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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.White Lake Lakeland17
2.Walled Lake Northern48
3.South Lyon75

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Christian Davis
17:29.83White Lake Lakeland
2.12Drew Wenger
17:34.64White Lake Lakeland
3.11Harrison Grzymkowski
17:35.14White Lake Lakeland
4.12Nathani Corcoran-M...
17:37.13 PRWalled Lake Northern
5.12Angelo Savich
17:40.47White Lake Lakeland
6.12George Drallos
17:51.94White Lake Lakeland
7.12Tyler Leick
18:03.05White Lake Lakeland
8.11Connor Hudgens
18:09.56South Lyon
9.12Russel Moran
18:13.68Walled Lake Northern
10.9Charlie Jakubowski
18:15.22Walled Lake Northern
11.10James Johnson
18:17.55Walled Lake Northern
12.10Kiree Kailimai
18:31.20White Lake Lakeland
13.12Evan Leslie
18:39.56South Lyon
14.11Tyler Baur
18:42.16Walled Lake Northern
15.12Jordan Earley
18:57.29Walled Lake Northern
16.10Tyler Mann
19:00.85White Lake Lakeland
17.12Shane Kinney
19:10.49Walled Lake Northern
18.10Sam Lochkos
19:17.09White Lake Lakeland
19.10Nick Yanosy
19:24.73Walled Lake Northern
20.11Chris Sadler
19:27.70South Lyon
21.11Jacob Stoller
19:32.15Walled Lake Northern
22.12Matt Person
19:47.62White Lake Lakeland
23.12Brayden Swanson
19:50.57White Lake Lakeland
24.12Joey Younkin
19:56.72South Lyon
25.9Micheal George
20:00.27White Lake Lakeland
26.11Joshua Halterman
20:04.23Walled Lake Northern
27.9Emmet Reamer
20:07.75White Lake Lakeland
28.10Ben Jones
20:12.02South Lyon
29.11Brent Cohen
20:23.11White Lake Lakeland
30.11Brady Detter
20:30.12White Lake Lakeland
31.11Colin Clancy
20:32.76Walled Lake Northern
32.10Jacob Stein
20:35.81Walled Lake Northern
33.9Jay Kunselman
20:47.44White Lake Lakeland
34.9Bradley Corteville
20:49.23Walled Lake Northern
35.12Valentin Schnitzel
20:51.82South Lyon
36.9Alex Klein
20:53.35Walled Lake Northern
37.11Haden Gallentine
20:55.26South Lyon
38.9Arun Rushton
20:56.99White Lake Lakeland
39.11Grant Stroup
20:59.91White Lake Lakeland
40.9Ethan Ingber
21:00.94Walled Lake Northern
41.12Jonathan Allen
21:03.33South Lyon
42.12Nathan Doherty
21:41.24Walled Lake Northern
43.12Griffin Klevering
21:49.17South Lyon
44.11Max Roth
21:51.11White Lake Lakeland
45.9Sam Clymer
21:55.61White Lake Lakeland
46.9Tyson Lovejoy
22:09.85White Lake Lakeland
47.11Jackson Franks
22:16.31White Lake Lakeland
48.10Alec DeMoss
22:27.34South Lyon
49.12Kyle Campagnolo
22:28.05Walled Lake Northern
50.9Dominick Foytek
22:32.94South Lyon
51.9Eduardo Herrara-Pe...
22:35.35South Lyon
52.11Nolan Smith
22:40.99South Lyon
53.11Evin Poe
22:41.55Walled Lake Northern
54.9Parker Hood
22:54.28Walled Lake Northern
55.9Reese Camp
22:57.15White Lake Lakeland
56.9Nick Stevenson
23:17.75South Lyon
57.11Ethan Poet
23:18.37South Lyon
58.9Quade Johnson
23:31.73Walled Lake Northern
59.11Joe-David Curtis
23:58.77South Lyon
60.11Ben Nagy
24:00.30South Lyon
61.9Wyatt Richardson
24:22.54South Lyon
62.9Cameron Beals
24:34.99South Lyon
63.10Vlad Schnitzel
24:40.30South Lyon
64.9Dylan Marco
25:00.99White Lake Lakeland
65.9Parker Sage
25:55.41Walled Lake Northern
66.9Adam Curtis
26:11.48South Lyon
67.10Brian Swegles
27:05.09South Lyon
68.11Paul Vangel
27:12.90Walled Lake Northern
69.10Jackson Bowe
27:40.28Walled Lake Northern
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.White Lake Lakeland30
2.Walled Lake Northern37
3.South Lyon63

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Olivia Clymer
21:00.32White Lake Lakeland
2.11Madeline Rehm
21:05.26White Lake Lakeland
3.10Rylee Lukes
21:12.10White Lake Lakeland
4.10Miranda Meyers
21:36.55South Lyon
5.12Isabella Avitia
21:37.14Walled Lake Northern
6.11Grace Hickey
21:54.64Walled Lake Northern
7.11Emily Doss
21:57.01Walled Lake Northern
8.12Alexandra Knight
22:02.08Walled Lake Northern
9.10Clare Bridgewater
22:13.78White Lake Lakeland
10.11Rylee McDermott
22:16.15South Lyon
11.11Abby McClure
22:32.49Walled Lake Northern
12.12Jennifer Espvall
22:43.60South Lyon
13.9Avery Coe
22:53.80Walled Lake Northern
14.9Kelly Hickey
23:08.53Walled Lake Northern
15.12Katelyn Cheeseman
23:09.77White Lake Lakeland
16.10Ally Law
23:13.98White Lake Lakeland
17.10Ana Parker
23:14.93Walled Lake Northern
18.9Aria Novello
23:20.29 PRWhite Lake Lakeland
19.10Margaret Weber
23:24.57Walled Lake Northern
20.12Chloe Kimberlin
23:50.25Walled Lake Northern
21.9Brooke Niedbala
23:52.55South Lyon
22.11Suzanne Henn
23:56.53Walled Lake Northern
23.9Hannah Compton
24:30.75Walled Lake Northern
24.9Kira Iavelli
24:31.54White Lake Lakeland
25.11Rachel Townson
24:38.95White Lake Lakeland
26.10Andrea Williams
24:45.67South Lyon
27.10Taylor Ranalli
25:01.70South Lyon
28.10Nicole Campbell
25:10.68White Lake Lakeland
29.9Macy Gustafson
25:13.79Walled Lake Northern
30.9Ella Ranalli
25:14.35South Lyon
31.11Kylie Carbary
25:23.29South Lyon
32.11Madison Dietz
25:32.49Walled Lake Northern
33.12Avery Wissmueller
26:10.15Walled Lake Northern
34.9Grace Cook
26:19.46South Lyon
35.11Sarah Flannery
26:25.14South Lyon
36.11Megan Bergman
26:41.19Walled Lake Northern
37.10Katelyn Schang
26:44.36South Lyon
38.12Leslie Meloni
27:54.85Walled Lake Northern
39.10Moumita Michalik
28:14.84Walled Lake Northern
40.9Emilie May
29:15.53White Lake Lakeland
41.9Abby Watt
29:28.54Walled Lake Northern
42.9Caryn Sailor
30:00.31Walled Lake Northern
43.9Kelly Thorell
31:21.71South Lyon
44.9Katelyn Weber
32:17.12Walled Lake Northern
45.9Peyton Berry
32:47.86Walled Lake Northern
46.9Jillian Clark
33:06.30South Lyon
47.9Brooke Ziolkowski
33:33.17South Lyon
48.10Aimee Shelt
34:15.54Walled Lake Northern
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