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Mens Results

2 Miles Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Traverse City West27
2.Traverse City East29
1.8Isaac Stone
11:26.69 PRTraverse City West
2.8Luke Venhuizen
11:41.10 PRTraverse City East
3.7Joe Muha
11:54.87 PRTraverse City East
4.7Koen Burkholder
12:00.55 PRTraverse City West
5.6Jeremiah Jaymes
12:01.05 PRTraverse City West
6.7Spike Peterson
12:05.31 PRTraverse City East
7.7Brendan Coffman
12:11.02 PRTraverse City East
8.8Carter Dean
12:22.72Traverse City West
9.8Austin Brown
12:35.20Traverse City West
10.8Quinn McMillan
12:38.24Traverse City West
11.6Zack Truszkowski
12:39.81 PRTraverse City East
12.8Keagan Reimers
12:49.96 PRTraverse City East
13.8Matthew Popp
12:50.31Traverse City West
14.7Jonah Hochstetler
12:53.73Traverse City West
15.6Parker Kirschner
13:04.07 PRTraverse City West
16.8Andy Hill
13:05.46 PRTraverse City West
17.7Ethan Espinoza
13:06.83 PRTraverse City East
18.7J.P Hebert
13:11.95 PRTraverse City East
19.6Lucas Reimers
13:18.69 PRTraverse City East
20.7Jon Palmer
13:29.79 PRTraverse City West
21.6Willem DeGood
13:30.71 PRTraverse City West
22.7Nolan Joynt
13:32.53 PRTraverse City East
23.8Rowan Schultz
13:33.72 PRPathfinder Elementary
24.6Sam King
13:34.40Traverse City West
25.7Wyatt Dorman
13:35.42 PRPathfinder Elementary
26.7Lee Forton
13:40.37 PRTraverse City West
27.6Evan Arleth
13:41.48 PRTraverse City East
28.8Baylor Baldwin
13:42.66 PRTraverse City West
29.8Kindred Burke
13:44.32Traverse City West
30.8Sam McDonough
13:47.37Traverse City East
31.7Peter Hetzel
13:50.84Traverse City East
32.6Caden Olvey
13:51.59 PRTraverse City West
33.8Nathaniel Myers
13:52.78 PRTraverse City West
34.6Alex Durocher
13:53.47 PRTraverse City East
35.8Carson Gretzmacher
13:57.13 PRTraverse City West
36.8Jacen Koernke
14:15.93Traverse City East
37.7Gram Jocks
14:21.91 PRTraverse City East
38.7Evan Soles
14:23.39Traverse City East
39.7Jack Bongiorno
14:24.00 PRTraverse City East
40.8Benjamin Lober
14:27.23Traverse City West
41.6Kaiden Morey
14:27.89 PRTraverse City East
42.-Taylor Fowler
14:29.08 PRNew Covenant Christi...
43.6Mac VanderHorn
14:29.72 PRTraverse City West
44.6Quinn Worden
14:29.92 PRTraverse City East
45.7Brady Lane
14:39.10 PRTraverse City East
46.8Leonard Chown
14:40.83Traverse City East
47.6Quinten Henderson
14:41.76 PRTraverse City East
48.6Sawyer Burke
14:42.10Traverse City West
49.6Christian Leachman
14:42.88Traverse City West
50.7Alex Ghering
15:01.81 PRTraverse City East
51.6Blaise Wilson
15:11.31Traverse City West
52.6Conner Tabaczka
15:13.87 PRTraverse City East
53.8Grant Ford
15:18.09 PRTraverse City East
54.6Aiden Fournier
15:20.52 PRTraverse City West
55.8Evan Ranger
15:23.26Traverse City West
56.8Gabriel Howard
15:25.97 SRTraverse City East
57.7Gabe Navarre
15:51.08Traverse City West
58.7Ben Doriot
15:54.66 PRTraverse City West
59.6Bjorn Tracy
16:01.14Traverse City West
60.6Jackson Price
16:04.47 PRTraverse City East
61.6Spencer Cobb
16:23.98 PRTraverse City East
62.6Thor Grebe
16:33.37 PRTraverse City West
63.7Sam Kroupa
16:34.21 PRTraverse City East
64.-Jadon Hadfield
16:34.88 PRNew Covenant Christi...
