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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM

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Greensboro Day
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Forsyth Country Day18
2.Greensboro Day60
3.High Point Christian Academy62
1.12Ben Mitchell
17:27Forsyth Country Day
2.9Will Scott
17:46Forsyth Country Day
3.12Jonathan Loy
18:07High Point Christian...
4.12Jackson Halus
18:31Forsyth Country Day
5.8Will Gray
18:31Forsyth Country Day
6.8Lucas Plitt
18:32Forsyth Country Day
7.12Daniel Snyder
18:36Forsyth Country Day
8.11Nick Strauch
18:40Forsyth Country Day
9.8Mason Ickes
19:20Forsyth Country Day
10.9Kyle Budd
19:30Forsyth Country Day
11.12Blake Budd
19:38Forsyth Country Day
12.11Oliver Jewell
19:53Forsyth Country Day
13.11David Craig
20:00Forsyth Country Day
14.11Cason Tevault
20:19Forsyth Country Day
15.12Levi Smith
20:35 SRGreensboro Day
16.7Sam Scott
21:06Forsyth Country Day
17.9McAlister Whiting
21:20Greensboro Day
18.8James Snyder
21:33Forsyth Country Day
19.12Sam Schulte
21:40Greensboro Day
20.8Will Epling
21:43High Point Christian...
21.8Caden Didier
22:42Forsyth Country Day
22.7Andrew Mitchell
22:42Forsyth Country Day
23.10Aiden Tate
22:46Forsyth Country Day
24.9Joshua Ellas
22:47High Point Christian...
25.12Sam Daugherty
23:13 SRForsyth Country Day
26.12Jacob Thomas
23:25Greensboro Day
27.9Ayden Stack
23:29High Point Christian...
28.11Cameron Greenburg
23:48Greensboro Day
29.12Hugh Walton
24:02Greensboro Day
30.10Jack Moody
24:10Greensboro Day
31.8Braden Farlow
24:24High Point Christian...
32.12William Boyles
24:29Forsyth Country Day
33.12Edmund Kayhko
24:52Greensboro Day
34.10Nick Saunders
25:05Greensboro Day
35.10Lucas Zhang
25:15Forsyth Country Day
36.7Joel Kim
27:25High Point Christian...
37.12Dalton Bontempo
27:30 SRGreensboro Day
38.8Ethan Kim
27:32High Point Christian...
39.11Caleb Hollar
28:38Forsyth Country Day
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