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Mens Races

Shepherd HS

5,000 Meters PROM-HSM6:00 PM
5,000 Meters PROM-OM6:00 PM
Womens Races

Shepherd HS

5,000 Meters PROM-HSF6:00 PM
5,000 Meters PROM-OF6:00 PM

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Last Updated 11:15 AM, Sat, Oct 21

Info  (coaches)

After our Regional on Friday October 27th Shepherd will again be hosting a Post Region Open Meet(PROM) and we wanted to include some information in case you have athletes that are interested in participating.

First off if you haven't seen the Regional information it can be found here:
A standalone map can be found here:

Remember entries for your Regional Teams are due this Saturday October 21st at 6PM on
Divison 3 Meet:
Division 4 Meet:

PROM Info:

The race will start at 6:00 PM following the conclusion of the Regional Awards Ceremony. The race is open to all MS/HS athletes and everyone else as well. Most likely we will conduct 1 co-ed race unless numbers are extremely high(very doubtful).

This race is mainly a great opportunity for your JV athletes to run on the regional course.

We are charging $5 per athlete for entry into the PROM with a max of $30 per school.
Please make your entries into this meet. For any non-school runners e-mail their information to Payment for all will be collected on race day when you pick up your bib/chips.

If you have runners that are registered in your top 10 for your regional roster but may run the open because they do not end up in your top 7 please enter them into this meet as well if they are running the prom.


There are a few other oppurtunities to run on our Course before and after Regionals.  If you are looking for a fun race this coming Saturday check out the Shepherd Cross Country Haunted Trail of Terror at Dusk!

Then the MITCA Team Michigan Qualifer Race is going to be held at Shepherd after the Cross Country Coaches Clinic on Saturday November 11th, with races starting at 2pm.  There will be a Senior Boys & Girls race and a combined futures race open to any HS and MS athletes! Check out our Flyer here or sign up online!  Information on the MITCA Coaches Clinic can also be found here.

If you are looking for some fun Winter team building runs or races also check out the Winter Warrior Race Series!  3 great races in Mt. Pleasant will help you stay motivated in the Winter!

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters PROM-HSM

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Beal City51

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Reid Nestle
18:09.4 PRShepherd
2.12Owen Moeggenberg
3.9Anderson Strand
4.12Dylan Brown
18:51.0 PRCaro
5.11Mitchell Davidson
6.9Izak Brown
19:01.9 PRCaro
7.11Nick Jerman
19:04.7 PRShepherd
8.9Matthew Kolb
19:14.3Beal City
9.10Ethan Andres
10.9Michael Hopkins
19:19.6 PRBeal City
11.9Josh Steffes
19:40.0 PRMontabella
12.10Nathan Reihl
19:42.7Beal City
13.10Gideon Howard
14.11Ethan Hubbell
20:12.1 SRShepherd
15.11David Sackrider
16.10Kris Barnett
20:27.8 PREvart
17.12Steven Hill
18.11Justin Niemi
20:38.7Carson City-Crystal
19.9Ethan Zwerk
20:45.4 PRReese
20.9Ryker Matties
20:55.6 PRShepherd
21.10Brady Miller
20:56.7 PRMontrose
22.9Jake Nierode
21:06.4 PRReese
23.12Gary Daily
24.10Conner Newswanger
21:27.8 PRCarson City-Crystal
25.10Nathan Karas
26.12Aaron O'Connell
21:30.2 PRSanford-Meridian
27.10Luke Pell
21:40.4 PRMontabella
28.9Max Grubaugh
29.9Dylan Gould
21:49.7 PRShepherd
30.9Owen Haupt
21:54.7 PRBeal City
31.9Aiden Shephard
22:06.1 PRSanford-Meridian
32.9Wyatt Tyson
22:21.0 PRReese
33.9Travis Faber
22:24.5Beal City
34.10Wesley Chase
22:28.0 PRSanford-Meridian
35.9Nic Claypool
22:28.5 PRBeaverton
36.11Brian Barnett
22:37.0 PREvart
37.11Chaz Sykes
22:40.2 PRReese
38.10Cole Govitz
39.10Marc Snooks
24:07.8 SRBeaverton
40.10Matt Visner
41.9Lincoln Minthorn
28:09.0 PRShepherd
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5,000 Meters PROM-OM

