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5,000 Meters Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity

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West Stanly
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Mt Pleasant18
2.West Stanly39
3.East Montgomery74
1.11Jacob Shields
18:22Mt Pleasant
2.11Mackay Burke
19:22Mt Pleasant
3.12Michael Eudy
19:43West Stanly
4.11Hayden Leonard
19:45Mt Pleasant
5.11Kaleb Cook
19:49Mt Pleasant
6.9Lincoln Baxter
20:03Mt Pleasant
7.10Nathan Brown
20:11West Stanly
8.11Maverick Baucom
20:16West Stanly
9.11Luis Molina-Flores
20:17East Montgomery
10.12Robert Sells
20:19West Stanly
11.9Austin Huneycutt
20:26West Stanly
12.11Noah Almond
20:38West Stanly
13.11Graham Tucker
20:44West Stanly
14.11Nick Parker
21:15West Stanly
15.11Keyon Ellis
21:22East Montgomery
16.10Andrew Russell
21:23Mt Pleasant
17.11Ivan Valdovinos
21:30East Montgomery
18.11Hernan Rodriguez-V...
21:36East Montgomery
19.10Korbin McNeill
21:53West Stanly
20.10Daniel Brattain
22:03West Stanly
21.9Jake Bartell
22:07West Stanly
22.11Chase Clayton
22:15West Stanly
23.12Daniel Martin
22:50East Montgomery
24.11Jacob Dillon
22:54Mt Pleasant
25.9Zach Thomas
23:42Mt Pleasant
26.12Christian Mortera
23:45East Montgomery
27.11Logan Huneycutt
23:52West Stanly
28.9River Dodd
24:26West Stanly
29.10Ethan Johnson
25:37 PRAnson
30.9Diego Penafiel-Jim...
25:54East Montgomery
31.11Jake Hinson
26:01West Stanly
32.9Caden Furr
26:06Mt Pleasant
33.12Rodolfo Vera
26:14East Montgomery
34.11Jarad Caddell
26:24West Stanly
35.9Seth Henry
27:28West Stanly
36.11Jerardo Lopez-Vela...
28:13East Montgomery
37.10Mason Smith
29:07 PRAnson
38.12Mason Edwards
29:29West Stanly
39.11Francisco Cortez
31:03East Montgomery
40.9Lucas Johnson
31:52West Stanly
41.-Forrest Massey
32:23East Montgomery
42.-Deven Ward
33:38East Montgomery
43.10Caleb Gomez
34:40Mt Pleasant
44.12Nathan Shirley
34:40.98Mt Pleasant
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.West Stanly19
2.Mt Pleasant47
3.East Montgomery69
1.11Pierson McManus
22:09West Stanly
2.11Maddie Miller
22:19West Stanly
3.11Melia Eaton
23:08Mt Pleasant
4.12Hannah Efird
24:20West Stanly
5.11Brooklyn Simpson
24:29West Stanly
6.10Ashleigh McDonald
25:00Mt Pleasant
7.10Katherine Pollard
25:13West Stanly
8.9Rachel Efird
25:24West Stanly
9.11Johanna Vazquez-Ro...
25:28East Montgomery
10.12Addisen Rowles
26:22West Stanly
11.10Taylor Lee
26:52West Stanly
12.10Annalyce Medlin
26:55West Stanly
13.11Peyton Hill
27:01West Stanly
14.9Cameron Mullinax
27:58Mt Pleasant
15.10Lizbeth Estrada-Ja...
29:07East Montgomery
16.12Colby McCollum
29:15West Stanly
17.9Sara Fink
29:47Mt Pleasant
18.9Kate Cotton
29:57West Stanly
19.11Amy Henry
29:58West Stanly
20.12Milly Cotton
30:09West Stanly
21.10Emma Fink
30:10Mt Pleasant
22.12Alyssa Rushing
30:21East Montgomery
23.11Cindy Vargs
30:32East Montgomery
24.9Victoria Burleson
31:01West Stanly
25.11Brandy Harris
31:32West Stanly
26.-Maddie Huneycutt
31:39West Stanly
27.10Carmen Bishop
31:41West Stanly
28.12Maggie Ferree
31:41.36West Stanly
29.10Skylar Lambeth
31:41.99 PREast Montgomery
30.9Raeanna Eudy
31:50West Stanly
31.9Any Avila Perez
31:59West Stanly
32.12Yenia Medina
32:21East Montgomery
33.9Shayla Grismer
34:19West Stanly
34.9Klyie Howard
34:22West Stanly
35.10Karyn VArgas
35:09East Montgomery
36.11Kennedy Scott
35:37West Stanly
37.11Damaris Villalobos
35:46East Montgomery
38.-Talison Bunker
36:02East Montgomery
39.9Shelby Barbee
36:18West Stanly
40.-Kali Boles
37:15East Montgomery
41.-Shayna Rushing
37:31East Montgomery
42.9Anslee Morton
37:37West Stanly
43.12Morgan Williams
38:43West Stanly
44.-Adrianna Garcia
41:06.78East Montgomery
45.-Yuri Garcia Leon
41:06.98East Montgomery
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