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5,000 Meters Boys Frosh-Soph
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5,000 Meters Girls Frosh-Soph

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Last Updated 8:54 AM, Mon, Oct 23

Old Saybrook High School Cross Country 5km Course Map  (coaches)

Last Updated 6:50 AM, Mon, Oct 23

Meet Rescheduled to Wednesday for 21st Old Saybrook Freshmen / Sophomore Invitational  (coaches)

ATTENTION COACHES –Meet Director Peter Capezzone announced on Monday morning that the due to the poor weather forecast for Tuesday that would affect athlete safety, the 21st Old Saybrook Freshmen / Sophomore Invitational meet has been rescheduled for Wednesday, 10/25/2017 with the same start time of 4:15pm at Old Saybrook High School in Old Saybrook, CT.

Please address any meet administration questions to meet director Peter Capezzone at:

Last Updated 4:09 PM, Sun, Oct 22

Team Entry Reports Emailed to Coaches for 21st Old Saybrook Freshmen / Sophomore Invitational  (coaches)

The Team Entry reports for the 21st Old Saybrook Freshmen / Sophomore Invitational have been emailed to coaches as attachments for coaches who submitted their entries prior to the deadline.

  • Do not send any emails for scratching athletes from the meet.
  • Please address any meet event entry questions or comments to: Thom Jacobs at . . Please include meet name, your school name and contact phone number in all correspondence
  • Please address any meet administration questions to meet director Peter Capezzone at:
  • On Meet day, all coaches should check-in at the registration tent.
Last Updated 4:15 PM, Sun, Oct 22

Welcome to the 21st Old Saybrook Freshmen-Sophomore Invitational  (coaches)

Meet Director Peter Capezzone invites Connecticut coaches to register their freshmen and sophomore high school cross-country athletes for the 21st Old Saybrook Freshmen-Sophomore Invitational on Tuesday, 10/24/2017 starting at 4:15pm at Old Saybrook High School in Old Saybrook, CT.


  • The meet will be held at Old Saybrook High School, 1111 Boston Post Rd, Old Saybrook, CT 06475
    The races are held on a challenging 3.1 mile course.

Timing Service and Results:

  • Timing and results provided by Paynes Corner Timing.

Order of Events:

  • 4:15pm - Girls
  • 4:45pm - Boys

Event Entry Procedures and Limits:

  • Submit your interest to attend in an email to Coach Peter Capezzone at: by Tuesday, 10/17/2017.
  • In, add the 21st Old Saybrook Freshmen-Sophomore Invitational to your XC Calendar.
  • In enter all your Freshmen and Sophomore athletes into either the Boys Frosh-Soph or Girls Frosh-Soph events.
  • You may run an unlimited number of athletes in the races with all levels of experience.
  • Coaches don't need to be concerned with the Attendance setting in for the meet since EZ Meet Services is responsible for making the update on a periodic basis.
  • Deadline for Online Event Entry by coach is 6:00pm Eastern, Sunday, 10/22/2017
  • EZ Meet Services administers all meet registration using There are no day-of-meet entries.

Entry Fees - Checks:

  • The team entry fee is $150.00 for each school.
  • Make check payable to: OSHS Track
    and mail to:
    c/o Peter Capezzone
    Old Saybrook High School
    1111 Boston Post Road
    Old Saybrook, CT. 06475

Meet Rules:

Coaches, please pay special attention to the following:

  • To insure a fair and quality meet, CIAC rules will govern all events.
  • The meet is open to all Connecticut coaches and their high school athletes competing with their high school team in Grades 9 and 10.


  • Engraved plaques to top 3 boy and girl finishers, plus ribbons.
  • Team award plaques to the top 3 teams in boys and girls divisions.


  • An Athletic Trainer is on site during meet.

Contact Info: Meet Director:

Coach Pete Capezzone,
Old Saybrook High School
1111 Boston Post Road
Old Saybrook, CT. 06475
Email Address:
Phone Number: (860) 395-3175

Address Meet Administration Questions: Meet Director Pete Capezzone at:

Meet Services: Contact EZ Meet Services with any event entry questions or issues at email:


  • Refreshments will be available for purchase.

