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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Varsity4:10 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Marvin Ridge15
4.Sun Valley86
5.Forest Hills148

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Luke Wolaver
10:16.7 PRMarvin Ridge
2.11Jason Blizzard
10:41.3 PRMarvin Ridge
3.10Jackson Colling
11:04.6 PRMarvin Ridge
4.10Sahil Bhave
11:10.4 PRMarvin Ridge
5.11James Bryant
11:17.6 PRMarvin Ridge
6.9Cole Jackson
11:18.2 PRMarvin Ridge
7.10Noah Lemahieu
11:24.4 PRParkwood
8.10Jake Ensey
11:27.4 PRMarvin Ridge
9.11Connor Gross
11:30.9 SRMarvin Ridge
10.11Noah Bowman
11:34.3 SRMarvin Ridge
11.10Myles Carnohan
11:38.7 PRMarvin Ridge
12.10Jeffrey Thompson
11:39.0 PRMarvin Ridge
13.10Larson Preisser
11:44.7 PRMarvin Ridge
14.12Liam Christiansen
11:45.0 SRMarvin Ridge
15.11Marcus Walker
11:45.2 PRMonroe
16.12Pablo Carvajal
11:53.1 PRMonroe
17.9Ethan Bradley
11:55.2 PRParkwood
18.10Zachary Dumaine
11:55.8 PRSun Valley
19.10Mason Piddock
11:56.8 PRParkwood
20.9Marcelo Young
12:00.7 PRMarvin Ridge
21.12Tyler Lewis
12:03.7 PRParkwood
22.11Alex Triplett
12:06.6 PRSun Valley
23.10Ezra Melaku
12:07.1 PRSun Valley
24.12Dustin Cheney
12:08.8 PRParkwood
25.12Andrew Riendeau
12:11.3 PRMarvin Ridge
26.9Charles Canata
12:14.2 PRMarvin Ridge
27.10Jake Schmidt
12:16.5 PRMarvin Ridge
28.12Clark Jones
12:16.7 PRParkwood
29.11Blake Schorr
12:18.7 PRMarvin Ridge
30.9Anthony Orloski
12:22.7 PRMarvin Ridge
31.12Jacob Penner
12:34.6 PRMarvin Ridge
32.11Jacob Plutt
12:37.0 PRMarvin Ridge
33.12Brendan Busby
12:37.3 PRSun Valley
34.12Braiden Guest
12:37.9 PRMonroe
35.9Trent Williford
12:47.4 PRParkwood
36.11Ryan Dillon
12:51.1 PRMarvin Ridge
37.12Riley Conant
12:55.9 SRMarvin Ridge
38.10Kevin Cunningham
13:02.7 PRMonroe
39.12Nicholas Marko
13:02.9 SRMarvin Ridge
40.12Miguel Silva Sanchez
13:13.4 PRMonroe
41.10Keiji Wong
13:16.9 PRSun Valley
42.10Christopher Shupe
13:22.8 PRSun Valley
43.12Jacob Lybarger
13:24.2 PRForest Hills
44.9Griffith Bean
13:36.1 PRSun Valley
45.9Seth Nelson
13:41.3 PRSun Valley
46.11Nathan Beard
13:47.8 SRMarvin Ridge
47.12Kalop Allen
13:53.1 PRForest Hills
48.9Logan Spilde
14:00.4 PRSun Valley
49.12Daniel Laird
14:01.7 SRMarvin Ridge
50.11Carlos Sanchez
14:06.1 PRForest Hills
51.12Jacob Brand
14:06.9 PRParkwood
52.9Braden Roark
14:08.0 PRSun Valley
53.9Andrew Secker
14:14.9 PRMarvin Ridge
54.11Carter Wang
14:18.6 PRMarvin Ridge
55.10Samuel O'Grady
14:22.9 PRSun Valley
56.9Connor Mogan
14:26.6 PRParkwood
57.9Adien Lee
14:27.1 PRSun Valley
58.9Ethan Davis
14:30.0 PRParkwood
59.10Caden Caputo
14:31.5 PRSun Valley
60.12Cameron Carnes
14:31.9 PRParkwood
61.11Jose Reyes
16:10.8 PRMonroe
62.12Ashton Duncan
16:27.5 PRMonroe
63.12Caleb Staton
16:44.5 PRForest Hills
64.10Hunter Gibson
16:51.0 PRForest Hills
65.9Luke Jones
17:13.1 PRParkwood
66.9Garrett Kelly
18:10.5 PRForest Hills
67.11Jossue Garcia - Lo...
18:45.7 PRMonroe
68.11Logan Griffin
19:32.9 PRForest Hills
69.11Carson Staton
19:57.8 PRForest Hills
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