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Eagle Island XC Course

5,000 Meters Open & Citizen Community 5K9:10 AM

Eagle Island XC Course

3,000 Meters Middle School Community 3K9:45 AM
Womens Races

Eagle Island XC Course

5,000 Meters Open & Citizen Community 5K9:10 AM

Eagle Island XC Course

3,000 Meters Middle School Community 3K9:45 AM

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Meet Info  (coaches)

COMMUNITY RACE - NXR Northwest 2017

This link is for regisgtration to the NXR GradeSchool/Middle School and Adult Community Races. For High School Registration please go HERE

$20 through 11.01
$30 11.02-11.06 @ 8pm MST
$35 at packet pickup and race day

Friday 11/10/17
11am – 5pm Retail Open @ course
11am-5pm Course open for review
7pm-9pm Ice Cream Social / Packet Pickup

Saturday 11/11/17
9:10 a.m. Open & Citizen men & women 5K
9:45 a.m. Grade School & Middle School boys & girls 3K 
10:15 a.m. Girls Rising Star 5K 
10:55 a.m. Boys Rising Star 5K section #1 
11:30 a.m. Boys Rising Star 5K section #2 
12:10 p.m. Girls Open Invitational 5K section #1 
12:45 p.m. Girls Open Invitational 5K section #2 
1:20 p.m. Boys Open Invitational 5K section #1 
1:50 p.m. Boys Open Invitational 5K section #2 
2:20 p.m. Girls Team Championship Introductions and National Anthem 
2:30 p.m. Girls Championship Race 5K
3:00 p.m. Boys Championship Team Introductions 
3:05 p.m. Boys Championship Race 5K

11.10.17 = 11am-5pm
11.11.17 = 830am-4pm

10:00 a.m. Adult Community Race Awards 
10:45 a. m. Grade School/Middle School Awards
12:30 p.m. Rising Stars Awards
3:25 p.m. Open Invitational Awards w/ Championship to follow

Race Definitions:

Grade School/Middle  = 3k.  Open to 3rd grade through 8th grade.  Boys and Girls, and all grades race at same time.  Awards given to top 10 in 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th for each gender.
Adult Community Race = 5k.  Open to any non-high school athletes.  Men and Women race at same time.  Awards to to 3 finishers in each gender.

Championship = Qualifier for NXN.  No more than 7 athletes per club team.  You must request entry to the Championship race to be considered.  22 teams and 45-50 individuals will be  accepted.  If your team is not accepted, you will be moved to one of the sections of Open Invitational.  If your team is moved, you may request for an individual(s) to remain in the Championship.  No 8th grade athletes allowed

Open Invitational = Varsity Level athletes.  You are allowed to register multiple scoring groups of 5-7, as well as additional individuals.  Scoring will be based on how you assign your scoring groups and multiple teams will be designated as A, B, C, etc.  No 8th grade athletes allowed

Rising Stars = JV Level athletes.  You are allowed to register multiple scoring groups of 5-7, as well as additional individuals.  Scoring will be based on how you assign your scoring groups and multiple teams will be designated as A, B, C, etc.  No 8th grade athletes allowed

