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3,200 Meters Varsity
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3,200 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

3,200 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Charles E Jordan Senior15
2.Panther Creek50
1.10Abutu Alioche
11:48.70 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
2.11Joshua Egan
11:52.30 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
3.12Samuel Terry-Edmunds
11:55.10 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
4.11Andrew Clegg
11:55.50 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
5.11Xavier Gomez
12:02.10 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
6.11Jayson Medrano
12:08.70 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
7.12Nathan Barrier
12:12.60 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
8.10Hayden Perko
12:14.20 PRPanther Creek
9.10Ben Oh
12:14.30 PRPanther Creek
10.9Parker Westbrook
12:18.30Panther Creek
11.12Dominant Elting
12:42.80 PRPanther Creek
12.12Ednan Ochieng
12:43.00 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
13.9Jackson Vaughn
12:44.20 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
14.11Benjamin Woodman
12:47.00 PRPanther Creek
15.10Tej Joshi
12:51.30 PRPanther Creek
16.11Mark Killmeyer
12:56.10 PRCary
17.10Philip Beal
12:56.60 PRPanther Creek
18.10Jack Maggio
12:57.10 PRPanther Creek
19.10Jalen Goode
13:04.30 PRPanther Creek
20.11John Brandenburg
13:07.10 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
21.9Nicholas Haub
13:11.70 PRPanther Creek
22.11Lam Ngo
13:12.70 PRCary
23.11Mark Reading
13:13.30 PRCary
24.10Justin Wade
13:14.10 PRPanther Creek
25.9Nicholas Coe
13:16.20 PRPanther Creek
26.10Truman Meyer
13:18.10 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
27.11Brett Reynolds
13:18.50 PRPanther Creek
28.10Jack Aylin
13:19.10 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
29.9Andrew Rossi
13:20.50 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
30.10Peter Shaner
13:21.30 PRPanther Creek
31.11Aaron Chheng
13:21.70 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
32.12Gifted Elting
13:22.00 PRPanther Creek
33.9Jacob Lawson
13:32.50 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
34.9Tyler Middledorf
13:35.70 PRPanther Creek
35.9Justin Palmeri
13:36.30 PRPanther Creek
36.12Elijah Cernoch
13:39.20 PRPanther Creek
37.11Lord Jace
13:39.30 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
38.11Tony LE
13:40.90 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
39.9Noah Cleaton
13:41.50 PRPanther Creek
40.9Ashton Chhan
13:42.00 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
41.9Balal Alkurdasi
13:45.60 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
42.12Henry Sowers
13:45.80 PRCary
43.11Gabriel Alvarez
13:47.40 PRPanther Creek
44.12Vivek Nair
13:51.30 PRPanther Creek
45.9Ethan Flack
13:51.50 PRPanther Creek
46.11Jay Kothari
13:54.10 PRPanther Creek
47.9Quinn Supina
13:54.70 PRPanther Creek
48.9Ishan Patel
13:54.90 PRPanther Creek
49.9Charlie Swierz
13:57.60 PRPanther Creek
50.9Pranish Pantha
14:00.90 PRPanther Creek
51.11Andrew Thornton
52.9Viktor Idhammar
14:11.40 PRCary
53.10Matthew Gilmore
14:14.20 PRPanther Creek
54.9Donovan Hall
14:14.70 PRCary
55.12Akhil Talasila
14:22.10 PRPanther Creek
56.11Ryan Napier
14:28.40 PRPanther Creek
57.9Devin McFarland
14:47.70 PRCary
58.11Nathan Jasper
14:54.60 PRCary
59.10Nolan Mood
14:57.10 PRCary
60.11Sameer Rao
15:03.10 PRPanther Creek
61.12Kevin Kang
