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Mens Races
2 Miles Middle School Varsity4:30 PM
2 Miles Middle School JV5:30 PM
Womens Races
2 Miles Middle School Varsity4:00 PM
2 Miles Middle School JV5:00 PM

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Mens Results

2 Miles Middle School Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Portage North29
2.Richland Gull Lake63
3.Portage Central89
4.Portage West99
5.Kalamazoo Linden Grove117
6.Maple Street Magnet172
1.8Read Knapp
10:44.16Richland Gull Lake
2.8Carter Batt
10:47.22 PRPortage North
3.8Zander Crooks
10:59.26Portage North
4.8Gage Witt
11:09.25 PRPortage North
5.8Jonas Fraley-Burgett
11:13.20 PRHillside
6.8Caleb Heid
11:21.26 PRPortage Central
7.7Ryan McCune
11:22.02 PRPortage West
8.8A J Boucher
11:23.71 PRRichland Gull Lake
9.8Luke Rathburn
11:28.71 PRPortage North
10.7Bryce Soisson
11:30.83 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
11.8Liam Millership
11:33.13 PRPortage North
12.8Amos Mechtenberg -...
11:36.57 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
13.6Kai Watts
11:37.77 PRRichland Gull Lake
14.8Charles Blair
11:39.67 PRPortage West
15.7Mathieu Northuis
11:40.99 PRPortage Central
16.7Sam Allen
11:43.67 PRMaple Street Magnet
17.8Marc Krawczyk
11:43.86 PRRichland Gull Lake
18.7Joshua Gormley
11:44.41 PRPortage West
19.8Eric Fernandez
11:45.77 SRPortage Central
20.7Parker Damaska
11:47.72 SRPortage Central
21.7Kenny Youngs
22.7Cole Smith
12:05.86 PRPortage North
23.7Ben Thomas
12:06.36 PRPortage West
24.6Warrick Elder
12:07.91 PRRichland Gull Lake
25.8Matt Carlisle
12:08.37Portage North
26.6Ryker Corstange
12:09.86 PRRichland Gull Lake
27.8Nolan Tribu
12:10.39 PRMaple Street Magnet
28.8Nathan Louden
12:11.28 PRRichland Gull Lake
29.8Cole Mason
12:14.88 PRPortage Central
30.7Andre Soisson
12:15.99Kalamazoo Linden Grove
31.8Viktors Kalnins
12:16.30Portage North
32.8DeWitt Renwick
12:16.93 PRRichland Gull Lake
33.7JP Spybrook
12:18.05 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
34.7Nick Freeman
12:21.10Portage North
35.7Gavin Voetberg
12:21.66 PRPortage Central
36.7Jack Novotny
12:22.86 PRMaple Street Magnet
37.7Elliott Soule
12:24.44Kalamazoo Linden Grove
38.8Joe Reeves
39.7Terrance Jones
12:25.39 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
40.7Ben Hunter
12:27.36 PRPortage West
41.6Zavier Thomas
12:28.61 PRRichland Gull Lake
42.8Joseph White
12:30.02 PRPortage West
43.6Kyle Vanlendegent
12:30.49 PRRichland Gull Lake
44.7Logan Pearson
12:31.47 PRMattawan
45.7Logan Post
12:32.59 SRPortage North
46.8Daniel Grile
12:33.31 PRPortage West
47.7Tristen Spettel
12:34.28 PRPortage Central
48.8Thomas Dillard
12:35.79 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
49.6Ethan Carr
12:36.27 PRRichland Gull Lake
50.6Malin Sage
12:37.40Richland Gull Lake
51.6Tre Reiner
12:37.71 PRRichland Gull Lake
52.8Conner Misner
12:37.98 SRRichland Gull Lake
53.8Nolan Buckhout
12:39.15 PRRichland Gull Lake
54.7Brett Lindsay
12:39.54 PRPortage Central
55.6Logan Begeman
12:41.17 PRPortage Central
56.8Kobe Sackett
12:42.06Kalamazoo Linden Grove
57.7Karsten Wiegerink
12:44.50Portage West
58.8Hank Perkins
