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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

Official Team Scores

1.Seton Hall24
2.Wilmington (DE)67
3.Delaware University Club104
4.Holy Family112
5.Georgian Court116
6.Delaware Technical CC - Stan...132
1.JrJarod Moser
26:39.6Seton Hall
2.SrChristopher Kitson
27:09.9 SRDelaware University ...
3.SrJacob Simon
27:14.5Seton Hall
4.JrMark Corrigan
27:20.6Wilmington (DE)
5.JrRichard Stephens
27:45.5Seton Hall
6.SoJesse Southard
28:00.9Seton Hall
7.SrTaurai Augustin
28:11.1Holy Family
8.SoHussein Elmeshad
28:17.7Georgian Court
9.SrJeff Larson
28:19.9Seton Hall
10.SoMack Wilowski
28:30.5Seton Hall
11.FrBrandon Guerrera
28:38.9Seton Hall
12.FrOscar Vidal
13.JrJohnathan Avila
28:54.5Wilmington (DE)
29:05.1Seton Hall
15.JrMiguel Suero
29:08.9Wilmington (DE)
16.FrAlex Nieves
29:09.2 PRDelaware Technical C...
17.FrJake Puharic
29:22.6Wilmington (DE)
18.SrPatrick Parr
29:23.6Georgian Court
19.SoAsal Bloom
29:28.3Seton Hall
20.FrAlex Fallon
29:45.2Brookdale CC
21.-Brandon Quanci
29:48.4 PRDelaware University ...
22.FrDyce Bailey
29:55.6 PRDelaware Technical C...
23.SrKorey Jeffries
29:59.8Wilmington (DE)
24.FrSean Saxton
30:20.9 PRDelaware Technical C...
25.SoBrendan Jones
30:25.9 SRDelaware University ...
26.SoConnor Irwin
30:26.3Holy Family
27.FrGeorge Dorsey lll
30:28.9Holy Family
28.FrDaniel Claudeo
30:35.2Georgian Court
29.SoJohn Orozco
30:43.9Holy Family
30.FrSean Scandle
30:58.2Wilmington (DE)
31.-Luke Nigro
30:59.6 PRDelaware University ...
32.FrJason Rodriguez
31:14.7Georgian Court
33.FrNicholas Beutel
34.FrConnor Croke
35.FrCameron Wilburn
31:32.8Holy Family
36.FrBrennan Gantt
31:38.9Holy Family
37.-Michael Rubin
31:44.3 PRDelaware University ...
38.SrNate Steinebrey
31:45.9 SRDelaware University ...
39.SoWilliam Nemeth
31:52.8Brookdale CC
40.SoZakary Kidell
31:59.8Mercer CC
41.-John Wehmeyer
32:51.9 SRDelaware University ...
42.FrKyle Hamm
33:20.3Mercer CC
43.SrThomas Natoli
33:20.6Georgian Court
44.-Jake Landon
33:28.1 PRDelaware University ...
45.FrStephen Constantinou
33:35.8 PRDelaware Technical C...
46.FrPresley Nyandemo
34:01.3 PRDelaware Technical C...
47.-Ryan Mayhew
34:18.4 PRDelaware University ...
48.-Tim Bouchard
34:38.9 SRDelaware University ...
49.-Jacab Henry
34:44.5 PRDelaware University ...
50.SrNick Buzzeo
34:47.2Georgian Court
51.-Evan Driscoll
34:54.9 PRDelaware University ...
52.FrDionte McDaniel
35:29.2Mercer CC
53.SrAdam Klein
35:31.4 PRDominican
54.JrAmani McMullen
36:07.6Wilmington (DE)
55.SoDavid Jeffers
36:14.4 SRDominican
56.SoRobert Arroyo
36:42.8Brookdale CC
57.SoMarshal Capinpin
36:49.7 PRDelaware Technical C...
58.FrBrandon Halter
37:07.4 PRDelaware Technical C...
59.-Andrew Stack
37:22.4 PRDelaware University ...
60.SoJayven Davis
40:13.8Wilmington (DE)
61.FrMike Facian
40:36.4Mercer CC
62.FrEric Evans
41:55.3 PRDelaware Technical C...
63.SoBen Onamusi
42:25.6 SRDelaware Technical C...
64.FrKamren Foster
43:09.6 PRDelaware Technical C...
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women