65.8Matthew Ochoa
16:46.86 PRTraverse City East
66.7Jack Marshall
17:25.66 PRTraverse City West
67.6Levi Dillon
17:31.95Traverse City East
68.7Isaac Lynch
17:38.61 PRTraverse City West
69.7Ben Hermann
17:40.95Traverse City West
70.6David Russell
17:49.40 PRTraverse City East
71.6David Best
17:52.62 PRPathfinder Elementary
72.6David Love
18:30.25 PRPathfinder Elementary
73.7Elvis Hall
19:03.78 PRTraverse City West
74.6Max Kazmierski
19:27.32Traverse City West
75.6RJ Rinal
19:29.65Traverse City West
76.7Hank Hall
19:36.12 PRTraverse City West
77.6Caden Kowal
19:59.15Traverse City East
78.8Hayden Vendeville
20:48.58 SRNew Covenant Christi...
7Geoffrey Pierick
DNFTraverse City East
7Dutch Ballan
DNFTraverse City West
7Trey Piedmonte
DNFTraverse City West
8Simon Piedmonte
DNFTraverse City West
6Alejandro Lepczyk
DNFPathfinder Elementary
6Charlie Lancashire
DNFTraverse City East
8Benjamin Wilson
DNFTraverse City East
8Evan Coulter
DNFTraverse City East
8Marcus Fassbender
DNFTraverse City East
8Clayton Kipfmueller
DNFTraverse City East
8Ben Leask
DNFTraverse City East
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1 Miles Elementary

Official Team Scores

1.Willow Hill Elementary36
2.Courtade Elementary81
3.Westwoods Elementary86
4.Eastern Elementary89
5.Central Elementary111
6.Old Mission Elementary134
7.Cherry Knoll Elementary206
8.Silver Lake Elementary217
9.TCAPS Montessori Elementary223
1.5Mason Cox
6:19.49 PREastern Elementary
2.5Caden Stoops
6:19.57Willow Hill Elementary
4.4Brodie Stone
6:20.10Westwoods Elementary
5.5Winslow Robinson
6:28.79 PRWillow Hill Elementary
6.4Wilson Coffman
6:40.61Courtade Elementary
7.3Cash Conaway
6:41.15Old Mission Elementary
8.3Duncan Robinson
6:50.10Willow Hill Elementary
9.5Aiden Fairbank
6:54.77 PRCentral Elementary
10.4Porter Dieleman
6:56.66 PRCourtade Elementary
11.5Isaac Shapiro
6:57.71 PRWillow Hill Elementary
12.3Harrison Jefferies
6:57.88Pathfinder Elementary
13.5Quentin Smith
7:03.90Long Lake Elementary
14.3Trenton Hill
7:05.88 PRTraverse Heights Ele...
15.4Grady Rousse
7:07.13 PREastern Elementary
16.4Caleb Keller
7:07.16Eastern Elementary
17.4Mitchell Budnik
7:09.47 PRWillow Hill Elementary
18.3WIlliam Jensen
7:10.56Old Mission Elementary
19.3Will Sorenson
7:11.48 PRWestwoods Elementary
20.4Tristan Dunn
7:12.00 PRWillow Hill Elementary
21.4Liam Bauer
7:14.88 PRWestwoods Elementary
22.4Joseph Sturtevant
7:16.17Westwoods Elementary
23.4August Rojo
7:20.75Courtade Elementary
24.4Owen Munch
7:21.29 PRCentral Elementary
25.3Aidan DeMarsh
7:21.51 PRCourtade Elementary
26.3Erickson Baker
7:23.36Central Elementary
27.3Braxton Couturier
7:23.46 PRWillow Hill Elementary
28.4Caleb Fryer
7:24.47Silver Lake Elementary
29.3Caden Rodenroth
7:26.89 PROld Mission Elementary
30.5Corbin Irish
7:27.47Central Elementary
31.5Owen Kogelman
7:28.11 PRCourtade Elementary
32.4Lachlan Burks
7:30.56 PRTCAPS Montessori Ele...
33.4Kaelan Burkholder
7:34.49TCAPS Montessori Ele...
