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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
2 Miles Middle School
1.6 Miles 6th Grade Only
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
2 Miles Middle School
1.6 Miles 6th Grade Only

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.GR_South Christian79
3.Hudsonville Unity Christian93
4.Grandville Calvin Christian96
5.GR_Covenant Christian98
6.Timothy Christian125
7.Holland Christian147
8.Tri-Unity Christian248
1.10Micah VanderKooi
16:27.98GR_South Christian
2.11Victor Jura
3.12Caleb Velzen
16:32.37Hudsonville Unity Ch...
4.12Zach Hoekstra
16:36.73Grandville Calvin Ch...
5.11Chris Jenkins
16:58.61Grandville Calvin Ch...
6.12Nathan Klaassen
17:03.97Hudsonville Unity Ch...
7.11Christian Voetberg
8.11Clint Fincher
17:14.46 PRTimothy Christian
9.12Kameron Betz
10.10Jack Luymes
11.12William Terpstra
17:19.66 PRTimothy Christian
12.12Mike Altena
17:26.28GR_Covenant Christian
13.10Jacob DeBoer
17:41.22Holland Christian
14.12Brice VanOverloop
17:42.24GR_Covenant Christian
15.10Ben Peterson
16.10Caleb Mitchell
17:45.43 PRTimothy Christian
17.11Owen Pruim
17:47.29GR_South Christian
18.10Jerad Berkenpas
17:49.05GR_South Christian
19.11Anthony Nykamp
17:51.15GR_South Christian
20.11Travis Lubbers
17:52.77GR_Covenant Christian
21.10Jack Long
17:53.50 PRGR_Christian
22.11Caleb Riddering
17:58.90Grandville Calvin Ch...
23.11David King
18:00.28GR_Covenant Christian
24.12Tyler Warners
18:02.19GR_South Christian
25.11Lucas VanderPloeg
18:02.75Hudsonville Unity Ch...
26.10Alex Mitchell
18:06.61Holland Christian
27.12Nathan Postma
18:10.52Hudsonville Unity Ch...
28.11Tim Schloff
18:12.91Holland Christian
29.10Owen Kalsbeek
18:30.21GR_Covenant Christian
30.12Caleb King
18:33.30GR_Covenant Christian
31.11Jack Kehoe
18:33.94Grandville Calvin Ch...
32.11Austin Bouma
18:38.87Hudsonville Unity Ch...
33.12Travis Hunt
18:43.50Hudsonville Unity Ch...
34.12Ethan Heilman
18:43.97Grandville Calvin Ch...
35.11Derek Sall
18:47.69Grandville Calvin Ch...
36.9Seth Broekhuis
18:54.03 PRGrandville Calvin Ch...
37.9Hank Kooyer
19:00.51Hudsonville Unity Ch...
38.11Ted Baas
19:02.36 PRHolland Christian
39.9Caleb VanderKooi
19:05.23GR_South Christian
40.12Nathan Lieverdink
19:07.50GR_South Christian
41.11Alex Oldenburger
19:08.06 PRTimothy Christian
42.11Caleb VanAppledorn
19:08.40Holland Christian
43.11Cole Kalsbeek
19:15.16GR_Covenant Christian
44.12Joel Muyskens
45.11Cameron Fischer
19:49.62Holland Christian
46.12Luke Page
19:50.26Holland Christian
47.10Colin DeKlyen
19:53.38Tri-Unity Christian
48.10Jayce Kaman
20:26.48Tri-Unity Christian
49.11Noah Bezanson
20:35.70 PRTimothy Christian
50.9Zach Richards
20:36.07Tri-Unity Christian
51.11Bennett Sinner
21:00.44 PRTri-Unity Christian
52.9Rylee Deemter
21:20.72Byron Center Zion Ch...
53.10Jack Joung
21:35.44Byron Center Zion Ch...
54.12Alexander Groenhof
22:22.12Byron Center Zion Ch...
55.12Efrin Heath
23:22.33 PRTri-Unity Christian
56.11Freddie Noe
23:40.48 PRByron Center Zion Ch...