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Open & Citizen Community 5K

1.Matt Chorney
15:42.02 PRUnattached
2.Cesar Mireles
3.Jeff Howard
15:54.27 PRUnattached
4.SrKevin Miller
16:02.66 PRUnattached
5.Barak Watson
6.Jesse Zentz
16:27.43 PR31-Unattached
7.Jonathan Murray
16:42.90 PRUnattached
8.Jason Hunt
16:56.48 PRUnattached
9.Jimmy Lee
17:11.55 PRTeam Idaho
10.Kyle Paulson
17:35.16 PRUnattached
11.JrCaleb Olson
17:51.04 PRUnattached
12.Garcia Royce
13.Shannon Horn
18:00.84 PR35-Unattached
14.Camren Horn
18:00.88 PR35-Unattached
15.Mike Evans
18:24.74 PRUnattached
16.JrAlex Schmidt
18:26.68 PRUnattached
17.Bryan Jenkins
18:57.77 PRUnattached
18.Kevin Paulson
19:03.39 PRUnattached
19.Steve Barrus
19:05.35 PR54-Unattached
20.Jacob Garling
19:09.39 PRUnattached
21.Craig Simcox
19:30.65 PRUnattached
22.Aaron Stites
19:35.79 PRUnattached
23.Kevin Paulk
19:40.77 PR37-Unattached
24.Elio Radovitch
19:42.84 PRUnattached
25.Jonathan Lyau
26.SoMatt Dukelow
20:19.50 PRUnattached
27.Michael McCormick
20:23.13 PRUnattached
28.Patrick Connor
20:30.05 PRUnattached
29.Matt Schrowe
20:34.64 PRUnattached
30.Jeff Sowards
20:57.73 PRUnattached
31.Bob Walker
21:38.45 PRUnattached
32.Matthew Imada
33.Steve Hunter
22:06.43 PRUnattached
34.Mark Hatch
22:20.78 PRUnattached
35.JrStephen Patterson
22:41.78 PRUnattached
36.Alan Stewart
23:40.88 PRUnattached
37.Scott Earnest
25:09.17 PRUnattached
38.Don Van Doornik
26:05.12 PRUnattached
39.Chris Andrus
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3,000 Meters Middle School Community 3K

