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Mens Races
3 Miles Varsity10:15 AM
2 Miles Junior Varsity11:10 AM
2 Miles Freshman (Rising Stars)12:00 PM
Womens Races
3 Miles Varsity10:40 AM
2 Miles Junior Varsity11:35 AM

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11th Annual Bill Springhorn Cross Country Classic

Dear Coach:

Location: Shasta College, Redding CA

This race changed weekends due to the smokey conditions in the north state September 1st. This course is flat and is likely to be one of the athletes favorites as it is shaded for about half the race. It is quite spectator friendly for fans, and coaches alike. We have had a tradition of very quality competition and quite a diverse group that we normally don't race week in and week out. The medals award up to 20 in all five races. 

These schools attended last year: Klamath Union, Cascade Christian, Henley, Eagle Point, Yreka, Orland, Enterprise, Shasta, Chico, Foothill, Las Plumas, West Valley, Central Valley, Corning, Mt. Shasta, Anderson, Durham, Providence Christian, Redding Christian, Red Bluff, Trinity, Hamilton City, Modoc, Etna, Sutter, Eureka, Burney, Paradise, Lassen and Oroville




Course Records          






Dominic D’Acquisto     Andrew Skoy    



Varsity Boys              

3.0 Miles


14:30 * New Course



Hannah Dorman                

West Valley              

Varsity Girls              

3.0 Miles



Hector Damien                   


JV Boys                 

2.0 Miles



Natalie Renfroe                  

Red Bluff                  

JV Girls                 

2.0 Miles



Andrew Skoy                 


Frosh Boys             

2.0 Miles



Anna Lewis                        

Central Valley         


2.0 Miles




Top Returners: State Meet Results


          44th Place DIII Charlie Giannini     Chico High  School       16:07

          93rd Place DIV Eric Morefield        West Valley HS             16:58

          96th Place DIV Dymond Kostenko  Las Plumas HS             17:01



58th Place DIII Hana Hall                Shasta High School      19:08

60th Place DIII Nahkia Clements     Chico High School        19:11

137th Place DIII Isabelle Tate          Shasta High School      20:19

144th Place DIII Rize Oliveira          Foothill High School     20:26

147th Place DIII Grace Dudley         Foothill High School     20:28

59th Place DV Lauren Harper          Trinity High School      20:28



Central Valley would like to invite you to the 11th annual Bill Springhorn Cross Country Classic.

Date:      Friday Sept 22nd  2017

Place:     Shasta College, Redding, CA

                10:15 am                 Varsity Boys                                                               3.0 Miles

                10:40 am                 Varsity Girls                                                                3.0 Miles

                11:10 pm                 JV Boys                                                                      2.0 Miles

                11:35 pm                 JV Girls                                                                       2.0 Miles

                12:00 pm                 Freshman Boys (Rising Stars)                                      2.0 Miles  

Coaches Meeting @ 10:03am at the soccer grandstands!



The top three teams in each division will receive plaques. The top 20 individuals will receive a medal.

Junior Varsity:

The top three teams in each division will receive plaques. The top 20 individuals will receive a medal.

Freshman Boys  -

The top 20 individuals will receive medals.



$8.00 per entrant or a maximum of $200.00 per high school. Entry fee may be paid that day of competition. PLEASE MAKE YOUR CHECKS PAYABLE TO CENTRAL VALLEY CROSS COUNTRY. Mail to Howard Brodmerkle, Central Valley High School, 4066 La Mesa Ave. Shasta Lake, CA 96019.



Other Information:


§  T-shirts will be available for $9.00

§  Any questions, give me a call at 530-941-8472 (Home) e-mail=

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Del Oro54
6.University Prep164
7.Klamath Union187
9.West Valley244
10.Red Bluff252
12.Central Valley324

