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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Rochelle Zell Jewish35
2.Idacrown Jewish36
3.Chicago (Cristo Rey Jesuit)61
4.Chicago (CICS/Northtown)101
5.Chicago (CICS/Ellison)111
6.Chicago (Christ the King)121
1.12Ezra Perlow
16:42.8 PRIdacrown Jewish
2.12Hector Martinez
16:50.7 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
3.12Solomon Treister
17:29.3 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
4.10Micah Cohen
17:34.6Idacrown Jewish
5.9Alexis Ibarra
17:42.7 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
6.12Liam Lynch
18:09.8 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
7.10Matt Weiss
18:31.2 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
8.10Sean Dreifuss
18:35.1 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
9.9Meir Cohen
18:42.1 PRIdacrown Jewish
10.12Gabe Cohen
18:50.4 PRIdacrown Jewish
11.9Levi Magill
18:57.8 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
12.9Josh Goltz
19:06.5 PRIdacrown Jewish
13.9Jake Geiringer
19:14.0 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
14.12Max Pivo
19:22.0 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
15.12Ephraim Wiesenberg
19:36.6 PRIdacrown Jewish
16.10Robert Fadrowski
19:39.9Chicago (Cristo Rey ...
17.11Yonah Steinberg
20:14.3 PRIdacrown Jewish
18.12Javier Andraca
21:05.4 PRChicago (CICS/Northt...
19.12Juan Rivera
21:05.9 PRChicago (CICS/Northt...
20.9Cyrus Allen
21:40.9Chicago (Christ the ...
21.12Gerardo Martinez
21:48.9 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
22.12Taylor Reeves
21:50.7 PRChicago (Christ the ...
23.Ghost Number 1
21:54.2Chicago (CICS/Ellison)
24.Ghost Number 2
21:54.2Chicago (CICS/Ellison)
25.Ghost Number 3
21:54.2Chicago (CICS/Ellison)
26.Ghost Number 4
21:54.2Chicago (CICS/Ellison)
1.10Bryan Perry
22:01.8 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
2.11Carlos Torres
22:03.2 PRChicago (CICS/Northt...
3.12Andres Mendoza
23:00.9 SRChicago (CICS/Northt...
4.11Artrell Benson
23:12.7 PRChicago (Christ the ...
5.12Jafaeth Crizon
25:01.9Chicago (CICS/Northt...
6.9Emiliano Segovia
25:09.6 PRChicago (Christ the ...
7.12Jessie Mell
27:10.7Chicago (Christ the ...
8.9Syed Hussain
27:13.3 PRChicago (CICS/Northt...
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2 Mile Open