12:44.74 PRMaple Street Magnet
59.8Nick Redmond
12:47.46Portage North
60.6Avery Snook
61.8Lukas Vandersloot
12:52.37 PRPortage Central
62.6Brayden Odell
63.6Rylan Andrews
12:56.37 PRPortage West
64.7Conor Sullivan
12:56.79 PRPortage West
65.8Ernest Hawkes
12:57.30 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
66.8Jack McDaniel
12:58.39 PRPortage West
67.8Tanner Bartholomew
12:59.18 PRVicksburg
68.7Zachary Risley
12:59.56 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
69.8Jared Yetter
70.7Jacob Munson
13:05.92Portage North
71.8Ira Webster
13:11.37 PRPortage North
72.8Bennett Tetzlaff
13:12.60Portage West
73.8Cooper Somers
13:14.09 PRPortage Central
74.8Jonathan Gergely
13:15.32 PRMattawan
75.8Zach Franz
13:16.60Portage Central
76.7Neil Kelly
13:20.42 PRMattawan
77.7Eli Rimes
13:20.74 PRHillside
78.8Tyler Wells
13:24.86 PRPortage West
79.7Andrew Skouza
13:25.09 PRMattawan
80.7Eli Simmering
13:26.46 PRPortage Central
81.7Brian Weaver
13:26.84 PRMattawan
82.7Jacob Atteberry
13:29.71 PRMattawan
83.6Sam Davis
13:32.44 PRPortage Central
84.6Avery Kucharski
13:35.06Portage North
85.6Billy Hughes
13:40.45 PRMaple Street Magnet
86.7Andrew Durian
13:47.09Portage Central
87.7Connor Rafferty
13:50.50 PRMaple Street Magnet
88.7Charlie Emmerick
89.7Jakson Wayman
13:53.65 SRMaple Street Magnet
90.8Seth Reeves
13:54.67 PRMattawan
91.7Wesley Baker
13:55.46 PRMilwood
92.6Michael Kloosterman
13:55.74 PRHillside
93.7Connor Tanis
13:57.19 PRPortage North
94.7Owen Quayle
13:59.32 PRMaple Street Magnet
95.7Keith Hunsberger
14:03.19 PRMilwood
96.7Daniel Zamora
14:05.36 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
97.8David Mazelin
14:05.77 PRMattawan
98.7Drew Spaulding
14:06.65 PRHillside
99.6Canaan Hogan
100.8Chance Vallelung
14:13.64 PRHillside
101.8Josh Woods
14:14.02 PRMattawan
102.8Ryan Ritenour
14:17.84 PRMattawan
103.7Oskar Wiendenhoef
14:19.03 PRMaple Street Magnet
104.8Ben Hambright
105.7James Rocco
14:29.40 PRMaple Street Magnet
106.8Cooper Betke
14:29.65 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
107.6Ethan Loiselle
14:33.65 PRMilwood
108.7Antonio King
14:34.16 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
109.8Liam Denney
14:35.11 PRMaple Street Magnet
110.8Evan Teal
14:36.31 PRMilwood
111.7Levi Waling
14:36.56 PRMilwood
112.8Donte Gregor
14:38.51Kalamazoo Linden Grove
113.6Jaxson Wilson
114.8Maddox Porter
14:43.09 PRVicksburg
115.7Owen Moberley
14:43.67 PRVicksburg
116.8Mitchell Clinard
117.7Gryffin Hurley
14:44.42 PRMaple Street Magnet
118.7Nick Jones
14:44.57 PRHillside
119.7Andrew Barbarini
120.8Nicholas Gleaton
14:45.79 PRHillside
121.7Joss Brent
14:49.92 PRMaple Street Magnet
122.8Noah Kuhnert
14:54.48 PRHillside
123.7Damon Wilson
15:00.37 PRHillside
124.8Gage Stenger
125.8Grant Kahler
15:01.95 PRMilwood
126.7Colin McKee
127.7Luke Bainter
128.6Julius Davis
129.6Zander Ligman
15:12.62 PRMilwood
130.7Jonah Hoexum
15:37.69 PRMattawan
131.6Luke Wilson
15:38.26 PRVicksburg
132.8Liam Braun
15:47.51 PRMaple Street Magnet
133.7Anthony Fotis
15:50.62 PRMilwood
134.6Cole Herson
135.7Noah Johnson
16:12.29 PRHillside
136.8Noah Thompson
16:12.71 PRHillside
137.6Aaron Teal
