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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Providence Day40
2.Cary Academy50
3.Durham Academy83
4.Forsyth Country Day122
5.Charlotte Country Day165
7.Charlotte Latin209
8.Gaston Christian283
9.Metrolina Christian Academy292
10.Covenant Day294
11.Wesleyan Christian Academy304
12.Christ School315
14.Hickory Grove Christian432
15.Rabun Gap Nacoochee466
16.Greensboro Day494
17.North Raleigh Christian Acad...495
18.High Point Christian Academy498
19.Charlotte Christian506
21.Wake Christian Academy670
22.SouthLake Christian Academy675
1.12Coleman Mitchell
15:23.09Cary Academy
2.12Ben Mitchell
15:23.90 PRForsyth Country Day
3.12Noah Dolhare
15:40.61Providence Day
4.12Chase Coley
15:54.11Cary Academy
5.10Andrew Hammel
15:57.81Christ School
6.9Christian Landis
16:07.67 PRProvidence Day
7.11Neil Mosca
16:09.95 PRDurham Academy
8.10Jason Krell
16:13.77 PRProvidence Day
9.10Adam Habas
16:19.27 PRProvidence Day
10.9Will Scott
16:19.70 PRForsyth Country Day
11.11Major Eason
16:20.81 PRAsheville
12.12Dylan Lamphier
16:25.68 PRCary Academy
13.10Mac Hays
16:29.55 PRDurham Academy
14.10Andrew Riolo
16:34.69 PRProvidence Day
15.11Tamer Metwalli
16.11Abe Weinstein
16:36.34 PRCary Academy
17.11Luke Johnson
16:38.88 PRCary Academy
18.10Brendan Rooney
16:40.81Gaston Christian
19.12Ethan Goldman
16:41.74Durham Academy
20.10Mark Alkins
16:45.02 PRDurham Academy
21.10Robert Veres
16:52.92 PRProvidence Day
22.11Rob Schleusner
16:55.38Charlotte Latin
23.12Robert Harlan
16:56.12 PRAsheville
24.11Jack Anderson
16:56.48Durham Academy
25.10William Harris
17:01.32Charlotte Country Day
26.9Colter Nichols
17:03.86Providence Day
27.12Benjamin Whetstone
17:03.88Charlotte Country Day
28.12Ajani Williams
17:05.59Charlotte Country Day
29.12Jonathan Loy
17:05.76 PRHigh Point Christian...
30.11Daniel Similton
17:11.63Hickory Grove Christ...
31.11Daniel Tierney
17:15.67Charlotte Country Day
32.12Michael Quartapella
17:21.09 PRCharlotte Latin
33.10Zach Moore
17:23.56 PRForsyth Country Day
34.12Paolo Navarro
17:24.82 PRAsheville
35.10Noah Oliver
17:27.24Gaston Christian
36.11Krishan Guzzo
17:28.26Cary Academy
37.12Caleb Kirchhoff
17:30.04Metrolina Christian ...
38.12Jackson Halus
17:32.48 SRForsyth Country Day
39.12Daniel Snyder
17:33.41Forsyth Country Day
40.11Nick Strauch
17:33.53 PRForsyth Country Day
41.12Jackson Brinkley
17:40.36Metrolina Christian ...
42.10Grant Scotto
17:42.12Cary Academy
43.11Tigey Jewell-Alibhai
17:44.44 PRDurham Academy
44.10Bennett Dombcik
17:45.06 PRDurham Academy
45.11William Kressner
17:46.87 PRCharlotte Latin
46.9Declan Mettee
17:46.96 PRAsheville
47.10Joseph Visconti
17:48.42Christ School
48.10Hill Wilson
17:49.57 PRCovenant Day
49.11Ian Lundy
17:51.18 PRWesleyan Christian A...
50.11Peyton Sykes
17:54.16Covenant Day
51.10Worth Hinshaw
17:59.29 PRCharlotte Latin
52.12Grayson Shook
18:00.42 PRWesleyan Christian A...