© EZ Meet Services

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Boys Frosh-Soph

Official Team Scores

2.Xavier (CT)84
4.Old Saybrook140
5.Lyme-Old Lyme142
6.Valley Regional160
7.Daniel Hand162
11.North Branford312
1.10George Luke
17:59 PRXavier (CT)
2.10Chayse Lofgren
18:14 PRMorgan
3.10Christian Uzwiak
18:16 PRHaddam-Killingworth
4.10Trevor Wells
18:19Lyme-Old Lyme
5.9Adam Anziano
18:20 PRXavier (CT)
6.10Owen Gonzales
7.9Justin Karpel
8.10Kyle Myers
18:32 PRLyme-Old Lyme
9.9Jacob Schneider
18:33Old Saybrook
10.9Fisher Harris
18:33 PRHaddam-Killingworth
11.10Owen Howes
12.9Evan Ghoreyeb
18:43 PRGuilford
13.9Max Cozean
18:44 PRHaddam-Killingworth
14.10Macklin Miezejeski
18:55 PRValley Regional
15.9Thomas Cunningham
16.10Luke Sodergren
18:58 PRHaddam-Killingworth
17.10Griffin Robinson
18.10Nate Petras
19.9Nicholas Carlson
20.9Sean Rutledge
19:06 PRHaddam-Killingworth
21.10Alexander Kalber
19:07 PRMiddletown
22.10Liam Miller
19:20 PRValley Regional
23.9Julian Spector
19:23 PRHaddam-Killingworth
24.9Eamon Sweeney
19:24 PRHaddam-Killingworth
25.9Max Singer
19:25 PRHaddam-Killingworth
26.9Holden Whaley
19:26 PRXavier (CT)
27.9Jack Wiley
19:26Old Saybrook
28.10Evan Spadaccini
19:29 PROld Saybrook
29.10Sam Hauser
19:30 PRDaniel Hand
30.10Sam Martin
19:30Xavier (CT)
31.10Andrew Connelly
19:42Daniel Hand
32.9Marcus SantaMaria
19:43 PRValley Regional
33.11Gianni DiGennaro
19:45 PRPortland
34.9Tyler Haims
19:57 PRDaniel Hand
35.10Nick Dawson
19:59 PRPortland
36.9Mitchell Hart
19:59 PRMiddletown
37.9Greg Lynskey
19:59 PRHaddam-Killingworth
38.9Michael Pascucci
20:02 PRHaddam-Killingworth
39.9Brendan Slack
20:04 PRXavier (CT)
40.9Ethan Chester
20:08 PRHaddam-Killingworth
41.9Joshua Rahamatullah
20:08 PRXavier (CT)
42.10Nathan Barandon
20:09Xavier (CT)
43.9Kyle Wisalowski
20:14 PROld Saybrook
44.9Ryan Tichy
20:15 PRGuilford
45.10Will Barrett
20:17Lyme-Old Lyme
46.10Anthony Bizzario
47.10Evan St. Louis
20:22 PRLyme-Old Lyme
48.9TJ Reddington
49.9Thomas Stoto
50.10Corey Duncanson
20:29Daniel Hand
51.10Leo Rupp-Coppi
20:30 PRDaniel Hand
52.10Sean Davis
20:31 PRValley Regional
53.9Bryce Lipka
54.9Rob Didiano
20:33 PRNorth Branford
55.9Henry Sodergren
20:34 PRHaddam-Killingworth
56.10Michael Coleman
57.10Cole Lombardo
58.9Max Genther
20:44 PRDaniel Hand
59.10Matthew Nenninger
60.9Aiden Maurais
20:53 PRMorgan
61.9Sam Scherban
20:56Daniel Hand
62.9Connor Parthasarthy
20:57 PRDaniel Hand
63.9Dan Studzinski
64.10Matthew Zablocki
21:06 PRXavier (CT)
65.9Etienne Huebner
21:08 PRHaddam-Killingworth
66.9Jake Zundel
21:08 PROld Saybrook
67.9Brandon Masal
21:12 PRPortland
68.10Levi Axelrod
21:13 PRCoginchaug
69.10Joe DeLucia
21:14 PRNorth Branford
70.9Evan Blomberg
21:14 PRDaniel Hand
71.9Jaden Astle
21:15 PRCoginchaug
72.9Alex Prince
21:16 PRMiddletown
73.10Phillip Wentworth
21:17 PREast Hampton
74.9Ethan Foligno
75.9Cole Royer
21:19 PRMiddletown
76.9Aidan Powers
21:24Lyme-Old Lyme
77.10Richard Goetz
21:25 PRValley Regional
78.10Ty Dean
21:28Lyme-Old Lyme
79.10Joshua Mann
80.9Alex D'Amato
21:34 PRMiddletown
81.9Alexander Edwards
21:35 PRMontville
82.10Sean Ventresca
83.10Justin Lanzuela
21:39 PRXavier (CT)
84.10Anthony Joia
21:40 PRValley Regional
85.9Jayden Kilham
86.9Matt Julius
21:45Old Saybrook
87.9Ryan Frier
21:51 PRXavier (CT)
88.9Josh Delahunt
21:59 PRDaniel Hand
89.10Aidan Riley
22:05 PRLyme-Old Lyme
90.9Nicholas Miller
22:06 PREast Hampton
91.9Christopher Godwin
22:11 PREast Hampton
92.9Shane Tewksbury
93.10Josh Brigido
22:14 PRNorth Branford
94.9Sean Sagristano
22:15 PRLyme-Old Lyme
95.9Justin Coe
96.9Henry Mcpherson
22:21 PRValley Regional
97.10William Kaye
22:23 PRXavier (CT)
98.9Sam Gibson
22:32 PREast Hampton
99.10Jay Bazenas
22:37 PRDaniel Hand
100.9Logan Barnes
22:39Xavier (CT)
101.9Samuel Voghell
22:41Xavier (CT)
102.9Conor Leete
22:55North Branford
103.9Henry Wilson
23:08 PRDaniel Hand
104.10Ty Seymour
23:14 PRCoginchaug
105.9Alex Debo
23:19 PRMiddletown
106.10Alex Amendola
107.9Ivan Rizzo
23:31Xavier (CT)
108.9Lenny Szczygiel
23:37 PRMontville
109.10Steven Niccolai
23:40 PRDaniel Hand
110.9Jae Seung Kim
23:42 PRMontville
111.10Adam Pomerenke
112.10Lucas Morella
23:52 PRMorgan
113.9Ciro Falanga
23:55 PRMorgan
114.10James Dickman
24:06Xavier (CT)
115.9Bryan Lecza
116.9Jacob Fazzino
24:36 PRCoginchaug
117.10Nick Bonaldo
24:39 PRNorth Branford
118.9Jonathan Wolff
24:48 PRPortland
119.9Justin Renk
24:49 PRPortland
120.10Tylar Nichols
25:09Old Saybrook
121.9Aiden Meislitzer
26:08 PRMontville
122.9Jason Wunsch
26:24Old Saybrook
123.10Kenneth Yeung
124.10Josh Fragola
26:46 PRMorgan
125.10Adam Nguyen
126.9Steven Chen
28:50 PRMontville
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Girls Frosh-Soph

