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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

3.Poland Regional97
5.Fryeburg Academy122
6.North Yarmouth Academy127
1.12Mitch Libby
15:59.26 PRWells
2.12Troy Hendricks
16:19.94 PRSacopee Valley
3.10Henry Spritz
16:43.16 PRWaynflete
4.11Alex Les
17:03.21 PRFreeport
5.9Martin Horne
17:04.98 PRFreeport
6.11Brian Niznik
17:22.34 PRWells
7.12Mitch Stapleton
17:28.02 SRWells
8.12Thomas Doyle
17:32.33 PRFreeport
9.11Alfie Walker
17:34.88Fryeburg Academy
10.10Heath Cockburn
17:34.89 PRFreeport
11.9Chris Hamblett
17:49.86 PRNorth Yarmouth Academy
12.12Gaeb Bouchard
17:50.15 PRPoland Regional
13.11Jake Gagnon
17:50.49 PRPoland Regional
14.12Brennan Flatt
17:58.26 PRNorth Yarmouth Academy
15.9Levi Lilienthal
18:00.57 PRWaynflete
16.10Decovan Dufort
18:01.62 PRWells
17.11John Giddens
18:21.01 PRFreeport
18.11Matt Chase
18:21.26 PRWells
19.12Quentin Curtis
18:21.51 PRWells
20.11Dawson Pillow
18:22.77 PRFreeport
21.10Jeremy Brogan
18:23.74 PRFreeport
22.11Paul Biberstein
18:33.26 PRFreeport
23.11Tanner Morrison
18:40.54 PRFreeport
24.12Eero Pandora
18:49.38 SRFreeport
25.12John Veroneau
18:50.94 SRWaynflete
26.11Nick Mitch
18:58.28 PRFreeport
27.12Sean Shanahan
19:01.81 PRPoland Regional
28.11Noah Mcavoy
19:06.09 PRWells
29.11Osage Crie
19:10.06Fryeburg Academy
30.12Sam Stone
19:23.38 PRPoland Regional
31.9Luke Flanders
19:25.41Fryeburg Academy
32.11Gavin Russo
19:26.74 PRPoland Regional
33.10Maximo Steverlynck
19:31.96 PRFreeport
34.12Kieran Rowe
19:35.43 SRNorth Yarmouth Academy
35.12Seth Johnston
19:35.59 PRFryeburg Academy
36.12James Minieri
19:45.81 PRFreeport
37.12Nick Wagg
19:50.86 PRWaynflete
38.9Connor Feeney
39.10Nick Werner
19:58.70 PRWaynflete
40.11Finn Johnston
20:06.17 PRFreeport
41.12Andrew Clark
20:08.04 PRWaynflete
42.10Ethan Armstrong
20:14.12 PRWaynflete
43.-Andrew Burns
20:18.80 PRFreeport
44.9Joseph Coleman
20:20.22 PRFreeport
45.9Tim Brienza
20:20.30 PRPoland Regional
46.10Elijah Howe
20:20.59 PRFryeburg Academy
47.10Alec Eames
20:21.77 PRFreeport
48.9James Pullen
20:23.12Fryeburg Academy
49.-Liam Feeney
20:31.85 PRWaynflete
50.10Henry Bukowski-thall
51.10Gus Madsen
20:36.20 PRWells
52.10Niall Calvert
20:43.17 PRWaynflete
53.10Ty Stapleton
20:45.88 PRWells
54.10Liam Arel
20:49.76 PRWells
55.11Thai Crane
20:51.03 PRNorth Yarmouth Academy
56.11Sam Paulding
20:52.53 PRFryeburg Academy
57.11David Marshall
21:04.17 PRFryeburg Academy
58.10Eric Decker
21:04.49 PRFreeport
59.-Jacob Jargon
21:11.66 PRWells
60.10Aidan Graham
61.10Te'andre King
21:32.02North Yarmouth Academy
62.9Alex Mitchell
21:40.26Poland Regional
63.-Michael Veroneau
21:40.87 PRWaynflete
64.10Parker Landsbergen
21:44.91 PRFreeport
65.10Matt Walker
22:12.93 PRPoland Regional
66.10Noah Hight
22:21.43 PRFreeport
67.11Luke Schwierzke
22:37.18 PRSacopee Valley
68.10Cole Cushman
22:40.95 PRPoland Regional
69.11Miles Anderson
22:42.31 PRWaynflete
70.11Jake Tucker
22:46.29 PRFreeport
71.9Lucas Lavoie
22:53.63Sacopee Valley
72.-Tyler Ren
22:57.03 PRWaynflete
73.-Ben Stone
22:58.12 PRWaynflete
74.10Graham Bridges
23:01.93 PRWells
75.9Raveen Panosian
