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Mens Results

2 Miles Men

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.St Lorenz Lutheran34
2.St. Peter Lutheran (Macomb)83
3.St John Lutheran (Rochester)121
4.St Paul Lutheran (Lapeer)125
5.St. Matthew (Walled Lake)127
6.St. Paul Ann Arbor146
7.Trinity Lutheran (Clinton)153
8.Our Shepherd Lutheran186
9.Immanuel Lutheran189
10.Trinity Lutheran (Utica)209

Hypothetical Scores

1.7Luke Butler
12:22Trinity Lutheran (Mo...
2.8Austin Smelker
12:45Our Savior Lutheran
3.6Jonah Sholten
12:55St Lorenz Lutheran
4.8Lucas Pereyra
12:55.85 PRSt. Matthew (Westland)
5.7Dominic Kitto
13:03 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
6.7Ethan Frank
13:08St Lorenz Lutheran
7.8Fischer Schluessler
13:10Trinity Lutheran (Ut...
8.8Matthew Latzke
13:17 PRSt. Matthew (Walled ...
9.7Drew Burk
13:24 PRSt Paul Lutheran (La...
10.6Jack Hehl
13:27St John Lutheran (Ro...
11.8Trevor Capoferi
13:30St. Peter Lutheran (...
12.5Wheatley Rodammer
13:31St Michael's Lutheran
13.5Hagan Wascher
13:31.49 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
14.7Liam Severs
13:34St Lorenz Lutheran
15.5Tanner Kroeger
13:35 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
16.4Ethan Yung
13:35.52 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
17.5Henry Barge
13:35.67St John Lutheran (Ro...
18.4Luke Thies
13:44St. Peter Lutheran (...
19.6Ben Drummelsmith
14:06St John Lutheran (Ro...
20.7Anthony Roman
14:16 PRImmanuel Lutheran
21.6Lucas Chamberlin
14:19Our Savior Lutheran
22.7Andrew Lansdale
14:20 PRImmanuel Lutheran
23.5Tommy Shafer
14:25Christ The King Luth...
24.7Carson Millspaugh
14:27St. Matthew (Walled ...
25.6Brewer Snay
14:30Trinity Lutheran (Cl...
26.8Luke Herschelman
14:34 PRSt Paul Lutheran (La...
27.6Nathan Halstead
14:37Our Shepherd Lutheran
28.6Cole Bieber
14:39Our Shepherd Lutheran
29.6Jonathon Hoard
14:41St Lorenz Lutheran
30.5Gabe Trevorrow
14:43 PRSt Paul Lutheran (La...
31.6William Pierce
14:44 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
32.4Ian Todd
14:49St. Peter Lutheran (...
33.7Johnny Cramer
14:53 PRSt Paul Lutheran (La...
34.6Jackson Raasch
14:59 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
35.8Evan Smith
15:07Trinity Lutheran (Cl...
36.5Jaxen Wourman
15:10 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
37.7Jacob Beltz
15:16St. Matthew (Walled ...
38.6Andy Schenk
15:16.81St. Matthew (Walled ...
39.5Ryan Couser
15:17 PROur Savior Lutheran
40.6Grant Stocker
15:17.85 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
41.5Jack McMahon
15:18 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
42.7Elliot Ashley
15:20 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
43.6Benji Ashley
15:21 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
44.6Cameron Simpson
15:23 PROur Shepherd Lutheran
45.6Jamison Snay
15:24 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
46.4Wyatt Youngblood
15:32 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
47.5Noah Toth
15:36 PRSt John Lutheran (Ro...
48.7Nick Adams
15:38 PRSt. Matthew (Walled ...
