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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity5:45 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity5:15 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Calvary Day School37
2.Forsyth Country Day46
3.Forsyth Home Educators50
4.High Point Christian Academy100
5.Greensboro Day118

Hypothetical Scores

1.9William Hamilton
17:41Forsyth Home Educators
2.12Ben Mitchell
18:30Forsyth Country Day
3.11Rand Cochrane
18:33Calvary Day School
4.10Benjamin Smid
19:27Forsyth Home Educators
5.11Jay Grider
19:39Calvary Day School
6.9David Nicholson
20:01Calvary Day School
7.12Isaiah Garner
20:12Forsyth Home Educators
8.7Sam Scott
20:12Forsyth Country Day
9.12Eli Kunkle
20:16Calvary Day School
10.8James Snyder
20:27Forsyth Country Day
11.7Andrew Mitchell
20:38 PRForsyth Country Day
12.9McAlister Whiting
20:45Greensboro Day
13.10Ian Jenkins
20:59Forsyth Home Educators
14.11Collin Seymour
21:01Calvary Day School
15.9Will Scott
21:19Forsyth Country Day
16.8Will Epling
21:21High Point Christian...
17.12Ross Hickman
21:35 PRCalvary Day School
18.9Ayden Stack
21:38High Point Christian...
19.12Jonathan Loy
21:39High Point Christian...
20.10Jack Moody
21:40Greensboro Day
21.9Alex Kapell
21:46Calvary Day School
22.10Aiden Tate
21:56Forsyth Country Day
23.9Joshua Ellas
22:20High Point Christian...
24.8Braden Farlow
22:25High Point Christian...
25.8Trey Connolly
22:27 PRForsyth Home Educators
26.8Caden Didier
22:28Forsyth Country Day
27.11Cameron Greenburg
22:42Greensboro Day
28.12Hugh Walton
22:43Greensboro Day
29.12William Boyles
22:50Forsyth Country Day
30.8Josiah Gordon
22:56Forsyth Home Educators
31.8Will Gray
22:58Forsyth Country Day
32.11Hunter Dameworth
22:58 PRCalvary Day School
33.8Lucas Plitt
22:59Forsyth Country Day
34.8Mason Ickes
23:01Forsyth Country Day
35.11Ma Lin
23:13 PRCalvary Day School
36.8Ben Schomberg
23:18Forsyth Country Day
37.12Sam Daugherty
23:27Forsyth Country Day
38.11Christopher Herman
23:31Forsyth Home Educators
39.12Daniel Snyder
23:33Forsyth Country Day
40.12Jackson Halus
23:34Forsyth Country Day
41.11Nick Strauch
23:34Forsyth Country Day
42.11Cason Tevault
23:35Forsyth Country Day
43.11Oliver Jewell
23:35Forsyth Country Day
44.11David Craig
23:36Forsyth Country Day
45.12Blake Budd
23:42Forsyth Country Day
46.9Kyle Budd
23:44Forsyth Country Day
47.10Lucas Zhang
23:53Forsyth Country Day
48.12Matthew Coffey
24:09 SRCalvary Day School
49.7Harrison Pike
24:17Forsyth Country Day
50.11Caleb Hollar
24:30Forsyth Country Day
51.12Edmund Kayhko
24:33 PRGreensboro Day
52.11Daniel Yamagata
24:47 PRGreensboro Day
53.-Ethan Kim
24:59High Point Christian...
55.11George Joiner
25:08 PRForsyth Country Day
56.12Garrett Smitherman
25:13 PRCalvary Day School
57.12T.J. Waterer
25:27 PRCalvary Day School
58.9Cody Robinson
25:35Forsyth Country Day
59.7Jackson Littleton
25:48 PRForsyth Home Educators
60.9Amogh Gorantla
25:50Forsyth Country Day
61.8Chancey Matthews
25:59 PRForsyth Home Educators
62.8Elliot Sullivan
25:59Forsyth Country Day
63.9Matthew Casey
29:15Forsyth Home Educators
64.12Logan Johnson
30:04Forsyth Country Day
65.11Alden Smithson
30:17Forsyth Home Educators
66.9Samuel Hinton
31:03Forsyth Home Educators
67.12Tommy Taylor
38:14 SRCalvary Day School
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Greensboro Day47
2.Calvary Day School54
3.Forsyth Country Day60
4.Forsyth Home Educators61
5.Salem Academy113
6.High Point Christian Academy142

