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Mens Races

XC Course at Stuart Sports Complex

3 Miles Varsity11:00 AM
Womens Races

XC Course at Stuart Sports Complex

3 Miles Varsity10:00 AM

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Neuqua Valley27
2.Marmion Academy80
3.Oswego (East)106
5.Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)112
7.Metea Valley145
8.Aurora (East)190
9.Aurora (West Aurora)248
1.11Zach Kinne
14:43.90Neuqua Valley
2.12Ryan Kennedy
14:55.98Neuqua Valley
3.12Michael Ronzone
15:08.95Marmion Academy
4.10Adam Kennedy
15:10.55 PRBatavia
5.12Matthew Blanco
15:10.75Oswego (East)
6.12Danny Winek
15:18.19Neuqua Valley
7.11Michael Madiol
15:22.52Neuqua Valley
8.11Jack Brewster
15:24.53Marmion Academy
9.12Brandon Nelson
10.12Ralph Papa
15:27.16 SRMetea Valley
11.11Michael O'Connor
15:28.63 PRNeuqua Valley
12.12Keanan Ginell
15:30.00 PRNeuqua Valley
13.11Christopher Levario
14.10Luke Wentz
15:33.30 PROswego (East)
15.12Sean Galle
15:36.36Marmion Academy
16.12Rokas Gudinavicius
15:38.84 PRMetea Valley
17.12Cedric McGuire
15:39.40 PRAurora (Waubonsie Va...
18.10Wes Beitler
15:42.20Aurora (Waubonsie Va...
19.12Joe Fioresi
20.12Mitchell Bradford
21.11Jake Saindon
15:45.87 PRAurora (Waubonsie Va...
22.12Miguel Gonzalez
15:49.36Aurora (East)
23.11Jesus Nava
15:51.07Aurora (East)
24.11Keoni English
15:53.40 PRMarmion Academy
25.10Heriberto Alvarez
15:53.71 PROswego (East)
26.12Bradley Osuch
15:55.57 PROswego
27.11John Caron
15:56.11 PRAurora (Waubonsie Va...
28.12Daniel King
15:56.40 PROswego (East)
29.12Wesley York
15:56.43 SRAurora (Waubonsie Va...
30.12Liam Kelly
15:57.65 PRMarmion Academy
31.12Dakota Getty
15:58.00 PRNeuqua Valley
32.10Eamon Samsami
33.12Shane Knanishu
34.12Chris Luz
15:59.35 PROswego (East)
35.12Sean Adams
36.12Corey Saelens
16:02.77 PROswego
37.10Julian DeLeon
16:04.10Aurora (West Aurora)
38.12Derek Roberts
16:10.10 PRMetea Valley
39.11Brady Mello
16:12.03 PROswego
40.11Michael Varzino
16:13.31 SRMetea Valley
41.12Charles Schafer
16:13.63 PRMetea Valley
42.10Damian Rodriguez
43.10Nick Bozarth
16:16.68 PROswego (East)
44.11Jonathan Zambo
16:18.98 PROswego
45.12Abraham Vega
16:21.14Aurora (East)
46.12Luis Reynoso
16:21.57 PRAurora (East)
47.12Patrick Reilly
16:22.57Aurora (West Aurora)
48.10Brad Wiggins
16:26.08Oswego (East)
49.12Jack Gillerlain
50.11Eryk Stewart
16:32.46Aurora (Waubonsie Va...
51.11Jake Coffman
16:33.45Marmion Academy
52.10Anthony Zangler
16:35.71Marmion Academy
53.10Jackson Morrill
16:39.68Aurora (West Aurora)
54.11Miguel Leon
16:39.74Aurora (East)
55.11Jarod Gollwitzer
16:40.07Aurora (West Aurora)
56.11Calvin Watts
16:47.70 PRAurora (West Aurora)
57.12Joel Ramos
16:52.43Aurora (West Aurora)
58.11Max Carmona
16:52.62Metea Valley
59.11Alex Barenbrugge
16:58.38Aurora (Waubonsie Va...
60.10Michael Sakowicz
17:09.29Metea Valley
61.12Edgar Perez
17:12.85Aurora (East)
62.11Nicholas Rivera
17:13.39 PRAurora (West Aurora)
63.12Sebastian Flores
17:18.92 PRAurora (East)
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

