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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:40 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Madison West27
2.Madison La Follette41
3.Madison East80
4.Madison Memorial91
1.12Josh Freitag
15:57.28 SRMadison La Follette
2.11Max Loetscher
16:12.20 PRMadison East
3.12Jack Reed
16:25.65 PRMadison West
4.12Daniel Jacobs
16:27.96Madison West
5.12Aaron Letcher
16:32.98Madison West
6.11Erik Nuenninghoff
16:33.27 PRMadison West
7.12Ian Franczek
16:36.00 PRMadison La Follette
8.12Joel Foster
16:42.48Madison Memorial
9.10Ryan Reed
16:49.70Madison West
10.12Espen Adams
16:55.42Madison La Follette
11.10Bryce Doyle
16:57.25Madison La Follette
12.12Braxton Doucette
16:57.53Madison La Follette
13.11Manix White
16:58.52Madison West
14.11Henry Hansen
17:02.69Madison East
15.12Matthew LaLuzerne
17:03.25Madison West
16.12Alex Wolfe
17:10.81 SRMadison La Follette
17.9Christian Jaeger
17:15.39Madison La Follette
18.12Elliot Braun
17:17.48Madison Memorial
19.11Gabe Wasserman
17:33.49Madison East
20.12Mahad Osman
17:34.91 PRMadison Memorial
21.12Tommy Crooks
17:38.07Madison Edgewood
22.12Malcolm Buisch
17:38.19Madison Memorial
23.9Malachi Oser
17:48.49 PRMadison East
24.10Nelson Dresser
17:56.44 PRMadison East
25.10Jack Brolin
17:58.42Madison Edgewood
26.12Stryder Crooks
18:00.56Madison Memorial
27.12Lance Drewry
18:04.20Madison Memorial
28.11Gavin Hefty
18:06.84Madison Memorial
29.12Ian Vize
18:24.79Madison East
30.11David Kimbel
18:24.87Madison Edgewood
31.10Caleb Oser
18:25.14Madison East
32.9Leo Richardson
18:27.72Madison Edgewood
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Madison La Follette26
2.Madison West30
3.Madison Memorial82
4.Madison East124
5.Madison Edgewood139
1.11Nick Hellrood
16:58.17 PRMadison La Follette
2.12Lucas Crawford
17:12.26Madison West
3.10Chris Wolfe
17:18.61 PRMadison La Follette
4.11Luke Treiber
17:29.36 PRMadison West
5.10Julian Gary
17:29.80Madison West
6.11Erik Olson
17:31.48 PRMadison La Follette
7.12Liam Mullen
17:33.40 PRMadison La Follette
8.11Langston Nashold
17:35.21Madison West
9.9Karl Olsen
17:37.05 PRMadison La Follette
10.11Imaad Said
17:45.10Madison Memorial
11.12Daniel Childress
17:48.21Madison West
12.10Eli Gore
17:49.01 PRMadison West
13.10Denzel Bailey
17:50.94 PRMadison La Follette
14.11Ian Murray
17:52.55 PRMadison West
15.9Mikey Rottier
17:54.42 PRMadison La Follette
16.10Nick Noffke
17:55.26Madison La Follette
17.11Collin Henderson
17:59.66Madison West
18.12Austin Robinson
18:07.95Madison West
19.11Peter Vander Meer
18:10.05Madison Memorial
20.11Peter Sorge
18:18.79Madison Memorial
21.12Sean Marquart
18:19.11Madison West
22.11Dryden Schoepel
18:21.24Madison West
23.10Emmett Milligan
18:22.02Madison East
24.9Samuel Stalsberg
18:26.50 PRMadison Memorial
25.10Joey Collins
18:27.72 PRMadison Memorial
26.10Michael Kuhn
18:28.50Madison West
27.12Shaurya Kethireddy
18:32.44 PRMadison Memorial
28.12Noah Casey
18:33.40Madison West
29.10Will Barford
18:35.28Madison West
30.10Ben Hoyt
18:35.69Madison West
31.12Milo Rochester
18:37.52Madison La Follette
32.12Aris Lemmenes
18:37.54 PRMadison West
33.10Zach Counts
18:40.99Madison La Follette
34.10Toby Sibert
18:43.88Madison West
35.12Quin Gallagher
18:45.41Madison West
