.4 PRDetroit Cody
15.11Kianna Chase
25:57.3 PRDetroit Martin Luthe...
16.9Avril Uresti
25:58.0Detroit West Side Ac...
17.12Makiyah Thomas
26:12.6 PRDetroit Cass Tech
18.11Sade' Ried
26:20.3Detroit Renaissance
19.11Briauna Travis
26:40.8Detroit Renaissance
20.11Jaleah Green
26:59.4 PRDetroit Cass Tech
21.11Endyia Stewart
27:37.8 PRDetroit Davis Aerosp...
22.-Deajene Johnson
28:04.5Detroit Cass Tech
23.12Kevina Lewis
28:50.9Detroit Western Inte...
24.12Jazmine Martin
29:22.9Detroit Renaissance
25.12Jamia Lewis
29:33.4Detroit College Prep...
26.12Ta'Niyah Harris
29:47.4Detroit CMA
27.11Christian Harrison
30:03.2 SRDetroit CMA
28.-Desiree Jackson
30:06.8Detroit Cass Tech
29.12Jamya Richard
30:41.1Detroit Cody
30.11Kiara Mcgowan
30:48.0 SRDetroit Cody
31.-Raya Ellsbury
31:05.1Detroit Cass Tech
32.11Sonya McCloud
31:21.6Detroit Davis Aerosp...
33.11Dolin Diaz
31:42.6 PRDetroit Western Inte...
34.12Christina Cervantes
32:01.4Detroit Western Inte...
35.-Kennedy Kearney
32:26.7Detroit Cass Tech
36.-Brianna Smith
32:36.3Detroit CMA
37.10Vontanae Garrett
33:06.3Detroit CMA
38.-Keiara Tanner
33:07.0Detroit CMA
39.12Keyana McCraney
33:16.8Detroit Southeastern...
40.10Elanor Aro
33:51.3Detroit Western Inte...
41.-Alexis Thompson
34:31.8Detroit East English
42.12Maria Solana
34:41.6Detroit Western Inte...
43.-Kyla Murphy
36:09.1Detroit Southeastern...
44.10Jaqueline Villasenor
36:12.3 PRDetroit Western Inte...
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