16:14.28 PRMilwood
138.7Curtis Chapman
16:15.43 PRMilwood
139.7Ian Voss
16:15.57 PRMaple Street Magnet
140.7Kyle Pardee
16:34.47 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
141.7Zavian Glover
17:04.03 PRMilwood
142.7Thomas Carrier
18:50.33 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
143.6Ezra Balden
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2 Miles Middle School JV

Official Team Scores

1.Richland Gull Lake30
2.Portage Central51
3.Portage West61
4.Kalamazoo Linden Grove99
5.Portage North114
8.Maple Street Magnet226
1.8Cameron Perkins
12:33.77Richland Gull Lake
2.6Drew Boucher
13:01.35 PRRichland Gull Lake
3.7Lucas Lothschutz
13:02.45 PRPortage Central
4.6Jackson Atkins
13:04.70Kalamazoo Linden Grove
5.7Ryan Chenoweth
13:05.59 PRPortage Central
6.7Wyatt McComb
13:05.89 PRRichland Gull Lake
7.8Kristian Shyiak
13:12.77 PRRichland Gull Lake
8.6James Neeb
13:24.91 PRPortage West
9.6Isaiah Hawkes
13:25.07 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
10.7Rylan Falk
13:28.62 PRPortage West
11.6Abrar Hossen
13:28.93 PRPortage West
12.8Jacob Misejka
13:29.88 PRPortage Central
13.6Chris Decastro
13:30.53 PRPortage Central
14.7Sheldon Shyiak
13:31.79 PRRichland Gull Lake
15.7Dalton Weber
13:32.23 PRPortage West
16.6Jaxen Wilson
13:34.60 PRPortage North
17.8Benjamin Pilnick
13:35.89 SRPortage West
18.8Nolin Szaffranski
13:37.44 PRPortage Central
19.6Nathan Gleason
13:42.91 PRPortage West
20.7Parker Shorb
13:47.25 PRPortage North
21.6Aiden Patrick
13:52.11Kalamazoo Linden Grove
22.6Parker Root
13:53.41 PRPortage West
23.8Ethan Hess
13:53.93 PRRichland Gull Lake
24.8Michael Neeb
13:56.06 PRPortage West
25.6Jack Christy
13:57.21Portage North
26.6Gavin Thompson
13:57.43 PRPortage North
27.6Nathan Strauss
13:57.66 PRPortage West
28.7Peter Lewis
13:58.22 PRPortage West
29.6Sam Skrceny
13:58.78 PRRichland Gull Lake
30.7Mark Beckett
13:59.33 PRRichland Gull Lake
31.8Cole Root
14:05.10 PRPortage West
32.7Zachary Stewart
14:06.64Portage Central
33.6Joshua Lindsay
14:07.12 PRPortage West
34.8Max Skrceny
14:07.68 PRRichland Gull Lake
35.8Miles Anderson
14:11.76 PRPortage Central
36.6Simon Thompson
14:16.06Portage West
37.7Colin Stuck
14:18.47 PRRichland Gull Lake
38.6Jayden Wells
14:19.60Portage West
39.8Peter Mackay
14:23.13Portage West
40.7Valentino Di Croce
14:26.72 PRPortage West
41.7Jacob Super
14:31.99 PRPortage West
42.7Ashton Sears
14:33.77Richland Gull Lake
43.6Perrin Williams
14:34.36 PRPortage West
44.8Zachary Pollack
14:35.67Portage Central
45.8Will Waldorf
14:36.69 PRRichland Gull Lake
46.7Jacob Nanninga
14:38.11 PRPortage Central
47.8Joseph Clark
14:39.06 SRPortage North
48.6Travis Heyn
14:40.97Portage North
49.8Luke Marchand
14:42.73Richland Gull Lake
50.6Rip Raab
14:44.51 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
51.7William Leasure
14:46.72 PRPortage West
52.6Andrew Calkins-Ensey
14:48.54 PRPortage North
53.6Conner Branch
14:49.90Portage Central
54.7James Romyak
14:50.08Richland Gull Lake
55.7Conner Larson
14:54.05 PRPortage Central
56.7Ashton Hack
14:55.36 PRPortage West
57.6Riley Dering
14:56.54Portage West
58.6Ty Szafranski
14:57.03 PRPortage Central
