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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Wayne Country Day28
2.University Christian28
4.Halifax Academy47
5.Lee Christian50
7.Hickory Christian Academy62
8.Community Christian70
9.American Hebrew Academy81
10.Pope John Paul II83
11.United Faith Christian Academy92
12.The Albemarle120
13.Wayne Christian132
14.Northwood Temple Academy136
15.Grace Christian (Sanford)144
16.Pungo Christian164
17.The Burlington School166
1.12Tripp Berini
2.10Conner Bauer
18:36.24Wayne Country Day
3.9Jackson McGeough
4.10Thomas Garrett
18:54.73 SRHalifax Academy
5.10Connor Helms
19:05.67United Faith Christi...
6.11Tommy Little
19:10.06 SRUniversity Christian
7.12Timothy Tysinger
19:17.44Hickory Christian Ac...
8.11Tate Eckard
19:30.34 SRUniversity Christian
9.12Cole Atwood
19:33.33Wayne Country Day
10.11Wesley Bolin
19:43.66 PROakwood
11.8Eli Winders
19:44.73Wayne Christian
12.9Gavin Lenz
19:51.24 PRLee Christian
13.9Kade Thurston
19:58.27 PRLee Christian
14.12Abe Levin
20:03.14University Christian
15.11Blaise Glennon
20:03.80Pope John Paul II
16.12Hillel Friedland
20:12.78 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
17.11Brandon Talton
20:16.85Wayne Country Day
18.9Noah Daniels
20:17.97 PRCommunity Christian
19.9Caleb Daniels
20:27.56Community Christian
20.11Cooper Edmonson
20:33.27Wayne Country Day
21.11Jacob Harris
20:38.45 PRHalifax Academy
22.11Kris Carter
20:44.15 PRHalifax Academy
23.10Eddie Wang
20:45.46 PROakwood
24.10Scott Corley
21:00.97 PRPope John Paul II
25.10Gabe Lenz
21:06.72 SRLee Christian
26.12Henry Stout
21:09.67 SRHickory Christian Ac...
27.7Trent Sawyer
21:17.22The Albemarle
28.8Ray Prati
21:18.27 PROakwood
29.11Sam Reese
21:18.68 SRHickory Christian Ac...
30.10Mendel Sneiderman
21:21.92 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
31.12Edward Hardy-Braz
32.11Charlie Dees
21:23.19Wayne Country Day
33.12Hayden Conner
21:25.87 SRHickory Christian Ac...
34.9Thomas Lane
21:26.27Community Christian
35.12Davis Ellwanger
21:32.11University Christian
36.12Jonathan Bronsoiler
21:35.59 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
37.8Jude Saverino
21:37.72 SROakwood
38.12Maximillan Waddell
21:40.68United Faith Christi...
39.11Ted Fleming
21:47.41 PRHalifax Academy
40.10Julian McCormick
21:48.94Northwood Temple Aca...
41.9Tuck Howel
21:56.68 PRGrace Christian (San...
42.10Ben Negin
21:57.32 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
43.12Cruz Eakes
22:02.76Pungo Christian
44.11Henry Sneed
45.9Raymond Hooper
22:07.96 PRThe Albemarle
46.10Owen Stout
22:08.15Hickory Christian Ac...
47.12Suraj Patel
22:12.44Wayne Country Day
48.9Jackson Wilkie
22:12.75Pope John Paul II
49.9Bryce Stevens
50.10Hunter Sjobam
22:13.31 PRHickory Christian Ac...
51.-Tanner Shoe
22:29.34Northwood Temple Aca...
52.9Alex Larson
22:36.50 PRGrace Christian (San...
53.11JT Faccone
54.10Alberto Antar
22:52.41 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
55.11Donny Chen
22:54.44 SROakwood
56.9Gavin Jonas
22:55.76 PRLee Christian
57.12Zander Pittman
22:57.07Wayne Country Day
58.10Brandon Jackson
22:59.17The Albemarle
59.10Jayden Chang
23:01.53United Faith Christi...
60.10Garrison Dreier
23:04.40 PRNorthwood Temple Aca...
61.10Christopher Payne
23:16.17 SRThe Burlington School
62.9Xander Dement
23:20.26 PRThe Burlington School
63.10Solomon Bruton
23:21.53 PRLee Christian
64.12Graham Patrick
23:22.35Pope John Paul II
65.-Charles Williams
23:24.73Wayne Christian
66.9Jackson Helms
23:31.52 PRUnited Faith Christi...
67.11Jackson Cole
23:37.35 PRGrace Christian (San...
68.10Ethan Mason
69.-Ryan Krazinski
23:52.57 PRThe Burlington School
70.10Zack Johnson
23:57.92University Christian
71.9Ethan Kerns
24:03.45 PRLee Christian
72.10Brandon Sturgill
24:05.18University Christian
73.9Joel Umphlett
24:10.96The Albemarle
74.9Caden Lyons
24:14.91Pungo Christian
75.12Walton ONeal
24:29.17 PRPungo Christian
76.12Brandon Pope
24:45.74 PRHalifax Academy
77.10Ryan Bishop
24:58.04Pungo Christian
78.9Miller Lee
24:58.36Pungo Christian
79.9Logan Dunn
25:09.94The Albemarle
80.9Tony Fucci
25:31.38The Albemarle
81.11Shelton Batts
82.10Emmanuel Newsome
25:38.06Wayne Christian
83.11Trenton Barnett
84.10Miller ONeal
26:15.65 PRPungo Christian
85.9Eathan Blythe
26:31.30 PRGrace Christian (San...