57.11Sam Doezema
23:43.36Tri-Unity Christian
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.GR_Covenant Christian50
3.Grandville Calvin Christian65
4.Holland Christian130
5.GR_South Christian140
6.Hudsonville Unity Christian163
1.9Zach Schwarz
18:02.47GR_Covenant Christian
2.11Noah Holkeboer
18:12.29 PRGR_Christian
3.12Robby Jansen
4.10Henry Schenkel
5.12Lars Lindgren
6.10Graham Kort
7.10Ethan Vink
18:53.87GR_Covenant Christian
8.9Jack Peterson
18:55.24 PRGR_Christian
9.9Luke Witvliet
18:55.61Grandville Calvin Ch...
10.12Thomas VanLiere
11.10Trevor Minderhoud
18:59.80GR_Covenant Christian
12.12Joshua Bauman
13.10Lance Jourdan
19:08.23Grandville Calvin Ch...
14.11Ben Jenkins
19:08.58 SRGrandville Calvin Ch...
15.12Tyler Hulst
19:09.52Grandville Calvin Ch...
16.9Jon LaRue
17.9Darin King
19:11.16GR_Covenant Christian
18.10Seth Penna
19:15.31GR_Covenant Christian
19.9Joe DeVries
20.12Harold Gee
21.12Qori Nelson
19:38.42Grandville Calvin Ch...
22.10Andrew Hackett
19:41.49Grandville Calvin Ch...
23.9Brandon DeVries
19:47.97GR_South Christian
24.11Joel VanZanten
19:48.39Holland Christian
25.11Nate Bollman
26.11Daren Moelker
19:53.56GR_Covenant Christian
27.9Bradley Gerritsma
19:56.46 PRHolland Christian
28.9Jorden Moelker
19:58.52GR_Covenant Christian
29.11Zachary VanDyke
19:59.00 SRHudsonville Unity Ch...
30.10Jacob Heyboer
20:00.93Grandville Calvin Ch...
31.9Brendan Kalsbeek
20:01.99GR_Covenant Christian
32.9Hendrik Nykamp
20:04.42GR_South Christian
33.10Hunter Grinstern
20:08.64GR_South Christian
34.10Brandon Spronk
20:14.69GR_Covenant Christian
35.10Caleb Potjer
20:18.51GR_Covenant Christian
36.11Christian Kanis
20:27.42Holland Christian
37.9Jake Lubbers
20:31.48GR_Covenant Christian
38.11Bradley VanBaren
20:35.16GR_Covenant Christian
39.10Jaden Onken
20:50.40Grandville Calvin Ch...
40.9Noah Brummel
20:51.16GR_Covenant Christian
41.11Caleb Bauman
42.11Mason Luce
20:56.60Holland Christian
43.11Carson Lemmen
20:59.46Hudsonville Unity Ch...
44.12Caleb Moelker
20:59.79GR_Covenant Christian
45.10Dan Paul
21:04.11Holland Christian
46.9Luke deVries
47.12Riley DeWitt
21:13.51Hudsonville Unity Ch...
48.10Jacob Ballast
21:14.76GR_South Christian
49.11Jacob Fredricks
21:17.47Holland Christian
50.9Sam Westra
21:18.53GR_South Christian
51.12Cameron Mulder
21:23.06GR_South Christian
52.9Ethan Koeman
21:23.39GR_South Christian
53.10Adam Baker
54.10Crew Miller
21:33.91GR_South Christian
55.10Carson Boven
21:35.75GR_Covenant Christian
56.11Jamin Gordon
21:43.16Hudsonville Unity Ch...
57.11Daniel Winston
21:44.14 PRTimothy Christian
58.10Simon Rylaarsdam
21:45.14Grandville Calvin Ch...
59.12Micah Greenway
21:47.76GR_South Christian
60.9Garrett Schaaf
21:48.49GR_South Christian
61.10Tristan Iwema
21:48.95 PRTimothy Christian
62.9Malachi Windemuller
21:53.32GR_Covenant Christian
63.11Josh VandenHeuvel
21:53.71Hudsonville Unity Ch...
