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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:35 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM

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Last Updated 5:15 AM, Wed, Oct 4

Last Chance Meet  (coaches)

Stockbridge Last Chance Meet

Intent to compete is needed by 6:00 P.M. on Saturday, October 28th. Please add the meet to your schedule and add any athletes that may be competing on so that we can get a count for pizza.

There is a $5 charge per athlete to cover the cost of medals and food.

We will be timing this as we did in the past. No BIBs only place cards in the chute. Coaches will get a ticker tape of times to verify any Personal Records. You may also use your own hand times, or times from the display clock. No official results will be posted to but the meet will be left open for coaches to post their own times for their athletes.

Medals are given to any athlete that runs a new personal record (Coaches' Discretion).  Coaches will announce which athletes receive a medal in the cafeteria while athletes are eating.



4:00 PM Girls High School Open

4:35 PM Boys High School Open

Pizza and drinks will follow in the High School Cafeteria at the conclusion of the Boys race. 


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jeremy Northrop
16:49 PRChelsea
2.12Liam Hartsuff
16:53 PRChelsea
3.10Joseph Norwood
17:00 PRChelsea
4.10Zander Hartsuff
17:33 PRChelsea
5.9Shaun Happy
17:37 PRChelsea
9Kevin Biergans
17:44 PRLansing Catholic
8.9Alec Shaw
17:50.3 PRHomer
11Jack Fedewa
17:53 PRLansing Catholic
11.9Jimmy Alford
18:02 PRChelsea
16.10Tyler Landis
18:20.1 PRHomer
12Nick Starr
18:34Lansing Catholic
9Joey Mooney
18:43Lansing Catholic
10Jack Russell
18:44 SRLansing Catholic
9Jack Saxton
18:48Lansing Catholic
27.10Jeff Debozy
19:00.8 PRStockbridge
29.9Caden Faupel
19:03 PRChelsea
28.12Adam Ritchie
30.11Dylan Sprague
19:04.6 PRHomer
33.5Leo Swager
19:12 PRChelsea
9Thomas Gianiodis
19:19Lansing Catholic
34.9Jack Smith
19:19 PRChelsea
10Luke Elden
19:26Lansing Catholic
37.9Robert Stump
38.7Zebedee Swager
19:28 PRChelsea
39.9Brock Jones
19:33.1 PRStockbridge
10Isaac Jones
10Griffin Mitchinson
41.12Rhys Chamberlain
19:46.6 PRHomer
11Eric Bashore
19:49 PRWilliamston
11Gabe Smith
10Nicholas Rubeck
20:16 PRWilliamston
11Seth Woodbury
10Hunter Burkholder
11Alec Barrone
20:38Lansing Catholic
57.9Jonah Coffman
20:39.8 PRStockbridge
9Jack Schafer
12Jesse Munson
20:53 SRWilliamston
10David Perez
20:57Lansing Catholic
10Joey Greenburg
21:02Lansing Catholic
12Gavin Laforge
71.9Tate Cox
21:42.46 PRDansville
73.12Shaun Escobar
21:48.3 PRHomer
9Gabe Starr
21:55Lansing Catholic
10Charlie Barrone
22:29Lansing Catholic
82.11Kael Youngblood
83.4Karl Swager
22:48 PRChelsea
85.9Matt Schneider
11Cameron Nakfor
24:50Lansing Catholic
88.12Zakary Escobar
25:30.9 PRHomer
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Hannah Jones
19:57 SRWilliamston
5.12Amanda Maurer
21:06 PRWilliamston
10Emily Chizek
21:24 PRChelsea
11Sophie Weitzel
21:45Lansing Catholic
9Mia Brown
21:58 PRLansing Catholic
11Elaina Phelps
22:08Lansing Catholic
10Myranda Montoye
22:12 PRChelsea
10Adeline Hauck
22:20Lansing Catholic
18.9Emma Reagle
10Grace Griffin
22:55Lansing Catholic
25.11Abby Himebaugh
26.10Julia Krantz
23:02 SRWilliamston
28.12Olivia Grice
31.10Anna Schlaff
23:37 PRStockbridge
11Cara Heberlein
23:43Lansing Catholic
11Abigail Kazmierski
23:45Lansing Catholic
36.12Emma Davis
12Grace Fox
24:29Lansing Catholic
11Dana Caslavka
24:35 PRLansing Catholic
12Alicia Coatsworth
40.11Jessica Robach
11Anna Dehnke
24:50 SRLansing Catholic
46.10Silvia Grice
47.9Joy Youngblood
25:56 PRStockbridge
9Shannon Stevens
26:06Lansing Catholic
51.11Leslie Dickinson
26:06.9 PRHomer
10Ellie Rentz
26:39Lansing Catholic
55.11Elaina Hrcka
26:52.3 PRHomer
56.12Devin Willis
57.11Alyssa Hrcka
27:14.4 PRHomer
10Mary Heberlein
27:27 SRLansing Catholic
58.11Ashley Sprague
27:41.6 SRHomer
60.12Casey Passmore
12Kristen Pruder
28:28 SRLansing Catholic
10Luna Guyi
28:59 PRLansing Catholic
9Emma Frary
31:52 PRLansing Catholic
70.10Kidakarn Palakarn
32:09 PRWilliamston
10Evelyn Reimer
32:10 PRWilliamston
72.10Amanda Jaworsky
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