34.3Elliot Popovits
7:34.85Willow Hill Elementary
35.5Camden Rokos
7:41.01Cherry Knoll Element...
36.4Brady Johnsen
7:42.28Eastern Elementary
37.5jack Craig
7:43.82Courtade Elementary
38.4Harrison Heller
7:45.59Westwoods Elementary
39.5Pat Flannery
7:49.06Eastern Elementary
40.3Rocco Reimers
7:49.36 PRCentral Elementary
41.5Finn Llore
7:51.10 PRCherry Knoll Element...
42.4Aidan Simrau
7:55.16Westwoods Elementary
43.4Caleb Butler
7:56.21Silver Lake Elementary
44.3Ayden Robinson
8:00.50Central Elementary
45.3Treyson Nyland
8:03.79Willow Hill Elementary
46.4Logan Pierce
8:08.54 PRWestwoods Elementary
47.4Tucker Ballenger
8:08.57Central Elementary
48.4Noah Bailey
8:16.84 PRPathfinder Elementary
49.5Lewis Roubal
8:17.50Old Mission Elementary
50.5Riley White
8:18.75 PREastern Elementary
51.3Max Sawhill
8:19.36 PRCherry Knoll Element...
52.3Joshua Phillips
8:23.83 PRLong Lake Elementary
53.3Aiden Merchant
8:24.43 PRCourtade Elementary
54.4Dawson Payne
8:24.73Cherry Knoll Element...
55.5Morgan Hill
8:25.05 PRTraverse Heights Ele...
56.5Graham Hislop
8:25.12Long Lake Elementary
57.5Zachary Chaussee
8:29.28 PROld Mission Elementary
58.4Andrew Roeder
8:32.70 PRCentral Elementary
59.4Brody Metdepenninger
8:35.25 PRCourtade Elementary
60.3Brody Warren
8:39.59 PRPathfinder Elementary
61.4Samuel Tursman
8:42.81 PREastern Elementary
62.3Grant Wilson
9:00.71 PRCourtade Elementary
63.4James Reagan
9:05.61 PRCentral Elementary
64.4Isaiah Johnston
9:06.83Traverse Heights Ele...
65.4Ethan Butler
9:23.40Silver Lake Elementary
66.5Kayden Hamilton
9:25.00Cherry Knoll Element...
67.4Leland Roskamp
9:28.87 PRCentral Elementary
68.4Austin Shepherd
9:53.86Cherry Knoll Element...
69.3Noah Eno
9:57.71 PRCourtade Elementary
70.4Brayden Buyze
10:04.62Silver Lake Elementary
71.3Cameron Darling
10:15.01 PRCourtade Elementary
72.3Britton Wheeler
10:18.20TCAPS Montessori Ele...
73.4Landen Welton
10:33.23Silver Lake Elementary
74.3Harper Rinal
10:50.89 PRSilver Lake Elementary
75.3Corbin Stawowy
10:59.06TCAPS Montessori Ele...
76.4Luke Wildman
13:34.27 PRTCAPS Montessori Ele...
4Tait Kuester
DNFWillow Hill Elementary
4Aidan Greenway
DNFCentral Elementary
4Helly Taylor
DNFCentral Elementary
4Peter Moody
DNFCourtade Elementary
3Logan Whitney
DNFTraverse Heights Ele...
5Lucas Green
DNFEastern Elementary
5Zachary Kazmierski
DNFTCAPS Montessori Ele...
4Andrew Thomas
DNFWillow Hill Elementary
5Benjamin Nelson
DNFWillow Hill Elementary
4Gus Baldyga
DNFPathfinder Elementary
5Ashton Klingelsmith
DNFCherry Knoll Element...
