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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity/Junior Varsity

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Calvin Christian48
2.Classical Academy61
3.Escondido Charter64
4.Guajome Park Acad97
5.Maranatha Christian143
6.Tri-City Christian147
7.Army-Navy Academy177
8.Foothills Christian193
9.San Diego Jewish Academy242

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Riley Burns
17:37Maranatha Christian
2.11Jarrett Price
18:31Calvin Christian
3.12Evan France
18:59Classical Academy
4.10Parker Brame
19:30Escondido Charter
5.10Diego Navarro
19:34Escondido Charter
6.9William Shinkle
19:51Calvin Christian
7.10Connor McFerran
20:04Classical Academy
8.12Jordon Comma
20:16Tri-City Christian
9.11Andrew Garcia
20:29Calvin Christian
10.11Camden Osborn
20:31Classical Academy
11.11Dylan Simpson
20:34Calvin Christian
12.11Omar Lopez Perez
20:35Guajome Park Acad
13.11Fransisco Lopez
20:48Escondido Charter
14.10Edwin Morales
20:50Guajome Park Acad
15.11Charles McBride
20:51Army-Navy Academy
16.12Isaac Beecher
21:02Guajome Park Acad
17.11Bobby Howard
21:05Escondido Charter
18.12Justin Gray
21:09Maranatha Christian
19.12Ben Park
21:13Classical Academy
20.9Thomas Lund
21:26Calvin Christian
21.12Dakota Barnard
21:27Tri-City Christian
22.12Nik Nordstrom
21:31Classical Academy
23.11Derek Ensley
21:31Foothills Christian
24.9Christian Crawford
21:41Army-Navy Academy
25.11David Culber
21:43Escondido Charter
26.11Chris Tai
21:51Classical Academy
27.10Austin Ross
21:56Guajome Park Acad
28.12David Salomon
21:56Guajome Park Acad
29.9Lorenzo Lopez
22:02Escondido Charter
30.12Irvin Morales
22:10Guajome Park Acad
31.9Luke Swanson
22:13Classical Academy
32.9Ryan Yamaguchi
22:17Classical Academy
33.9Bobby Wilson
22:21Guajome Park Acad
34.9Kenri Grisham
22:23Classical Academy
35.11Justin Stout
22:30Maranatha Christian
36.9Mikael Huostila
22:37Calvin Christian
37.9Daniel Hoefer
22:40Maranatha Christian
38.12Levi Warner
22:48Tri-City Christian
39.10Nathan Beecher
22:49Guajome Park Acad
40.9Blake Brown
22:49Escondido Charter
41.11Austin Szymanski
23:00Classical Academy
42.10Corban Durmel
23:02 PRFoothills Christian
43.9Griffin Norwood
23:12Guajome Park Acad
44.10Chris Robertson
23:14Foothills Christian
45.11Axel Gonzalez
23:18Guajome Park Acad
46.10Sergio Martinez
23:20Tri-City Christian
47.11Abraham Pulido
23:29Guajome Park Acad
48.9Ian McLean
23:33Army-Navy Academy
49.11Cameron Williams
23:36Tri-City Christian
50.10Daniel Sabol
23:49Classical Academy
51.11Nicholas Jongetjes
23:52Calvin Christian
52.9Brandon Morgan
23:58Foothills Christian
53.9Evan Calles
23:59Classical Academy
54.12Jonathan Jolly
24:03Army-Navy Academy
55.11Alan Esses
24:07San Diego Jewish Aca...
56.9Devin Marcus
24:07San Diego Jewish Aca...
57.11Ben Newfield
24:08San Diego Jewish Aca...
58.10Josh Hammond
24:10Foothills Christian
59.12Jack Ross
24:11San Diego Jewish Aca...
60.9Brannigan Stone
24:13San Diego Jewish Aca...
61.11Reid Zieber
24:23Army-Navy Academy
62.11Nathan Campbell
24:28Classical Academy
63.9Joaquin Rainey
24:30Army-Navy Academy
64.11Jared Nagata
24:31Guajome Park Acad
65.10Nick Schneider
24:32Tri-City Christian
66.10Simon Bodjanac
24:50Guajome Park Acad
67.11Brendan Voges
24:51Classical Academy
68.12Heinrich Pacete
25:05Guajome Park Acad
69.9Luke Verner
25:06Classical Academy
70.11Christian Reynaldo
25:19Classical Academy
71.10Leland Lugo
25:25Army-Navy Academy
72.-Ryan Gretlein
25:26 PRArmy-Navy Academy
73.10Ethan Bodine
25:40Guajome Park Acad
74.11Josue Leon
25:46Guajome Park Acad
75.12Nathan Self
25:50Maranatha Christian
76.10Elijah Lopez
25:50Guajome Park Acad
77.9Peter Hsu
26:01Army-Navy Academy
78.9Gabe Kozair
26:02Classical Academy
79.10Maximillian Moorad...
26:08Army-Navy Academy
80.10Ethan Yu
26:57Maranatha Christian
81.11Seth Sinclair
27:15Tri-City Christian
82.9Ethan Davis
27:26Guajome Park Acad
83.12Jack Contos
27:32Army-Navy Academy
84.10Jake Crevoiserat
27:33Guajome Park Acad
85.11Ethan Seward
27:41Tri-City Christian
86.11Tyler Ursey
27:47Guajome Park Acad
97.9Will Oakes
28:00Classical Academy
87.9Joseph Zhao
28:03San Diego Jewish Aca...
88.9Kingson Chang
28:03Army-Navy Academy
89.9Joshua Miller
28:12San Diego Jewish Aca...
90.10Joshua Gorshon
28:13Guajome Park Acad
91.9Edwardo Celis
28:14Guajome Park Acad
92.9Curtis Bayang
28:15Guajome Park Acad
93.11Luke Meyers
28:17Army-Navy Academy
94.9Izak Bunda
28:17Guajome Park Acad
95.11Daniel Acks
28:46San Diego Jewish Aca...
96.11Duy (Peter) Phung
28:48Army-Navy Academy
98.10David Hall
29:39Foothills Christian
99.10Sam Roner
33:17Escondido Charter
100.11Philip Plummer
36:49Tri-City Christian
101.9Ron Gneezy
39:56San Diego Jewish Aca...
102.10Trevor Leffler-Str...
40:23Guajome Park Acad
103.9Joseph Burger
41:05Classical Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity/Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Classical Academy32
2.Calvin Christian47
3.Escondido Charter49
4.Guajome Park Acad109
5.San Diego Jewish Academy148