64.10Ryan VanDusen
21:55.19GR_South Christian
65.9Braden Lubbers
21:58.27GR_Covenant Christian
66.9Caleb Ophoff
22:01.32GR_Covenant Christian
67.9Henry Peterson
68.10Michael Hoekstra
22:16.71GR_Covenant Christian
69.9Joey Fischer
22:17.94Holland Christian
70.10Paul Vander Woude
71.12Misael Vasquez
22:27.35Grandville Calvin Ch...
72.10Andrew Quillan
22:27.80Grandville Calvin Ch...
73.10Bradley Cooke
22:28.96Grandville Calvin Ch...
74.12Caleb Vredevoogd
22:36.90Holland Christian
75.11James Harrison
22:39.35 SRHolland Christian
76.9Andrew Huyser
77.10Stephen Langerak
22:43.16GR_Covenant Christian
78.10Nick Ophoff
22:43.69GR_Covenant Christian
79.10Harry Jarzombeck
22:46.29 PRTimothy Christian
80.12Chase Dieleman
22:47.16GR_South Christian
81.9Luke Dykstra
22:52.60Grandville Calvin Ch...
82.9Ryan Brouwers
83.9William Terpstra
22:59.51Hudsonville Unity Ch...
84.12Josh Ridder
23:04.20Hudsonville Unity Ch...
85.11Tyler Vandentop
23:14.14GR_Covenant Christian
86.10Hudson Knapp
23:21.74GR_South Christian
87.10Owen Heilman
23:31.13Grandville Calvin Ch...
88.11Joseph Feddema
23:31.73GR_South Christian
89.9Jake Visser
23:37.33GR_South Christian
90.9Cayden Boonstra
23:50.45GR_South Christian
91.10Austin Scholten
23:51.28GR_Covenant Christian
92.11Jeremy Liggins
93.9Noah Smith
23:59.21 PRTimothy Christian
94.11Evan Angell
95.11Adam Staal
24:24.28 SRGrandville Calvin Ch...
96.12Carson Langeland
24:28.16Holland Christian
97.10Nathan Block
24:33.71GR_Covenant Christian
98.9Noah Solle
99.9David Guarizo
100.9Ben Plantinga
101.10Ethan Shoemaker
25:16.90Hudsonville Unity Ch...
102.9Sam Bollman
103.9Jakob Houchin
26:31.10Holland Christian
104.10Grant Lanning
26:42.73Grandville Calvin Ch...
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2 Miles Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Grand Rapids Christian24
2.Grand Rapids South Christian58
3.Unity Christian77
4.Adams-Hope-Heritage Christian78
1.8Lucas VanDam
12:07.88Grand Rapids South C...
2.7Temamen Warners
12:16.03Grand Rapids Christian
3.7Cody Scholten
12:36.93Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
4.7Ian Velzen-Haner
12:40.77Grand Rapids Christian
5.8Ben Zwart
12:44.51Grand Rapids Christian
6.6Ben Hart
13:07.79Grand Rapids Christian
7.8Dylan Christophel
13:14.88Grand Rapids Christian
8.8Ben Tuit
13:20.63Grand Rapids Christian
9.7Caleb Boes
13:25.22Grand Rapids South C...
10.7Reuben Wiering
13:26.89Grand Rapids Christian
11.6Jordan VanKlompenb...
13:29.41 PRUnity Christian
12.7Joseph VanderKooi
13:42.34Grand Rapids South C...
13.8Noah Hayes
13:44.79Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
14.8Nick Stroobosscher
13:50.46Grand Rapids Christian
15.5Keegan Hoekstra
13:53.01Grand Rapids Christian
16.7Will Anama
14:03.83 PRUnity Christian
17.7Ryan Keen
14:08.25Grand Rapids South C...