36.10Wynnton Mott
18:46.42 PRMadison La Follette
37.9Alex Sviatoslavsky
18:48.56 PRMadison Edgewood
38.10Brett Neumann
18:54.71 PRMadison Memorial
39.11Brevan West
18:56.26Madison La Follette
40.12Jack Taylor
18:56.66Madison La Follette
41.11Neil Khanna
18:57.26 PRMadison Memorial
42.9Casey Wichmann
18:58.34 PRMadison Memorial
43.10George Philbin
18:59.85 PRMadison La Follette
44.10Angel Villasenor
19:00.06 PRMadison La Follette
45.10John Marek
19:00.30Madison West
46.9Andrew Siehr
19:01.37Madison West
47.10Liam Gunn
19:04.68Madison West
48.12Adrian Ayag
19:05.10 PRMadison Memorial
49.12Sam Hoyt
19:06.34 SRMadison West
50.9Cole Wichmann
19:08.08Madison Memorial
51.10Joey Finkelmeyer
19:10.54Madison La Follette
52.12Max Lerner
19:10.62 SRMadison West
53.9Cameren Ketarkus
19:10.94Madison Memorial
54.12Riley Hunt
19:11.13Madison Memorial
55.11Karsten Knoche
19:12.30Madison Memorial
56.12Kyeonghun Lee
19:12.50Madison Edgewood
57.12Yazi Yang
19:13.02Madison Memorial
58.9Michael Flores
19:17.36Madison La Follette
59.9Ayoub El Hryzy
19:17.76Madison East
60.10Donald Conway
19:22.13 PRMadison La Follette
61.9John Lee
19:22.20 PRMadison West
62.9Soren Scholz
19:22.98Madison East
63.12Jackson Mozena
19:23.41Madison West
64.9Julian Caldwell-Co...
19:23.77 PRMadison East
65.12Ryan Larson
19:24.86Madison Memorial
66.10Peter Bauman
19:25.36Madison Memorial
67.10Lyle Kirsch
19:26.36 PRMadison West
68.10Avery Gammie
19:27.26Madison Memorial
69.10Tyler Masino
19:31.18Madison La Follette
70.12JH Verhoff
19:34.51 PRMadison East
71.11Ben Lewis
19:37.36Madison East
72.12Richard Thao
19:39.16Madison Memorial
73.10Max Drexler
19:42.25Madison West
74.10Oriol Canto Moliner
19:42.54Madison Edgewood
75.9Geoffrey Rossow
19:48.56Madison Edgewood
76.9Jacob Linderoth
19:49.22 PRMadison Edgewood
77.11Jerrett Smith
19:50.22 PRMadison West
78.9Ryan Buencamino
19:52.73Madison West
79.10Brody Andes
19:56.13 PRMadison Edgewood
80.12Luke Ellenbolt
19:57.26Madison East
81.12Grant Jensen
19:58.22Madison Memorial
82.9Daniel Brown
19:58.42Madison West
83.11Saylor Allen
19:58.60Madison West
84.10Ian McPhee
19:58.86Madison West
85.9Christian Jensen
19:59.38Madison Memorial
86.9Evan Tucker-Jones
20:01.73Madison Memorial
87.12Sid Raman
20:03.02Madison West
88.11Dhruv Biswas
20:04.94 SRMadison Memorial
89.10Ryan Valand
20:05.29 PRMadison Memorial
90.11Peter Whayland
20:08.12 PRMadison Memorial
91.11Elliot Shager
20:09.08Madison Memorial
92.10Kevin Shean
20:11.30Madison Edgewood
93.12Teddy Scheckel
20:11.37Madison West
94.9Silas Pickhardt
20:12.15 PRMadison Memorial
95.10Ethan Hughes
20:12.74Madison Edgewood
96.12Nathan Swartz
20:12.96Madison Memorial
97.12Hayden Cohan
20:14.66Madison East
98.10Alex Lyons
20:16.39 PRMadison West
99.12Eamon McGuigan
20:17.18Madison West
100.12Bailey Sargent
20:20.42 SRMadison East
101.9Isaac Bedford
20:21.06 PRMadison West
102.10Garrett McKinnon
20:21.65Madison Memorial
103.12Anders Carlsson
20:22.57Madison West
104.9Henry Lyne
20:23.89 PRMadison West
105.10Jack Maloney
20:25.30Madison Memorial
106.11Walker Voichick
20:26.34Madison Memorial
107.11Joey Rhodes
20:27.56Madison Memorial
108.10Owen Pitz
20:31.10Madison East
109.10Caleb Swanson
20:31.52 PRMadison Memorial
110.10Aaron Kasper
20:32.55Madison La Follette
111.10Patrick Severson
