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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Cary Academy15
2.Wake Christian Academy50

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Chase Coley
17:04Cary Academy
2.12Dylan Lamphier
18:06Cary Academy
3.11Abe Weinstein
18:07Cary Academy
4.10Grant Scotto
18:10Cary Academy
5.10David Go
18:49Cary Academy
6.9Matthew Crow
18:50Cary Academy
7.9Kyle Murphy
18:52Cary Academy
8.11James Taylor
19:37Cary Academy
9.9Xavier Desouza
20:18Cary Academy
10.11Milen Patel
20:24Cary Academy
12.10Owen Mulqueen
20:37Cary Academy
13.11RJ Jain
20:55Cary Academy
14.10Will Aarons
21:01Cary Academy
15.11Hern Lim
21:18Cary Academy
16.12Hutch Whitman
21:42Cary Academy
17.11Krishan Guzzo
21:46Cary Academy
18.10Samuel Corona
22:02Wake Christian Academy
19.10Daniel Buchanan
22:39 PRFayetteville Academy
20.9Gwynn Nowell
22:42Cary Academy
21.11Mitchell Moody
22:49Wake Christian Academy
22.10Parker Perkins
22:59Cary Academy
23.10Teo Feliu
23:01Cary Academy
24.9Ryan Chen
23:05Cary Academy
25.12Michael Smith
23:09Wake Christian Academy
26.11Viraj Shah
23:32Cary Academy
27.11Aditya Surana
23:41Cary Academy
28.10Colin Zhu
24:11Cary Academy
29.11JD Ross
24:45Wake Christian Academy
30.9Tommy Frank
25:26Cary Academy
31.11Carson Collins
27:04Wake Christian Academy
32.11AJ Rutherford
27:14Wake Christian Academy
33.11Reese Dickerhoff
27:18 SRFayetteville Academy
34.12Johnny Tran
27:41 PRFayetteville Academy
35.-John Hollingsworth
27:48Wake Christian Academy
36.9Max Von weihe
27:53Cary Academy
37.12Michael Peters
28:17 SRFayetteville Academy
38.-Sean Morgan
32:28Wake Christian Academy
11.11Kai Hubbard
20:29?Fayetteville Academy
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