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Womens Results

2 Miles Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Traverse City East23
2.Traverse City West32
1.8Julia Flynn
11:48.51 SRTraverse City East
2.8Addison Swanson
12:36.64 PRTraverse City East
3.8Elliott Smith
13:04.46 PRTraverse City West
4.7Kaitlyn Sanders
13:28.54 PRTraverse City East
5.8Jenna Hickey
13:29.03 PRTraverse City West
6.6Adelaide Feeley
13:38.24 PRTraverse City East
7.6Charlise Carlson
14:08.27 PRTraverse City West
8.6Grace Moeggenborg
14:08.64 PRTraverse City West
9.7Natalie Crowley
14:08.66 PRTraverse City West
10.7Kathleen Venhuizen
14:11.40Traverse City East
11.6Charlise Schulz
14:13.71 PRTraverse City West
12.6Alexis Ball
14:22.52 PRTraverse City East
13.7Charlotte Noller
14:23.95 PRTraverse City West
14.7Zinnia Burks
14:28.09 PRTraverse City West
15.8Gwen Urbain
15:02.07Traverse City East
16.8Betsie Novik
15:09.16 SRTraverse City East
17.6Ava King
15:10.13 PRTraverse City West
18.8Jasmine Kath
15:12.15 PRTraverse City East
19.6Ali Stone
15:17.29 PRTraverse City West
20.8Lauren Stallman
15:22.89 PRTraverse City East
21.8Elle Craven
15:24.05 SRTraverse City East
22.8Hailey Ciganick
15:34.32 PRTraverse City East
23.7Madalen Ferrill
15:46.22 PRTraverse City West
24.-Naomi Saneda
15:52.57 PRNew Covenant Christi...
25.8Marguerite Church
15:58.15Traverse City West
26.8Nora Ryba
16:00.13 SRTraverse City East
27.6Mackenzie Waller
16:02.81 PRTraverse City East
28.6Annaliese Majewski
16:04.92Traverse City East
29.8Morgan Sanders
16:10.10Traverse City East
30.7Sara Newman
16:17.31 PRTraverse City West
31.6Madyson Garrett
16:24.77 PRTraverse City East
32.6Mazzy Warren-Johnson
16:30.75 PRTraverse City West
33.6Brenna Baldwin
16:37.61Traverse City West
34.6Clare Eichberger
16:38.69 PRTraverse City West
35.7Sofia Gustafson
16:48.94 PRTraverse City East
36.8Anna Childs
16:56.99 PRTraverse City West
37.8Alyssa Masiewicz
17:00.39 PRTraverse City West
38.6Charliese Erickson
17:00.80Traverse City West
39.7Valerie Marinello
17:01.24 PRTraverse City West
40.6Eva Lawson
17:04.28 PRTraverse City West
41.8Ainsley Rosenburg
17:06.83 PRTraverse City West
42.6Kira Butler
17:22.02Traverse City West
43.6Athena Roxburgh
17:22.19 PRTraverse City East
44.6Grace Keast
17:31.97 PRTraverse City West
45.6Avery Jo Esper
17:34.44 PRTraverse City West
46.7Lily Anderson
18:29.91 PRTraverse City East
47.6Camryn Fancher
18:48.84 PRTraverse City West
48.7Macyn Emery
18:54.85 PRTraverse City East
49.8Mary Peterson
19:13.98 PRTraverse City East
50.6Jayden McPeake
19:14.25 PRTraverse City West
51.6Caylan Schaub
19:43.44 PRTraverse City West
52.6Amberley Hadfield
19:45.01 PRNew Covenant Christi...
6Ella Kirkwood
DNFTraverse City West
8Olivia Strom
DNFTraverse City East
8Rose Ryan
DNFPathfinder Elementary
6Madeline Rowney
DNFTraverse City East
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1 Miles Elementary

Official Team Scores

1.Old Mission Elementary50
2.Eastern Elementary74
3.Central Elementary77
4.Silver Lake Elementary100
5.Willow Hill Elementary124
6.Westwoods Elementary152
7.Cherry Knoll Elementary175
8.Courtade Elementary207
9.TCAPS Montessori Elementary248
10.Long Lake Elementary267
1.5Iali Rodenroth
6:41.66Old Mission Elementary
2.5Madeline Bildeaux
6:54.40 PRWillow Hill Elementary
3.5Adeline Kuberski
6:57.18 PREastern Elementary
4.5Sienna Houlberg
7:01.53 PROld Mission Elementary
5.5Alyssa Fouchey
7:03.71Silver Lake Elementary
6.5Sara Bissonette
7:05.22 PRCentral Elementary
7.4Peyton Tucker
7:06.32 PRSilver Lake Elementary
8.5Ayla Wildfong
7:11.49 PRCentral Elementary
9.4Kylie Ball
7:12.12Old Mission Elementary
10.4Joelle Swanson
7:13.04Courtade Elementary
11.5Jakiah Brumfield
7:15.41 PREastern Elementary
12.5Kathleen Conaway
7:19.74Old Mission Elementary
13.4Sophie Brayton
7:20.08Westwoods Elementary
14.4Evelyn Burtt
7:20.87Westwoods Elementary
15.3Bronwyn Shullick
7:22.16TCAPS Montessori Ele...