53.12Kevin Mullen
18:02.66Wesleyan Christian A...
54.12Jake Morris
18:07.65Charlotte Country Day
55.9Kyle Budd
18:09.95Forsyth Country Day
56.12Christopher Hardin
18:11.24Covenant Day
57.9Connor Smith
18:18.86 PRAsheville
58.12Max Gilbert
18:21.55Charlotte Country Day
59.9Charles Harris
18:24.43 PRCharlotte Latin
60.10Cooper Williamson
18:26.38 PRAsheville
61.10Ben Davis
18:30.85 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
62.10Charlie Veronee
18:38.12Charlotte Country Day
63.9Tymon Szymanski
18:40.25 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
64.11Connor Sweet
18:44.23Charlotte Latin
65.9Camden Johnson
18:45.24Metrolina Christian ...
66.11Bo Johnson
18:46.37 PRAsheville
67.10Johnny Pu
18:51.40Covenant Day
68.12Jacob Kohns
18:51.80 SRWesleyan Christian A...
69.12Jon Wooten
18:53.17Metrolina Christian ...
70.11Owen Wallman
18:53.55Hickory Grove Christ...
71.9Ryan Thornburg
18:53.85 PRGaston Christian
72.9Zachary Brown
18:55.40 PRCharlotte Christian
73.9Ian Macurda
18:59.58 PRCovenant Day
74.8Connor Nanney
19:00.32 PRGaston Christian
75.9McAlister Whiting
19:00.54 PRGreensboro Day
76.11Joshua Doolittle
77.11Will Zwetolitz
19:04.07Charlotte Latin
78.10Hank Van Ness
19:06.86Christ School
79.10Aidan Loring
19:09.58 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
80.11Jonathan Street
19:12.92Metrolina Christian ...
81.10Daniel Marian
19:16.09Metrolina Christian ...
82.10Mason Williams
19:16.12Wesleyan Christian A...
83.11Liam O'Brien
19:17.61 SRCannon
84.11Diego Pulido
19:21.30Hickory Grove Christ...
85.10Chase Chriscoe
19:24.83Gaston Christian
86.11Jordan Walters
19:25.35Metrolina Christian ...
87.11Juan Mantilla
19:25.95 SRChrist School
88.9Paul Walker
19:26.69 PRRavenscroft
89.9Kellen Lundy
19:27.73Wesleyan Christian A...
90.12Luke Letica
19:28.55 PRCannon
91.10Jack Moody
19:29.28 PRGreensboro Day
92.10Carlton Bragg
93.10Rick Conner
19:31.44North Raleigh Christ...
94.12Sam Schulte
19:34.33 PRGreensboro Day
95.8Will Epling
19:35.19 PRHigh Point Christian...
96.12Harrison Chase
19:37.51 PRCovenant Day
97.9David Lash
19:38.81Charlotte Christian
98.10Jack Adams
19:39.15 PRChrist School
99.9Cade Rodriguez
19:39.56 PRChrist School
100.9Garrett Hunter
101.10Koen Van den Brand
102.10Ethan Eshleman
19:50.65 PRCharlotte Christian
103.11Doug Bland
19:53.55 SRChrist School
104.9Zack Martin
20:00.94 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
105.11Justin Courter
20:01.47 SRSouthLake Christian ...
106.10Cole Owens
20:09.43 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
107.9Maciej Danielewicz
20:13.19 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
108.10Nate Margraf
109.10Seth Stiwalt
20:18.46Gaston Christian
110.9Ayden Stack
20:19.36 PRHigh Point Christian...
111.10Felix Stahl
20:20.79 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
112.10Jace Grauel
20:21.39Charlotte Christian
113.10Jackson Butler
20:22.41 PRRavenscroft
114.12Hugh Walton
20:25.66 PRGreensboro Day
115.9Joshua Frazier
20:26.09North Raleigh Christ...