1.8Isaac Teeples
9:48.49 PRUnattached
2.8Williams Richardson
3.8Jesse Halladay
10:03.47 PRTeam Idaho
4.8Logan Thomas
10:25.71 PRCanyon Track Club
5.8Bryce Hernandez
10:25.77 PRTeam Idaho
6.8Brigham Dalling
10:29.99 PRUnattached
7.8Quinten Carney
10:38.62 PRTeam Idaho
8.8Nathan Fielding
10:39.41 PRUnattached
9.8Ryan Stutz
10:43.98 PRBobcat XC Club
10.8Tyrel Taggart
10:44.40 PRUnattached
11.8Tyler Mesaros
10:45.13 PRTeam Idaho
12.8Brody Kemble
10:48.92 PRCanyon Track Club
13.8Caden Blaser
10:57.98 PRUnattached
14.8Brody Burch
10:58.89 SR54-Unattached
15.8Trenton Johnson
10:59.52 PRTeam Idaho
16.8Mark McIntyre
10:59.64 PRTeam Idaho
17.8Jamison McKinney
11:03.01Team Idaho
18.8Jack McIntyre
11:04.64 PRTeam Idaho
19.8Dylan Kinney
11:05.98 PRCanyon Track Club
20.8Justin Bybee
11:06.85 PRUnattached
21.6Noe Kemper
11:08.65 PR54-Unattached
22.6Andrew Ringert
11:08.95 PR54-Unattached
23.8Joseph Johns
11:13.38 PRBtc
24.8Garret Coley
11:15.08 PRBtc
25.6Kiedis MacFarlane
11:16.22 PRBtc
26.8Sam Fish
11:18.17 PRCanyon Track Club
27.8Matthew Streets
11:21.92 PRUnattached
28.8Jacob Lemon
11:27.73 PRBobcat XC Club
29.8Aaron Williamson
11:28.19 PRCanyon Track Club
30.8Taran Flynn
11:29.03 PR35-Unattached
31.8Mason Lewis
11:30.37 PRBobcat XC Club
32.4Christian Landers
11:30.93 PRBtc
33.8Jacob Frentheway
11:33.51 PRUnattached
34.8Jason Frentheway
11:34.09 PRUnattached
35.4Reid Bartholomew
36.6Jackson Bullock
11:42.71 PRUnattached
37.8Josh March
11:44.28 PRBobcat XC Club
38.8Henry DeFrance
11:44.82 PRBtc
39.6Tillman Bartholomew
11:45.47 SRBtc
40.6Owen Naberhaus
11:45.66 PRBtc
41.4McCallen Campbell
11:49.12 PRIce
42.8Paulos Woodard
11:50.96 PRUnattached
43.8Brigham Klingler
11:51.69 PRUnattached
44.8Shiva Rajbhandari
45.6Jack Tobin
11:55.47 PR54-Unattached
46.8Ben Ricks
11:59.03 PRUnattached
47.6Myles Wilson
12:05.55 PRUnattached
48.8Cameron Miller
12:05.88 PRCanyon Track Club
49.4Maxwell Taggart
12:09.15 PRUnattached
50.8Ben Martin
12:09.72 PRGrizzly Cubs
51.8Noah Conrad
12:18.15 PRUnattached
52.8Brodie Greif
12:20.64Grizzly Cubs
53.8Julian Demesmin
12:26.15 PRCanyon Track Club
54.4Sebastian Jones
12:27.74 PR35-Unattached
55.8Jacob Pett
12:30.35 SRGrizzly Cubs
56.8Owen Carbaugh
12:31.07 PRUnattached
57.4Runar Doskeland
12:39.81Team Idaho
58.8Zakin Bolander
12:44.73 PRCanyon Track Club
59.8Tyler Schrowe
12:45.40 PRUnattached
60.6Braydon Wade
12:47.55 PRCanyon Track Club
61.8Israel Norris
12:53.67 PRGrizzly Cubs
62.8Felix Trom
12:55.57 PRBtc
63.4Carter Langin
12:57.29Team Idaho
64.6Nathan Burry
13:01.18 PRTeam Idaho
65.8Conner Harris
13:03.38 PRUnattached
66.6Matu Mickelsen
13:04.71 PRCanyon Track Club
67.8Ian Stockett
13:04.85Viper RC
68.4Jaxen Walter
13:09.26 PRUnattached
69.6Wade Pollock
13:15.58Team Idaho
70.6Ian Packer
13:33.80 PRUnattached
71.6Caleb Pollock
13:35.28Team Idaho
72.Gabriel Bourner
13:59.45Team Idaho
73.4Wilk Tanner
14:01.74 PRUnattached
74.8Caleb Faris
14:04.52 PRViper RC
75.4Ishaq Bisharat
14:13.81 PRTeam Idaho
76.6Hendrick Visser
14:15.89 PRUnattached
77.4George Bentler
14:19.49 PRUnattached
78.8Trevor Riordan
14:20.19 PRUnattached
79.6Kaden Holm
14:20.93Stayton Running Club
80.6Luke Selmasska
14:21.81 PRUnattached
81.8Garrett Barene
14:27.27 PRUnattached
82.8Kael Johnston
14:29.68Charger XC MS
83.8Eddie Rudser
14:30.37 PRCanyon Track Club
84.8Caleb Woodland
15:02.77 PRUnattached
85.4Kevic Moore
15:13.93 PR54-Unattached
86.6Erick Woodland
16:33.53 PRUnattached
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Open & Citizen Community 5K

1.Samantha Diaz
17:43.30 PRUnattached
2.Amanda Sullivan
19:08.28 PRUnattached
3.Sarah Barber
20:25.38 PR54-Unattached
4.Keysha Stutz
20:35.91 PR54-Unattached
5.Jessie Ward
6.Stacey LaDoux
21:32.61 PRUnattached
7.Leigh Holleman
22:40.21 PR31-Unattached
8.Danette Bloomer
22:48.78 PRUnattached
9.Cindy Stice
22:58.61 PRUnattached
10.8Lily Nicol
23:02.32 PRUnattached
11.Cassandra Ortiz
23:14.64 PRUnattached
12.Krista Jones
23:22.51 PRUnattached
13.Julie Olson
23:38.78 PRUnattached
14.Casey Brown
24:05.38 PRUnattached
15.Lauran Yard
16.Amy Stites
25:31.61 PRUnattached
17.Danielle Danaha
25:32.94 PRTeam Idaho
18.FrHailey Sessions
26:08.15 PRUnattached
19.Renie Cochran
28:09.19 PRUnattached
20.Randi Wickens
28:32.74 PRUnattached
21.Molly McNeil
29:36.19 PRUnattached
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3,000 Meters Middle School Community 3K