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Rachel White
22:13Escondido Charter
2.12Erica Jacobi
23:16Calvin Christian
3.11Anna O'Donnell
23:28Classical Academy
4.11Bethany Hydar
24:10Escondido Charter
5.12Danielle Pigeon
24:23Classical Academy
6.11Hannah Elders
25:00Calvin Christian
7.9Christina Rawson
25:01Classical Academy
8.11Sam Cary
25:04Classical Academy
9.11Emma Racciato
25:13Classical Academy
10.10Victoria Academia
25:34Escondido Charter
11.9Brynn Jongtjes
25:37Calvin Christian
12.11Joanna Hatley
26:00Classical Academy
13.12Alexandra Lund
26:04Calvin Christian
14.-Roxy Vega
26:07 PREscondido Charter
15.12Jocelyn Vanderpol
26:12Calvin Christian
16.9Samantha Agostinelli
26:12Calvin Christian
17.11Coral Smith
26:22Classical Academy
18.12Alina Molloy
26:25Guajome Park Acad
19.9Alexandra Salomon
26:46Guajome Park Acad
20.10Maya Recore
26:49Escondido Charter
21.9Madden Pearce
26:52Classical Academy
22.10Amanda Corey
27:03Maranatha Christian
23.11Cameron Smith
27:05Classical Academy
25.9Keara Millea
27:14Escondido Charter
24.11Ariana Jansma
27:26Calvin Christian
26.9Kayla Tarcon
27:52Classical Academy
27.11Sierra Stuckey
28:03Foothills Christian
28.12Claire Sanders
28:31Calvin Christian
29.10Elisa Diaz
28:52Guajome Park Acad
30.10Anna Mays
29:00Calvin Christian
31.12Gabriela Cureno
29:00Guajome Park Acad
32.11Kiersten Ochoa
29:03Guajome Park Acad
33.-Madi Goodman
29:10Classical Academy
34.12Abbey Meziere
29:12Classical Academy
35.12Andie Burns
29:22Maranatha Christian
36.9Megan McLeod
29:22Classical Academy
37.11Rachel Kornberg
31:10San Diego Jewish Aca...
38.9Jayne Haskel
31:53Guajome Park Acad
39.9Alyza Quintero
32:00Guajome Park Acad
40.9Geena Benson
32:00San Diego Jewish Aca...
41.10Isabel Camacho
32:56Guajome Park Acad
42.12Naomi Bridges
33:06Guajome Park Acad
43.9Ariela Cohen
33:17San Diego Jewish Aca...
44.11Dalia Benson
33:39San Diego Jewish Aca...
45.9Kezia Frager
33:43Guajome Park Acad
46.9Rosie Alchalel
34:06 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
47.9Noel Dearie
34:23Foothills Christian
48.10Isabella Joiner
34:59Guajome Park Acad
49.11Victoria Lewis
36:08 SRGuajome Park Acad
50.9Mariah Cobb
36:09Guajome Park Acad
51.11Madison Mogilski
36:44Guajome Park Acad
52.10Nohemi Serrano
37:24Guajome Park Acad
53.12Kendra Hawkins
37:43Guajome Park Acad
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