20:41.51Madison West
112.12Eli Hedden
20:43.56Madison Memorial
113.9Rauan Pritchard
20:45.12Madison La Follette
114.9Leo Shafranski
20:47.43 PRMadison Memorial
115.11William Mandel
20:47.70Madison West
116.10Mac Anderson
20:48.66Madison West
117.11Zion Hefty
20:52.22Madison Memorial
118.12Adrian Ralser
20:54.64Madison West
119.10Charlie Frey
20:57.48 PRMadison West
120.9Frank Li
20:59.52Madison West
121.10Reid Kuenzi
20:59.60Madison West
122.10Nick Ballweg
21:07.54Madison Memorial
123.12Augie Voss
21:08.18Madison East
124.12Andy Truong
21:13.87Madison Memorial
125.12Alex Turgeson
21:19.46Madison Memorial
126.9Aidan Behling
21:23.29Madison West
127.11Will Ranheim
21:30.32Madison West
128.9Josh Plasterer
21:31.61Madison West
129.10Henry Larson
21:33.88Madison West
130.11Ryan Weinbach
21:35.52 PRMadison Memorial
131.12Michael Yee
21:36.24 PRMadison Memorial
132.11Seth Weld
21:36.44Madison West
133.12Sam Mockert
21:36.52 SRMadison Memorial
134.9Charles Maysack La...
21:41.42 PRMadison Memorial
135.10Max Bundy
21:42.04 SRMadison La Follette
136.10Khael Pacheco
21:43.56 PRMadison La Follette
137.11Santiago Barquin
21:44.68Madison Memorial
138.12Shubh Singh
21:51.36Madison Memorial
139.10Joseph Schaak
21:53.26Madison West
140.11Garrett Reynolds
21:54.10Madison West
141.10Carter Horman
21:55.76Madison Memorial
142.9Benji Kissiok
21:57.22Madison East
143.11Jonathan Kirk
21:59.90 PRMadison East
144.11Callum Fettiplace
22:04.16 PRMadison Memorial
145.10Sean Valley
22:06.46Madison West
146.12Andre Hermes
22:11.20Madison West
147.10Tom O'Shea
22:15.52Madison West
148.11Jeremiah Williams
22:16.16Madison Memorial
149.10Jake Nemke
22:16.88 PRMadison West
150.10Noah Mercado
22:20.60 PRMadison East
151.11David Procise
22:24.09Madison West
152.12Kevin Tatooles
22:33.56 SRMadison Memorial
153.11Liam Higgins
22:41.80 SRMadison Memorial
154.11Andrew Tolmie
22:46.02Madison Memorial
155.11Joshua Beamsley
22:48.82Madison West
156.11Troy Wilson
23:12.36Madison West
157.12Joseph Hellenbrand
23:13.34Madison Edgewood
158.9Mike Peterman
23:14.92Madison West
159.10Armon Myadze
23:17.18Madison East
160.11Jacob Larget
23:23.60Madison Memorial
161.9Matthew Berthoud
23:27.88Madison Memorial
162.12Kyle Walker
23:28.99Madison Memorial
163.9Soren Dobbins
23:39.54Madison Memorial
164.9Will Kelly
23:42.18Madison West
165.12Joey Carney
23:58.51Madison Memorial
166.9Ben Gustafson
24:03.38 PRMadison Memorial
167.11Henry Zavos
24:05.60Madison West
168.10Joe Harris
24:19.59Madison West
169.9Christopher Cardoza
24:19.96Madison La Follette
170.11Simon Fordyce
24:34.56Madison West
171.9Sean Cunningham
24:39.11 PRMadison East
172.9Jack Silverberg
24:46.41Madison East
173.9Dominic Bailey
24:57.65 PRMadison East
174.11Wilson Kilmer
25:14.59Madison West
175.9Liam Bliss
26:01.78Madison Memorial
176.10Kaine Japuntich
26:04.83Madison Memorial
177.9Connor Williams
26:18.49Madison Memorial
178.10Tim Crook
26:59.46Madison West
179.10Gabe Martens
27:52.90Madison Memorial
180.11William Hebl
29:19.04Madison Edgewood
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Madison West23
2.Madison Memorial53
3.Madison La Follette62
4.Madison East106
5.Madison Edgewood123
1.12Vivian Hacker
19:14.10Madison West
2.11Andi Bowman
19:24.70 PRMadison West
3.12Christine Svenning...