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Charlie Giannini
14:45.12 PRChico
2.12Eric Morefield
15:11.09 PRWest Valley
3.11Justin Matties
15:11.58 PRUniversity Prep
4.11CJ Duncan
15:21.22 PRWheatland
5.11Brayden McLaughlin
15:23.28 PRDel Oro
6.11Rory Monninger
15:24.00 PRChico
7.12Avery Grady
15:25.06 PREnterprise
8.11Kaleb Traficante
15:27.00 PRChico
9.11Jaxon LeDuc
15:31.00 PRChico
10.12Ty Thompson
15:37.00 PRChico
11.12Austin Mishoe
15:48.00 PRCorning
12.11Reed Garland
15:53.00 PRDel Oro
13.12Spencer Blatter
15:56.00 PRDel Oro
14.12Sam Frank
15:58.10 PRDel Oro
15.11Zach Simopoulos
16:01.20 PRDel Oro
16.11Christian Lane
16:02.10 PRUniversity Prep
17.10Patrick Roehling
16:04.20 PRParadise
18.11Riley Farrell
16:04.80 PRChico
19.11Joe Simopoulos
16:07.50 PRDel Oro
20.11Bretten Farrell
16:11.80 PRChico
21.10Luke Bland
16:13.00 PRShasta
22.10Anthony Vallelunga
16:14.00 PRShasta
23.11Ben Blake
16:15.20 PRKlamath Union
24.11Gabriel Price
16:20.10 PRParadise
25.11Noah Trento
16:20.70 PRChico
26.11Bailey Rockholt
16:24.70 PRSutter
27.12Parker Bingham
16:25.00 PRDel Oro
28.11Devan McClung
16:26.10 PRChico
29.10Jason Kelsey
16:27.10 PRShasta
30.10Nick Torres
16:27.80 PREnterprise
31.11Dixon Moore
16:28.30 PREnterprise
32.11Gabe Rubanowitz
16:31.00 PRShasta
33.12Brody Guinon
16:31.90 PRParadise
34.11Braiden Ferguson
16:32.00 PRParadise
35.10Daniel Culligan
16:36.00 PRRed Bluff
36.11Jacob Garret
16:36.90 PREnterprise
37.9Thomas MacLean
16:38.00 PRShasta
38.11Jacob McGonigle
16:38.60 PRKlamath Union
39.10Brady Monteith
16:39.00 PRKlamath Union
40.10Tyson Huang
16:48.00 PRShasta
41.11Victor Campanero
16:50.10 PRChico
42.12Trevor Trento
16:50.60 PRChico
43.12Geoffrey Chavez
16:51.00 PRHamilton City
44.12Caleb DeLong
16:51.90 PRCorning
45.12Nic Carr
16:52.00 PREureka
46.11Andrew Wise
16:54.00 PRUniversity Prep
47.12Drew Stacy
17:00.10 PRRed Bluff
48.12Wyatt Hein
17:04.10 SRWest Valley
49.12Erick Campanero
17:05.10 SRChico
50.12Alan Chavez
17:12.00Central Valley
51.11Reno Davis
17:14.00 PREtna
52.10Jonathan Abken
17:16.20 PRParadise
53.12Kellen Pierce
17:21.10 SRChico
54.12Tava Kessler
17:24.20 PRChico
55.10Jaeden Thayer
17:29.20 PREureka
56.11Brandon VanMeter
17:34.20 PRKlamath Union
57.12Jordan Zane
58.10Porter Flake
17:37.20 PRShasta
59.11Declan Ritter
17:43.30 PRKlamath Union
60.10Jeremy Moore
61.10Isaac Bailey
17:46.33 PRKlamath Union
62.12James Reese
17:47.33 PRProvidence Christian
63.12Joshua Hohberg
17:57.22 PRProvidence Christian
64.10Jake Preston
17:59.22 PRHenley
65.12Sam Chase
17:59.75 PRMt Shasta
66.11Sevee Johnson
18:03.30 PRRed Bluff
67.12Caden Pauling
18:05.00 PRProvidence Christian
68.11Colton Pitts
18:06.00 PRHenley
69.9Ian Mehr
18:07.70 PRUniversity Prep
70.11Ryan Young
18:10.10 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
71.11Will Barbee
18:16.00 SREureka
72.9Gideon New
18:21.10 PRUniversity Prep
73.11Jeshua Wilkinson
18:24.40 PRCentral Valley
74.12Erick Hernandez
