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Rigby Middle School

1,600 Meters Middle School5:35 AM
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Rigby Middle School

1,600 Meters Middle School5:20 PM

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Youth Race- 3rd-6th Grade:

A championship cross-country meet for East Idaho youth in grades 6 & under will be held Wednesday, Oct. 11th, at Rigby Middle School.  Girls run at 5:20 pm; boys at 5:35 pm. Both races are 1 mile.

Entry Fee: $5 per person or $30 per team (boys & girls combined) payable to Rigby Middle School at check-in.

Details: Entries are due by 11 p.m.,  October 9th, 2017. Register on or via email to Collen Christensen at Late entries accepted for an additional $10/person. Clubs, school teams, and unattached runners welcome.

Awards: Medals to the top 10 finisher in the girls and boys race for the 5th and 6th grade with a prize for the winning teams. There will be medals for the top 5 finishing girls and boys in the 3rd/4th grade. Awards will be announced a few minutes after the conclusion of boys race.

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Mens Results

1,600 Meters Middle School

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Official Team Scores

1.Rexburg Track Club25
2.High Five Flyers48
3.American Heritage Charter74

Hypothetical Scores

1.11-12Mason Dorman
6:39.1 PRRexburg Track Club
2.11-12Luke Athay
6:41.1 PRHigh Five Flyers
3.9-10McKay Manner
6:41.2 PRRexburg Track Club
4.5Carter Bluth
6:42.1 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
5.3Colby Call
6:47.7 PRRexburg Track Club
6.6Isacc Hendricks
7:02.2 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
7.4Lucas Fransen
7:03.2 PRRexburg Track Club
8.11-12Benton Elison
7:04.5 PRHigh Five Flyers
9.9-10Ben Call
7:07.8 PRRexburg Track Club
10.11-12Zachary Shurtliff
7:11.1 PRHigh Five Flyers
11.-Jonas Porter
7:21.2 PRRigby
12.11-12Andrew Hinkson
7:22.6 PRHigh Five Flyers
13.6Austin Averill
7:23.3 PRRexburg Track Club
14.-Kade Scott
7:23.9 PRRigby
15.4Greyson Peterson
7:24.8 PRRexburg Track Club
16.11-12Bridger Maddock
7:25.9 PRHigh Five Flyers
17.9-10Tanner Clarke
7:27.9 PRHigh Five Flyers
18.-Stuart Fielding
7:29.6 PRRigby
19.6Jackson Sutton
7:30.2 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
20.9-10Brauer Herway
7:30.8 PRHigh Five Flyers
21.11-12Luke Pinkham
7:30.8 PRHigh Five Flyers
22.7-8Timothy Ray Brazier
7:30.9 PRHigh Five Flyers
23.-Jax Brown
7:30.9 PRRigby
24.6Carsen Wages
7:32.7 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
25.4Jacob Risenmay
7:36.3 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
26.3Kash Daniels
7:45.4 PRRexburg Track Club
27.11-12Fielding Manner
7:45.6 PRRexburg Track Club
28.2Ethan Wynn
7:52.4 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
29.9-10Carson Sommer
7:56.3 PRHigh Five Flyers
30.9-10Owen Stallings
7:56.7 PRHigh Five Flyers
31.-Taegen Lovell
7:58.6 PRRigby
32.7-8Asher Wallace
8:07.6 PRHigh Five Flyers
33.7-8Karter Ricks
8:09.0 PRRexburg Track Club
34.9-10Evan Zumwalt
8:11.0 PRHigh Five Flyers
35.11-12Brayden Merzlock
8:13.1 PRHigh Five Flyers
36.4Joshua Williams
8:26.0 PRRexburg Track Club
37.9-10Jace Allen
8:26.2 PRHigh Five Flyers
38.9-10James Herres
8:29.5 PRHigh Five Flyers
39.11-12Andrew Harris
8:29.8 PRHigh Five Flyers
40.1Aaron Sutton
8:31.2 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
41.6ULincoln Brazier
8:44.9 PRHigh Five Flyers
42.9-10Truman Elison
8:47.3 PRHigh Five Flyers
43.11-12Michael Butler
8:51.1 PRRexburg Track Club
44.6Ethan Vandersloot
8:51.9 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
45.11-12Samuel Nash
9:01.3 PRHigh Five Flyers
46.3Noah Rasmussen
9:01.8 PRRexburg Track Club
47.11-12Joel Perry
9:27.2 PRHigh Five Flyers
48.7-8Drew Kunz
9:46.8 PRHigh Five Flyers
49.9-10Kolton Shurtliff
9:53.5 PRHigh Five Flyers
50.11-12Owen Stewart
9:53.6 PRRexburg Track Club
51.2Will Sutton
9:59.8 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
52.4Luke Rasmussen
13:02.7 PRRexburg Track Club
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Womens Results