18.7Braden DeGraaf
14:11.30 PRUnity Christian
19.8Ashton Kamps
14:11.73 SRUnity Christian
20.6Will VanWingerden
14:13.49Grand Rapids Christian
21.6Joe Waalkes
14:13.80Grand Rapids Christian
22.8Jack Nelson
14:30.03Grand Rapids Christian
23.8Caleb Kalsbeek
14:32.93Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
24.6Dylan Clark
14:39.14Grand Rapids Christian
25.6Nathan Baker
14:42.66 PRGrand Rapids Christian
26.7Isaac Hubka
14:43.19 PRGrand Rapids Christian
27.7Jarrett Febus
14:45.81 PRUnity Christian
28.8Chase Jackson
14:46.21Grand Rapids Christian
29.7Kai Niewenhuis
14:47.38Grand Rapids Christian
30.7Dale Vanbaren
14:49.75Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
31.7Drew Hausig
14:50.83 PRGrand Rapids Christian
32.8Tad Buiter
14:53.87Grand Rapids South C...
33.6Caebre Baty
14:56.93Grand Rapids Christian
34.8Jacob Hannenburg
14:57.69Grand Rapids South C...
35.7Eli Westra
14:59.69Grand Rapids South C...
36.8Connor Snippe
15:03.73Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
37.7Jared Persenaire-H...
15:05.57 PRGrand Rapids Christian
38.8Brendan Langerak
15:07.41 PRAdams-Hope-Heritage ...
39.8Jackson Gritter
15:10.02Grand Rapids South C...
40.8William Gearhart
15:17.73Grand Rapids Christian
41.7Ethan Beute
15:21.62 PRAdams-Hope-Heritage ...
42.7Connor Lotterman
15:23.21 PRAdams-Hope-Heritage ...
43.8Nathan Bylsma
15:27.38 PRAdams-Hope-Heritage ...
44.7Samuel DeVries
15:41.37 PRGrand Rapids Christian
45.7Thomas Vanoverloop
15:49.29Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
46.5Calvin Brinks
15:49.83 PRGrand Rapids Christian
47.7Jack Brinks
15:55.25Grand Rapids South C...
48.8Evan Engelsma
15:56.46Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
49.8Hugh Buitendorp
16:02.64 SRGrand Rapids Christian
50.7Isaak Boes
16:04.25Grand Rapids Christian
51.8Luke Foll
16:25.60Grand Rapids Christian
52.7Brendan Kuiper
16:32.89Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
53.6Nathan DeVries
16:42.39Grand Rapids South C...
54.7Eli VanDrie
16:45.63 PRGrand Rapids Christian
55.7Matthew Singer
16:46.25 PRUnity Christian
56.6Evan Spronk
16:54.95Grand Rapids South C...
57.6Levi VanderMeyden
17:00.86Grand Rapids South C...
58.8Logan Buck
17:22.78 PRUnity Christian
59.7Gabe Overbeek
17:30.09 PRAdams-Hope-Heritage ...
60.7Ryan Cunningham
17:58.26Grand Rapids South C...
61.5Jacob Voetberg
18:26.24Grand Rapids Christian
62.5Luke Witte
18:35.86Grand Rapids Christian
63.7Reece Ondersma
19:13.24 PRUnity Christian
64.8Arrien Heetebrij
19:52.86 SRGrand Rapids Christian
66.6Tyler Ormstad
20:32.17Grand Rapids South C...
67.6Clayton Gearhart
21:01.43 PRGrand Rapids Christian
68.9Will Hanko
21:46.00 PRGR_Covenant Christian
69.5Max Damstra
23:33.62 PRGrand Rapids Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Grandville Calvin Christian35
2.Holland Christian47
4.GR_South Christian86
5.GR_Covenant Christian159
6.Hudsonville Unity Christian163
7.Timothy Christian181
1.12Kayla Windemuller
17:57.64Holland Christian
2.11Jodi Jenkins
19:30.65 PRGrandville Calvin Ch...
3.11Sheila Witvliet
19:42.30Grandville Calvin Ch...
4.12Kayce Rypma
19:53.62Grandville Calvin Ch...
5.11Megan DeMeester
20:02.59Holland Christian
6.10Michelle Kuipers
20:04.78Holland Christian
7.9Carly Michele
8.12Rebecca VanderKooi
20:06.80GR_South Christian
9.12Maria Poortenga
10.11Lizzy Bruxvoort
20:10.94Holland Christian
11.10Megan Velzen
20:14.95Hudsonville Unity Ch...
