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Mens Races
1 Miles Middle School4:05 PM
Womens Races
1 Miles Middle School3:45 PM

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Mens Results

1 Miles Middle School

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Official Team Scores

1.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)53
4.Bellevue Christian88
6.University Prep121
7.St. Thomas184
8.Bear Creek195
9.Seattle Academy223

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Glyn Carson
5:58.40 PROverlake
2.7Micah Chi
6:00.40 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
3.8Jake Stelly
6:06.40 PRSt. Thomas
4.7Ryan Lee
6:12.60 PRWillows
5.8Gary Zhang
6:13.30 PRBellevue Christian
6.8Gage Williams
6:14.60 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
7.7Israel Hunter
6:18.50 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
8.7David Baylor
6:22.50 PRUniversity Prep
9.7Malachi Muzzey
10.8Zander Rasmussen
6:24.40 SRUniversity Prep
11.7Quinn Myhre
6:26.40 PRBellevue Christian
12.8Lohann Colle
6:26.50 PROverlake
13.7Zubin Sannakkayala
6:28.00 SROverlake
14.7Dylan Marema
6:28.70 PRWillows
15.8Zeke Neubauer
6:28.90 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
16.8William Baxter
6:29.90 PRWillows
17.6Calder Baty
6:30.00 PRSeattle Academy
18.7Akilesh Swamy
6:30.30 PRWillows
19.8Will Wetter
6:31.90 PRBellevue Christian
20.8Michael Luong
6:32.20 PRNorthwest
21.7Miles Guillot
6:36.10 PRNorthwest
22.8John Beinner
6:37.90 SROverlake
23.8Brenden Blodgett
6:38.40 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
24.6Evan Schaberg
6:40.80 PRBear Creek
25.6Keller Standish
6:58.40 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
26.8Juan Gatchalien
6:59.00 PRBellevue Christian
27.8Sam Reyes
7:00.00 PRBellevue Christian
28.8Jared Goodman
7:00.80 PROverlake
29.8Chandler Hollis
7:01.50 PRBear Creek
30.6Hudson McKinney
7:01.70 PRUniversity Prep
31.8Tristan Colledge
7:02.10 PRSt. Thomas
32.7Callahan Phinney
33.6Takeshi Tanaka
7:02.40 PRWillows
34.6Uri Barak
35.7Mehmet Uslu
7:04.80 PRWillows
36.6Evan Harford
7:05.10 PRUniversity Prep
37.6Richard Christopher
7:05.60 PRUniversity Prep
38.7Dylan Chi
7:06.00 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
39.6Dane Salter
7:06.20 PRNorthwest
40.8John Slater
7:06.60 PROverlake
41.8Judah Whelham
7:06.80 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
42.8Noah Temam
7:09.60 PRNorthwest
43.7McKennon Wimer
7:10.20 PRBear Creek
44.8Sam Price
7:11.70 PRSt. Thomas
45.7Beck Langstraat
7:12.30 PRSeattle Academy
46.8Larson Anders
7:13.80 PROverlake
47.7Connor Farrell
7:14.10 PRBellevue Christian
48.6Tristan Hollis
7:14.80 PRBear Creek
49.6Jacob Stearns
7:15.10 PROverlake
50.8Spencer Rankin
7:16.00 PRBellevue Christian
51.6John Boland
7:16.50 PROverlake
52.6Evan Frits
7:16.80 PRSeattle Academy
53.7Kevin Li
7:17.70 PRBellevue Christian
54.8Desmond Conn
7:17.90 PRSt. Thomas
55.6Grant Hart
56.6Nathan Smith
7:20.30 PROverlake
57.8Karam Aldahleh
7:21.80 PRWillows
58.6Ariya Sethi
7:21.90 PRNorthwest
59.6Anders Weber
60.8Oliver Litton
7:24.40 PRUniversity Prep
61.6Harrison Davis
7:25.80 PRBear Creek
62.7Pranav Teegavarapu
7:25.90 PRBear Creek
63.8Caden Tucson
7:27.00 PRBellevue Christian
64.7Turner Noah
7:27.50 PROverlake
65.6Joey Oshins
7:30.60 PRSeattle Academy
66.6Alexander Hannon
7:30.70 PRWillows
67.6Karan Narasimhan
7:33.00 PRUniversity Prep
68.7Ryan Sitzmann
7:35.70 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
69.7Luca Callari
7:38.00 PRUniversity Prep
70.8Henry Tunnel
7:39.50 PRSt. Thomas
71.6Akyas Kandallu
7:39.90 PRUniversity Prep
72.7Jason Blodgett
7:40.00 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
73.7Sam Wheeler
7:40.10 PRUniversity Prep
74.8Nalu Farrell
7:41.30 SRSeattle Academy
75.8Gabriel Sharp
76.8Ivan Maykov
7:45.20 PRWillows
77.8Vladimir Ovechkin
7:45.60 PRWillows
78.6Felix Allor
7:46.40 PRSeattle Academy
79.7Nathan Millhollen
7:47.30 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
80.7Peter Ratzlaff
7:49.70 SRSeattle Academy
81.6Jay Senstra
7:51.50 PRNorthwest
82.8Luke Baron
7:56.00 PROverlake
83.8Tony An
7:56.80 PRBellevue Christian
84.6Jora Grewal
7:57.00 SRSt. Thomas
85.6Evan Carr
86.7Musab Chummun
7:59.90 PROverlake
87.7William Ferrari
8:00.10 PRNorthwest
88.8Christopher Porter
89.8Parker St. Pierre
8:08.00 PRBear Creek
90.8Alexander Kim
8:08.10 PRBear Creek
91.7Kyle Gustafson
92.6Ethan Heather ford
8:13.10 PRNorthwest
93.7Taylor Franklin
8:13.50 PRBellevue Christian
94.6Warrne Conner
95.8Andrew Bell
8:16.80 SRUniversity Prep
96.7Trevor Zell
8:21.70 PRUniversity Prep
97.7Coleman Hunter
8:32.80 PRUniversity Prep
98.6Aaditya Rao
8:33.90 PROverlake
99.6Griffon Ou
8:34.80 PRUniversity Prep
100.8Carter Landahl
8:40.10 PRBellevue Christian
101.7Joshua Caplan
102.8Zeek Peterson
103.8Michael Domeika
104.8Allen Qiu
9:13.70 PRBellevue Christian
105.6Antony Abramenko
9:17.60 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
106.6Lucien Jones-gagnon
9:26.10 PRNorthwest
107.6Leo Winkler
10:06.50 PRNorthwest
108.6Alp Iskin
10:28.80 PRWillows
109.6Eddie Yin
10:43.40 PROverlake
110.6Max LEE
10:56.50 PRNorthwest
111.7DaoMing Chau
11:02.40 SRSeattle Academy
112.6Roan Karuna
11:08.30 PRNorthwest
113.6Rene Quiroga
11:42.10 PRUniversity Prep
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Womens Results