49.6Noah Thiery
15:42 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ut...
50.6Joshua Thom
15:44 PRImmanuel Lutheran
51.4Rowan Gairdner
15:46 PRSt. Michael (Wayne)
52.6Jack Danbrook
15:47Our Savior Lutheran
53.3David Schenk
15:50 PRSt. Matthew (Walled ...
54.6Carter Webb
15:51St. Matthew (Walled ...
55.5Tyler Webb
15:54 PRSt. Matthew (Walled ...
56.6Ethan Merkle
15:54.70Trinity Lutheran (Mo...
57.4Ryder Dayton
15:58 PRSt John Lutheran (Ro...
58.5Jack May
16:05 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
59.7Taylor Burger
16:08 PRSt Paul Lutheran (La...
60.5Josh Hales
16:08.85 PRChrist The King Luth...
61.8Simon Dynkowski
16:11 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
62.8Michael Tuomi
16:12 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ut...
63.8Aidan Panter
16:18 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
65.7Tyler Wolstone
16:29 PRSt. Matthew (Walled ...
66.6Ian Bates
16:39 PRChrist The King Luth...
67.6Andrew Miller
16:46 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ut...
68.4Reed Gearin
16:55 PROur Shepherd Lutheran
69.7Lincoln Macfarlane
17:00 PRImmanuel Lutheran
70.6Luke Pace
17:06 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
71.5Andrew Kasat
17:10 PROur Shepherd Lutheran
72.6Brody Gearin
17:18 PROur Shepherd Lutheran
73.6Owen Davis
17:23 PRSt. John Fraser
74.6Joshua Brown
17:33 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
75.7Anthony Morga
17:34 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
76.6Callum Gruenhagen
17:36 PRSt. Michael (Wayne)
77.4Cameron Huff
17:37 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
78.4Grant Garner
17:42 PRImmanuel Lutheran
79.6Maxx Adams
17:43 PRTrinity Lutheran (Mo...
80.5John Kling
17:50 PRImmanuel Lutheran
81.4Max Ellcessor
18:14 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
82.4Blake Wyrembelski
18:19St. Peter Lutheran (...
83.8Noah Werner
18:39 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ut...
84.5Ayden Mosey
18:54 PRImmanuel Lutheran
85.8Nolan Belcher
19:07 PRSt. John Fraser
86.6Houston Loucks
19:12 SRSt Lorenz Lutheran
87.6Thomas Phillips
19:13 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
88.7Lochlain Macfarlane
19:18 PRImmanuel Lutheran
89.4Jimmy Sarconi
19:22 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
90.4Alexander Wenzloff
19:27 PRImmanuel Lutheran
91.5Grant Hiler
19:37 PRSt John Lutheran (Ro...
92.5Jonah Bladecki
19:50St John Lutheran (Ro...
93.7Noah Felten
20:01 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ut...
94.7Zachary Schafer
20:21 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ut...
95.7Ethan Rogers
20:37 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ut...
96.7Josh Tobey
20:39St. Peter Lutheran (...
97.6Noah Hadley
20:52 PRImmanuel Lutheran
98.5Will Rose
22:04 PRChrist The King Luth...
99.4Mason Dehl
22:32 PRGuardian Lutheran
100.4Anthony Jones
22:32.27 PRGuardian Lutheran
101.5Reese Ritter
24:16St. Peter Lutheran (...
102.7Joseph DiStefano
24:22St. Peter Lutheran (...
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Womens Results