18:26.00 PRCorning
75.12Danny Ramirez
18:28.80 PRWest Valley
76.10Jacob Matties
18:28.90University Prep
77.11Josiah Meade
18:30.00 PRWest Valley
78.12Cristian Lira
18:31.10 PRCorning
79.12Tate Gruenwald
18:33.00Hamilton City
80.11Francisco Vargas
18:34.40 PRCorning
81.11Stuart Simpson
18:36.60 PRSutter
82.11Carter Terrell
18:39.00 PRRed Bluff
83.9Olaf Coffey
18:46.00 PRKlamath Union
84.11Nathan Penner
18:54.00 PRRed Bluff
85.11Adam Shoff
18:55.00 PREnterprise
86.11Dallon Rankin
18:57.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
87.10Everardo Garcia
88.11Zach Harris
19:04.80 PRParadise
89.11Matthew Boutelle
19:15.15 SRParadise
90.11Trevor Kinsworthy
19:20.00 PRRed Bluff
91.11Dawson Hopper
19:23.66 PRRed Bluff
92.12Matthew Mills
19:24.00 SRDurham
93.11Brian Hernandez
19:25.00Hamilton City
94.11Cullen Gambetta
19:26.77 PRRed Bluff
95.11Cory Murasko
19:28.00 PRDurham
96.11Ethan Mendoza
19:31.00 PRCentral Valley
97.11Elijah Williams
19:31.90 PRRed Bluff
98.10Dimitri Stefanakis
99.11Clark Otrin
19:32.90 PRMt Shasta
100.11Jacob Piercy
19:40.11 PRCentral Valley
101.12Jeremiah Gomez
102.11Mitchell King
19:43.00 PRParadise
103.12Luke Neuhart
104.11Trenton Bandstra
19:47.00 PRParadise
105.11William Hernandez
19:49.00 PRCorning
106.12Brandon Jensen
107.11Javier Santillan
108.11Nathanial Rodriguez
20:00.70 PRSutter
109.12Ben Dobson
20:23.20 SRCentral Valley
110.12Will Underwood
20:24.40 PRTrinity
111.12Robert Moore
20:25.50 SREnterprise
112.12Christain Napoles
20:26.66 PREnterprise
113.12Michael Harmon
20:30.10 SRUniversity Prep
114.11Bryan Venegas
20:40.40Central Valley
115.12Victor Hernandez
20:57.89 PRRed Bluff
116.11Lambert Salvatierra
20:58.89 PRWest Valley
117.11Alex Haslerud
21:12.00 PRWest Valley
118.10Giovanni Martinez
21:25.50 PRHamilton City
119.11Rohan McKenna
21:30.30 PRDurham
120.11Elijah Bliss
21:34.44Red Bluff
121.12Kyle Milton
21:34.70 PROroville
122.11Zan Dotson
21:47.77 PRRed Bluff
123.11Jonas Leslie
21:50.00 PRRed Bluff
124.11Alex Blatt
22:17.17 PRSutter
125.11Wade Patten
22:23.00 PRParadise
126.12Diamond Thao
22:30.30 PROroville
127.11Omar Oliveros
22:42.20 PRCorning
128.11Colby Richardson
22:43.00 PRSutter
129.11Simon Schwarzlmuller
22:43.70 PRHenley
130.11Cameron Sherrod
22:44.50 PRSutter
131.12Daniel Crispino
22:50.40 SRRed Bluff
132.11Austin Branson
22:51.50 PREnterprise
133.12Ethan Yang
22:53.56 PROroville
134.11Daniel Cumberland
23:00.00 PROroville
135.12Daniel Meza
136.11Brandon Pina
137.11Antonio Rosas
25:25.50 PRCorning
138.11Noah Wylie
25:36.20 PREtna
139.11Mason O'Sullivan
25:41.10 PRMt Shasta
140.12Dax Wagner
25:44.00Red Bluff
141.10Ethan Huddleston
26:01.00 PRHenley
142.11Lucas Barriga
27:51.00 PRRed Bluff
143.11Isaiah Cadena
144.11Adam DiMaggio
27:58.00 PRRed Bluff
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2 Miles Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Foothill (Palo Cedro)32
3.Red Bluff98
4.Central Valley109
5.Klamath Union136