19:58.58Madison La Follette
4.12Sydney Peterson
20:11.39Madison Memorial
5.10Ella Kunstman
20:28.75 PRMadison West
6.11Elli Hosokawa
20:32.78Madison La Follette
7.10Kristina Rohrer
20:33.04Madison West
8.10Grace Weigl
20:36.50Madison West
9.12Colleen Milligan
20:43.36Madison East
10.11Claire Reid
20:47.04Madison Memorial
11.10Isabel Eigenberger
20:52.98Madison Memorial
12.9Natalie Rhodes
20:56.63Madison Memorial
13.12Alison Cotter
21:00.09 SRMadison La Follette
14.9Zella Milfred
21:10.47Madison La Follette
15.9Grace Nemeth
21:22.79 PRMadison Edgewood
16.12Sierra Hansen
21:25.06Madison Memorial
17.11Carson Drury
21:25.12Madison West
18.9Hanna O'Brien
21:25.52Madison West
19.10Sylvia Greene
21:26.53Madison Memorial
20.12Clare Mazack
21:34.36 PRMadison East
21.10Lauren Schmitt
21:42.72Madison Memorial
22.9Nadia Wedge
21:45.49Madison East
23.10Erin McClimon
21:47.16Madison Edgewood
24.12Phoebe Atkinson
21:50.07 PRMadison Edgewood
25.11Evelyn Betts
21:57.47Madison East
26.11Erika Hosokawa
22:18.14 SRMadison La Follette
27.11Justice Parker
22:23.49Madison La Follette
28.11Mariah Marx
22:38.19 PRMadison La Follette
29.10Emily Maiers
22:59.68 SRMadison Edgewood
30.10Annabelle Poore
23:11.68Madison East
31.9Lea Lavendel
23:47.90Madison East
32.11Molly Raichle
24:31.22 PRMadison Edgewood
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Madison West21
2.Madison Memorial34
3.Madison La Follette95
4.Madison East105
5.Madison Edgewood136
1.10Sophia Miller-Grande
20:35.05 PRMadison West
2.12Izzy Bartholomew
20:53.42 SRMadison West
3.12Quinnlan Jones
21:09.53Madison Memorial
4.11Alyana Enemuoh
21:19.84Madison Memorial
5.10Helen Moylan
21:29.50 SRMadison West
6.12Genevieve Redsten
21:31.96 SRMadison West
7.9Piper Eriksson
21:34.87Madison West
8.12Maya Casanova
21:37.98Madison Memorial
9.12Emily Lutfi
22:04.98Madison Memorial
10.9Lily Rozeski
22:06.85Madison Memorial
11.11Katia Wanish
22:10.38Madison West
12.11Kayla Ruplinger
22:22.73 PRMadison Memorial
13.9Grace Heise
22:28.64 PRMadison Memorial
14.12Ally Walters
22:30.58 PRMadison La Follette
15.9Allison Evans
22:33.02Madison West
16.10Nora Erlandson
22:34.12Madison Memorial
17.12Mattie Kantor
22:39.87 SRMadison West
18.12Erin Reed
22:40.06Madison West
19.10Brett Gehrig
22:41.96 PRMadison West
20.11Addy Kielley
22:42.04Madison Memorial
21.12Priya Mathur
22:42.39 SRMadison Memorial
22.11Angela Maloney
22:42.89 SRMadison West
23.9Amelie Hirscher
22:44.28 PRMadison Memorial
24.10Chloe Bouska
22:45.18 PRMadison West
25.11Rosaleen Joyce
22:49.26 SRMadison La Follette
26.12Srivalli Paulson I...
22:49.40 PRMadison East
27.10Rebecca Cutforth
22:50.24 PRMadison Memorial
28.12Erin Alban
22:54.82Madison West
29.10Maggie Morgan
23:00.68Madison West
30.9Josie Ronk
23:00.94Madison West
31.11Sophie Blumenstein
23:22.47Madison Memorial
32.9Liz Shampo
23:24.57Madison Memorial
33.10Olivia Stanley
23:24.78 PRMadison West
34.11Giselle Lozano-Mar...