2 Miles Women

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Trinity Lutheran (Monroe)32
2.St John Lutheran (Rochester)61
3.St. Peter Lutheran (Macomb)62
4.Our Savior Lutheran93
5.St Lorenz Lutheran146
6.Immanuel Lutheran149
7.St. Paul Ann Arbor175
8.Trinity Lutheran (Clinton)192

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Amaya Leslie
13:16Trinity Lutheran (Mo...
2.7Lauren Conant
13:30Trinity Lutheran (Mo...
3.6Ashley Ruhlig
13:37Trinity Lutheran (Mo...
4.6Abby Rice
13:42St John Lutheran (Ro...
5.7Anne May
13:43 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
6.7Lauren Hamilton
13:54Our Savior Lutheran
7.5Claire Lisker
13:55 PRTrinity Lutheran (Mo...
8.7Madeleine Barge
13:55.76 PRSt John Lutheran (Ro...
9.7Michaela Kurth
14:18 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
10.6Lauren Timpf
14:20 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
11.6Gracie Youngblood
14:26St. Peter Lutheran (...
12.5Clare Conzelmann
14:36 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
13.4Ava Ruffino
14:39 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
14.6Lily Myers
14:40 PRSt John Lutheran (Ro...
15.6Abby Grocki
14:45Our Savior Lutheran
16.5Logan Solo
14:49 PRImmanuel Lutheran
17.7Emma Burrell
14:55St John Lutheran (Ro...
18.6Anna Goodall
15:00St John Lutheran (Ro...
19.8faith Butler
15:04 PRTrinity Lutheran (Mo...
20.4Eleanor Cole
15:10 PRGuardian Lutheran
21.7Evelyn Cummins
15:21Our Savior Lutheran
22.6Merina Diaz
15:41 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ut...
23.6Kendall Zaliwski
15:44St John Lutheran (Ro...
24.4Katie Patterson
15:44.79 PRGuardian Lutheran
25.6Kaitlyn Miller
15:54 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
26.5Lauren Baxendale
15:55 PRSt. Michael (Wayne)
27.4Marissa Pizzolato
16:07 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
28.7Alyssa Dickieson
16:18 PRGuardian Lutheran
29.8Jenna Hubbert
16:22Our Savior Lutheran
30.7Merin Merkle
16:27Trinity Lutheran (Mo...
31.5Bella Schleede
16:28 PROur Shepherd Lutheran
32.8Anna Dunavant
16:29 PRSt Paul Lutheran (La...
33.6Gabrielle Hatfield
16:39St. Peter Lutheran (...
34.4Abby Gorny
16:42 PRImmanuel Lutheran
35.6Kendall Danbrook
16:44Our Savior Lutheran
36.6Madison Paten
16:46 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
37.4Elizabeth Burrell
16:47St John Lutheran (Ro...
38.4Gia Rizzo
16:50 PRImmanuel Lutheran
39.6Emerson Lang
16:55St. Peter Lutheran (...
40.7Lauren McMahon
17:06 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
41.5Kayla Zielinski
17:26St. Peter Lutheran (...
42.5Malea Wourman
17:32 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
43.6Addison Thies
17:37St. Peter Lutheran (...
44.5Bella LaPerriere
17:38St. Peter Lutheran (...
45.7Peyton Nelson
17:43 PRChrist The King Luth...
46.4Addi Horvath
17:51 PRImmanuel Lutheran
47.5Lauren Sheffield
17:55 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
48.4Bethany Latzke
18:04 PRSt. Matthew (Walled ...
49.4Natalie Pipitone
18:10 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
50.4Autumn Pratt
18:10.51 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
51.7Marissa Riviera
18:11 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
52.6Lydia Campbell
18:14 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
53.4Grace Tobey
18:14.97 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
54.6Jilian Probst
18:19 PRImmanuel Lutheran
55.6Ashlyn Peterson
18:20 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
56.5Chloe Pacyga
18:31 PRSt. Peter Lutheran (...
57.6Lilly Kaiser
18:32 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
58.4Annabel Baiacco
18:55 PRChrist The King Luth...
59.4Delani Willey
18:56 PRTrinity Lutheran (Mo...
60.7Rachel Bailey
19:07 PRSt John Lutheran (Ro...
61.4Julia Connors
19:13St John Lutheran (Ro...
62.4Makenzie Little
19:20 PRImmanuel Lutheran
63.4Hannah Lupescu
19:21 PRSt. Michael (Wayne)
64.6Lillian Engel
19:25 PRSt. Matthew (Walled ...
65.4Emma Wigman
19:30 PRTrinity Lutheran (Mo...
66.5Emma Quirk
19:33 PROur Shepherd Lutheran
67.4Kelly Bloom
19:38 PROur Shepherd Lutheran
68.6Sage Schluessler
20:12 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ut...
69.6Marah Erkkinen
20:19 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
70.8London Greene
20:21 PRSt. John Fraser
71.4Gabby Carlson
20:30 PRImmanuel Lutheran
72.4Kate Neumeyer
21:03 PRImmanuel Lutheran
73.4Julia Teelander
21:08St John Lutheran (Ro...
74.4Savannah Meloche
21:24 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
75.4Katie Phillips
21:28 PRTrinity Lutheran (Cl...
76.5Rielyn Reed
21:49 PRTrinity Lutheran (Mo...
77.5Eve Comartin
21:54 PRImmanuel Lutheran
78.4Katie Tuffy
21:59 PRImmanuel Lutheran
79.4Hope Arthur
22:03 PRImmanuel Lutheran
80.4Allison Billings
23:10 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
81.4Abby Cummins
23:20Our Savior Lutheran
82.6Zoe Macy
23:27 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ut...
83.5Marin Hoeppner
24:02 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
84.8Cadence Conner
24:14Our Savior Lutheran
85.7Brianna Wood
25:14Our Savior Lutheran
86.4Madelyn Presby
25:24 PRImmanuel Lutheran
87.6Olivia Gusoff
26:04 PRSt. Paul Ann Arbor
88.4Maggie Saxon
26:08St. Peter Lutheran (...
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