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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Raleigh Charter38
2.Chatham Central54
3.Chatham Charter74
4.Woods Charter84
5.Research Triangle111
6.River Mill Academy162
12Caleb Johnson
17:24Chatham Central
12Thomas Moore
18:01Raleigh Charter
12Noah Benjamin
18:14Raleigh Charter
11Nick Teta
18:31Woods Charter
12Calvin Koonce
18:41Raleigh Charter
12Chase Mashburn
19:19Chatham Central
11Abel Maasho
19:25Research Triangle
11Cordell Wanless
19:31Chatham Charter
11James Womack
19:50Chatham Charter
12Ben Lineberry
20:05Chatham Charter
11Bhavin Chaudhari
20:08Raleigh Charter
12Casey Barnes
20:24Woods Charter
9Jayden Gilliland
20:32Chatham Central
9Parker Crowley
20:33Chatham Central
10Gavin Crumpler
20:34Chatham Charter
11Sam Marchman
20:36Research Triangle
9Henry Macombe
20:49Raleigh Charter
11Benjamin Wilson
20:50Raleigh Charter
11Caleb Hyman
20:54Woods Charter
11Caden Fields
20:58Chatham Central
-Joey Kochuba
21:16 SRRaleigh Charter
9Aj Kochuba
21:16 PRRaleigh Charter
12Richard Chriscoe
21:19Chatham Central
9Thomas Shelton
21:20River Mill Academy
11Wyatt Barnes
21:31Raleigh Charter
12Alex Gaines
21:40Raleigh Charter
10Ryan Lanford
21:49Woods Charter
10Ian Stone
21:54Woods Charter
9Freddy Slaminski
22:01River Mill Academy
9William Duke
22:05Research Triangle
12Jordan Harris
22:08Chatham Central
11Mitchell O'Connor
22:10Woods Charter
9Jacob Ziblay
22:11Chatham Central
12Evan Corkery
22:19Research Triangle
10Johnathan Weaver
22:23Research Triangle
10Conner Ackerman
22:28 SRChatham Charter
12Ryan Cherry
22:50 PRResearch Triangle
11Henry Nachman
23:00Woods Charter
10Caulder Councoy
23:10Woods Charter
10Caleb Mcdonald
23:16Research Triangle
9Jeremiah Lee
23:22Raleigh Charter
12Charlie Klappenbach
23:33Research Triangle
11Elijah Day
23:38Woods Charter
10Carter Thompson
23:54Woods Charter
9Chandler Wilkes
23:58Chatham Central
10Taylor Stewart
24:14River Mill Academy
10Noah Barton
24:20Research Triangle
9Preston Cox
24:22Chatham Central
-Chase Coleman
24:39 PRResearch Triangle
10Simi Singh
24:48Research Triangle
10Thomas Johnson
24:49Chatham Charter
9Cole Armstrong
24:57Chatham Central
9Caleb Webster
25:11Chatham Central
10Noah Rinell
25:18Chatham Central
9Michael Davis
25:26Research Triangle
9Jacob Charbonneau
25:51Woods Charter
12Harrison Rodgers
25:54River Mill Academy
9Ekartha Sharma
25:58Raleigh Charter
-Paul Lipetzky
26:17 PRRaleigh Charter
-Afif Rahman
26:39 PRResearch Triangle
9Morgan Chu
26:54Research Triangle
10Ryan Chriscoe
27:05Research Triangle
9Snehil Mathura
27:12Research Triangle
9Jake Dusenberry
27:35Woods Charter
9Ben Mason
27:48Research Triangle
9Jackson Trump
28:26Raleigh Charter
9Rusheek Patel
29:37Research Triangle
-Arya Sharma
29:47 SRRaleigh Charter
11Jack Morgan
29:53River Mill Academy
9Jacob Trump
29:57 PRRaleigh Charter
12Ryan Morzas
30:17River Mill Academy
9Tobin Berrier
30:27Woods Charter
9Preston Coble
31:22Chatham Charter
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Raleigh Charter39
2.Chatham Central62
3.Woods Charter68
4.Research Triangle70
5.River Mill Academy107
12Chesney Crowley
22:09Chatham Central
9McCarty Hudson
23:09Research Triangle
9Ember Penney
23:14Woods Charter
11Rachel Scrudato
23:58Raleigh Charter
10Ainsley Cutlip
24:00River Mill Academy
12Annie O'neill
24:02Raleigh Charter
9Katie Vick
24:04Raleigh Charter
12Caitlin Beavers
24:10Chatham Central
12Kate Schauss
24:13Raleigh Charter
11Hayley Mashburn
24:30Chatham Central
11Elise Moses
24:33Woods Charter
11Erin Tyler
24:35Woods Charter
12Aislinn Whalen
24:55Raleigh Charter
11AnneElise Norris
24:58Research Triangle
11Meg Woodburn
25:25Raleigh Charter
12Heather Krombach
26:02 PRChatham Central
12Alyssa Donaldson
26:09Research Triangle
10Pritika Bugga
26:12Research Triangle
9Anna Helms
26:25Research Triangle
11Cheynie Wray
26:44Woods Charter
9Amberlyn Baker
26:53Research Triangle
12Tyler Deegan
26:54 PRWoods Charter
9Robyn Barlow
26:55River Mill Academy
9Cara Harter
27:26Research Triangle
11Sally Newcomb
27:27River Mill Academy
12Natalie Bowers
27:30Research Triangle
10Raea Tyson
27:31River Mill Academy
9Emma Steiner
27:35Research Triangle
10Caroline Foley
27:35Research Triangle
10Hattie Halloway
28:02Research Triangle
9Madison Gaines
28:41Chatham Central
10Sarah Singer
29:00River Mill Academy
12Lucy Gentry
30:03Chatham Central
11Mercedez King
31:39River Mill Academy
11Caitlin Huguely
32:06 PRRaleigh Charter
9Kendall Hough
32:07 PRChatham Central
9Rhiana Barnes
32:35River Mill Academy
9Ruhie Rapolu
35:02Raleigh Charter
9Stefany Hendrix
40:45River Mill Academy
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