Official Team Scores

1.Seton Hall23
3.Delaware University Club98
4.Georgian Court134
5.Wilmington (DE)138
6.Mercer CC156
7.Holy Family170
8.Delaware Technical CC - Stan...221
1.SrChristiana Rutkowski
22:47.5Seton Hall
2.SrEmily Johnson
23:25.8Seton Hall
3.FrOlivia Hernandez
23:48.5Seton Hall
4.JrJeanette Bendolph
5.FrEmily Hernandez
24:16.7Seton Hall
6.FrDeja Rodriquez-San...
7.FrHayley Baydar
24:36.4Mercer CC
8.-Julia MacMasters
24:40.5 PRDelaware University ...
9.JrLeanza Lopez
10.JrKathleen Dailey
11.SrJessica Handsaker
24:54.9Georgian Court
12.JrKiley Britten
25:00.3Seton Hall
13.FrAshley Warokomski
14.SoDeHavalan Watts
25:09.9 PRHoly Family
15.SrMadeline Berman
16.SoValerie Romero
17.SoMorgan Blusewicz
25:15.8Georgian Court
18.-Abigail Kaye
25:16.9 PRDelaware University ...
19.FrSamantha Dyer
25:18.1Seton Hall
20.JrMolly Doyle
21.SrRachel Jones
25:23.0Wilmington (DE)
22.-Alana Waggoner
25:23.9 PRDelaware University ...
23.SrAngie Spadaccini
24.SoGabrielle Brown
25:31.8Wilmington (DE)
25.FrAmanda Ferrara
25:34.9Seton Hall
26.-Elise LaFramboise
25:43.0 PRDelaware University ...
27.SoIsbella Whelan
26:13.4 PRSeton Hall
28.FrLaura Gould
26:23.6 PRMercer CC
29.SoKylie Jones
26:24.4Georgian Court
30.-Emily Magoon
26:37.6 PRDelaware University ...
31.SrKristen Arborio
26:39.3 SRDelaware University ...
32.FrDaryn Pettit
26:44.0 PRDelaware
33.-Emma Bateman
26:52.5 SRDelaware University ...
34.FrClaudia Baydar
26:55.0 PRMercer CC
35.SrAdrienne Fraczkowski
36.-Hannah Foss
27:22.3 PRDelaware University ...
37.SoMichaela Meyer
27:26.9 SRDelaware
38.FrAlexa Crowell
27:35.0Wilmington (DE)
39.SrNicole Brevoort
27:59.0Wilmington (DE)
40.FrBrittany Ducha
28:01.4 PRSeton Hall
41.FrJulia Merritt
28:04.4Wilmington (DE)
42.-Lydia Izzo
28:22.4Delaware University ...
43.FrMaisha Coleman
28:29.1 PRHoly Family
44.-Megan Gregory
28:38.2 SRDelaware University ...
45.JrHaile Bowers
28:46.5Holy Family
46.JrCarley Oldfield
28:57.4Holy Family
47.-Nicole Paccione
28:59.4 SRDelaware University ...
48.SoKatelyn Jensen
29:14.4 PRDelaware Technical C...
49.SoEmily Kockott
29:21.4Wilmington (DE)
50.SrFrancesca Dee
29:24.1Georgian Court
51.JrTara Langan
29:28.1Wilmington (DE)
52.-Keren Rams
29:32.5 SRDelaware University ...
53.SrJulia Martone
29:36.7Georgian Court
54.FrElsie Olivera
29:53.7Georgian Court
55.-Haley Reid
30:00.9Delaware University ...
56.-Christen Coleman
30:26.7Delaware University ...
57.SrMaria Gorecki
30:39.4 SRDelaware University ...
58.FrAliyah Navarro
30:42.4 PRDelaware Technical C...
59.-Madison Shuler
30:42.7Delaware University ...
60.-Julia Malek
30:47.4 SRDelaware University ...
61.FrJulia Watts
31:00.4Georgian Court
62.FrJessica Harding
31:01.3 PRDelaware
63.-Caroline O'Gorman
31:39.5 PRDelaware University ...
64.SoBreanna Santini
31:49.7Mercer CC
65.FrMorgan Logue
32:09.7 PRDelaware Technical C...
66.-Mara Crispin
32:16.4Delaware University ...
67.SoAlison Treml
32:39.7 PRDelaware Technical C...
68.FrRiccy Amaya
32:40.1 PRDelaware Technical C...
69.SoMaria Ramos
32:41.4Mercer CC
70.FrTara McDonald
33:17.0Wilmington (DE)
71.SoLisaund Barnette
34:06.8 PRDelaware County Comm...
72.SoVeronica Wise
34:23.5Mercer CC
73.FrLeah Gaston
35:17.0 PRHoly Family
74.-Kaya Banton
35:39.8 PRDelaware County Comm...
75.-Mariah Eastburn
35:44.2 SRDelaware University ...
76.-Maddie Callahan
35:45.8 PRDelaware University ...
77.FrLesly Gonzalez
35:50.7 PRMercer CC
78.FrAshley Rosado
36:40.8 PRHoly Family
79.FrRyan Teloh
36:50.3 PRDelaware Technical C...
80.JrVictoria Crawford
37:00.7Wilmington (DE)
81.FrColleen Megill
46:14.4 PRDelaware Technical C...
82.FrJulia Moir
47:22.4Mercer CC
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