Official Team Scores

1.Idacrown Jewish24
2.Rochelle Zell Jewish31
1.10Josh Pogonitz
12:12.1 PRIdacrown Jewish
2.10Benny Albom
12:16.4 PRIdacrown Jewish
3.12Isaac Marguilles
12:22.6 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
4.11Ben Lesch
12:29.6 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
5.12Noah Cope
12:31.2 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
6.10Yaakov Rosenberg
12:38.2 PRIdacrown Jewish
7.10Ray Goltz
12:48.9 PRIdacrown Jewish
8.10Jacob Miller
12:50.3 PRIdacrown Jewish
9.11Joey Rosenblum
12:55.7 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
10.9Micah Stern
12:55.8 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
11.10Joseph Wortman
12:55.9 PRIdacrown Jewish
12.11Noah Pogonitz
13:01.0 PRIdacrown Jewish
13.10Elan Kahnrose
13:01.5 PRIdacrown Jewish
14.12Zachary Frank
13:06.8 SRIdacrown Jewish
15.10Nathan Shapiro
13:11.2 PRIdacrown Jewish
16.9Noam Efergan
13:39.1 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
17.10Jason Ross
13:42.8 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
18.11Gavriel Levy
13:43.6 SRIdacrown Jewish
19.11Owen Stern
13:48.2 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
20.11Jacob Korol
13:48.6Rochelle Zell Jewish
21.10Dani Siebzener
13:53.5 PRIdacrown Jewish
22.10Noah Roffe
13:58.6 SRIdacrown Jewish
23.11Natan Vales
14:26.6Rochelle Zell Jewish
24.9Benny Grey
14:29.1 PRIdacrown Jewish
25.11Ethan Shulman
14:54.3Idacrown Jewish
26.12Ben Hirsch
14:55.1 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
27.9Joseph Hunt
14:55.6 PRIdacrown Jewish
28.11Onyx Friehut
15:00.0 PRChicago (CICS/Northt...
29.9Oscar Palma
15:03.9 PRChicago (CICS/Northt...
30.9Sammy Moscovitch
15:04.5Idacrown Jewish
31.11Adam Koenig
15:20.4 PRIdacrown Jewish
32.10Jaden Flores
16:39.3 PRChicago (CICS/Northt...
33.9Jaden DeLaRosa
16:58.5 PRChicago (CICS/Northt...
34.9Jonah Feigelson
17:54.0Rochelle Zell Jewish
35.9Amitai Vales
17:54.8 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
36.9Zeke Zwelling
19:10.3Idacrown Jewish
37.11Aitan Maeir
21:20.4 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Idacrown Jewish15
2.Rochelle Zell Jewish50
3.Chicago (Cristo Rey Jesuit)63
4.Chicago (CICS/Northtown)82
1.12Mellanie Barnes
20:54.3Chicago (Holy Trinity)
2.11Tzippy David
21:20.1 PRIdacrown Jewish
3.12Adina Trubnick
22:10.5 PRIdacrown Jewish
4.12Nechama Braun
22:16.9 PRIdacrown Jewish
5.11Tova Oliff
22:19.1 PRIdacrown Jewish
6.9Shira David
22:46.6 PRIdacrown Jewish
7.12Beatrix Treister
23:00.4 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
8.9Meira Linzer
23:00.9 PRIdacrown Jewish
9.12Gabriela Saucedo
23:14.5 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
10.12Jennifer Ramirez
23:27.7 PRChicago (CICS/Northt...
11.9Rachel Cope
23:32.6 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
12.10Elitsa Sklar
23:45.7 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
13.11Margarita Perez
23:56.0Chicago (Cristo Rey ...
14.9Eloise Treister
24:00.7 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
15.9Talia Brody
24:01.6 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
16.9Rachel Schwartz
24:13.5 PRIdacrown Jewish
17.10Yonit Mlotek
24:22.1 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
18.12Lucy Braverman
24:48.9 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
19.11Nayeli Carreno
24:54.2Chicago (Cristo Rey ...
20.12Marisela Garcia
26:30.2 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
21.12Melissa King
26:42.3 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
22.12Yesely Diaz
26:57.3Chicago (Cristo Rey ...
23.9Elena Escobedo
27:10.1Chicago (Cristo Rey ...
1.Ghost Number 1
49:29.2Chicago (Christ the ...
2.Ghost Number 2
49:29.2Chicago (Christ the ...
3.Ghost Number 3
49:29.2Chicago (Christ the ...
9.Ghost Number 4
49:29.2Chicago (CICS/Northt...
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2 Mile Open

Official Team Scores

1.Rochelle Zell Jewish24
2.Idacrown Jewish35
3.Chicago (Cristo Rey Jesuit)61
1.9Caitlin Allen
13:13.0 PRChicago (Christ the ...
2.12Gabrielle Ecanow
13:44.0 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
3.11Ann Kushnir
14:00.1 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
4.9Lila Steinbach
14:08.2 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
5.12Anna Jacoby
14:12.1 PRIdacrown Jewish
6.9Pelah Cohen
14:16.5 PRIdacrown Jewish
7.9Maya Resnick
14:20.9 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
8.10Hailey Jakofsky
14:24.5 PRIdacrown Jewish
9.10Arely Garcia
14:32.1 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
10.12Daniela Kluk
14:35.0 PRIdacrown Jewish
11.11Sara Richter
15:08.5 PRIdacrown Jewish
12.9Kayla Richter
15:28.3 PRIdacrown Jewish
13.9Rebecca Price
15:29.0 PRIdacrown Jewish
14.10Daphna Czako
15:29.1 PRIdacrown Jewish
15.12Dodi Harris
15:30.6 PRIdacrown Jewish
16.9Rebecca Friedman
15:39.6 PRIdacrown Jewish
18.10Wendy Valdivia
15:47.4 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
19.9Uma Lynch
15:57.0 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
20.10Sophia Roman
15:58.3 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
21.12Hadar Halivni
16:08.9 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
22.10Monica Chauca
16:23.0 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
23.12Dena Romanoff
16:32.1 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
24.11Molly Hart
16:33.6 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
25.9Noa Saxton
16:35.4 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
26.9Simone Miller
16:35.8 PRIdacrown Jewish
27.10Jessica Guzman
17:02.6 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
28.10Ingrid Gonzalez
17:11.3 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
29.11Kate Estrada
17:19.2 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
30.9Tali Rosenzweig
18:15.7 PRIdacrown Jewish
31.9Liat Mott
18:49.3 PRIdacrown Jewish
32.9Jacqueline Perez
19:00.1 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
33.10Esmeralda Vasquez
19:34.4 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
34.11Lizzie Abelson
20:36.0 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
35.9Shiraz Ostroff
21:01.0 PRRochelle Zell Jewish
36.10Makoro Kebe
22:53.2 PRChicago (Christ the ...
37.11Rebecca Quintas
26:49.9 SRIdacrown Jewish
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