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Mens Races
1.5 Miles 7/8 Boys
1 Miles 5/6 Boys
Womens Races
1.5 Miles 7/8 Girls
1 Miles 5/6 Girls

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Mens Results

1.5 Miles 7/8 Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Faith Lutheran6
2.Las Vegas Day17

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Tyler Tiedeman
9:17Faith Lutheran
2.8Stephan Orlovich
9:42 PRFaith Lutheran
3.7Hady Damaj
9:48Faith Lutheran
4.8Ryan Ornstein
10:07 PRFaith Lutheran
5.8Riley Robinson
10:08 PRLas Vegas Day
6.8Dante Koch
10:09 PRFaith Lutheran
7.7Dotan Barshishat
10:11 PRAdelson
8.7Tobi Alabi
10:16 PRFaith Lutheran
9.8Jorden Prins
10:29 PRFaith Lutheran
10.8Aiden Ventimiglia
10:33 PRFaith Lutheran
11.8Peyton Cosse
10:33 PRFaith Lutheran
12.8Mikey Yandric
10:36 PRFaith Lutheran
13.7Nick Bohlander
10:43Faith Lutheran
14.7Isaiah King
10:46 PRFaith Lutheran
15.8Patrick Kodweis
10:47 PRThe Meadows
16.8Leo Uelmen
10:49 PRFaith Lutheran
17.8John Villano
10:59 PRFaith Lutheran
18.8Vaughn Flemington
11:00 PRFaith Lutheran
19.8Caden Berninger
11:03Faith Lutheran
20.-Steven Cedric
11:08 PRFaith Lutheran
21.8Carson Holmen
11:17 PRFaith Lutheran
22.8Ethan Couvillier
11:18 PRFaith Lutheran
23.7Liam Martin
11:24 PRFaith Lutheran
24.8Colin Moore
11:37 PRFaith Lutheran
25.7Caesar Almeida
11:40 PRFaith Lutheran
26.8William Proctor
11:42 PRLas Vegas Day
27.7Mitchell Davis
11:43 PRLas Vegas Day
28.7Bradock Sharp
11:47 PRLas Vegas Day
29.8Joseph Naylor
11:55 PRLas Vegas Day
30.7Conrad Becker
11:58 PRThe Alexander Dawson
31.8Declan Pastorino
11:59 PRFaith Lutheran
32.7Ori Gold
12:03 PRAdelson
33.8Danny Aakhus
12:03 PRFaith Lutheran
34.7Jeremiah Gilmer
12:06 PRFaith Lutheran
35.-Jaeger Prince
12:08 PRFaith Lutheran
36.8Logan Holmes
12:14 PRFaith Lutheran
37.7Sali Rahmani
12:18 PRFaith Lutheran
38.8Max Carrison
12:19 PRLas Vegas Day
39.7Parker Violand
12:20 PRFaith Lutheran
40.8Michael Rosenblum
12:36 PRThe Alexander Dawson
41.8Coby Poura
12:40 PRAdelson
42.7Alex Rahim
12:40 PRAdelson
43.7Carson Fiksenbaum
12:52 PRAdelson
44.8Ryan Ball
12:58 PRFaith Lutheran
45.7Alex Kermani
14:30 PRAdelson
46.8Timothy Orr
14:32 PRFaith Lutheran
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1 Miles 5/6 Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mountain View Lutheran12
3.Lamb of God28
4.The Meadows29
5.The Alexander Dawson31

Hypothetical Scores

1.6Zechary Coffman
6:03 PRLas Vegas Day
2.4Brady Anderson
6:18 PRLamb of God
3.4John Lizak
6:20 PRMountain View Lutheran
4.4Matthew Behmer
6:22 PRMountain View Lutheran
5.5Mason Dennis
6:23 PRThe Alexander Dawson
6.5Ilan Barshishat
6:28 PRAdelson
7.5Max Berg
6:34 PRAdelson
8.5Aiden McPherson
6:48 PRMountain View Lutheran
9.5Benett Viczko
6:51 PRThe Meadows
10.6Ethan Saunders
6:54 PRAdelson
11.6Blaine Rosenberg
6:58 PRLas Vegas Day
12.4Ethan Hunt
7:04 PRMountain View Lutheran
13.5Drake Sage
7:05 PRThe Meadows
14.5Ibraheem Hito
7:06 PRThe Meadows
15.5Jacob Coneh
7:08 PRAdelson
16.5Nathan Kessler
7:11 PRThe Meadows
17.4Alex Bohlander
7:15 PRMountain View Lutheran
18.5Connor Ahmed
7:17 PRThe Meadows
19.5Gavin Beaver
7:24 PRThe Alexander Dawson
20.6Michael Harouni
7:28 PRAdelson
21.4Jameson Turner
7:32 PRMountain View Lutheran
22.5Sean Hilton
7:35 PRLamb of God
23.5Brendan Crowder
7:43 PRMountain View Lutheran
24.5Roman Davis
7:48 PRThe Meadows
25.5Sameer Singh
8:00 PRMountain View Lutheran
26.5Isaiah Bullard
8:01 PRMountain View Lutheran
27.6Aaron Poura
8:24 PRAdelson
28.5Justin Reisman
8:25 PRAdelson
29.6Pawel Tomasik
8:26 PRAdelson
30.5Brogan Onato-Pannkuk
9:14 PRLamb of God
31.5David Kasella
9:15 PRThe Alexander Dawson
32.6Jacob Roster
9:17 PRAdelson
33.4Jackson Parks
11:04 PRLamb of God
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Womens Results

