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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Last Updated 10:59 AM, Tue, Sep 26

Directions  (coaches)

Directions to:


Erlands Point Park


Take HWY 3 to Chico Exit and turn left (towards School)


Go past Crosspoint and turn at Erland Point Road (Left)  (Gas station on left)


Go over little bridge and turn into park (gate will be open)


(If gate is closed, park across the street)


If Question call:


Home: 360-698-7499

Cell: 360-865-0094

Last Updated 10:59 AM, Tue, Sep 26

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Pope John Paul 224
2.Auburn Adventist Academy53
4.Tacoma Baptist91
5.Seattle Lutheran108

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Mickey Demma
19:06 SRAuburn Adventist Aca...
2.11Jacob Braun
19:13Pope John Paul 2
3.11Caden Deutscher
19:14Pope John Paul 2
4.12Dmitry Sutton
19:16Pope John Paul 2
5.9Xavius Johnson
19:21Seattle Lutheran
6.9Kobe Deutscher
19:26Pope John Paul 2
7.11Solomon Moore
8.9Joshua Soria
19:37 PRAuburn Adventist Aca...
9.12Jay Sullivan
19:38Pope John Paul 2
10.9Ethan Kong
19:41 PRCrosspoint
11.9Joe Oczkewicz
19:45 PRPope John Paul 2
12.12Matthew Gorton
19:45.70 PRAuburn Adventist Aca...
13.10Kevin Chang
19:56 PRAuburn Adventist Aca...
14.9Jaden Morton
20:04 PRPope John Paul 2
15.11Jared Olson
21:01 PRTacoma Baptist
16.8Journey Eatherly
21:03Tacoma Baptist
17.11Duncan Delano
21:05 PRTacoma Baptist
18.11Taylor Li
21:08 PRCrosspoint
19.11Benjamin Hoffmann
21:29 SRAuburn Adventist Aca...
20.10Tommy Zhou
21:56 PRCrosspoint
21.9Sean Foley
22:59Pope John Paul 2
22.10Jordan Wood
22:59.70 PRPope John Paul 2
23.11Lawton Miller
23:00 PRTacoma Baptist
24.10Mark Davis
23:16Pope John Paul 2
25.11Uriah Thornton
23:20Tacoma Baptist
26.10Ethan Bartlett
24:00 PRSeattle Lutheran
27.9Lance Walker
24:23Pope John Paul 2
28.12Hayden Watson
26:11 PRAuburn Adventist Aca...
29.11Owen Hart
26:11.80 PRSeattle Lutheran
30.12Evan Peterson
31.9Caden Lauer
27:49Seattle Lutheran
32.9Tad Eisenberg
28:26 PRSeattle Lutheran
33.11Jerry Sun
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