23:28.95Madison Memorial
35.11Paulina Baker
23:30.65Madison La Follette
36.11Kari Larsen
23:31.50Madison Memorial
37.9Ellie Knoche
23:36.71 PRMadison Memorial
38.9Adrienne Hurley
23:45.86 PRMadison West
39.9Lizzie Johnson
23:47.69Madison East
40.11Ellie Caplan
23:48.54 SRMadison West
41.12Sally Herman
23:49.70Madison Memorial
42.12Angie Xu
23:56.28Madison Memorial
43.9Jessie Kahn
23:56.96Madison Memorial
44.9Sydney Eriksson
23:57.61Madison West
45.9Alyssa Rios
24:01.25 PRMadison Memorial
46.10Maya Williamson Sh...
24:03.45Madison West
47.12Elise Carl
24:04.62 SRMadison Memorial
48.11Erin Jenkins
24:11.10 SRMadison Edgewood
49.11Campbell Dunn
24:12.62Madison Memorial
50.10Emma Walters
24:14.32 PRMadison La Follette
51.12Crosby Blake-Leibo...
24:17.04Madison East
52.12Simran Sandhu
24:20.54 PRMadison Memorial
53.9Tatum Wittenwyler
24:20.56Madison West
54.12Hannah Metzger
24:22.44 PRMadison Memorial
55.11Samantha Roberts
24:23.70Madison Memorial
56.10Ruby Sutherlin-Sov...
24:24.68 SRMadison East
57.10Emma Nathanson
24:29.64Madison West
58.9Charlotte Sweet
24:31.34 PRMadison Memorial
59.9Josie Kunkle-Schoen
24:43.48Madison East
60.11Isabel Rameker
24:44.39 SRMadison West
61.11Lucy Benton
24:44.58Madison West
62.9Eva Held
24:45.92Madison West
63.12Hallie Elkins-Ofst...
24:47.04Madison West
64.12Hannah Brakarsh
24:48.00 PRMadison West
65.10Clio Winnowski
24:49.83 SRMadison Memorial
66.12Katie Carr
24:50.06 SRMadison Edgewood
67.12Aviv Goldman
24:52.20Madison West
68.10Sela Lynk
24:52.78 PRMadison La Follette
69.9Isabella Ingraham
24:53.12Madison La Follette
70.9Maya Desai
24:54.56Madison West
71.12Kira Schukar
24:56.62Madison West
72.10Sarah Meyers
24:59.26 PRMadison Edgewood
73.9Sophia Reiner
25:03.25Madison East
74.9Maia Sherman
25:04.90 PRMadison West
75.9Christy Krueger
25:05.52Madison West
76.9Anna Eckstein
25:07.24 PRMadison Edgewood
77.10Lily Winslow
25:12.43 PRMadison West
78.9Sabeel Samrah
25:14.02 PRMadison La Follette
79.9Tess O'Donnell-Mache
25:14.46Madison West
80.11Olivia Finn
25:18.64Madison West
81.12Harris Ellie
25:20.99 PRMadison West
82.10Marion Elbow
25:29.52Madison East
83.9Madeline O'Donnell...