16.5Ellie Schenkelberger
7:23.07Cherry Knoll Element...
17.4Addy Quinn
7:23.61 PREastern Elementary
18.5Isabella Reimers
7:23.70 PRCentral Elementary
19.4Adeline DeGood
7:23.83 PRCentral Elementary
20.5Elizabeth Palmer
7:28.56Silver Lake Elementary
21.5Kinsey Hintz
7:30.76 PREastern Elementary
22.4Addison Taggart
7:31.16 PREastern Elementary
23.4Sara Majewski
7:32.84 PREastern Elementary
24.5Lucy Bongiorno
7:33.35Old Mission Elementary
25.5Lily Alvarado
7:34.38 PRWillow Hill Elementary
26.5Devin Pryde
7:34.56 PRCentral Elementary
27.4Sophia Fancher
7:34.98 PRCentral Elementary
28.5Riley Scollard
7:36.44 PRCherry Knoll Element...
29.4Regan Feeley
7:40.33 Eastern Elementary
30.5Brynn Smith
7:41.73 PRSilver Lake Elementary
31.3Sarah Shapiro
7:44.11 PRWillow Hill Elementary
32.5Lauren Mansuy
7:46.74 PRPathfinder Elementary
33.4Quinn Gerber
7:49.03Eastern Elementary
34.4Abigayle Veit
7:49.34Willow Hill Elementary
35.5Ali Swanker
7:51.26 PROld Mission Elementary
36.5Maddie Malone
7:52.89 PRPathfinder Elementary
37.5Ava Brzezinski
7:52.96 PRWillow Hill Elementary
38.3Marissa Ansorge
7:53.94 PRWestwoods Elementary
39.5Beatrice Plum
7:56.06 PREastern Elementary
40.5Caroline Best
7:58.25 PRPathfinder Elementary
41.5Cady Madion
7:59.17 PREastern Elementary
42.4Julia Thaxton
8:00.21 PREastern Elementary
43.3Poet Shore
8:02.94 PRWillow Hill Elementary
44.3Joanna Kilroy
8:10.33 PRCourtade Elementary
45.5Marin Brayton
8:10.78 PRTrinity Lutheran Ele...
46.5Sophia Castillo
8:13.11 PRSilver Lake Elementary
47.5Ruth Cotton
8:14.33 PRCherry Knoll Element...
48.3Greta Eichberger
8:15.41Trinity Lutheran Ele...
49.3Sylvia Coulter
8:17.20 PRCherry Knoll Element...
50.4Anna Beers
8:19.76Westwoods Elementary
51.3Chloe Houlberg
8:20.70 PROld Mission Elementary
52.5Sydney Rapin
8:22.48Willow Hill Elementary
53.4Hayden Schugars
8:24.19 PREastern Elementary
54.4Taryn Beamish
8:24.33 PREastern Elementary
55.3Eden Burke
8:24.72 PRCentral Elementary
56.5Evelyn Millican
8:24.77 PRTCAPS Montessori Ele...
57.4Sienna Cobb
8:24.89 PREastern Elementary
58.3Hannah Sluis
8:26.62Eastern Elementary
59.5Abby McDonough
8:27.98 PRCentral Elementary
60.4Addison Riemersma
8:29.96 PRLong Lake Elementary
61.4Charleigh Collins
8:30.66Courtade Elementary
62.5Anna Heckroth
8:31.20 PRLong Lake Elementary
63.4Elizabeth Ellison
8:33.30 PROld Mission Elementary
64.5Harmony Crumley
8:33.86 PRCentral Elementary
65.3Lila Bowerman `
8:35.14 PRWillow Hill Elementary
66.4Lizzie Vollbrecht
8:36.38 PRPathfinder Elementary
67.4Sophia Shuff
8:37.08 PRWestwoods Elementary
68.4Sarah Budd
8:38.49 PRSilver Lake Elementary
69.4Katelyn Popp
8:41.70 PRLong Lake Elementary
70.5Lucy Hazen
8:42.09 PRCherry Knoll Element...