15:03.30 PRPanther Creek
62.12Mason Hancock
15:03.90 PRCary
63.9Andrew Rice
15:05.10 PRPanther Creek
64.9Austin Stevens
15:08.70 PRCary
65.9Jaden Hall
15:15.60 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
66.10Christian Barringer
15:25.10 PRPanther Creek
67.10Caleb MOU
15:27.90 PRCary
68.10Kapil Matchett
15:31.10 PRCary
69.11Jacob Caudill
15:37.30 PRCary
70.11Charlie Alexander
15:38.20 PRPanther Creek
71.9Melvin Garcia
15:42.60 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
72.11John Wright
16:08.20 PRPanther Creek
73.9Jack Andrew
16:31.10 PRCary
74.10William Schumann
16:39.10 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
75.12Tyrone Wu
16:47.20 PRPanther Creek
76.9Hewson Welke
17:01.60 PRPanther Creek
77.11Matthew Martin
17:05.70 PRPanther Creek
78.9Mayank Holla
17:22.10 PRPanther Creek
79.9Cole Nack
17:38.70 PRCary
80.9Isaiah Deppong
18:12.70 PRCary
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Charles E Jordan Senior32
2.Panther Creek33
1.12Ceara Gannon
13:29.00 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
2.9Lucinda Rosen
14:54.50 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
3.9Sierra Skelding
14:54.70 PRPanther Creek
4.10Leanne Killmeyer
15:09.30 PRCary
5.11Claire Johnson
15:14.10 PRPanther Creek
6.12Sarah Staehle
15:14.80 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
7.10Isabela Yengling
15:17.90 PRPanther Creek
8.9Mackenna Baker
15:20.30 PRPanther Creek
9.11Michelle Rzepka
15:21.50 PRCary
10.12Hannah Bonet
15:31.60 PRPanther Creek
11.10Andrea Benz
15:40.30 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
12.9Grace Miller
16:02.20 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
13.12Soumya Kamath
16:07.90 PRPanther Creek
14.10Addison Baker
16:12.10 PRPanther Creek
15.11Caroline Jablow
16:14.30 PRPanther Creek
16.9Reilly Carlson
16:16.20 PRPanther Creek
17.11Kendall Mews
16:26.10 PRPanther Creek
18.10Sarah Parrott
16:28.00 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
19.9Katherine Stavraka...
16:38.70 PRPanther Creek
20.10Karen Killmeyer
16:39.40 PRCary
21.10Raquel Rzepka
16:41.10 PRCary
22.11Payton Switzer
16:43.00 PRPanther Creek
23.9Zuhaa Asrar
16:43.40 PRPanther Creek
24.11Isabelle Hamm
16:44.00 PRPanther Creek
25.10Josie Dunphy
16:50.80 PRCary
26.9Kelly ONG
16:55.10 PRPanther Creek
27.10Lilian Roux
16:57.20 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
28.9Varsha Venkatapathy
17:01.40 PRPanther Creek
29.9Alicia Laxton
17:45.10 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
30.11Madeline Mcloughlin
17:58.40 PRCary
31.10Mary Budo
18:04.30 PRCary
32.-Lina Bruehl
18:15.10 PRPanther Creek
33.11Bhavika Yendapali
18:37.20 PRPanther Creek
34.9Shreya Chordiya
18:37.50 PRPanther Creek
35.12Sara Dreyer
18:37.60 PRPanther Creek
36.11Nell Broadwell
18:42.70 PRCary
37.12Anika Bhadriraju
18:52.10 PRPanther Creek
38.10Abigail Carpenter
18:53.80 PRCary
39.9Faith Greengrass
19:07.00 PRPanther Creek
40.10Emma Uthe
19:10.80 PRCary
41.10Caroline Jenkins
19:17.10 PRCary
42.9Sloan Peterson
19:25.90 PRCary
43.10Amy Perris
19:26.40 PRCary
44.9Zippy Drew
45.9Grace Sosa
19:58.70 PRPanther Creek
46.9Sana Goyal
19:59.10 PRPanther Creek
47.10Lauren Budo
20:24.20 PRCary
48.10Bethany Claes
20:25.20 PRCary
49.9Katie Stevens
21:08.60 PRPanther Creek
50.11Kathleen Hunnicutt
21:10.10 PRCary
51.11Rebecca Lewis
21:15.40 PRCary
52.10Daisy Ala
21:24.30 PRCary
53.12Vignitha Ampally
22:00.70 PRPanther Creek
54.10Hanna Sukhadolskay
22:09.70 PRCary
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