1,600 Meters Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.High Five Flyers57
3.Rexburg Track Club58
4.American Heritage Charter79

Hypothetical Scores

1.6Abbie Scott
6:49.2 PRRigby
2.6Alexis McGary
6:50.7 PRRigby
3.6Liberty Porter
6:51.7 PRRigby
4.11-12Ava Boyle
6:55.7 PRHigh Five Flyers
5.6Abigail Wegener
6:58.5 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
6.5Ellen Harrison
7:18.0 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
7.11-12Ashley Garner
7:18.2 PRRexburg Track Club
8.11-12Savanah Hawkes
7:18.2 PRHigh Five Flyers
9.9-10Macie Winder
7:19.1 PRHigh Five Flyers
10.11-12Susanna Packer
7:20.4 PRRexburg Track Club
11.6Mirah Bennion
7:22.5 PRRexburg Track Club
12.3Miriam Moldenhauer
7:27.9 PRRexburg Track Club
13.6Kelsey Brown
7:30.6 PRRigby
14.-Bailey Klingler
7:35.7 PRRigby
15.6Rebekah Easton
7:45.0 PRRigby
16.6Maddisen Ricks
7:45.2 PRRigby
17.11-12Hannah Wallace
7:47.6 PRHigh Five Flyers
18.3Caroline Fabry
7:49.8 PRRexburg Track Club
19.9-10Sadie Clarke
7:53.1 PRHigh Five Flyers
20.11-12Ester Moldenhauer
7:53.3 PRRexburg Track Club
21.4Skye Wegener
7:53.7 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
22.4Emma Harrison
7:58.3 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
23.11-12Roxanna Backstein
8:01.1 PRRexburg Track Club
24.9-10Bethany Nash
8:01.9 PRHigh Five Flyers
25.6Mieley Grover
8:03.5 PRRexburg Track Club
26.6Sarah Russell
8:08.2 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
27.-Ellie Miller
8:19.5 PRRigby
28.5Emi Robins
8:29.5 PRRexburg Track Club
29.9-10Brooklyn Brazier
8:30.2 PRHigh Five Flyers
30.6Emma Cluff
8:31.7 PRRigby
31.9-10Mia Walsh
8:36.8 PRRexburg Track Club
32.11-12Rylie Dustin
8:40.8 PRRexburg Track Club
33.3Tora Grover
8:43.2 PRRexburg Track Club
34.5Maggie White
8:44.7 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
35.9-10Anika Johnson
8:48.3 PRRexburg Track Club
36.11-12Brooklyn Reese
8:50.2 PRHigh Five Flyers
37.-Taylor Cluff
8:50.8 PRRigby
38.-Makayla Dean
8:51.9 PRRigby
39.6Isabelle Harris
9:00.3 PRRigby
40.6Paige Willis
9:08.7 PRRigby
41.7-8Ellie Boyle
9:21.5 PRHigh Five Flyers
42.4Allison Hansen
9:21.9 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
43.3Sayde Alboucq
9:22.9 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
44.3Brinlee Dorman
9:28.8 PRRexburg Track Club
45.9-10Britta Walters
9:39.2 PRRexburg Track Club
46.1Emmaly Hendricks
9:42.5 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
47.3Kate Sessions
9:49.2 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
48.9-10Meillee Searle
9:53.8 PRHigh Five Flyers
49.7-8Molly Carter
9:56.2 PRHigh Five Flyers
50.5Rylee Barney
10:12.2 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
51.1Natalie Hansen
11:57.7 PRAmerican Heritage Ch...
52.9-10Genna Nickerson
11:57.9 PRHigh Five Flyers
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