116.11Ethan Aschman
20:28.21 SRRavenscroft
117.11Connor Margarf
118.10Samuel Corona
20:38.73 PRWake Christian Academy
119.10Cameron Helmendach
20:40.16Hickory Grove Christ...
120.12Jacob Thomas
20:41.11 PRGreensboro Day
121.12Julio Espinosa Cue...
20:41.54 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
122.10Chris Shen
20:42.88 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
123.9Noah Ong
20:43.01 PRCharlotte Christian
124.10Jack Howard
20:44.83Charlotte Christian
125.12Will Pruitt
20:45.50Wesleyan Christian A...
126.10Grey Mills
127.9Joshua Ellas
20:51.42 PRHigh Point Christian...
128.9Hank Nelson
20:52.75 PRRavenscroft
129.10Marcus Truss
20:57.70Hickory Grove Christ...
130.12Micah Barber
20:58.09 PRGaston Christian
131.11Mitchell Moody
20:58.73 SRWake Christian Academy
132.11Cameron Greenburg
21:01.52 PRGreensboro Day
133.12Mitchell Abernethy
21:09.16SouthLake Christian ...
134.10Andrew Hunter
21:15.20 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
135.12Jack Scott
21:19.45 PRCharlotte Christian
136.12Michael Smith
21:48.26 SRWake Christian Academy
137.8Braden Farlow
22:04.94 PRHigh Point Christian...
138.8Cole Bennett
22:04.99Hickory Grove Christ...
139.11Waits Sharpe
22:05.60 PRHickory Grove Christ...
140.9Ethan Davy
22:08.10SouthLake Christian ...
141.10Matthew Henderson
22:21.79Covenant Day
142.11John Hollingsworth
22:31.09 PRWake Christian Academy
143.11JD Ross
22:39.73 PRWake Christian Academy
144.11Carson Collins
22:52.78 SRWake Christian Academy
145.7Joel Kim
23:18.25 PRHigh Point Christian...
146.8Ethan Kim
23:30.47High Point Christian...
147.11AJ Rutherford
23:40.83 SRWake Christian Academy
148.11Andrew Simonson
23:58.63SouthLake Christian ...
149.11Adam Johnson
30:50.16SouthLake Christian ...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Covenant Day58
2.Cary Academy58
3.Providence Day107
4.Charlotte Latin145
6.Durham Academy178
9.North Raleigh Christian Acad...238
10.Metrolina Christian Academy254
11.Forsyth Country Day313
12.Greensboro Day336
13.Saint Mary's344
14.Charlotte Country Day352
15.Hickory Grove Christian402
16.Rabun Gap Nacoochee443
17.Wesleyan Christian Academy455
18.Wake Christian Academy512
19.SouthLake Christian Academy543
1.12Lindsey Ickes
18:39.54Forsyth Country Day
2.10Ava Lathan
19:06.74 PRCary Academy
3.-Stella Stringer
19:10.34 PRDurham Academy
4.9Sedona Dancu
19:11.88 PRCovenant Day
5.10Eva Lindner
19:16.47 PRCovenant Day
6.11Justine Cronk
19:20.88Providence Day
7.12Samantha Driscoll
8.12Athina Zodl
19:43.06 SRCary Academy
9.12Regan Cronk
19:47.29Providence Day
10.10Brooke Robinson
19:53.79North Raleigh Christ...
11.11Ananyaa Bharadwaj
19:53.96 PRProvidence Day
12.10Keely Murphy
20:08.33Cary Academy
13.9Thuc Dzu
20:14.35 PRCary Academy
14.11Kelsey Troutman
20:16.82Covenant Day
15.8Alli Flannery
20:21.79Metrolina Christian ...
