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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

2.12Collin Huber
15:29 PRValparaiso
3.12Carlos Martinez
15:40 PRValparaiso
7.11Nathaniel Smith
10.10Jack Acton
16:00 PRValparaiso
13.12Carl Frey
16:12 PRValparaiso
14.12Matthew Cavanaugh
16:13 PRValparaiso
16.10Kyle Gutierrez
18.12Nick Tonne
16:18 PRValparaiso
19.10Tommy Elwood
16:25 PRPortage
28.11Dylan Filla
16:38 PRPortage
32.10Kalisto Rosales
17:08 PRPortage
35.9Adam Partin
17:15 PRPortage
38.12Raul Cervantes
48.10Andrew Doctor
17:50 PRPortage
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

2.10Tyler Puskar
16:45 PRValparaiso
3.9Will Miltenburger
16:49 PRValparaiso
4.10Nick Clark
16:50 PRValparaiso
6.10Tommy Cavanaugh
17:02 PRValparaiso
8.11Joe Angert
9.10Carter Stephens
17:05 PRValparaiso
12.10Ethan Vinyard
17:16 PRValparaiso
11Matthew Zmija
17:17 PRPortage
14.11Tyler Villarreal
17:19 PRValparaiso
22.12George Azar
9Brandon Warren
17:36 PRPortage
24.10Bobby Woodburn
17:36 PRValparaiso
26.11Jackson Lemmon
17:40 PRValparaiso
12Nate Partin
17:41 SRPortage
10Lukas Streetman
17:43 PRPortage
33.12Alex Lawley
17:49 PRValparaiso
10Stephan Sulivan
17:56 PRPortage
37.10Joey Roytan
10Zach Thompson
18:01 PRPortage
40.9Carlson Farha
18:02 PRValparaiso
11Bryce Skipton
18:16 PRPortage
10Joe Mietzner
18:24 PRPortage
9Tyler Doepping
18:50 PRPortage
10Nathan Shaffer
18:52 PRPortage
9Gavin Schaefer
19:01 PRPortage
11Connor Belt
10Jacob Tumminaro
19:25 PRPortage
10Blake Helton
19:46 PRPortage
12Jimmy Morris
20:50 PRPortage
9Zach Yong
20:56 PRPortage
9Caleb Pierce
21:01 PRPortage
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