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Alan Nava
11:06.60 PRChico
2.10Dylan Tindell
11:28.60 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.10Aaron Arnold
11:43.00 SRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
4.10Ricky Esquer
11:45.60 PRCentral Valley
5.10Grant Joyner
11:46.10 PRChico
6.10Andre Mota
11:47.50 PRChico
7.10Braedyn Hick
11:48.22 PRSutter
8.10Marcus Franescut
11:53.88 PRWest Valley
9.9Conner Dooley
11:57.20 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10.10Josiah Palumbo
12:02.10 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11.10Hunter Dougherty
12:02.55 PRChico
12.11Marco Raigoza
12:03.72 PRChico
13.10Raymond Haeckel
12:05.50Central Valley
14.10Noel Waegner
12:06.12 PRParadise
15.9Kaden Lindskog
12:08.60 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
16.10Brendan Milani
12:10.90 PRChico
17.11Stefan Ayars
12:12.60 PRChico
18.10Jadyn Wilson
12:22.50 PRTrinity
19.10Logan Anderson
12:25.50 PRChico
20.10Marcus Hurst
12:30.50 PRRed Bluff
21.10Marco Hernandez
12:35.50 PRAnderson
22.10Casey Finn
23.11Mitchell Hand
12:50.50 PRChico
24.10Kellen Dutton
12:55.50 SRShasta
25.10Matthew Leslie
12:57.70Red Bluff
26.10Nick Kelley
27.10Caleb Cusworth
13:02.20 PRUniversity Prep
28.9Tannyr Rose
13:04.50 PRKlamath Union
29.9Alex Wayman
13:07.70 PRWest Valley
30.10Kamalpreet Dhanoya
31.10Kayden Metz
13:15.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
31.9Aaron Winterlin
13:15.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
33.10Joshua Badgett
13:16.00Red Bluff
33.9Dakota Simpson
13:16.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
35.9Adam Domanski
13:20.00 PRMt Shasta
35.10Paras Dhanuka
13:20.00 PRUniversity Prep
37.10Edward Hunt
13:22.00 SRRed Bluff
37.10Andrew Hohberg
13:22.00 PRProvidence Christian
39.10Easton Ross
13:26.00Red Bluff
39.10Mason Vasquez
13:26.00Red Bluff
41.9Zach Hoskins
13:27.00 PRMt Shasta
41.12Matthias McLaughlin
13:27.00 PRKlamath Union
41.9Reese Gambetta
13:27.00 PRRed Bluff
44.10Christopher Rosier
13:27.70 PRShasta
45.11Taylor Reynolds
13:29.00 PREureka
46.10Henry Humphrey
13:31.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
47.12Cameron Goodson
13:31.10 PRChico
48.10Ryan Ulloa
49.10Andrew Gersch
13:32.00 SRChico
49.10West Lee
13:32.00 PREnterprise
51.12Alejandro Zepeda
13:33.00 PRChico
51.10Paul Mills
13:33.00 PRDurham
53.10Spencer Tralle
13:37.00 PRTrinity
54.10Bennet Silkwood
13:37.70 PRChico
55.10Carson Gilchrist
13:40.00 PRRed Bluff
56.10Alex Wilkinson
13:40.30 SRChico
57.11Gavin Smith-Porst
13:46.00 PRAnderson
57.9Jonathon Reed
13:46.00 PRKlamath Union
59.12Alex Runyon
13:49.00Central Valley
59.10Shawn Sullivan
13:49.00 PROroville
61.10Elias Surber
13:54.00 PREureka
61.9Trevor Fieseler
13:54.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
63.10Seth Severson
64.10David Tappe
65.9Fletcher Bottke
13:57.00 PRRed Bluff
66.9Brayden Pritchard
14:00.00 PRRed Bluff
67.10Ethan Brown
14:01.00 PRChico
68.10Zachariah Schultz
14:02.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
69.9Josh Bonivert
14:03.00 PRMt Shasta
70.10David Falconer
14:13.00 PRAnderson
71.10Deakon Trento
14:19.00 PRChico
72.10Theron Gray
14:20.00 PRKlamath Union
73.11Sheridan Milestone
14:24.00 SRShasta
74.12David Hernandez
14:25.00 PRCentral Valley
75.11Isaiah Wilson
14:27.00 PRCentral Valley
76.10Morrison Parker
14:48.00 PRChico
77.12Cosmo Hutchins
14:49.00 PREureka
78.11Carson Birondo
14:50.00 PRShasta
79.10Mark Tankul
15:02.00 SRChico
80.10Connor Sharp
15:05.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
81.10Xing Shen
15:08.00 PRChico
82.10Parker Scott
15:16.00 PRChico
83.9Dominic Johnson
15:17.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
84.10Vance Wagner
15:27.00 SRRed Bluff
85.10Jeremy Moore
15:37.00 SREnterprise
86.10Tyler Quilici
15:44.00 SRChico
87.11Dylan Miller
15:50.00 PRTrinity
88.10Keegan Dentinger
15:56.00 SRKlamath Union
89.10Drew Snider
15:58.00 SRChico
90.10Omar Saligan
15:59.00 PRHamilton City
91.10Josh Zemp
92.10Bryce Robinson
16:28.00 PRShasta
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2 Miles Freshman (Rising Stars)