59.7Evan Stacy
14:57.59 PRPortage West
60.6Jackson Stewart
61.6Sam Collins
15:01.49Portage North
62.6Brady Landuyt
15:04.39 PRPortage Central
63.6Jesse Gakodi
15:06.35 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
64.8Levi Groendyk
15:07.31 PRMattawan
65.6Josh Chavis
15:09.18Portage North
66.6Matthew Streeter
15:09.61 PRHillside
67.6Jacob Williams
15:09.82Portage Central
68.6Alex Kiessling
15:10.84 PRPortage Central
69.8Alex Dolislager
15:13.03 PRHillside
70.6Josh Franz
15:16.75 PRPortage Central
71.6Nathan Lacy
15:17.83 PRMaple Street Magnet
72.6Andrew Christensen
15:19.52 PRMattawan
73.6Lucas Kuhnert
15:21.71 PRHillside
74.6Keegan Fulling
15:24.15Richland Gull Lake
75.6Charlie Waldorf
15:28.84Richland Gull Lake
76.6Everett Rose
15:29.05 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
77.6Chad Romyak
15:30.98Richland Gull Lake
78.6Henry First
79.7Charlie Frey
15:34.56Portage West
80.6Alec McDougal
15:37.50Portage West
81.7Braydon Buchino
15:40.00 PRMaple Street Magnet
82.6Ethan Klopschinski
15:40.68 PRRichland Gull Lake
83.6Evan Meinert
15:42.90Richland Gull Lake
84.6Brenden Fyke
15:43.49 PRPortage Central
85.6Jacob Downey
15:44.24 PRMattawan
86.6Nicholas Arce
15:44.40Richland Gull Lake
87.8Jackson Bergan
15:45.22 PRMaple Street Magnet
88.6Silas Koop
15:45.45 PRPortage Central
89.6Will Murphy
15:48.08 PRMaple Street Magnet
90.8Xavier Munn
15:49.58 PRPortage Central
91.7Dustin Briggs
15:50.46 PRPortage North
92.7Andrew Dilk
15:51.14Portage West
93.6Jonah Boone
15:51.86 PRRichland Gull Lake
94.8Sam Davidson
15:53.76 PRPortage West
95.7Ben Slager
15:54.00 PRRichland Gull Lake
96.6Emaad Qureshi
15:54.24 PRPortage West
97.7Jacob Lee
15:57.84Portage North
98.6Jack Reitenour
99.6Joseph Sackett
16:01.56Portage West
100.8Mason Milks
16:01.97 PRPortage North
101.6James Hunsinger
16:02.56 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
102.8Sam Van Loo
16:05.83 PRMattawan
103.7Sawyer Whitfield
16:07.40Richland Gull Lake
104.7Carson Lenzinger
16:07.69 PRRichland Gull Lake
105.6Ty Tomlinson
16:10.20 PRPortage West
106.7Garret Laabs
16:10.72 PRPortage West
107.8Samuel Townsend
16:11.96 PRPortage West
108.6Teague Ott
16:15.49 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
109.7Dimitri Flietstra
16:18.67 PRRichland Gull Lake
110.7Robert Arce
16:19.17Richland Gull Lake
111.8Skyler Sweaty
16:20.61 PRHillside
112.7Jacob Doane
16:23.92 PRHillside
113.6Ransom Biskie
16:24.62 PRHillside
114.8Simon Hunsinger
16:32.37 SRHillside
115.6Keagan Miller
16:38.14 PRPortage West
116.7Ben Moorian
16:39.33 PRMattawan
117.7J J Heikka
16:40.00 PRRichland Gull Lake
118.6Nolan Loukes
16:40.53 PRRichland Gull Lake
119.6Nathaniel Evans
16:40.88 PRHillside
120.6Landon DeVries
16:43.88 PRPortage North
121.6Matt Pike
16:44.79Portage North
122.8Andrew Hains
123.6McLevy Stong-Morse
16:49.87 PRMaple Street Magnet
124.6Abdolla Hegazy
16:50.87 PRPortage West
125.6Brady Dalton
16:51.52Portage Central
126.6Coleman Creager
16:54.09Portage West
127.7Morgan Feraco
16:58.24Richland Gull Lake
128.6Nate Hubbard
17:02.17Richland Gull Lake
129.6Andrew Cheatham
17:02.75 PRPortage Central
130.6Brandon Niskala
131.6Marcus Payten Jr.