23:11.58 PRFreeport
76.12Gregory Nam
23:22.94 PRFreeport
77.11Alex McNulty
23:23.25Sacopee Valley
78.9Luke Reinbach
23:29.20 PRFryeburg Academy
79.-Jacob Orenstein
23:31.83 PRWaynflete
80.9Will Marshall
23:41.18 PRFryeburg Academy
81.12Gabe Crosby
23:49.18 PRPoland Regional
82.12Jack Sillin
23:50.04 SRNorth Yarmouth Academy
83.10Tim Martell
23:55.93 PRWells
84.12Leo Webster
24:01.86 PRNorth Yarmouth Academy
85.9Lucas Moulton
25:36.63 PRPoland Regional
86.9Hayden Allen
26:23.67 PRWells
87.-Jack Thibodeau
28:27.27North Yarmouth Academy
88.-Ben Daigneault
29:55.00 PRPoland Regional
89.11Tristin Whyte
29:57.14 PRPoland Regional
90.David Salmons
33:20.86Poland Regional
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Fryeburg Academy55
5.Poland Regional84
1.11Lily Horne
18:39.01 PRFreeport
2.12Emily Carty
19:32.17 SRFryeburg Academy
3.12Abby Pipkin
20:12.91 PRWaynflete
4.10Olivia Ouellette
20:35.11 SRPoland Regional
5.11Heidi Fortin
20:46.96 PRWells
6.11Natalief Robinson
20:57.97 PRWells
7.12Samantha Halmos
21:14.56 SRPoland Regional
8.12Emily Grzyb
21:17.36 PRFryeburg Academy
9.10Anna Wildes
21:18.85 PRWaynflete
10.12Leeza Kopaeva
21:51.32 PRWaynflete
11.10Merys Carty
21:52.81 PRFryeburg Academy
12.10Mia Turkington
22:05.43 PRPoland Regional
13.12Isabelle Sossei
22:09.61 SRWells
14.12Irina Norkin
22:16.15Fryeburg Academy
15.12Patricia Dupere
22:26.99 PRFreeport
16.10Grace Bradish
22:31.28 PRWells
17.11Katie Morrissey
22:46.64 PRFreeport
18.9Ellie Simmons
22:48.98 PRWaynflete
19.11Hannah Babcock
23:06.15 PRWaynflete
20.11Charlotte Collins
23:11.91 PRNorth Yarmouth Academy
21.11Madeline Choyce
23:14.23Fryeburg Academy
22.11Zoe Maguire
23:15.44Fryeburg Academy
23.10Alanceiah Waiters
23:20.93Fryeburg Academy
24.10Sarah Southhall
23:35.17 PRFreeport
25.10Emma Abbott
23:39.04 PRFreeport
26.12Lydia Hollen
23:42.59 PRFreeport
27.9Maddie Landry
23:45.68 PRWaynflete
28.10Caroline Doyle
23:52.87 PRFreeport
29.-Brittany Smith
24:11.12 PRFryeburg Academy
30.10Emily Wagg
24:14.78 PRWaynflete
31.10Chaya Lord-Roseff
32.10Alanna Mysherall
24:47.46 PRPoland Regional
33.9Emma Collins
24:47.46 PRNorth Yarmouth Academy
34.9Madison Griffin
24:49.27 PRFryeburg Academy
35.9Jenna Dodge
24:50.91 PRFryeburg Academy
36.-Helen Horner
24:52.86 PRWaynflete
37.-Hannah Kiely
24:59.89 PRWaynflete
38.9Alexa Natola
25:11.75 PRSacopee Valley
39.12Mollie Stone
25:21.90 SRWaynflete
40.9Samantha Caras
25:24.65Fryeburg Academy
41.11Jessica Minieri
26:04.02 SRFreeport
42.-Betsey Rosenblum
26:14.91 PRWaynflete
43.-Phoebe Hart
26:19.41 PRWaynflete
44.12Aliyah Hamel
26:20.18 PRPoland Regional
45.9Sasha Maguire
26:20.52 PRFryeburg Academy
46.9Emily Gibson
26:25.88 PRPoland Regional
47.10Isabelle Keim
26:28.87 PRSacopee Valley
48.9Rachel Packard
49.12Dorrie Pinchbeck
26:57.16 PRWaynflete
50.-Dana Hirschhorn
27:01.85 PRWaynflete
51.10Kristina Moody
27:38.32 SRWells
52.10Edie Hayden-Hunt
53.11Catalina Lizasoain
27:53.00 PRFreeport
54.12Grace Cushman
30:12.66 SRFreeport
55.-Hazel Hodgdon
31:49.81 PRSacopee Valley
56.9Elizabeth Young
32:08.74 PRPoland Regional
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