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Central Valley58

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Xavier Rodriguez
11:14.00 PRHamilton City
2.9Branden Taylor
11:23.00 PRFall River
3.9Alex Rudkin
11:34.00 PRChico
4.9Raymond Baldez
11:51.00 PRSutter
5.9Jack Hervey
11:52.20 PRChico
6.9Simon Griggs
11:54.00 PRAnderson
7.9Dysen Vigil
12:10.00Central Valley
8.9Darren Ray
12:18.00 PRShasta
9.9Andy Edwards
12:21.00 PRChico
10.9Ethan Pesch
12:30.00 PREureka
11.9Elijah Zane
12:30.10 PRShasta
12.9Blake Cox
12:32.00 PRDurham
13.9Aaron Bailey
12:32.40 PRShasta
14.9Tyler Manor
12:34.00Central Valley
15.9Michael Bunte
12:38.00 PRShasta
16.9Carson Bundy
12:48.00 PRChico
17.9Mario Matteoli
18.9Xavier Pitula
19.9Devon Hammeke
13:13.00West Valley
20.9Zach Fisher
13:35.00Central Valley
21.9Ayden Manor
13:44.00Central Valley
22.9Silvio Salmeron
13:59.00 PREureka
23.9Kozeng Yang
14:21.00 PROroville
24.9Braden Alexander
14:26.00Central Valley
25.9Dominic Chain
14:27.00West Valley
26.9Alfredo Cruz
14:29.30 PREtna
27.9Noah Herman
14:30.00 PRShasta
28.9Ayden Cavanagh
29.9Noah Jones
30.9Evan Martin
15:26.00 PRChico
31.9Cristian Martinez
16:20.00 PRHamilton City
32.9Owen Dutton
16:24.00 PRShasta
33.9Matthew Supanich
16:28.00 PRProvidence Christian
34.9David De Paz
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Del Oro58
4.University Prep94
5.West Valley150
6.Klamath Union176
7.Hamilton City186