12.11Alicia Estrella
20:17.59Grandville Calvin Ch...
13.12Meredith Borst
14.10Morgan Steenstra
20:25.70 PRGrandville Calvin Ch...
15.10Anna Winkle
20:26.09GR_South Christian
16.12Sadie Heeringa
17.12Lydia Michele
18.12Rachel Offringa
20:28.36GR_South Christian
19.9Catherine Kortman
20:36.95Grandville Calvin Ch...
20.10Hope Clark
20:47.99 PRTimothy Christian
21.12Jenna Bishop
22.11Jozlyn VanTol
20:52.41GR_South Christian
23.12Bree Scheltema
20:54.97GR_South Christian
24.11Emily Nelson
25.12Bridget Rozeboom
20:58.87Holland Christian
26.10Olivia Quillan
20:59.73Grandville Calvin Ch...
27.10Elise Terpstra
21:25.00 PRTimothy Christian
28.10Sophie Snippe
21:25.38 SRGR_Covenant Christian
29.9Ashley Spronk
21:26.88GR_Covenant Christian
30.9Carly Meulenberg
21:40.16GR_South Christian
31.12Aubrey Meindertsma
21:41.27GR_South Christian
32.9Skye Thompson
21:41.62Holland Christian
33.11Amber Bos
21:57.32GR_Covenant Christian
34.10Emily Rutgers
22:00.11GR_Covenant Christian
35.12Rachel Kamps
22:01.79GR_Covenant Christian
36.11Koryn Brower
22:05.41Hudsonville Unity Ch...
37.12Hannah Gaffner
22:07.08Hudsonville Unity Ch...
38.11Ellie Schrier
22:14.06 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
39.11Leah Rau
22:18.25GR_Covenant Christian
40.12Melanie Hanko
22:22.36GR_Covenant Christian
41.10Maria Wierenga
22:31.10Byron Center Zion Ch...
42.10Lauren Schreur
22:39.57Hudsonville Unity Ch...
43.11Jillian Dokter
22:45.54Holland Christian
44.11Olivia Reamer
23:05.55 SRTimothy Christian
45.12Annika Ward
23:16.09 SRTimothy Christian
46.9Jordyn DeJong
23:17.84Hudsonville Unity Ch...
47.12Meselech Beld
24:10.45Hudsonville Unity Ch...
48.11Morgan Hoving
24:26.17 PRTimothy Christian
49.9Abby Roberts
26:29.88 PRByron Center Zion Ch...
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Grandville Calvin Christian43
3.GR_South Christian60
4.GR_Covenant Christian117
5.Holland Christian139
6.Hudsonville Unity Christian183
1.9Kate Witvliet
20:47.72Grandville Calvin Ch...
2.9Madeline Witvliet
21:10.46Grandville Calvin Ch...
3.10Matea Diekema
4.11Ana Li Warners
5.10Rory Pruis
6.10Anna Aupperlee
7.9Hanna Kroeze
22:00.05Grandville Calvin Ch...
8.11Ashley Zwiers
9.9Moriah Lanning
22:04.07GR_South Christian
10.11Eden VanderWeele
22:10.66GR_South Christian
11.12Morgan Bykerk
22:11.08Grandville Calvin Ch...
12.10Rupa Charles
22:15.40GR_South Christian
13.10Maggie Vander Woude
14.12Brenna Newhouse
22:16.32GR_South Christian
15.10Kate Langerak
22:22.13GR_South Christian
16.9Olivia Waalkes
17.11Emma Pothoven
22:29.96GR_South Christian
18.10Nithya Charles
22:33.08GR_South Christian
19.10Aerin Braunohler
20.11Leah Van Orman
21.9Chloe Koning
22.10Elise VandeKieft
22:56.94 PRGR_South Christian
23.9Lynnae Looyenga
22:57.73GR_Covenant Christian
24.9Jenna Berkenpas
22:58.73 PRGR_South Christian
25.9Stephanie Langerak
23:00.08GR_Covenant Christian
26.10Abby VanderPloeg
23:02.74GR_South Christian
27.10Sydney Ybema
23:07.52GR_South Christian
28.11Gentille Doktor
23:12.23Holland Christian
29.10Grace Ydenberg
30.11Emma Fusti-Molnar
23:19.08Grandville Calvin Ch...
