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Mens Races
1.43 Miles Middle School12:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity1:00 PM
Womens Races
1.43 Miles Middle School12:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity12:30 PM

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Last Updated 5:25 PM, Wed, Sep 20

Thank you for adding our invitational to your schedule!  (coaches)

Welcome to our first annual Wildcat Invitational, which next year will feature a 'Miles for Migraine' race/walk to raise awareness and funding for LOCAL research for migraine headaches as a part of Madison Clark's senior project (one of our runners...and my daughter). The race course is entirely on the golf course. Most coaches and runners say good things about our course, so hopefully you will enjoy it if this is your first time...we have hosted other races and the course will be the same (rather flat and fast with some slight uphills and downhills. No major obstacles. A hill at the end similar to our State Championship course at Sun Willows.

Ribbons will be awarded by our cheerleaders to the top 10 individuals in all races at the conclusion of the meet and team trophies for the first place HS girls' and boys' teams will be awarded as well. I ordered bibs from and am hoping to use those for all runners. This will be my first time with results and such so we will see how that goes.

Our club house will most likely host a taco feed available for all - first come first serve - and not all you can eat (so everyone or most everyone can eat) for $5. They do a great job! We will also provide gatorade buckets with water for filling up water bottles, so remind your athletes to pack a water bottle, which most do. There are bathrooms in the clubhouse and one out on the course, if still available...not sure when they will shut the water off out there, especially with what appears to be a cold fall.

There is parking up top by the clubhouse and down below along the road. Wilbur has one grocery store, Sandy's, and it's a good one. It also has a deli and one public bathroom by the entry. There are two fast food places, one on each end of town, Billy Burgers on the east end and Doxie's on the west. Both are good but may take awhile to prepare a lot of food (if you have a bus load of kids).

Don't worry about sending a check. You can bring it with you. $50 per team, $10 per individual if no team. Please find me, Coach Clark. I will also be the starter for the meet. Feel free to email me with any questions I work at the school and check my email regularly. I will also be sending other emails as the invitational approaches.

Thank you, Coach Clark

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Mens Results

1.43 Miles Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Kettle Falls49

Hypothetical Scores

1.13-14Koshi Schunter
7:54:37 PRA.C. Sekani
2.7David Wynecoop III
8:21:42 PRWellpinit
3.7William Dick
8:25:16 PRWellpinit
4.7Smokey Abrahamson
8:31:50 PRWellpinit
5.6Marcus Andren
8:36:51 PRReardan
6.8Jake Coffman
8:43:79 PRDavenport
7.6Jaeger Jacobsen
9:00:37 PRDavenport
8.7Colin Hughes
9:07:31 PRWellpinit
9.6Christian Ekstrom
9:31:13 PRWilbur-Creston
10.7Dylan Tatshama
9:39:61 SRWellpinit
11.6Grant Denison
9:42:94 PRWellpinit
12.8Zachary Johnson
9:45:26 PRKettle Falls
13.6Lane Sewall
9:47:93 PRHarrington
14.6Elliot Rima
9:51:77 PRWellpinit
15.7Zack Bruce
9:58:83 PRHarrington
16.6Zane Edwards
10:00:12 PRKettle Falls
17.8Caleb Brown
10:04:52 PRKettle Falls
18.7Ethan Bolt
10:07:21 PRKettle Falls
19.5Randy Mahrenholz
10:13:34 PRHarrington
20.6Chase Zellmer
10:24:16 PRDavenport
21.7Dylan Tatshama
22.7Eldon Cunningham
11:26:75 PRKettle Falls
23.6Nicholas Kruger
11:32:49 PRDavenport
24.6Richard Alsept
11:45:23 PRReardan
25.6Michael Bourgeau
12:13:02 PRWellpinit
26.7Uriah Tonasket
12:40:64 PRWellpinit
27.6Stefen Phillips
13:45:28 PRWellpinit
28.6James Mitchell
14:20:90 PRHarrington
29.7Morrison Flett
14:53:53 SRWellpinit
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.IC Academy42
4.Valley Christian110