1.5 Miles 7/8 Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Faith Lutheran10
2.The Alexander Dawson15
4.Las Vegas Day27

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Claire Dalbec
09:59Faith Lutheran
2.7Ava Robertson
10:20 PRThe Alexander Dawson
3.8Eden Boldur
10:29 PRAdelson
4.8Sofia Tavano
10:30 PRFaith Lutheran
5.8Anna Behmer
10:31Faith Lutheran
6.7Elena Mesalic
10:35Faith Lutheran
7.7Chloe Chang
10:35 PRThe Alexander Dawson
8.7Abby Shih
11:06 PRThe Alexander Dawson
9.8Christina McManus
11:07Faith Lutheran
10.7Georgia Deibert
11:12 PRFaith Lutheran
11.8Charlotte McManus
11:16Faith Lutheran
12.7Olive Cecchi
11:17 PRThe Alexander Dawson
13.8Katie Briggs
11:29Faith Lutheran
14.8Colette Massari
11:49Faith Lutheran
15.8Katie Crowder
11:52Faith Lutheran
16.7Cate Martino
11:57Faith Lutheran
17.7Isabella Pedroza
12:21 PRThe Alexander Dawson
18.8Cheryl Kirgan
12:26 PRFaith Lutheran
19.7Keira Duband
12:28Faith Lutheran
20.7Lana Linares
12:34 PRFaith Lutheran
21.7Ashlee Baker
12:44Faith Lutheran
22.8Payton Chudd
12:45 PRLas Vegas Day
23.8Sydney Chudd
12:47 PRLas Vegas Day
24.7Grace Cannito
13:10 PRFaith Lutheran
25.8Ashlee Urello
13:20 PRFaith Lutheran
26.7Kaitlyn Fincher
13:37 PRThe Alexander Dawson
27.8Lauren Sharp
13:55 PRLas Vegas Day
28.8Boston Barakat
14:11 PRFaith Lutheran
29.7Amber Lovat
14:16 PRAdelson
30.8Sophie Gray
14:33 PRThe Alexander Dawson
31.7Liel Peretz
14:37 PRAdelson
32.8Michelle Kirgan
15:41 PRFaith Lutheran
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1 Miles 5/6 Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Faith Lutheran8
3.Las Vegas Day25
4.Mountain View Lutheran30
5.The Alexander Dawson35

Hypothetical Scores

1.6Lindley Amick
6:30 PRFaith Lutheran
2.6Kate McCarthy
6:32 PRFaith Lutheran
3.6Emma Rae Scheidler
6:38 PRLas Vegas Day
4.5Riley Renteria
6:51 PRMountain View Lutheran
5.6Alison Stepanek
6:53 PRFaith Lutheran
6.6Gwen Flemington
6:55 PRFaith Lutheran
7.5Noya Boldur
7:01 PRAdelson
8.5Jashyln Stanigar
7:06 PRAdelson
9.6Petra Morton
7:10 PRThe Alexander Dawson
10.5Noa Lovat
7:29 PRAdelson
11.5Courtney Fonte
7:36 PRThe Meadows
12.5Amanda Dennis
7:37 PRLas Vegas Day
13.6Sophia Orr
7:38 PRFaith Lutheran
14.4Annika Oka
7:48 PRMountain View Lutheran
15.5Jocelyn Hunt
7:51 PRLas Vegas Day
16.6Hannah Bichsel
7:52 PRFaith Lutheran
17.4Addison Darling
7:53 PRLamb of God
18.5Brianna Welch
7:57 PRLamb of God
19.5Karola Garcia
8:02 PRThe Alexander Dawson
20.6Grace Hunt
8:08 PRFaith Lutheran
21.5Katie Rosenblum
8:09 PRThe Alexander Dawson
22.5Christina Podisor
9:00 PRThe Alexander Dawson
23.6Mila Mora
9:04 PRLas Vegas Day
24.5Keira Hughes
9:07 PRMountain View Lutheran
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