31.10Anna Hart
32.9Chloe Padilla
33.10Emmy Braunohler
34.12Hailey Bonner
23:29.16Grandville Calvin Ch...
35.10Jennifer Offringa
23:34.63GR_South Christian
36.12Lauren Veldboom
23:36.41Holland Christian
37.9Carissa Springvloed
23:42.99GR_South Christian
38.12Michelle Ferdinands
39.11Hannah Windemuller
23:45.60GR_Covenant Christian
40.9Dafna Heule
41.11Sadie Kornoelje
42.12Kendra Bonnema
23:56.82GR_South Christian
43.10Arianne VanUffelen
24:01.58GR_Covenant Christian
44.11Kelly Lubbers
24:02.13GR_Covenant Christian
45.9Mikayla Zwyghuizen
24:04.27GR_South Christian
46.10Jenna Deboer
24:08.06GR_Covenant Christian
47.10Maria Gabrielse
24:09.17GR_South Christian
48.9Caili Sall
24:17.14Hudsonville Unity Ch...
49.10Mackenzie Brink
24:17.83Holland Christian
50.9Laney VanHoven
24:18.16Holland Christian
51.10Claire Kuiper
24:18.62GR_Covenant Christian
52.11Jenna Baker
24:19.24Holland Christian
53.9Amy Murray
24:20.34 PRGR_Covenant Christian
54.9Ally Deboer
24:22.30GR_Covenant Christian
55.9Anna Orr
24:23.27GR_South Christian
56.10Katelyn Harkema
24:23.59GR_South Christian
57.9Ahnaleigh DeVries
24:25.35Grandville Calvin Ch...
58.9Sydney Hawkins
59.12Elise Kuiper
24:36.03Holland Christian
60.9Cynthia Kuiper
24:40.69GR_Covenant Christian
61.12Alexa Jager
24:44.17 SRGR_South Christian
62.9Maia Reynolds
24:44.68GR_South Christian
63.11Breanna Brink
24:46.00Holland Christian
64.11Anna VanSledright
24:46.63 SRGR_South Christian
65.10Alaina VanderVeen
24:52.26 PRGR_South Christian
66.11Madelyn Monsma
24:56.49GR_Covenant Christian
67.9Ellie Mulder
24:57.35GR_South Christian
68.9Aleah Miedema
24:58.84GR_South Christian
69.11Carissa Oskam
25:01.60GR_South Christian
70.9Sammy Bishop
71.12Hailey Bouwman
25:05.51Holland Christian
72.11Madison Leenstra
25:07.06GR_South Christian
73.9Grace Poortenga
74.9Caroline Haverkamp
75.11Zoe Donker
25:18.79GR_South Christian
76.12Elise Boven
25:23.38GR_Covenant Christian
77.11Courtney Spronk
25:27.03GR_Covenant Christian
79.10Alyson Tanis
25:31.96GR_South Christian
80.11Olivia Nelson
25:36.64Grandville Calvin Ch...
81.12Sydney Huyser
25:40.11GR_South Christian
82.9Lauren Tiesma
25:41.31GR_South Christian
83.9Cierra Cook
25:44.63GR_Covenant Christian
84.10Lily Holstege
25:46.55GR_Covenant Christian
85.11Emma VandeKieft
25:48.94 PRGR_South Christian
86.10Gabby Rowland
87.12Erika Ybema
25:59.27GR_South Christian
88.11Annie Schreur
26:00.77GR_South Christian
89.9Hannah Palmbos
26:05.09Hudsonville Unity Ch...
90.12Kate DeKryger
26:05.96Grandville Calvin Ch...
