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8,000 Meters Men
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6,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

Official Team Scores

2.Pacific Lutheran65
3.St Martin's79
4.Puget Sound95
1.SoDevin Wulff
2.FrErik Holm
3.SrConor Johnston
4.SoSaid Guermali
5.SoRyan Clarke
6.SoMatt Schumann
7.SrJosh Hunt
28:07.0St Martin's
8.SoMichael Murphy
9.JrLevi Schilter
28:31.0St Martin's
10.SoAndrew Jenck
11.JrLiam Monaghan
28:49.0Puget Sound
12.SoPorter Kreier
29:00.0Pacific Lutheran
13.FrBryce Johnson
29:00.1Pacific Lutheran
14.FrJonathan Maier
29:00.1Pacific Lutheran
15.JrKyle Rapacz
29:01.0Pacific Lutheran
16.JrBo Frohock
29:01.1Pacific Lutheran
17.SoChris Nussbaum
29:01.1Pacific Lutheran
18.JrBrad Hodkinson
29:01.1Pacific Lutheran
19.SrTommy Kimler
29:22.0Puget Sound
20.SrAustin Miller
29:37.0 SRSt Martin's
21.SoIsaac Fournier
29:46.0Puget Sound
22.FrMiguel De LaMelena
30:09.0St Martin's
23.SoBasil Engledow
30:22.0Puget Sound
24.FrDerrick Howlett
30:44.0St Martin's
25.FrHezekiah Goodwin
30:58.0Pacific Lutheran
26.JrConnor Bates
30:58.1Pacific Lutheran
27.FrEvan Polkow
31:10.0Pacific Lutheran
28.FrJonathan Brewster
31:12.0Pacific Lutheran
29.FrGuillaume Tabary
31:13.0St Martin's
30.FrBrad Anderson
31:18.0Pacific Lutheran
31.FrHarrison Hanner-Zh...
31:22.0Puget Sound
32.FrRiley Wynn
31:45.0Pacific Lutheran
33.FrIsaiah Miller
31:53.0Olympic College
34.FrNicolas Bourgeois
33:18.0Olympic College
35.FrBrett Reese
35:00.0St Martin's
36.FrJames La Coste
35:31.0Olympic College
37.FrAlex Perez
37:12.0Green River
38.FrElijah VanDer Most
39:05.0Olympic College
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