3.Oswego (East)82
4.Metea Valley103
5.Neuqua Valley103
6.Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)114
7.Aurora (West Aurora)198
8.Aurora (East)222
1.12Marygrace Golden
17:37.39 PRBatavia
2.10Mia Gianfrancesco
3.11Isabelle Christian...
4.12Grace Pagone
5.12Abby Flammersfeld
17:57.43 PROswego (East)
6.9Jenna Schifferer
17:59.18 PRBatavia
7.10Ashley Heidenrich
17:59.25Aurora (Waubonsie Va...
8.10Erin O'Brien
9.11Terri Scarlett
18:02.85 SRMetea Valley
10.10Julia Rushing
18:12.08Neuqua Valley
11.12Corinna Peña
18:13.64 SRNeuqua Valley
12.11Alexa Andrews
18:22.03 PRBatavia
13.11Sarah Vitro
18:27.26 PRAurora (Waubonsie Va...
14.10Katelyn Mullinax
18:27.48 PRAurora (Waubonsie Va...
15.12Kendra Standish
18:28.26Oswego (East)
16.12Erika Mansfield
17.11Caitlin Guist
18.12Keely Weber
18:37.04Metea Valley
19.11Katherine Sim
18:40.57Oswego (East)
20.10Morgan Ede
18:40.66Oswego (East)
21.10Jenna Boyle
18:48.34Metea Valley
22.12Amirah Yessoufou
18:50.02 PRNeuqua Valley
23.12Amanda Bonczkowski
18:51.46Oswego (East)
24.10Kara Webb
18:54.39Oswego (East)
25.11Carly Cast
19:00.84Metea Valley
26.9Ella Hale
27.12Megan Berg
19:03.75 SROswego
28.11MiKenna Robinson
19:07.36 PRNeuqua Valley
29.10Alyssa Mayhew
19:08.37Aurora (West Aurora)
30.10Emily Kohlberg
19:08.68Metea Valley
31.11Isabel Aguado
32.12Brynne Winiarski
19:14.43 SRNeuqua Valley
33.11Jennifer Lopez
19:16.32Aurora (East)
34.10Audrey Pellico
35.12Kate Jordan
19:17.86Metea Valley
36.10Michaela Hassler
19:22.76 PRNeuqua Valley
37.11Julia Holstead
19:23.89Aurora (Waubonsie Va...
38.12Paige Hardy
19:24.87 SRNeuqua Valley
39.11Madilynn Walrath
19:27.56 PRAurora (West Aurora)
40.11Jaycie Simon
41.10Kaitlyn Hollar
19:34.04Aurora (West Aurora)
42.11Caireann Griffin
19:40.14 PRAurora (West Aurora)
43.11Jennifer Velasquez
19:44.66 PRAurora (Waubonsie Va...
44.9Edith Delgado
19:47.19 PRAurora (East)
45.12Gaby Juarez
19:47.35 PRAurora (East)
46.12Maritza Navar
19:51.28 PRAurora (East)
47.9Emily Head
20:05.38 PRAurora (West Aurora)
48.9Lauren Walrath
20:16.11Aurora (West Aurora)
49.10Megan Fichte
20:16.61Metea Valley
50.11Kayla Hardersen
20:18.95Aurora (West Aurora)
51.12Isabella Gyori
20:22.63Oswego (East)
52.12Shaelyn Iyer
20:31.35Aurora (Waubonsie Va...
53.12Jamie Elenbaas
20:46.69Aurora (Waubonsie Va...
54.11Alondra Cervantes
21:48.10Aurora (East)
55.10Naomi Gutierrez
22:31.89 SRAurora (East)
56.9Sandy Nino
22:40.00Aurora (East)
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