17:12.51 PRHillside
132.6Tomakai Timmer
17:12.86 PRMaple Street Magnet
133.7Connor Vanderwal
17:18.88 SRPortage Central
134.7Jacob Earl
17:19.46Portage Central
135.7Eli Welch
17:22.00 PRVicksburg
136.8Jacob Scott
17:27.73 PRMaple Street Magnet
137.8Carl Nelson
17:28.26 PRRichland Gull Lake
138.7Easton Scott
17:29.51Richland Gull Lake
139.7Brenden Arntz
17:29.73 PRMattawan
140.6Dimitri Harmon
17:30.14 PRRichland Gull Lake
141.7Cody Lahaie
17:30.42 SRMattawan
142.8Cole Dohm
17:31.09 PRHillside
143.6Ross Bryant
17:35.09Portage West
144.8Diego Maldonado
17:42.50 PRMaple Street Magnet
145.6Nathan Klimeck
146.6Devin Macharia
17:48.08 PRHillside
147.7Foster Neve-Jones
17:54.90 SRMaple Street Magnet
148.8Spyder Combs
149.7Will Vomastek
18:07.12 PRPortage Central
150.7Alec Berlin
18:22.46 SRHillside
151.6Bryce Ganding-Gary
18:24.57 PRHillside
152.7Tyrone Hess
18:26.26 SRMaple Street Magnet
153.6Louis Chatel
18:27.69 PRPortage West
154.7Jayden Richter
18:36.31 PRHillside
155.6Oswaldo Mancilla
18:39.17 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
156.7Liam Comrie
18:47.01 PRMattawan
157.7Austin Douglas
158.6Clarke Holman
159.8John Meyer
160.6Gavin Wheeler
18:58.45 PRHillside
161.6Spencer Betke
19:22.67 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
162.7Dominic Francis
163.6Ethan Knedgen
19:43.02 PRVicksburg
164.7Cody Straka
19:50.71 PRVicksburg
165.7Gideon Staats
19:56.21Portage North
166.6Charlie Kutzko
19:57.21 PRMaple Street Magnet
167.6Tom Mann
20:03.40 PRPortage West
168.6Xavier Sanchez-Buc...
20:16.34Portage North
169.6Brandon Strom
20:17.60 PRMaple Street Magnet
170.6Ayra DeLeon
20:27.05Portage North
171.6Sam Foldenaur
20:33.64Richland Gull Lake
172.6Zachrey Kirk
173.6Jack Schumacher
21:02.21 PRPortage West
174.8Sam Carlisle
21:32.78Portage North
175.7Charlie Wester
176.7William Golliher
25:18.49 PRMilwood
177.6Byce Evergreen
25:28.08 PRMaple Street Magnet
178.6Ender Ross
25:31.93Maple Street Magnet
179.6Colton Brockman
25:36.94 PRMaple Street Magnet
180.6William Gavin
181.6Mathiu Markland
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Womens Results

2 Miles Middle School Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Portage West41
2.Portage Central46
3.Maple Street Magnet94
5.Richland Gull Lake127
6.Portage North134
1.7Pauline Hawkes
12:39.77 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
2.8Eliza Phares
13:01.52 PRPortage West
3.8Ariana Bruininks
13:06.40 SRPortage Central
4.6Emma Steele
5.8Katie Hindman
6.6Addison Begeman
13:24.12 PRPortage Central
7.8Makenzie Zeigler
13:26.19 PRRichland Gull Lake
8.6Mary-Kate Elliott
13:30.81 PRPortage West
9.8Margaret Phares
13:31.37 PRPortage West
10.6Mia Hesley
13:31.77 PRPortage Central
11.7Caroline Elliott
13:32.98 PRPortage West
12.7Ana Dunfee
13:35.33 PRMaple Street Magnet
13.8Annaliese Bol
13:35.58 PRMaple Street Magnet
14.6Elise Martinson
13:37.28 PRPortage Central
15.8Emily-Jo Buysse
13:37.56 SRPortage North
16.7Abigail Naugle
13:37.83 PRPortage West
17.7Megan Bowers
13:38.07 SRPortage North
18.8Olivia Brodie
13:39.37 PRPortage Central
19.6Alyssa Blackburn
13:39.61 PRRichland Gull Lake
20.8Delaney Schultheiss
13:43.87 PRMaple Street Magnet
21.8Taylor Imus
13:44.05 PRPortage Central
22.8Lindsay Knight