71.4Audriana Fessler
8:44.53Silver Lake Elementary
72.3Marian White
8:45.69 PREastern Elementary
73.4Susie Hebert
8:46.89Cherry Knoll Element...
74.5Evelyn Darrow
8:47.54Courtade Elementary
75.4Rachel Poortenga
8:48.23Cherry Knoll Element...
76.4Gwen Rigda
8:48.89Westwoods Elementary
77.4Piper Tracy
8:51.72Willow Hill Elementary
78.3Lydia Faulkner
8:55.52 PRCourtade Elementary
79.3Eleanor Kinsey
8:56.67 PRSilver Lake Elementary
80.4Madelyn Leete
8:57.10 PRWillow Hill Elementary
81.3Brylie Dunlop
9:00.32Cherry Knoll Element...
82.3Payton Irwin
9:01.25 PRWillow Hill Elementary
83.5Marin Shirley
9:03.31 PRWillow Hill Elementary
84.5Brianna Wolff
9:23.18Traverse Heights Ele...
85.4Kellan Kudary
9:25.90 SREastern Elementary
86.5adriana DelCore
9:28.17 PRLong Lake Elementary
87.4Kayla Stocking
9:28.44Courtade Elementary
88.5Hannah Gremel
9:31.84Cherry Knoll Element...
89.5Chloe Saxton
9:33.31TCAPS Montessori Ele...
90.3Lanikai Richardson
9:34.14 PRCherry Knoll Element...
91.5Hattie Wollam
9:35.48 PRCherry Knoll Element...
92.5Eleanor Charnes
9:36.70Silver Lake Elementary
93.3Aryana Hughes
9:42.15 PRWillow Hill Elementary
94.5Mina Cotner
9:49.29 PRTCAPS Montessori Ele...
95.3Kaylee Griffis
9:58.88Silver Lake Elementary
96.3Kapri Wilson
10:01.07 PRSilver Lake Elementary
97.4Sofia Hoag
10:19.36Central Elementary
98.3Ashley Martin
10:26.71 PRLong Lake Elementary
99.4Morgan Fortin
10:29.41Westwoods Elementary
100.3Emma Shirley
10:46.71 PRWillow Hill Elementary
101.4Emma Wilhelm
11:02.19Cherry Knoll Element...
102.5Baily Pierce
11:02.87 PRNew Covenant Christi...
103.4Danae Hadfield
11:39.05 PRNew Covenant Christi...
104.5Madelyn Stawowy
11:55.83TCAPS Montessori Ele...
105.3Hadley Humphrey
12:01.02 PROld Mission Elementary
106.5Maryn Hulett
13:34.08Silver Lake Elementary
107.4Taylor Schwartzeng...
14:16.95 PRTCAPS Montessori Ele...
5Eva Graham
DNFTraverse Heights Ele...
4Eleanor Bachert
DNFCentral Elementary
5Lillian Fant
DNFCentral Elementary
5Samantha McMillan
DNFCentral Elementary
4Emily Brown
DNFTCAPS Montessori Ele...
4Kate Zuidersma
DNFWestwoods Elementary
4Amelia Nowicki
DNFEastern Elementary
5Isabel Espinoza
DNFEastern Elementary
3Tess Baumann
DNFWillow Hill Elementary
5Maddison Reinhart
DNFWillow Hill Elementary
5Honorae Shore
DNFWillow Hill Elementary
3Ellie Howard
DNFPathfinder Elementary
4Vienna Moore
DNFPathfinder Elementary
3Olivia Reding
DNFLong Lake Elementary
5Liberty Daugherty
DNFNew Covenant Christi...
5Madelyn Dickinson
DNFTrinity Lutheran Ele...
4Klhoe Lanoza
DNFCherry Knoll Element...
4Marlie McGregor
DNFCherry Knoll Element...
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