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Ismael Castaneda
2.11Christian Kuplack
16:42:92 PRIC Academy
3.12Hector Gomez
4.10Elias Torres
5.12Kaden Daw
17:28:27 PRPasco
6.11Steve Darakjy
17:34:36 SRIC Academy
7.10Braydon O'Neal
17:44:18Valley Christian
8.10Winston Telford
9.9Davey Kuplack
18:09:76 PRIC Academy
10.11Leo Llamas
11.12Niccolo Merrill
12.11Samuel Rodriguez
13.11Michael Barb
18:28:86 PRIC Academy
14.11Aidan Latham
18:34:27 SRIC Academy
15.12Christian Castrellon
16.11Esteban de Artola
18:45:40 SRIC Academy
17.11Gustavo Hernandez
19:01:37 PRPasco
18.10Kasen Bodeau
20.10Brenden Hill
19.9Tommy Plumb
19:11:33 PRDavenport
21.11Dalton Wilkie
22.11CJ Estrada
19:19:25 PRIC Academy
23.10Edgar Quiroz
19:21:37 PRPasco
24.10Joe Darakjy
19:22:44 PRIC Academy
25.9Logan Strozyk
26.9Jack Robinson
19:31:53 PRValley Christian
27.10Tucker Philmlee
19:47:62 PRPasco
28.9Jonathan Moore
19:52:05Valley Christian
29.10Alan Barragan
30.11Chris Kuypers
19:59:53 PRIC Academy
31.9Beckett Odegaard
32.9Brayden Duff
33.9Ben Latham
20:33:97 PRIC Academy
34.10Nate Tovar
20:36:14 PRPasco
35.9Marcus Latham
20:44:96 PRIC Academy
36.9AJ Stricklin
20:50:00 PRPRIDE Prep
37.9Ezra Westover
38.12Ethan Adolph
39.9Kavika Faagau
21:23:53 PRPRIDE Prep
40.10Jason Flett
41.12Felix Larios
42.10Nik Clarke
43.12Edgar Sanabia Diaz
21:56:52 PRPasco
44.12Jay Hollibaugh
21:58:52 PRPasco
45.9Ethan Mellick
21:58:85 PRDavenport
46.9Nick Counts
22:00:05 PRIC Academy
47.10Sam Reese
22:06:60Valley Christian
48.9Jakin Griffin
49.10Josh Mei
22:32:05Valley Christian
50.11Dillan Pratt
23:36:53 PRReardan
51.9Aaron Tabish
23:36:77Valley Christian
52.12Judah Davis
60.9JD Oakley
24:07:83PRIDE Prep
53.9Logan Phifer
61.11Chris Arguelles
25:11:69 PRPasco
54.12Rolando Rodriguez
62.9Cesar Garcia Garci...
55.12Jackson Sorensen
56.12Jacob Perez
26:04:21 PRPasco
63.9Riley Roller
64.9Javier Cortez
57.10Taylor Nowka-Johnson
28:17:50 PRHarrington
65.10Ethan Meyer
32:41:90Valley Christian
58.11Bryce Brown
34:05 PRHarrington
59.9Gunnar Knutson
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Womens Results

1.43 Miles Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Mya Edwards
9:12:66 PRKettle Falls
2.6Kassidy Koch
10:26:30 PRReardan
3.7Ashawna Anderson
10:31:54 SRWellpinit
4.6Kiya Golphenee
10:43:96 PRKettle Falls
5.8Emily Nixon
11:43:95 PRHarrington
6.7Annika Walters
12:07:24 PRHarrington
7.6Jensyn Jacobsen
12:31:74 PRDavenport
8.6Lily Harden
12:45:36 PRDavenport
9.8Rainey Lince
12:54:39 SRKettle Falls
10.6Samarah Mischel
13:09:84 PRReardan
11.7Emma Kalunzy
13:14:85 PRKettle Falls
12.5Sami Crawford
13:30:21 PRHarrington
13.6Kersten Lundgren
14:01:99 PRReardan
14.6Emma Leonard
14:57:63 PRReardan
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.12Rose Melville
2.11Madison Clark
3.10Zarahemla Johnson
21:29:26Kettle Falls
4.11Maggie McDuff
5.11Lisette Hernandez
22:19:66 PRPasco
6.11Hailey Arland
7.10Jada Orr
8.11Kristina Luu
23:04:01 PRPasco
9.11Citlally Tellez He...
23:13:31 PRPasco
10.11Apollinarea Konev
11.9Madelyn Beus
23:50:44 PRPasco
12.9Saisha Royal
24:00:36 PRPasco
18.10Lanie Lince
24:07:75Kettle Falls
13.9Ashley Breault
19.9Claire Montowski
24:16:83 PRKettle Falls
20.9Inez Tellez Gonzalez
21.10Emerald Smoger
14.10Alexis Villarreal
24:54:30 PRPasco
22.10Mary Sauvola
25:17:72Kettle Falls
23.10Alexis Smith
15.11Lexi Konyu
26:57:11Valley Christian
24.10Cynthia Carrillo
27:00:65 SRPasco
16.9Amelia Seyler
17.9Mary Kosednar
28:20:06 PRPRIDE Prep
25.10Hailey LeBret-White
29:17:82 PRWellpinit
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