13:44.27 PRPortage Central
23.8Haniya Frayer
13:46.11 PRMaple Street Magnet
24.7Sophia Lekosiotis
13:47.26 PRPortage West
25.8Astrid Code
13:49.21 PRPortage West
26.8Sam Richardson
27.8Avery Ojala
13:54.84 PRPortage Central
28.6Peyton Hoopingarner
13:55.60 PRVicksburg
29.6Maddie Crowley
13:56.14 PRPortage Central
30.6Amanda Williams
13:57.03 PRPortage Central
31.7Isabella Hughes
14:01.08 PRRichland Gull Lake
32.7Jenna Hall
33.8Savina Centofanti
34.8Georgia Hill
14:19.40 SRMaple Street Magnet
35.6Daphnee Plante
14:24.85 PRPortage West
36.7Rachel Miilu
14:25.96 PRPortage Central
37.7Camryn Batt
14:26.27 SRPortage North
38.6Cameron Miller
14:26.59 PRMaple Street Magnet
39.8Claire Johnson
40.8Sarah Nondorf
41.7Amaya Choudhury
14:36.92 PRPortage Central
42.6Cai Osner-Hackett
14:38.68Richland Gull Lake
43.8Samantha Killmer
14:40.57 PRPortage North
44.7Kaitlyn Walsh
14:40.77 PRPortage Central
45.6Rebecca James
14:41.02 PRPortage North
46.6Sophia Herr
14:43.18 PRPortage West
47.6Dayle Bruns
14:44.74Portage North
48.7Sophia Williamson
14:46.92 PRMattawan
49.8Laura Durant
14:48.57 SRPortage Central
50.7Anna Yetter
51.6Aubrey Kotulak
14:49.33 PRPortage West
52.6Tru Muday
14:51.34 PRRichland Gull Lake
53.8Emily Reeves
54.6Grace Mahar
14:57.72 PRMaple Street Magnet
55.8Rachel Grimes
14:57.93 PRRichland Gull Lake
56.7Olivia Tarantino
14:59.88 PRMattawan
57.8Faye Scott-Farnswo...
15:00.11 PRPortage West
58.6Alyse Koss
15:00.39 PRPortage West
59.7Zoe Whelham
15:00.68 PRPortage West
60.6Kendall Wank
15:01.60Richland Gull Lake
61.6Isabelle Loso
15:01.85 PRPortage West
62.6Lia Mourey
63.7Chloe Phillips
64.8Paige Mohney
65.6Rory Wilke
15:07.83Portage North
66.8Erica Foster
67.7Jessi Smith
15:08.81 PRPortage Central
68.6Chloe McCardwell
15:11.73 PRPortage West
69.6Olivia Chard
15:11.94 PRPortage North
70.8Aylssa Thompson
15:12.48 SRRichland Gull Lake
71.6Kara Sandelin
72.7Yasmeen Adams
15:14.27 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
73.7Amanda Laughery
74.7Eliana Neff
75.6Paris Thomas
15:22.48 PRRichland Gull Lake
76.7Lauren Thompson
15:23.20 PRMattawan
77.6Bella Hillard
78.7Mara Vanderbeek
15:26.57 PRMaple Street Magnet
79.7Anna Edlefson
15:27.49 PRMilwood
80.7Bailey White
15:28.95 PRRichland Gull Lake
81.6Addison Misner
15:29.40 PRRichland Gull Lake
82.7Makenzie Freund
83.7Meg Elfring
15:32.63 PRMilwood
84.7Molly Young
85.7Jazelle Morris
15:40.58 PRPortage North
86.6Abbygail Schabes
15:41.93 PRMilwood
87.7Allie Fried
15:42.15 PRMaple Street Magnet
88.7Avery VandenBussche
15:42.41 PRMaple Street Magnet
89.7Jordan Wesaw
15:44.06Portage North
90.6Annabelle Bartz
15:49.97Portage North
91.7Mary England
15:57.19 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
92.6Amari O'Brien
16:01.53Richland Gull Lake
93.7Lena Williams
16:05.73 PRRichland Gull Lake
94.6Emonee Logan
95.8Ivory Gray
16:10.32 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
96.6Breanna Eklund
16:10.51 PRRichland Gull Lake
97.7Hannah Locke
16:10.70 PRMaple Street Magnet
98.7Maija Skjold
16:12.17 PRMilwood
99.6Celia Harris
16:19.78 PRRichland Gull Lake
100.7Alecia Lamorandier
16:26.59 SRHillside
101.8Ella Hawthorne
16:29.54 PRMilwood
102.8Essence Rostick
103.6Lucy Langerveld
16:31.89 PRMaple Street Magnet
104.-Wen Wadsworth-Curc...
