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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Central Cabarrus
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Cox Mill21
2.Northwest Cabarrus71
3.A.L. Brown93
5.Jay M Robinson101
6.Central Cabarrus139
1.12Brandon Hernandez
17:12A.L. Brown
2.12Dalton Miles
18:36Cox Mill
3.11Hunter Levy
18:38Cox Mill
4.12Alex Reed
19:03Cox Mill
7.9Alex Garcia
19:05Cox Mill
5.11Brendan Cavazos
19:33Cox Mill
6.12Austin Beaver
19:47Northwest Cabarrus
8.10Jeb Stewart
9.12Jordan Gregory
19:51Northwest Cabarrus
10.11Jeffrey Galla
20:17Cox Mill
11.11Bradley Bernett
20:17Cox Mill
12.11Pierson Pickler
20:36Jay M Robinson
13.12Orion Yow
20:55Northwest Cabarrus
14.10Ian Waugh
20:57A.L. Brown
15.10Ethan Bailey
20:57Jay M Robinson
22.12Ryan Carolan
21:02Jay M Robinson
23.10Graham Bass
21:02Northwest Cabarrus
25.9Boswell Ahmad
21:04Jay M Robinson
16.12Justin McKinnis
21:08Central Cabarrus
17.10Trace Beaver
18.11Koby Boyter
21:11Central Cabarrus
19.10Eric Spaugh
20.11Chris Morales
21:15Northwest Cabarrus
21.11Matthew Leder
24.11Tanner Roth
21:21A.L. Brown
26.10Michael DaCosta
21:41A.L. Brown
27.12Anthony Maglione
21:44Jay M Robinson
28.9Gabe Blackwelder
21:48A.L. Brown
29.10Josh Hansen
21:49Cox Mill
30.9Spencer Connick
21:54Cox Mill
31.9Sahil Phadnis
22:01Cox Mill
36.12Jacob Wilson
22:05Central Cabarrus
32.9Onesimo Rosas
22:17A.L. Brown
33.10Henry Gribble
22:31Northwest Cabarrus
34.10Nehemiah Hampton
35.12Samuel Raffaldt
22:38Northwest Cabarrus
37.12Dustin Howell
22:51A.L. Brown
38.9Dylan Bessette
22:52Central Cabarrus
39.9Riley Horn
22:56Northwest Cabarrus
46.10Corbin Richardson
23:03A.L. Brown
47.10Connor Gordon
23:03Jay M Robinson
40.12Danny Mahoney
23:05Jay M Robinson
41.11Colby Teal
23:07A.L. Brown
42.9Kevin Stegall
23:14A.L. Brown
43.12Austin Davis
23:15A.L. Brown
44.12Josiah Hicks
23:16Central Cabarrus
45.9Raj Patel
23:24Northwest Cabarrus
48.10Abel Salas
23:33Central Cabarrus
49.10Will Daniel
23:34Northwest Cabarrus
50.11Caleb Yarborough
23:52Central Cabarrus
51.12Brycen Columbus
23:53Cox Mill
52.11Macklin Rett
53.9Jackson Rodgers
24:12A.L. Brown
54.9JD Wightman
24:12A.L. Brown
55.10Andrew Michaud
24:19Jay M Robinson
56.10Thomas Bitler
24:32A.L. Brown
57.10Colin Kirila
24:35Central Cabarrus
58.9Jack Rowland
24:44Northwest Cabarrus
59.9Andrew Jackson
24:47Jay M Robinson
63.11Ramon Chela
25:04A.L. Brown
60.11Caleb Watson
25:08Central Cabarrus
61.9Bransen Rhew
25:38Jay M Robinson
62.11Cane Anthony
25:39Cox Mill
64.9Caleb Breeggemann
25:43A.L. Brown
65.9Nolan Hurst
25:43Jay M Robinson
66.9Michael Cawley
25:49Jay M Robinson
67.9Jacob Sergent
26:17Central Cabarrus
68.12Stephen Monroe
69.10Rohit Nemmi
26:29Cox Mill
70.10Jack Reed
27:11Cox Mill
71.10Narradinen Robinson
72.9David Hendrickson
27:44Central Cabarrus
73.12Adam Ashbaugh
27:47Northwest Cabarrus
74.12Thomas Laws
27:58Northwest Cabarrus
75.9Coleson Rowe
27:59Northwest Cabarrus
76.9Cole Thomas
27:59Central Cabarrus
77.12Conner Linberger
78.9James Portolese
29:43Cox Mill
79.9Eli Foster
29:51Northwest Cabarrus
80.12Zachary Rodgers
30:06Cox Mill
81.12Justin Carrasquillo
31:19A.L. Brown
82.9Isaiah Gill
33:49Jay M Robinson
83.11Thomas Landis
33:49Jay M Robinson
84.9Michael Tiereney
85.10John McNutt
41:03Central Cabarrus
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Cox Mill28
2.Central Cabarrus47
3.Northwest Cabarrus63
5.A.L. Brown101
6.Jay M Robinson103
1.9Amaya Barnette
22:59Jay M Robinson
2.9Calista Foret
23:03Cox Mill
4.9Megan Hunter
24:01Central Cabarrus
5.10Jessie Connick
24:03Cox Mill
6.9Madeline Bujold
24:35Cox Mill
7.9Lexi Hanson
24:35Cox Mill
8.12Meg Rhoney
24:59Northwest Cabarrus
9.12Ashleigh Thomson
24:59Northwest Cabarrus
11.10Meredith Sheridan
25:04Central Cabarrus
12.10Soledad Ruiz
25:07Central Cabarrus
13.12Hannah Watson
25:24Cox Mill
14.10Savannah Dickason
25:35Central Cabarrus
15.11Zoe Kline
25:36Central Cabarrus
16.9Jocelyn Council
26:15Jay M Robinson
17.10Jillian Brim
26:31A.L. Brown
18.11Jacqueline Wilhelm
19.9Taylor Hanson
26:31Central Cabarrus
20.11Avery Coward
26:41A.L. Brown
21.10Kylin Riddle
26:46A.L. Brown
22.9Olivia Andrews
26:56Northwest Cabarrus
25.10Allison Mitchell
27:01Northwest Cabarrus
26.11Emily Mitchell
27:01Northwest Cabarrus
27.9Aydyn Crowley
27:16A.L. Brown
28.9Emma Stewart
29.9Morgan Webb
27:55Cox Mill
30.9Laney Gragg
28:04A.L. Brown
31.10Abby Holt
28:56Cox Mill
32.9Kayla Taylor
29:06Cox Mill
33.12Willow Scott
29:13Jay M Robinson
34.12Aleah Hayes
29:28Central Cabarrus
35.11Alexis Andrikanich
29:49Cox Mill
36.9Lauren Simpson
30:02Cox Mill
37.12Kenlie McGee
30:05Central Cabarrus
38.11Olivia Porto
30:49 SRCox Mill
39.11Julietta Medina Go...
31:35Jay M Robinson
40.11Araceli Castro
32:03Central Cabarrus
41.9Carrol Sims
32:28Northwest Cabarrus
42.12Shelby Reed
33:13Cox Mill
45.11Micah Furr
46.12Anna Denais
34:51Cox Mill
47.11Anushka Deshmukh
34:54Cox Mill
48.10Emma Grace Black
49.11Sarah Anne Stewart
44.12Cameron Nix
35:01Central Cabarrus
50.10CJ Yeary
35:05Northwest Cabarrus
51.11Ashley Sipe
52.12Kaitlin McNiffe
38:27Jay M Robinson
53.10Mackenzie Rodgers
38:44Cox Mill
54.12Kelsey Quigg
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