Official Team Scores

2.Lyme-Old Lyme49
4.Valley Regional70
1.10Ariana Monarca
2.10Nicole Nenninger
22:04 PRMiddletown
3.9Julia Berthiaume
22:05 PRPortland
4.10Faith Caulkins
22:26Lyme-Old Lyme
5.10Mackenzie Glenn
22:26 PRNorth Branford
6.9Onna Gott
22:44North Branford
7.10Emily Speckhals
22:45Lyme-Old Lyme
8.9Caitlyn Bogan
23:23 PRValley Regional
9.10Ava Lindell
23:26 PRHaddam-Killingworth
10.10Samantha Owen
23:31 PRLyme-Old Lyme
11.9Riley Kendall
23:31 PRNorth Branford
12.10Anna Glidden
23:31 PRCoginchaug
13.9Audrey Lenda
23:48 PRValley Regional
14.10Lacey Rae Hall
23:52 PRValley Regional
15.9Rola Dagamseh
16.10Alex Zupan
23:57 PRHaddam-Killingworth
17.10Sophia Manos
18.10Ashley Chuang
24:08 PRMiddletown
19.10Lauren D'Amico
24:19 PRHaddam-Killingworth
20.10Anna Williams
24:24 PRLyme-Old Lyme
21.10Lizzie Overchuck
24:27 PRHaddam-Killingworth
22.9Kathy Melgar
24:33 PRHaddam-Killingworth
23.9Fiona Fredericks
24:40 PRLyme-Old Lyme
24.10Abigail Rasmussen
24:41 PRMontville
25.9Lindsey Beaven
24:41 PRMontville
26.9Lila Deloronde
25:24 PRPortland
27.9Charlotte Norling
25:34 PRValley Regional
28.9Lilian Grethel
25:35 PRLyme-Old Lyme
29.9Gabby Flaherty
30.9Bella Hine
25:49 PRLyme-Old Lyme
31.9Masha Wallace
25:50 PRLyme-Old Lyme
32.10Brenna Lewis
25:52 PRLyme-Old Lyme
33.9Paige Kolesnik
25:56 PRLyme-Old Lyme
34.9Bella Dowd
25:59 PRMorgan
35.10Madeline Brunk
26:01 PRPortland
36.10Carolyn Cumello
37.10Julia Sachi
26:14 PRHaddam-Killingworth
38.10Leah McComisky
26:17 PRMorgan
39.9Kaylee Williams
26:17 PRHaddam-Killingworth
40.10Emma Bass
26:37 PRLyme-Old Lyme
41.10Carolyn Malcarne
26:44 PROld Saybrook
42.9Hanna Babek
26:48 PRValley Regional
43.10Brittany Mangiameli
26:57 PRCoginchaug
44.11Autumn Tewksbury
26:58 PRPortland
45.9Malin Nystrom
27:09 PRHaddam-Killingworth
46.10Katie Conklin
27:09 PROld Saybrook
47.10Jenna Palko
27:25 PROld Saybrook
48.9/taylor DiFlippo
27:26 PRMorgan
49.10Ali Romano
27:54Old Saybrook
50.9Camille Kennedy
51.9Felicia Bower
28:21 PRMontville
52.9Audrey Sodergren
29:57 PRHaddam-Killingworth
53.10Teagan Murawski
30:05 PRMiddletown
54.10Charli Cancroft
30:37 PRHaddam-Killingworth
55.10Atalie Sweet
56.10Micala Fontanella
57.9Sophie Giurleo
31:20 PRMontville
58.10Molly Yale
35:09 PRCoginchaug
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