16:51.90Maple Street Magnet
105.6Braylyn Grueter
17:13.16 PRMaple Street Magnet
106.7Allison Nower
17:17.65 SRHillside
107.6Sienna Thompson
17:18.24 PRMilwood
108.6Teryn Schulthesiss
17:18.44 PRMaple Street Magnet
109.7Caley Lamphiear
17:23.40 PRMilwood
110.8Gina Bello
111.6Tahira Gjkis
18:06.60Portage North
112.8Grace Morgan
18:07.56 SRPortage North
113.7Jillian Dantes
18:07.77 SRMilwood
114.6Sophia Wrzesinski
115.8Sanaa Littlejohn
116.7Lucy DeMorrow
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2 Miles Middle School JV

Official Team Scores

2.Portage West56
3.Richland Gull Lake98
5.Kalamazoo Linden Grove114
6.Portage Central120
7.Maple Street Magnet192
1.6Emilee Patrick
13:20.14Kalamazoo Linden Grove
2.6Kelly Overheul
14:33.00Portage Central
3.6Sadie Grossman
4.6Amanda Harnishfeger
14:58.64 PRMattawan
5.6Elizabeth Mastin
15:00.41 PRPortage West
6.6Clara Centofanti
15:02.63 PRVicksburg
7.6Anna Bartholomew
15:02.79 PRVicksburg
8.6Clementine Urness
15:12.59 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
9.7Iris Bell
15:16.20 PRRichland Gull Lake
10.7Emily Sturgis
15:22.74 PRPortage West
11.6Sydney Taylor
12.8Ryan Knauer
15:25.37 PRPortage West
13.8Deidra Preuss
15:26.39 PRPortage West
14.7Mikhayla White
15:31.70 PRRichland Gull Lake
15.8Rachel Zaidan
16.7Tori Dwyer
15:41.53 PRPortage West
17.6Rebekah Hodgkins
15:44.54 PRHillside
18.6Natalie Laharke
19.6Delaney Elsmore
15:53.41 PRMattawan
20.7Sofia Richmond
15:53.86 SRMaple Street Magnet
21.8Paige Brenner
16:02.59 SRRichland Gull Lake
22.7Natalie Pitts
16:07.22 SRPortage West
23.8Alexis Puls
24.6Bailey VanKrimpen
16:10.20 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
25.8Lauren King
16:13.41 PRPortage West
26.6Mia Ghiringhelli
16:14.92 PRPortage West
27.6Melanie Cebula
28.7Lily Czuk
16:21.45 PRPortage Central
29.6Mollie Murdock
16:23.15 PRRichland Gull Lake
30.7Mae Hendershot
16:24.34 PRVicksburg
31.6Caiden Ruel
16:25.78 PRRichland Gull Lake
32.6Lea Wildner
33.6Anna Wiltzer
16:27.21Portage West
34.6Abby Lauraine
16:27.37 PRPortage Central
35.6Emily Pierce
16:28.14 PRPortage West
36.6Bailey Bontrager
16:29.24 PRPortage Central
37.6Nora Zemlick
16:37.10Portage West
38.6Audrey Bowman
16:39.47Portage West
39.7Presley Rosales
16:39.80 PRPortage West
40.6Natalie Powell
41.8Peyton Hughes
42.7Morgan Righter
16:49.23 PRPortage West
43.8Elizibeth Yeck
16:49.86 PRVicksburg
44.8Celia Bell
45.7Layna Smith
16:51.26 PRPortage Central
46.7Ziona Vergel
16:52.69 PRPortage Central
47.8Haylee Goodall
48.7Madeline Monarch
16:53.83 PRPortage Central
49.8Julia Weaver
16:54.41 PRMattawan
50.6Macy Hutchings
16:56.30 PRRichland Gull Lake
51.7Aubrey Phenicie
16:56.69 PRPortage Central
52.6Allyson Mein
16:57.57 PRPortage West
53.8Norah Palomaki
16:58.34 SRVicksburg
54.7Lily Kujacznski