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Lindsey Ickes
21:17Forsyth Country Day
2.12Davis Richmond
22:00Greensboro Day
3.9Chloe Christensen
22:35Calvary Day School
4.12Anna Hamilton
22:56Forsyth Home Educators
5.8Taylar White
23:24Forsyth Home Educators
6.12Courtney Sanders
24:02Greensboro Day
7.12Emmie Littlejohn
24:21Calvary Day School
8.9Josie Kilborn
24:28Forsyth Country Day
9.9Abby Morris
24:36Calvary Day School
10.8Jessee Smid
24:49 SRForsyth Home Educators
11.9Tori Frahm
25:07Greensboro Day
12.10Sophia Iltis
25:20Salem Academy
13.11Logan Forbis
25:52Greensboro Day
14.12Abby Hurst
25:53Calvary Day School
15.10Jenny Rowlett
26:16Greensboro Day
16.12Delaney Stark
26:37Forsyth Country Day
17.11Haleigh Kozlowski
26:37Forsyth Country Day
18.9Catherine Mitchell
26:37Forsyth Country Day
19.11Abigail Wucherer
26:41Salem Academy
20.12Addie Slate
26:45Forsyth Home Educators
21.12Kara Parrish
26:56Calvary Day School
22.9Mary Cameron Littl...
27:21Forsyth Home Educators
23.10Melody Wu
27:39High Point Christian...
24.10Skylar Talbert
27:58High Point Christian...
25.11Alia Agee
27:59Salem Academy
26.10Kate Dossel
27:59Salem Academy
27.9Lillie Sink
28:07High Point Christian...
28.10Laura Wyatt
28:09High Point Christian...
29.11Halleigh Milleson
28:11Calvary Day School
30.11Anne McLane Laws
28:31 PRCalvary Day School
31.12Callie Murphy
28:40Calvary Day School
32.12Virginia Hash
28:48 SRCalvary Day School
33.12Bella Hartwich
28:55 SRSalem Academy
34.10Mary-Clark Matthews
28:57Forsyth Home Educators
35.10Grace Ciambrone
29:09 PRGreensboro Day
36.11Ashley Hart
29:18 PRSalem Academy
37.10Julianna Bost
29:22Forsyth Home Educators
38.7Teodora Sorescu
29:29Forsyth Country Day
39.11Anna Lammel
29:36Forsyth Country Day
40.11Katherine Angell
29:44Forsyth Country Day
41.10Bianca Minter
29:46Salem Academy
42.10Alexis Ingraham
29:49Forsyth Home Educators
43.9Mackenzie Kaplan
29:53Forsyth Country Day
44.11Helina Qin
29:55 PRCalvary Day School
45.10Amanda Cash
30:27Greensboro Day
46.11Lilly Schaab
30:37 PRCalvary Day School
47.12Ellen Jiang
31:38Forsyth Country Day
48.11Winna Xia
32:07 PRSalem Academy
49.10Julia Zhou
32:28Salem Academy
50.10Catherine Herman
32:38 SRForsyth Home Educators
51.9Lily Pope
32:45Forsyth Home Educators
52.12Abbey Linnell
33:28Salem Academy
53.10Kieran Walker
34:09Forsyth Country Day
54.10Kaitlin Hall
34:24High Point Christian...
55.11Madelyn Pope
35:51Forsyth Home Educators
56.9Brittney Tate
36:02Forsyth Country Day
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