16.9Olivia Mueth
20:23.51 PRCovenant Day
17.9Sydney Wood
18.11Claire Hill
20:26.95 PRAsheville
19.11Sadie Evans
20:27.93 PRCovenant Day
20.10Kate Meares
20:28.98 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
21.9Vivian Gregory
20:30.29 PRAsheville
22.11Ellie Beuley
20:31.86Charlotte Latin
23.11Suki Bristol
20:34.60Cary Academy
24.9Lia Sprouse
20:35.06 PRAsheville
25.10Marion Donald
20:39.12Charlotte Latin
26.8Molly Jahn
20:39.37Gaston Christian
27.12Anna Haynes
20:43.97 PRCovenant Day
28.9Anna Catherine Wil...
20:44.33Durham Academy
29.11Lauren Burke
20:48.88Hickory Grove Christ...
30.10Mary Catherine Pope
20:48.92Charlotte Latin
31.12Ruby Orton
20:49.36 PRSaint Mary's
32.11Caroline Livingston
33.12Bella Church
20:55.37 SRRavenscroft
34.11Amelia Andretti
35.9Maria Llerenas Soto
20:56.07 PRCharlotte Latin
36.10Cassie Figueroa
20:56.15 PRCharlotte Latin
37.12Davis Richmond
21:02.38 SRGreensboro Day
38.11Abby Wilner
39.12Tracy Laughlin
21:10.45Providence Day
40.11Lily Farr
21:17.88 PRCharlotte Latin
41.12Cami Simpson
21:18.66 SRDurham Academy
42.12Ellie McIntyre
21:21.02Charlotte Country Day
43.12Courtney Sanders
21:22.57 SRGreensboro Day
44.12Caroline Ortiz
21:22.97Providence Day
45.7Taylor Dixon
21:25.06 PRMetrolina Christian ...
46.10Fran Pacchiana
21:27.26Durham Academy
47.10Anna Snyder
21:31.11Charlotte Latin
48.10Elise Playe
49.12Rylynn Pierson
21:46.32 SRAsheville
50.10Christa Dutton
21:48.93 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
51.9Lindsay Smith
21:52.91Providence Day
52.11Courtney Rea
53.11Simone Provencher
21:55.28 PRRavenscroft
54.10Sara Francis Jones
21:57.80 PRAsheville
55.10Sadie Riddell
21:58.22Charlotte Country Day
56.10Britta Reumann
22:00.15 PRSaint Mary's
57.9Caitlyn Hankins
22:03.89 PRRavenscroft
58.12Sara Kate Baudhuin
22:08.74Covenant Day
59.11Audrey Shores
22:27.42 SRAsheville
60.12Kate Park
22:31.11Cary Academy
61.7Reagan Pruitt
22:32.01Metrolina Christian ...
62.12Makenna Judy
22:33.02Metrolina Christian ...
63.12Mary Hunter Russell
22:35.48Saint Mary's
64.9Boo Briggs
22:35.81 PRDurham Academy
65.9Mira Pickus
22:36.18 PRDurham Academy
66.9Catherine Mitchell
22:38.20 PRForsyth Country Day
67.10Victoria Schneider
68.11Haleigh Kozlowski
22:41.20 SRForsyth Country Day
69.9Emily McAteer
22:43.89 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
70.12Delaney Stark
22:45.33 PRForsyth Country Day
71.8Lauren Hiatt
22:49.52 PRWesleyan Christian A...
72.9Caroline Sicard
22:56.55Providence Day
73.12Angie Menner
22:58.42Hickory Grove Christ...
74.9Claudia Lopez
23:07.48 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
75.9Delaney Murphy
23:09.89Metrolina Christian ...
76.10Julia Egler
23:11.40 SRRabun Gap Nacoochee
77.9Jessica Church
23:14.09Hickory Grove Christ...