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Butternut Homeschool39

Hypothetical Scores

1.Kegan Gibson
2.8Brock Lynch
18:01.6 PRMt. Pleasant Sacred ...
3.8Seth Coffin
18:23.2 PRKuehn-Haven
4.BJ Tomanek
5.Andrew Hardy
6.8Aaron Bowerman
20:13.4 PRTS Nurnberger
7.8Riley Walkington
20:14.2 PRMontabella
8.8Chase Hobson
20:16.1 PRKuehn-Haven
9.8Marcus Flanders
10.6Matthew Pattullo
20:17.3 PRCaro
11.Gerry Verwey
12.12Matt Salter
21:36.3 PRKuehn-Haven
13.Jeff Kauffman
14.Dan Gibson
15.8Riley Daily
22:34.7 PRMontabella
16.8Danny Sackrider
22:35.0 PRKuehn-Haven
17.Jason Hardy
18.6Ike Shaw
22:48.7 PRButternut Homeschool
19.8Dylan McCarley
23:30.2 PRKuehn-Haven
20.9Xander Nichols
23:39.8 PRHemlock
21.8Walker Aldrich
23:48.1 PRTS Nurnberger
22.-Vestaguard Eli
24:50.5 PRMontabella
23.8Will Erickson
25:02.4 PRTS Nurnberger
24.6Ryan Hardy
25:33.4 PRButternut Homeschool
25.Bill Hardy
26.Ryan Shaw
27.7Logan Hoskins
27:15.0 PRButternut Homeschool
28.Caleb Hardy
29.6Xander Hoskins
30:06.6 PRButternut Homeschool
30.7Malachi Herzog
35:27.4 PRButternut Homeschool
31.8Ethan Carroll
41:58.9 PRButternut Homeschool
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters PROM-HSF

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Ellie Moeggenberg
22:02.5 PRShepherd
2.11Hailee Hull
22:50.4 PRReese
3.11Makayla Spencer
24:21.7 PRReese
4.11Amanda Hillier
25:23.8 SRMontrose
5.9Ashley Chase
26:55.9 PRSanford-Meridian
6.11Serena Chase
27:46.2 PRSanford-Meridian
7.11Lilly Piorkowski
29:04.6 PRReese
8.9Olivia Prussner
9.9Hailey Ryan
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5,000 Meters PROM-OF

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.Kim Buskirk
2.Stephanie Locke
3.7Kaylee Locke
20:24.4 PRBeal City
4.8Reagan Keyser
21:49.6 PRHemlock
5.7Lauren Brawt
23:13.2 PRMeridian
6.6Rachael Walch
23:21.6 PRCaro
7.12Robin Barnes
23:42.7 PRHemlock
8.9Heidi Huizar
23:51.6 PRHemlock
9.8Eva Nemetz
24:06.6 PRMontabella
10.11Rachel Hilbrandt
24:13.2 PRHemlock
11.Laura Kelly
12.11Maddie Goka
25:36.1 PRHemlock
13.7Lia Mcdowell
25:44.1 PRKuehn-Haven
14.Mackie Giegling
15.11McKenna Harrington
25:52.6 PRKuehn-Haven
16.6Lauren Flanders
17.6Faith Swenor
26:09.2 PRCaro
18.7Hope Palmer
26:44.7 PRMontabella
19.11Molly Schaffer
27:15.4 PRHemlock
20.10Paige Walle
27:58.6 PRHemlock
21.5Brianna Locke
22.Allison Shaw
23.Allison Hardy
24.6Faith Thompson
34:09.1 PRButternut Homeschool
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