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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Charles Wright Academy23
2.Vashon Island57
3.Bellevue Christian82
4.Seattle Christian86
1.12Jared Donnel
17:32.62Bellevue Christian
2.10Adam Briejer
17:57.28Charles Wright Academy
3.12Adam Berg
18:00.01Charles Wright Academy
4.11Dylan Wile
18:28.94Seattle Christian
5.11James Parrott
18:52.76Charles Wright Academy
6.11AJ Taghavi
19:07.63Charles Wright Academy
7.10Hunter Vilhauer
19:15.54Cascade Christian
8.11Carson Schauer
19:29.27Charles Wright Academy
9.12Gianno Waller
19:31.65Vashon Island
10.10Cole Hartness
19:41.81Vashon Island
11.12Jonathan Zacarias
19:57.21Charles Wright Academy
12.9Nick Brassard
20:13.59Charles Wright Academy
13.9Jahan Bains
20:17.02Charles Wright Academy
14.12Conrad Johnson
20:30.09Charles Wright Academy
15.12Hunter Justis
20:34.37Vashon Island
16.12Michael Saffari
20:38.42Charles Wright Academy
17.11Garrett Mueller
20:48.11Vashon Island
18.9Grant Wood
21:10.77Seattle Christian
19.10Demetri Lord
21:13.89Charles Wright Academy
20.10Jake Wang
21:22.20Charles Wright Academy
21.10Ukweli Dennis
22:03.74Charles Wright Academy
22.12Theo Hu
22:09.89Vashon Island
23.10Jake Hannah
22:26.19Vashon Island
24.11Kyle Lyndquist
22:28.01Cascade Christian
25.9Carter Archuleta
22:30.67Charles Wright Academy
26.9Parker Larson
22:33.60Cascade Christian
27.12Luke Stephanick
23:00.76Vashon Island
28.9Ursa Medeiros
23:07.17Vashon Island
29.12Sam Knight
23:28.12Vashon Island
30.11Frank Hu
23:42.14Bellevue Christian
31.12Joel Fisher
23:44.03Seattle Christian
32.10Connor Anderson
23:51.80Bellevue Christian
33.11Galway Gao
23:57.34Charles Wright Academy
34.10Keith Steedman
24:05.89Bellevue Christian
35.10Keaton Yen
24:58.65Bellevue Christian
36.9Jackson Mallory
25:37.09Vashon Island
37.10Andy Xu
25:37.39Bellevue Christian
38.10Sawyer Buyagawan
25:47.90Seattle Christian
39.9Maxim Hodges
25:57.60Seattle Christian
40.10Graham Buyagawan
26:01.62Seattle Christian
41.10Henry Tsai
26:06.67Charles Wright Academy
42.10Leo Li
26:12.17Bellevue Christian
43.11Kaleb Miller
27:03.35Bellevue Christian
44.9Davis Franklin
27:59.64Bellevue Christian
45.11Henry Comfort
29:16.58Charles Wright Academy
46.10David Johnston
29:38.68Bellevue Christian
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