86.12Caleb Holiday
26:36.53 SRGrace Christian (San...
87.-Baron Chamblee
88.12Riley Trapp
26:40.01 PRGrace Christian (San...
90.11Colby Haislip
28:20.04Halifax Academy
91.12Zander Milburn
92.-Fletcher Pierce
93.11Jonny Finanger
31:21.62 PRUnited Faith Christi...
94.-John Davis
31:43.93Community Christian
95.11Cooper Davis
34:34.75Halifax Academy
96.-Charlie Creech
45:04.71Community Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Wayne Christian18
2.Wayne Country Day30
4.Halifax Academy41
5.University Christian54
7.American Hebrew Academy60
8.Grace Christian (Sanford)74
9.Hickory Christian Academy82
11.The Burlington School101
12.Pungo Christian106
13.Community Christian132
14.Lee Christian135
15.Northwood Temple Academy157
1.8Keegan Lisiecki
20:41.85 PRUnited Faith Christi...
2.8Morgan Hudomint
21:26.25 PRHalifax Academy
3.8Paige Court
21:28.42Wayne Christian
4.11Gray Young
21:43.77Wayne Country Day
5.11Reagan King
6.7Caroline Conlin
22:30.86 PROakwood
7.8Bethany Nelson
22:34.03 PRUnited Faith Christi...
8.8Natalie Rheingruber
22:43.41 PRWayne Christian
9.12Nadya Goldstein
22:45.99 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
10.7Adina Jacobson
22:51.76 PRWoodlawn
11.12Sarah Roseman
23:07.82University Christian
12.10Frankie Vargas
23:12.55Statesville Christian
13.7Hayli Verme
23:24.88Wayne Christian
14.10Ashton Gupton
23:51.12Wayne Country Day
15.7Olivia Thorn
23:52.63 PROakwood
16.10Emily Leiser
24:11.94 SRThe Burlington School
17.10Whitney George
24:20.57 SRHalifax Academy
18.10Taylor Bartlett
24:26.42 PRGrace Christian (San...
19.9Anne Stuart Freemon
24:29.38 PRWayne Country Day
20.8Helayna Clark
24:30.74 PROakwood
21.12Caroline Walker
24:34.62University Christian
22.11Katherine Eltz
24:36.48Wayne Country Day
23.9Liza Grace Robertson
24:36.76 PRHickory Christian Ac...
24.12Julianne Schneider
24:42.14 SRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
25.9Rylee Cutler
24:54.33 PRPungo Christian
26.12Emily Fry
24:56.03 SROakwood
27.11Ally Fleming
28.12Zoe Milburn
29.12Kate Starnes
25:00.16Halifax Academy
30.12Sally Roseman
25:03.47University Christian
31.9Lauren Jones
25:28.30 PRHickory Christian Ac...
32.11Mya Wilcox
25:37.95 PRCresset Christian
33.8Kayden Michael
25:42.56 PRGrace Christian (San...
34.9Lillian Schmidt
26:10.05 PRGrace Christian (San...
35.7Kate Forsht
26:11.26 PRHalifax Academy
36.10Shaline Loose
26:21.28 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
37.9Sydney Hickman
26:30.48 PRGrace Christian (San...
38.12Abby George
26:31.63 SRHalifax Academy
39.9Peyton O'Neal
26:36.11 PRHickory Christian Ac...
40.9Ava Acton
26:38.74 SRThe Burlington School
41.11Sara Coley
26:51.24 SRLee Christian
42.7Amber Markham
26:53.90 PRHalifax Academy
43.12Sarah Meadows
26:53.94 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
44.10Chloe Alston
27:00.40 PRHalifax Academy
45.9Kaitlyn Manning
27:07.93Community Christian
46.10Mandy Spence
47.11Isabela Rollin
27:16.23 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
48.9Emma Williams
27:23.16Pungo Christian
49.11Ellie Chiles
27:24.42 SRUniversity Christian
50.12Olivia Bullard
27:26.15 PRCommunity Christian
51.10Raquel Darwich
27:39.99 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
52.8Maria Memmelaar
27:40.02Wayne Christian
53.8Haley Wright
27:47.68 PROakwood
54.9Kathryn Hamilton
27:50.56Wayne Country Day
55.10Goldie Banarroch
27:50.93 PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
56.12Katherine Williams
28:11.80Pungo Christian
57.11Emma McGeough
28:21.73 SRWoodlawn
58.10Brooke Rose
59.9Claire Place
60.9Hayden Nielsen
29:00.85Wayne Country Day
61.9Rachel Little
29:09.98University Christian
62.8Trista Alexander
29:25.70Wayne Christian
63.-Sydney Cofer
29:48.85 PRNorthwood Temple Aca...
64.12Emily Holder
30:03.00 PRLee Christian
65.12Amanda Lane
30:24.41 SRLee Christian
66.9Abby Stalder
30:34.22 SRGrace Christian (San...
67.11Sasha Surkin
31:04.92 SROakwood
68.12Benita Schmidt
31:05.04 PRLee Christian
69.10Laura Bradley
31:19.26 PRCommunity Christian
70.10Lacy Ryser
32:20.56 PRGrace Christian (San...
71.12Amelia Arcaro-Burb...
32:48.01 SRThe Burlington School
73.-Payton Glenn
33:08.74Northwood Temple Aca...
74.10Jeana Holland
33:10.56 PRNorthwood Temple Aca...
75.-Olivia Cody
33:11.37 PRNorthwood Temple Aca...
76.12Sara Zhou
33:17.58 SRGrace Christian (San...
78.12Whitney Bissette
34:45.21Community Christian
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