16:59.78 SRRichland Gull Lake
55.6Abby George
17:01.18 PRMattawan
56.6Natalie Bowman
17:04.42 PRPortage West
57.7Haleigh Loso
17:06.44 PRPortage West
58.8Ella Williams
59.6Joslyn Larkin
17:09.74 PRRichland Gull Lake
60.6Isabel Eavey
17:10.08 PRMattawan
61.6Kaitlyn Hoke
17:17.15 PRPortage Central
62.8Ruby Risser
17:17.55 SRRichland Gull Lake
63.6Aliah Ward
17:18.95 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
64.8Natalie Tinkleberg
65.7Olivia Eby
17:24.83 PRPortage West
66.8Cecilia Crocker
17:26.32 PRMaple Street Magnet
67.6Lynsey Smith
68.6Kadynce Youngs
17:29.53 PRVicksburg
69.6Tayla Dillard
17:31.15 PRKalamazoo Linden Grove
70.6Lauren Mayhew
17:31.57 PRPortage West
71.6Alexis Britton
17:32.53 PRPortage West
72.8Cathy Giguere
17:33.66 PRPortage West
73.6Makena Schnell
17:35.19 PRPortage Central
74.6Medow Meskil
17:38.50 PRMaple Street Magnet
75.7Lydia Harris
17:40.22 PRRichland Gull Lake
76.7Lesly Krawczyk
17:40.54 SRRichland Gull Lake
77.6Olivia Banghart
17:43.27 PRMattawan
78.6Alyssa Mott
17:44.33 PRMattawan
79.6Emily Sutton
17:44.75 PRMattawan
80.6Maggie Loncharte
17:51.80 PRMaple Street Magnet
81.7Lina Denney
17:54.63 PRMaple Street Magnet
82.8Regan Hoopingarner
83.7Katie Blomeke
84.7Alexandra May
85.7Samantha Swafford
18:20.93 PRPortage West
86.6Hannah Groendyk
87.6Anna Rothlisberger
18:21.52 PRMattawan
88.7Emma Coleman
89.6Delaney Monroe
90.6Madi Johnson
91.6Stella Hunt
92.6Sierra Scoffin
93.6Leah Hoexum
18:45.20 PRMattawan
94.7Maia Litner
18:45.47 SRMaple Street Magnet
95.6Anna Risser
18:47.67 PRRichland Gull Lake
96.7Mackenzie Gaul
18:49.94 PRMattawan
97.6Abbey Ganos
18:56.03 PRPortage West
98.8Sara Langbo
19:00.21 PRRichland Gull Lake
99.6Kaitlyn Muzo
19:19.52 PRPortage West
100.6Sofia Martinez
19:22.85 PRRichland Gull Lake
101.8Theresa Ray
19:33.00Maple Street Magnet
102.6Abigail Evans
19:38.61 PRHillside
103.8Emma Atkinson
19:40.69 PRMaple Street Magnet
104.6Samadhi Jayatilaka
19:46.13 PRPortage West
105.6Olivia Angel
19:47.27 PRMattawan
106.8Emma Cochensparger
19:52.43 PRPortage West
107.8Grace Romig
108.7Maddlynn Flegal
20:23.10 PRHillside
109.7Alexis Loparo
20:30.79 PRPortage West
110.8Paige Mick
20:47.57 PRPortage West
111.6Gracie Breitenbach
21:07.17 PRVicksburg
112.7Elora Drumm
113.6Isabella Jimenez
21:22.53Portage West
114.6Addison Hribar
21:40.37 PRRichland Gull Lake
115.6Allison Bol
116.6Annika Stolpestad
117.8Sushila Stegman
22:46.47 SRMaple Street Magnet
118.7Andrea Smith
22:57.80 PRPortage West
119.8Clare Wilson
120.8Delia Stark
23:05.07Richland Gull Lake
121.8Hannah Laughery
122.6Lauren Wiessner
23:46.88 PRMaple Street Magnet
123.6Vivianne Chapman
24:41.06 PRMaple Street Magnet
124.6Charlotte Windsor
25:06.65 PRMaple Street Magnet
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