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Mens Results

3,200 Meters Freshman

9Chris Letsou
13:22St John's
39.9David Cottingham
13:45 PRLutheran-South
9Varun Sablok
14:14 PRSt John's
9Wiley Fletcher
14:20 PRSt John's
9Ben Marek
14:33 PRSt John's
52.9Eric Lange
53.9Kyle Petersen
9Marcus DePaul
15:12 PRSt John's
9James Tennant
16:21St John's
9Gerren Crosson
18:06St John's
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3,200 Meters Varsity

1.11Blake Rothbard
10:51 PRLutheran-South
4.12Travis Jones
11:02 PRSt Thomas Episcopal
10Carlos Falcon
11:20 PRSt John's
9.12Cris Justiz
11:37 PRLutheran-South
11Eric Elliott
11:42 PRSt John's
9Henry Chapman
11:54 PRSt John's
13.11Kenneth Richardson
11:55 PRLutheran-South
20.10Anthony Spaulding
12:04 PRLutheran-South
12John Preston
12:31 PRSt John's
45.11John Richter
12:40 PRSt Thomas Episcopal
48.10Andrew Cruz
12:45 PRLutheran-South
12Blake Longoria
12:55 PRSt John's
11Julian Helfenstein
13:12 PRSt John's
12David Pham
13:22 PRSt John's
11James Van Sweringen
13:28 PRSt John's
70.12Selim Sheikh
13:32 PRSt Thomas Episcopal
70.11Michael Wassef
72.11Lenton Hymes
14:07 PRLutheran-South
100.11Amit Koduri
15:05 PRSt Thomas Episcopal
102.10Alex Houthuijzen
15:11 PRSt Thomas Episcopal
12Patrick Unger
15:29St John's
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3,200 Meters Junior Varsity

40.10Scott Pyle
12:44 PRLutheran-South
9Colin Rice
13:10 PRSt John's
12Steven Dickerson
13:17 PRSt John's
12Matthew Steffen
13:20 PRSt John's
71.10JT Ellis
12Will Joyce
14:26 PRSt John's
10Bubba Fish
14:27 PRSt John's
10Geoff Dunn
14:59St John's
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Womens Results


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