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1.98 Miles Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

1.98 Miles Varsity

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Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

12Luke George
10:31 PRIssaquah
11Sam Griffith
10:37 PRIssaquah
12Jared Putney
10:41 PRIssaquah
11Barry Diedericks
10:47 PRIssaquah
12Jenner Sapienza
10:48 PRIssaquah
12Jordan Crist
11:12 PRIssaquah
12Dil Thiagarajan
11:21 PRIssaquah
12Nick Rodgers
11:26 PRIssaquah
11Alex Darragh
11:29 PRIssaquah
10Jasper Fuhs
11:40 PRIssaquah
12Caleb Losey
11:54 PRIssaquah
12David Jackson
12:27 PRIssaquah
12Davis Carmichael
12:29 PRIssaquah
10Sam Rosenkranz
12:32 PRIssaquah
10Caleb Kim-zz
12:39 PRIssaquah
10Nic Chin
12:44 PRIssaquah
10Torin Carmichael
12:48 PRIssaquah
10Ian Streams
12:53 PRIssaquah
10Aidan Miller
12:55 PRIssaquah
11Ellis Losey
13:02 PRIssaquah
12Dan Constantinescu
13:22 PRIssaquah
10Mike Violette
13:40 PRIssaquah
12Nathan Streams
13:55 PRIssaquah
9Alec Barran
13:58 PRIssaquah
11Rohan Ballapragada
14:01 PRIssaquah
10Kyle Huard
14:11 PRIssaquah
10Max Saviello
14:37 PRIssaquah
9Landon Aho
14:40 PRIssaquah
9Spencer Haas
14:56 PRIssaquah
10Alex Takeuchi
15:01 PRIssaquah
12Lucas Dolliver
15:02 PRIssaquah
9Rodger Kline
15:21 PRIssaquah
12Alex Schmidt
15:27 PRIssaquah
12Alex zzHutchinson
15:28 PRIssaquah
10Adam Bussey
15:54 PRIssaquah
9Ethan Medeiros
15:58 PRIssaquah
10Conner Tobey
15:58 PRIssaquah
10Glen McInerney
16:08 PRIssaquah
10Trent Angell
16:20 PRIssaquah
9Jacob Aliabadi
16:21 PRIssaquah
10Aedan Henry
16:21 PRIssaquah
11Joshua Bates
16:22 PRIssaquah
9Rykley Braun-zz
16:22 PRIssaquah
10Jason Liu
16:24 PRIssaquah
10Kobi Sunday
16:31 PRIssaquah
9Jack Welsh
16:38 PRIssaquah
11Cameron Salter
16:55 PRIssaquah
10Tanner Wilhite
18:37 PRIssaquah
9Nick Lydum
19:25 PRIssaquah
9Dylan Banks
19:26 PRIssaquah
10Arie zzProut
21:45 PRIssaquah
10Eshaan Kumar
24:14 PRIssaquah
11Allen Aby
11Isaac Andersen
9Samuel Anderson
9Josh Brueckman
9Joshua Geisser
12Preston Hunter
9Mike Ma
9Mason McCann
12Pierce zzMoen
9Sebastian Silva
9Kainoa zzSparrman
9Sid Thiagarajan
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