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Britta Bundy
18:13.31 PRChico
2.9Hannah Wirth
18:18.10 PRDel Oro
3.10Sydni Dyer
18:34.00 PRDel Oro
4.11Alicia Murillo
18:41.00 PRHamilton City
5.9Grace Gaddy
18:51.10 PRUniversity Prep
6.11Marissa Bonivert
18:52.00 PRMt Shasta
7.9Hannah Cusworth
18:55.00 PRUniversity Prep
8.11Lauren Harper
18:59.00 PRTrinity
9.12Morgan Gregory
19:02.10 PRUniversity Prep
10.10Nahkia Clements
19:07.00 PRChico
11.12Aislinn Matagulay
19:11.11 PRShasta
12.10Isabelle Tate-Arev...
19:14.12 PRShasta
13.11Mia Ashby
14.9Chloe Jeppson
19:20.33 PRDel Oro
15.9Ashley Carey
19:22.20 PRDel Oro
16.11Emma Robles
19:32.33 PRShasta
17.11Cailin Dockendorf
19:38.80 PRChico
18.10Tayah Sager
19:40.00 PRShasta
19.11Caroline Forseth
19:41.90 PREnterprise
20.11Jenna Asnault
19:44.00 PRChico
21.10Lindie Larson
19:48.80 PRShasta
22.10Nereida Alcarez Lo...
19:55.00 PRHamilton City
23.11Toni Kostelec
20:02.34 SRWest Valley
24.12Stefanie Valdez
20:06.77 PRChico
25.10Sydney Hight
20:11.11 PRChico
26.12Mae Huang
20:15.50 SRShasta
27.12Jericha Margriter
20:20.31 PRWest Valley
28.11Abigail Edwards
20:21.10 SRChico
29.12Natalie Harris
20:23.30 PRChico
30.12Jasmyne Aragon
20:25.50 PRWest Valley
31.11Kristen Weber
20:27.88 PRParadise
32.11Marissa Heald
20:37.00 PRDel Oro
33.10Maia Crummett
20:38.00 SRUniversity Prep
34.11Nancy Hiner
20:43.00 PRShasta
35.11Lilly Kellerman
20:44.00 PRChico
36.9Calle Anderson
20:50.34 PRChico
37.11Braidy Smith
20:50.76 PRHenley
38.12Emma Blake
20:51.00 SRKlamath Union
39.12Nicolette Coffman
20:54.00 SRKlamath Union
40.12Hannah Barton
20:57.77 PRCentral Valley
41.11Lauren Akers
21:02.00 PRChico
42.12Axelle Lippens
21:03.33 PRKlamath Union
43.11Luca Pfahler
44.12Marina Conaughty
21:07.00 PRKlamath Union
45.11Serenna Morefield
21:13.13 SRWest Valley
46.11Cassidy Gilmore
21:18.50 PREtna
47.10Alandra Swangler
21:20.00 PRParadise
48.10Natalya Opsahl
21:21.00 PRHenley
49.9Nicole Lane
21:32.20 PRHenley
50.12Savannah Bailey
51.11Megan Matteoli
52.9Eliza Blake
22:07.70 PRKlamath Union
53.10Cassie Kingsley
22:14.40 PRShasta
54.11Coral Silver
22:15.50 PRChico
55.11Veronica Zavala
22:15.62 PRCorning
56.11Megan Thompson
22:17.50 PRRed Bluff
57.11Taylor Culp
22:28.21 PRChico
58.11Ellie Mangan
22:29.10 PRHenley
59.11Daphne Loustalet
22:51.10 PRWest Valley
60.11Kate Minderhoud
22:52.00 PRParadise
61.12Marisa McKenzie
62.10Kristen Kunz
23:17.00 PRUniversity Prep
63.11Abigail Edwards
23:19.18 PRParadise
64.11Ialee Hering
23:20.20 PRMt Shasta
65.11Alyssa Boucher
66.12BrookLynn Waddle
23:33.00 SRUniversity Prep
67.10Darian Debortoli
23:37.70 PRMt Shasta
68.12Kelsey Jenkins
69.12Bianca Rodriguez
23:57.30Hamilton City
70.12Elizabeth Taylor
24:03.20 PRHenley
71.11Julia Silvera
24:04.40 PRRed Bluff
72.11Rachel Bader
24:28.20 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
73.11Adrienne Boone
25:15.20Hamilton City
74.11Dulce Hernandez
25:20.20 PREnterprise
75.11Sassy Harper
25:46.30Central Valley
76.11Pearl Iribarren
77.12Shayla Freirich
25:51.20 PRHenley
78.12Blaire Britten
79.11Emily Solorio
26:13.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
80.10Haleigh Payne
81.11Kate Tickle
82.9Emily Littau
27:03.00 PRUniversity Prep
83.11Olivia Silvera
27:28.00 PRRed Bluff
84.11Emily Hengel
27:34.00 PROroville
85.12Sandy Ante'
28:54.00 SRCentral Valley
86.10Abby Bradford
29:09.09 PRHenley
87.12Lupe Pena Renteria
30:07.20Red Bluff
88.12Emily Morrison
30:08.80 PROroville
89.10Bianca Ledezma
31:00.00Hamilton City
90.12Olivia Brodmerkle
31:01.00 SRCentral Valley
91.11Katelyn Henson
31:30.00 PRWest Valley
92.11Carolina Sanchez
35:05.20 PROroville
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2 Miles Junior Varsity

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Foothill (Palo Cedro)62
5.Central Valley129
8.Klamath Union167