91.11Jenni Franz
26:08.83Holland Christian
92.11Isabel Latvaitis
26:11.68GR_South Christian
93.9Elena Overway
26:13.87GR_Covenant Christian
94.11Katie VanDyke
26:19.17GR_South Christian
95.10Aliesa Moelker
26:21.53GR_Covenant Christian
96.9Kate Forgac
26:23.12 PRTimothy Christian
97.11Alyssa Morales
26:32.80Hudsonville Unity Ch...
98.11Mia Heun
26:34.22Hudsonville Unity Ch...
99.9Elyce VanBaren
26:34.91GR_Covenant Christian
100.10Hannah Diemer
26:38.83Grandville Calvin Ch...
101.10Annie Walstra
26:49.87GR_South Christian
102.9Marissa Baker
27:02.01Holland Christian
103.10Cara DeWeerd
27:06.97GR_South Christian
104.12Chyanne Rozeboom
27:07.55Grandville Calvin Ch...
105.12Natalie Snippe
27:13.89GR_Covenant Christian
106.11Olivia Heyboer
27:14.46GR_South Christian
107.9Caroline Duistermars
27:17.54GR_Covenant Christian
108.9Madeline Frens
27:19.56 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
109.9Jada VanTol
27:21.63GR_South Christian
110.12Macy Schuitema
27:31.02GR_South Christian
111.9Abbie Wheeler
27:37.72 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
112.12Bryanna VanBaren
27:48.54GR_Covenant Christian
113.9Leah Vanden Berg
27:48.87GR_Covenant Christian
114.10Sierra Mennega
115.10Katherine Lamer
116.11Ana Horan
27:57.19GR_Covenant Christian
117.9Grace Huizingh
28:05.07GR_South Christian
118.9Payton Wirebaugh
28:08.52Holland Christian
119.9Lauren Feak
28:09.21Holland Christian
120.12Kaila Ezinga
28:12.39GR_South Christian
121.11Cathy Xue
28:19.68 SRGR_Christian
122.12Alyssa Thornell
28:31.91Grandville Calvin Ch...
123.10Samantha Groenwald
124.9Annika Van Overloop
29:01.74GR_Covenant Christian
125.10Sena Tadesse
29:03.33Grandville Calvin Ch...
126.11Sophia Ailes
29:32.87 PRHolland Christian
127.11Chloe Haan
29:36.32 PRGR_South Christian
128.10Courtney Lobbes
30:11.51GR_South Christian
129.11Aubrey Meringa
30:14.59GR_South Christian
130.9Abbi Bakhuyzen
30:23.31Grandville Calvin Ch...
131.11Sarah DeYoung
30:23.98GR_South Christian
132.11Ashley Greydanus
32:37.59Holland Christian
133.10Sierra Buist
33:23.81GR_South Christian
134.12Orsolya Feszty
33:29.91GR_South Christian
135.12Naty Vasquez
33:33.18Grandville Calvin Ch...
136.9Stella Gordon
34:17.99 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
137.10Madelyn Kurburski
34:38.81Holland Christian
138.9Sherry Van Farowe
34:58.50Hudsonville Unity Ch...
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2 Miles Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Grand Rapids Christian22
2.Grand Rapids South Christian46
3.Adams-Hope-Heritage Christian79
4.Unity Christian87
1.8Madelyn Frens
11:44.81Grand Rapids Christian
2.6Adia Sikkema
13:31.98Grand Rapids Christian
3.7Halle Overmire
13:41.99Grand Rapids South C...
4.8Olivia Pastula
13:46.49 PRGrand Rapids Christian
5.7Emily Langerak
13:46.77Grand Rapids South C...
6.7Sarah Timmer
13:51.43Grand Rapids Christian
7.8Janae DeLong
13:54.13 PRUnity Christian
8.7Anne Kooyer
14:01.51Grand Rapids South C...
9.6Naomi Nelson
14:10.82Grand Rapids Christian
10.8Sarah Pastula
14:31.19 PRGrand Rapids Christian
11.7Lily Teitsma
14:31.71 PRGrand Rapids Christian
12.8Lydia VandenBerg
14:33.79Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
13.8Lydia Vanuffelen
14:41.36 PRAdams-Hope-Heritage ...