1 Miles Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.University Prep91
4.Seattle Academy98
5.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)107
6.Bear Creek122

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Annika Weber
2.7Isla Chadsey
6:32.40 PRNorthwest
3.6Gwen Evans
6:33.10 PROverlake
4.8Sophie Sharp
6:33.80 PRSt. Thomas
5.8Sophie Steedly
6:37.70 PROverlake
6.6Joey Lymberis
6:56.60 SRSt. Thomas
7.6Norah Montanes
6:58.20 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
8.7Sameeksha Dangi
7:05.90 PROverlake
9.6Sara Moonen
7:06.80 PRNorthwest
10.7Amelia Jones
7:07.10 PRUniversity Prep
11.8Celeste Amadon
7:10.40 PRSeattle Academy
12.6Ellie Hong
7:12.80 PROverlake
13.7Moore Lida
7:14.40 PROverlake
14.7Gabby Lambrecht
7:20.40 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
15.7Delphine Way
7:21.80 SRSeattle Academy
16.7Scout Noble
7:25.40 PRNorthwest
17.8Maria Glazneva
7:27.70 SRWillows
18.8Carly Preston
7:32.70 PRBear Creek
19.6Annalise Lenihan
7:33.10 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
20.8Siona Wadhawan
7:40.20 PRUniversity Prep
21.6Clara Maclise
7:41.30 PRSeattle Academy
22.8Rachel Cook
7:42.70 SRBear Creek
23.8Maylin Gasga
7:44.70 PRUniversity Prep
24.6Cate Haslam
7:46.00 PRSeattle Academy
25.8Anika Shashidar
7:47.20 PRUniversity Prep
26.6Odelle Hoang
7:48.60 PROverlake
27.7Amelia Fadiman
7:50.90 PRUniversity Prep
28.8Ella Carnell
7:56.60 SRNorthwest
29.7Katrina Reitan
7:57.00 PRBear Creek
30.7Kaitlyn Novak
8:02.60 PRBellevue Christian
31.6Claire Miyoshi
8:05.70 PRUniversity Prep
32.6Juniper Hargrove
33.7Haley Hoffman
8:11.40 SRUniversity Prep
34.6Sarah Hysom
8:12.70 PRBear Creek
35.7Daisy Lerner
36.8True Lee
37.8Sarah McArthur
8:27.10 PRBear Creek
38.7Izzy Drewer
8:38.40 PRBear Creek
39.6Amelia Melton
8:38.50 PRBear Creek
40.7Avena Fan
8:42.90 PROverlake
41.7Ella Huehnergarth
8:49.50 PRUniversity Prep
42.7Zoe Tomlin
8:50.50 PRUniversity Prep
43.6Gunvor Langhout
8:51.20 PRNorthwest
44.7Katherine Kang
8:51.90 PRUniversity Prep
45.6Sancia Gladwin
8:52.00 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
46.6Sofia Cheuk
8:54.90 PRSeattle Academy
47.6Grace Anderson
8:55.40 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
48.7Dhara Greenber
8:56.20 PRNorthwest
49.7Shale Yamada
9:10.00 SRUniversity Prep
50.6Sharma Sacchi
9:24.50 PROverlake
51.7Xianab Khan
10:03.00 PROverlake
52.6Elena Hoelscher
10:04.70 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
53.7Bronwen Pritchard
10:17.80 PRNorthwest
54.7Ria Bahadur
10:47.70 PRWillows
55.6Augustina Hansen
56.6Amelie Brown
57.7Sydney Goitia
12:52.70 PRUniversity Prep
58.6Rebecca Myaskovsky
12:54.30 PRUniversity Prep
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