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Mia Torres
13:38.00 PREnterprise
2.9Natalie Bader
13:44.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.9Meadow Voss
13:45.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
4.10Grace Keough
13:56.00 PRSutter
5.9Terrina Carrier
14:00.10 PRShasta
6.9Kaylynne Turner
14:04.20 PRSutter
7.10Naiya Kowalkowski
14:09.90 PRDurham
8.9Serena Tate
14:12.20 PRUniversity Prep
9.9McKenna Baas
14:15.20 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10.9Ava James
14:22.00 PRDurham
11.9Neena Jones
14:24.20 PRDurham
12.9Mary Mills
14:26.20 PRDurham
13.10Remy Hickle
14:30.20 SREnterprise
14.10Aurora Boudro
14:35.00 PREtna
15.10Kendall Moxness
14:37.20Central Valley
16.9KyleeAnna Zink Cli...
14:40.00 PREureka
17.10Reagan Ford
18.9Lily Patrick
19.10Flor Hernandez
14:48.40 PREnterprise
20.9Mia Caldera
14:51.10 PRChico
21.10Shyolynn Pfadt
14:51.50 PRFall River
22.12Madison Harper
14:55.00 PRAnderson
23.10Alexis Easley
15:01.20 PRFall River
24.10Belinda Brookins
25.10Jade Burke
15:14.14 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
26.9Arianna Frescas
15:18.00 PREnterprise
27.10Sienna Hundal
15:19.00 PRSutter
28.10Serenity Colmenero
15:24.00 PRChico
29.9Adriane Ekwall
15:34.00Central Valley
30.10Hannah Fox
15:35.50Central Valley
31.10Liberty Whitchurch
15:50.00 PRRed Bluff
32.9Nivea Burwell
15:54.40Central Valley
33.12Jessica Reed
15:54.72 SRKlamath Union
34.10Macie Purbaugh
15:55.20 PRSutter
35.10Chaya Berman
15:55.60 PRChico
36.9Zoe Krichko
15:56.00 PRKlamath Union
37.9Emilia Coffman
15:58.60 PRKlamath Union
38.12Meah Bush
15:59.20 SRShasta
39.10Montanna Franco
16:00.00 PRRed Bluff
40.10Sadie Cook
16:01.20 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
41.9Kylee Jensen
42.10Michaela Childs
43.9Sophie Simpson
16:05.70 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
44.9Katie Hudson
16:07.30 PRShasta
45.10Arlene Garcia
16:11.00 PRShasta
46.10Lexington Delozier
47.10Angelica Jacoboni
16:16.00 SRChico
48.10Alexis Bundy
49.9Maybelle Benda
16:24.50 PRMt Shasta
50.10Taylor Murasko
16:49.90 PRDurham
51.12Carrie Snow
16:50.50 PRChico
52.9Claire Price
17:07.30 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
53.10Ashlyn Moyer
17:08.00 PRMt Shasta
54.10Allie Whitfield
17:10.10 PRChico
55.9Daisy Kritzer
17:10.30 PRKlamath Union
56.10Oliwia Morska
17:11.20 PRChico
57.11Sierra Saylor
17:13.00 PREnterprise
58.9Amanda Harris
17:13.45 PRChico
59.11Amy Mathews
17:17.22 PRChico
60.9Fiona St. Clair
17:20.20 PRKlamath Union
61.12Elizabeth Wilkinson
17:29.30 PRChico
62.11Maya Fielding
63.11Tabitha Knight
17:49.00 PRKlamath Union
64.10Ruth Peterson
17:50.20 PRKlamath Union
65.10Veronica Smithson
17:57.20 PRChico
66.9Destiney Gibbs
17:57.75Central Valley
67.10Faith Miller
18:05.30 PRTrinity
68.10Mckenna Galindo
18:20.12 SRChico
69.10Madison Powell
18:22.44 PROroville
70.11Sara Filter
18:26.65 SRSutter
71.11Darcy Coulter
18:29.87 PRFall River
72.10Haley Teague
18:47.44 PROroville
73.9Elizabeth Pena
18:47.77 PRChico
74.12Hailee Birondo
19:01.00 PRShasta
75.11Rhiannon Lang
19:17.10 SRChico
76.9Emily Cordonnier
19:19.22 PRKlamath Union
77.9Haylee Menne
78.11Hannah Neuman
20:10.00 PRKlamath Union
79.11Abby Bazzano
80.10Catelyn Brightman
22:46.60 PRHenley
81.10Kaylie Flatley
24:03.30Central Valley
82.11Abigail Fork
24:38.40 PRAnderson
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