78.12Maggie Deleonardis
79.10Derin Akdeniz
23:24.71 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
80.9Tori Frahm
23:26.78 SRGreensboro Day
81.10Esme Longley
23:28.19 PRDurham Academy
82.9Sarah Morris
23:33.90 PRCharlotte Country Day
83.9Frances Bragg
84.9Phoebe Ellison
23:37.60 PRCary Academy
85.10Sophia Iltis
23:41.17 PRSalem Academy
86.11Bella King
23:45.15 PRAsheville
87.11Sydney Bosworth
23:45.45 SRWake Christian Academy
88.12Grayson Cassels
23:46.82 SRCharlotte Country Day
89.11Logan Forbis
23:50.63 SRGreensboro Day
90.11Alexandra White
23:55.16 SRWesleyan Christian A...
91.10Brianna Edwards
23:56.57 PRSaint Mary's
92.12Thea Reddin
24:00.85Charlotte Country Day
93.10Caroline Dutton
24:00.87 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
94.10Jenny Rowlett
24:02.67 PRGreensboro Day
95.10Koyana Smith
24:16.81Wesleyan Christian A...
96.9Eden Reitnour
24:17.44Wesleyan Christian A...
97.12Julianna Fischer
24:20.80North Raleigh Christ...
98.9Reagan Domeier
24:23.22Charlotte Country Day
99.11Catherine Robertson
24:31.95 PRSouthLake Christian ...
100.10Dagny Johnson
24:31.99 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
101.11Abigail Wucherer
24:34.18 PRSalem Academy
102.12Brittany Hayward
24:38.30 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
103.11Greta Gruber
104.9Lillie Sink
24:41.12 PRHigh Point Christian...
105.9Peyton Grant
24:49.04 PRSouthLake Christian ...
106.11Elizabeth Redvanly
24:50.17 PRCharlotte Country Day
107.10Laura Wyatt
25:01.70 PRHigh Point Christian...
108.11Casey Rachuba
25:05.66Metrolina Christian ...
109.10Hannah Brandon
25:07.62Charlotte Christian
110.12Maggie Hart
25:09.52 SRWake Christian Academy
111.11Georgia Yeargin
25:16.24 PRWake Christian Academy
112.10Melody Wu
25:19.36 PRHigh Point Christian...
113.11Alia Agee
25:25.42 PRSalem Academy
114.12Storm Davis
25:25.94 SRWake Christian Academy
115.10Kate Dossel
25:42.38 PRSalem Academy
116.11Kylie Sefryn
25:42.82SouthLake Christian ...
117.12Margaret Fountain
25:43.66Saint Mary's
118.10Skylar Talbert
25:45.10 PRHigh Point Christian...
119.9Lizzie Suber
25:46.07 PRHickory Grove Christ...
120.11Laila Pesayanavin
25:47.00 PRWesleyan Christian A...
121.9Shelby Duncan
25:54.93 PRGaston Christian
122.9Mackenzie Kaplan
26:11.36 PRForsyth Country Day
123.8Katerina Medina
26:14.10 PRWake Christian Academy
124.7Sara Plyler
26:19.19Gaston Christian
125.11Ava Blane Spiegel
26:26.31 PRSaint Mary's
126.9Lauren Fisher
26:36.85Gaston Christian
127.9Claire Woodley
26:36.93 PRCharlotte Christian
128.-Elise Corona
26:39.91 PRWake Christian Academy
129.11Anna Lammel
26:46.31 PRForsyth Country Day
130.10Alisha Patton
26:51.35SouthLake Christian ...
131.11Sarah Beverage
26:53.85Hickory Grove Christ...
132.12Caroline Walters
26:53.99Metrolina Christian ...
133.10Lillie Wetmore
26:55.89 PRCharlotte Christian
134.10Jessica Campbell
27:01.75 SRRabun Gap Nacoochee
135.11Katherine Angell
27:02.55Forsyth Country Day
136.-Lily Wang
28:06.80 PRSaint Mary's
137.9Ellie Cataldo
28:24.17 PRCharlotte Christian
138.9Kennedy Smith
28:39.27 PRSouthLake Christian ...
139.10Amanda Cash
29:43.62 PRGreensboro Day
140.10Juliana Herberg
29:53.23 PRHickory Grove Christ...
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