14.6Riley VanderLaan
14:46.60Grand Rapids South C...
15.5Molly Padilla
14:57.31 PRGrand Rapids Christian
16.8Jade Taylor
14:58.27 SRUnity Christian
17.7Mary Harkema
14:58.83Grand Rapids South C...
18.8Emma Minderhoud
15:02.72Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
19.7Anna Tubbergen
15:04.17Grand Rapids Christian
20.8Meghan Beute
15:20.97 PRAdams-Hope-Heritage ...
21.7Natalie VanBemmel
15:23.51 PRAdams-Hope-Heritage ...
22.6Karli Velzen
15:24.00 PRUnity Christian
23.6Katie Landstra
15:33.22 PRUnity Christian
24.8Sarah DeVries
15:45.53Grand Rapids South C...
25.6Brooklyn Springvloed
15:53.68Grand Rapids South C...
26.6Lilly Dood
15:54.76Grand Rapids South C...
27.7Anna Angell
15:56.94 PRGrand Rapids Christian
28.8Mackenzie Schilthuis
16:15.56 SRUnity Christian
29.8Naomi Grix
16:19.93Grand Rapids Christian
30.7Allison Groenenboom
16:26.77 PRGrand Rapids Christian
31.8Grace Kalsbeek
16:44.07Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
32.8Ellie den Dulk
16:59.24Grand Rapids Christian
33.8Rylee Sigler
16:59.63 SRGrand Rapids Christian
34.8Emberlynn DeVries
17:02.27Grand Rapids South C...
35.6Erin Buursma
17:03.85 PRGrand Rapids Christian
36.7Evie DeBlaay
17:04.67Grand Rapids South C...
37.6Alisa Feddema
17:07.94Grand Rapids South C...
38.8Aubrey Velzen
17:13.11 PRUnity Christian
39.7Brooke Vanden Berg
17:16.86 PRGrand Rapids Christian
40.8Jinha Chung
17:17.95 SRGrand Rapids Christian
41.5Ava Boes
17:20.91Grand Rapids Christian
42.7Grace Bruins
17:21.74 PRUnity Christian
43.6Nadia Schoon
17:23.44Grand Rapids Christian
44.6Sophia Bos
17:25.45Grand Rapids Christian
45.7Jordan Zondag
17:27.53 PRGrand Rapids Christian
46.7Grace Padilla
17:31.35Grand Rapids Christian
47.6Anna Ydenberg
17:31.64 PRGrand Rapids Christian
48.7Adriana Byker
17:33.88 PRUnity Christian
49.8Olivia Brinks
17:39.48 PRUnity Christian
50.8Cate Meyer
17:46.40 SRGrand Rapids Christian
51.8Chloe Kaptein
18:06.04Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
52.8Brynn Brummel
18:06.41Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
53.7Lucy Kooyer
18:22.80 PRUnity Christian
54.7Kylie Schelhaas
18:23.14 PRUnity Christian
55.6Anneke Gritter
18:29.24 PRGrand Rapids South C...
56.7Peyton Zondag
18:57.68 PRGrand Rapids Christian
57.6Sophia Vandlen
19:00.55 PRGrand Rapids Christian
58.6Emma Orr
19:06.90Grand Rapids South C...
59.5Mia Powell
19:17.51Grand Rapids Christian
60.6Bella Thull
19:28.68Grand Rapids South C...
61.8Renee Prins
19:31.16Grand Rapids Christian
62.8Shelby Ybema
19:34.92Grand Rapids South C...
63.8Esther Kuperus
19:39.38Grand Rapids Christian
64.6Brooke Thull
19:42.28Grand Rapids South C...
65.6Anne Sepa
19:55.26 PRGrand Rapids Christian
66.6Fiona Nelson
19:57.14 PRGrand Rapids Christian
67.8Gena Tamminga
20:18.76 PRUnity Christian
68.5Morgan Cocco
21:32.44Grand Rapids Christian
69.6Brynn Dekker
21:48.51 PRGrand Rapids Christian
70.8Chloe Windemuller
22:20.07Adams-Hope-Heritage ...
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