1.8Mikella Tobin
11:12.40 PRUnattached
2.8Odessa Zentz
11:33.32 PRHelena Vigilante Run...
3.8Brooklyn Lowry
11:38.50 PRTeam Idaho
4.8Eliza Bentler
11:52.34 PRUnattached
5.6Natalie Nicholas
11:53.92 PRBtc
6.8Lucia McCormick
11:53.99 PRBtc
7.8Brianna Castaneda
12:04.87 PRCanyon Track Club
8.8Petra Hoffman
12:06.69 PRUnattached
9.8Tiffany Thomas
12:09.67 PRTeam Idaho
10.8Ava Hicke
12:10.26 PRUnattached
11.8Annika Zuschlag
12.8Megan Poler
12:13.86 PRUnattached
13.8Hana Mickelsen
12:14.72 PRCanyon Track Club
14.8Kate Brigham
12:16.89Jackson Hole Running...
15.8Lillian Neff
12:27.00 PRCanyon Track Club
16.8Lauren Skaug
12:28.19Viper RC
17.8Cameron Moore
18.8Harris Tanner
12:45.54 PRUnattached
19.6Ellie Gonzalez
12:45.74Salem Track
20.8Emily Rasmussen
12:55.48 PRUnattached
21.6Jaimee Olson
12:57.12 PRHawk Flock
22.8Margaret Davis
13:01.87 PRBtc
23.8Nicole Jones
13:02.17 PR35-Unattached
24.6Haliegh Cunningham
13:05.04 PRTeam Idaho
25.8Lily MacFarlane
13:05.74 SRBtc
26.8Kaitlyn Landers
13:09.91 PRBtc
27.8Perry Kemper
13:18.58 PRNett
28.6Ellie Taggart
13:23.47 PRUnattached
29.8Cadence Wilson
13:25.75 PRUnattached
30.6Beatrice Bentler
13:28.16 PRUnattached
31.8Adah Heller
13:29.30 PRBtc
32.8Joan Woods
13:30.61Charger XC MS
33.8Ellie Webster
13:31.57 PRCanyon Track Club
34.6Karina Demesmin
13:33.84 PRCanyon Track Club
35.8Aidan Grossman
13:36.37 PRTeam Idaho
36.6Adrienne Russell
13:42.27Team Idaho
37.8Emma Peltier
13:43.64 PRTeam Idaho
38.8Sierra Holleman
13:49.49 SRBtc
39.8Penelope MacFarlane
13:49.98 SRBtc
40.8Lucy Wunsch
13:52.14 SRBtc
41.6Alexandrea Knight
13:52.88 PRCanyon Track Club
42.6Mae Jensen
13:57.91 PRUnattached
43.6Aubree Adams
14:06.66 PRCanyon Track Club
44.8Jane Carney
14:14.61 PRUnattached
45.6Gabby Van Dahlen
14:17.45 PRCanyon Track Club
46.8Amelia Alvarez
14:17.69 PRCanyon Track Club
47.8Ruby Barrus
14:18.62 PRBobcat XC Club
48.4Necia Nicholas
14:19.10 PRBtc
49.4Gracey Visser
14:33.83 PRUnattached
50.8Natalie Patch
14:37.63 PRBtc
51.6Victoria Pitcher
14:40.62 PRCanyon Track Club
52.4Kolbie Groff
14:42.60 PRBtc
53.8Madeline Jones
14:49.72 PR35-Unattached
54.8Taylor Hatch
14:55.28 PRCanyon Track Club
55.8Mackenzie Malson
15:00.70Grizzly Cubs
56.6Molly Krueger
15:53.60 PRCanyon Track Club
57.8Margaret Grace
15:59.11 PRUnattached
58.6London Rekemeyer
16:09.32 PRUnattached
59.6Braylee Peterson
16:33.74Grizzly Cubs
60.4Diana Calderon
16:43.25 PRTeam Idaho
61.8Breleigh Ronnow
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