25:32.76 PRMadison West
84.10Sophie Heaslett
25:34.82Madison West
85.11Christal Ji
25:36.94 PRMadison Edgewood
86.11Madeline Zwergel
25:39.03Madison La Follette
87.11Natalie Melms
25:40.27Madison Edgewood
88.11Hannah Levenstein
25:42.92 SRMadison Memorial
89.9Emily Reed
25:44.16 PRMadison West
90.9Ollie Doherty-Maslin
25:50.46Madison West
91.10Miki Glines
25:55.66Madison East
92.9Sarah Huxtable
25:56.94Madison West
93.10Emily Anderson
25:57.20Madison West
94.9Jane Gotzler
25:58.00Madison West
95.11Heidi James
25:58.60Madison Memorial
96.11Sarah Eckhardt
26:00.33Madison Memorial
97.12Jiselle Ayala
26:02.03Madison East
98.10Claudia Mena
26:02.62 PRMadison West
99.10Sophie Stocklein
26:05.51Madison West
100.12Tamar Rubin-Calvert
26:10.44Madison East
101.10Zoey Yandell
26:16.58Madison East
102.11Anna Bauer
26:20.82Madison Memorial
103.12Quinn Buob
26:24.40Madison East
104.11Lily Lowndes
26:24.76 PRMadison Memorial
105.10Elinor Picek
26:25.39Madison West
106.11Bridget Thompson
26:26.60Madison La Follette
107.9Emily Peterman
26:31.82Madison West
108.9Celia Puleo
26:33.93Madison East
109.9Sarah Bennett
26:35.92Madison West
110.12Addie Zweifel
26:39.17Madison Memorial
111.12Elizabeth Graper
26:40.89Madison Memorial
112.11Karla Castaneda
26:45.32 PRMadison La Follette
113.9Joanna Scholz
26:47.09Madison West
114.10Elizabeth Redemann
26:54.02 SRMadison East
115.11Christina Weygandt
27:01.55Madison West
116.10Mary Hegeman
27:03.37Madison West
117.10Natalie Pricer
27:03.77 SRMadison West
118.12Alena Rader
27:04.24Madison Memorial
119.11Rose Loos-Austin
27:05.22Madison West
120.9Catherine Pfau
27:07.94Madison West
121.11Jaime Marty
27:08.58Madison Memorial
122.10Kelly Craven
27:09.10Madison West
123.10Kennedy Younk
27:09.74 PRMadison West
124.9Heewone Lim
27:16.97Madison Memorial
125.11Ella Gotzler
27:22.86Madison West
126.9Anna Poi
27:25.29 PRMadison West
127.12Lydia Golden
27:26.29 SRMadison Edgewood
128.10Leah Metzger
27:32.58Madison Memorial
129.10Lydia Oakleaf
27:35.75Madison Memorial
130.10Triona Witkins
27:48.29 PRMadison La Follette
131.10Abby Cattapan
27:56.03Madison Memorial
132.9Maya Barut
27:56.91Madison East
133.9Brianna Gutierrez
27:57.63Madison East
134.12Naomi Foster
27:58.40Madison Memorial
135.11Madelyn Peppard
27:59.71Madison Memorial
136.11Teresa Rojo Sanch
28:03.07 PRMadison West
137.12Tiana Brown
28:06.57Madison East
138.9Danielle Laluzerne
28:14.41Madison West
139.11Anna Williams
28:16.53Madison Memorial
140.11Lily Fowler
28:16.98Madison West
141.11Annika Verhoff
28:20.96Madison East
142.11Saskia Den Boon
28:23.60Madison West
143.10Rebecca Bartig
28:26.57Madison Memorial
144.11Laura Meyer
28:33.59 PRMadison Memorial
145.10Isabel Schryver
28:33.92Madison Memorial
146.11Greta Huber
28:35.13Madison La Follette
147.9Serena Jordahl
28:36.35Madison West
148.9Kaina Martines
28:39.09 PRMadison Memorial
149.11Cecelia Enright
28:39.53 PRMadison West
150.12Allison Leyer
28:39.72 SRMadison West
151.10Julia Olsen
28:43.91Madison Memorial
152.12Adrienne Hodgson
28:48.29 SRMadison West
153.12Deborah May
29:05.89Madison West
154.10Sophia Auron
29:07.19Madison West
155.10Phoebe Cahill
29:10.81Madison West
156.12Abby Jackson
29:17.76Madison Memorial
157.9Julia Tatooles
29:26.55Madison Memorial
158.12Zoe Schneberger
29:28.80Madison West
159.12Natalie Worman
29:31.15Madison Memorial
160.11Margaret Guetschow
29:34.03Madison West
161.10Sarah Nennig-Kniaz
29:36.95Madison Memorial
162.9Sara Young
29:42.88Madison Memorial
163.9Ainsley Reeves
29:44.45Madison Memorial
164.11Fiona Miller
29:56.01Madison Memorial
165.11Caitlyn Se
29:56.73 PRMadison Memorial
166.11Vanessa Reyes
30:11.94 PRMadison West
167.10Taylor Henner Ulan...
30:20.59Madison West
168.10Simone Asen-Klaskin
30:43.01 SRMadison West
169.11Anna Peng
31:32.69Madison Edgewood
170.11Grace Carpenter
32:00.05Madison West
171.9Mindy Bradt
33:40.83 PRMadison West
172.11Kristen Wendtland
34:34.75Madison Memorial
173.10Denice Lopez
35:48.53Madison West
174.9Risha Shelat
36:02.35Madison Memorial
175.11Thea Boyne
37:22.23Madison West
176.11Maddie McGlone
37:23.29Madison West
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