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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
1.5 Miles Freshman
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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
1.5 Miles Frosh

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Newburgh Free87
3.Mt Anthony Union90
5.Duanesburg Central131
6.Stillwater Central169
7.Saratoga Central Catholic172
9.Cobleskill Richmondville225
11.Schoharie Central318
12.Argyle Central320
13.Corinth Central332
14.Mayfield Central340
15.North Warren Central357
1.11Isaac Menis
16:32.8 PRSchenectady
2.10Andrew Drescher
16:35.3 PRDuanesburg Central
3.12Kevin Cronin
16:39.7Saratoga Central Cat...
4.11Evan Page
16:43.4 PRMt Anthony Union
5.10Billy Corcoran
16:56.9 PRNewburgh Free
6.12Keegan Cochrane
17:01.7 PRSchenectady
7.9Nathan Belcastro
8.11Joe Yusaitis
17:09.1Stillwater Central
9.12Boone Lynch
17:11.1Duanesburg Central
10.10Kevin Sheremeta
17:12.0 PRMohonasen
11.11Wakeem Medina
17:16.0 PRSchenectady
12.11Dylan Dellatore
17:32.3 PRNewburgh Free
13.12Shawn Tobin
17:33.9 PRMt Anthony Union
14.12Derrick Kenan
17:35.4 PRNewburgh Free
15.11Dominick Batelic
17:45.3 PRNewburgh Free
16.10Caleb Jeralds
17:52.1 PRChatham
17.12Aidan Zenzen
17:54.2 PRFonda-Fultonville
18.11Nick Berube
19.9Shane Viscosi
20.12Tyler Newkirk
17:55.6 SRMayfield Central
21.12Matthew Longtin
17:56.1 PRMt Anthony Union
22.10Asa Burrows-Crane
17:58.8 PRMt Anthony Union
23.11Griffin Day
17:59.3 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
24.11Caden Awad
18:05.3 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
25.9Charles Woodward
18:14.4 PRMohonasen
26.11Duncan Tallman
18:15.4 PRMohonasen
27.11Erik Sicko
18:16.0 PRStillwater Central
28.11Sal Gallo
18:18.7Duanesburg Central
29.11Myles Anderson
30.10Noah Payne
18:28.0 PRMt Anthony Union
31.12Mason Pettit
18:30.9 PRMohonasen
32.11Bryant Barrientos
18:33.2 PRHudson
33.12Nick Roy
18:36.9Stillwater Central
34.12Robby Guzzo
18:38.1 PRNotre Dame-Bishop Gi...
35.11Ethan Chichester
18:39.9 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
36.10Austion Lints
18:41.5 PRSchoharie Central
37.9Samuel Lasher
18:42.9 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
38.9Dexter Tries
18:43.1 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
39.9Connor Jarvis
18:43.5 PRArgyle Central
40.10Alex Brooks
18:45.0 PRMohonasen
41.10George Atanasav
18:48.3 SRDuanesburg Central
42.9Logan Morrissey
43.12Jackson Galati
18:52.8 PRNewburgh Free
44.12Will Salavantis
18:53.2 PRNotre Dame-Bishop Gi...
45.12John Tagliafierro
19:00.9 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
46.12Griffin Gulick
19:01.3 PRArgyle Central
47.9John Salloum
19:02.2 PRNewburgh Free
48.10Jack Rubenstein
19:03.6 PRStillwater Central
49.10Tyler Hanson
19:04.4Corinth Central
50.10Anthony Mazzola
19:06.2 PRMt Anthony Union
51.12Kingsbury Sean
19:11.6 PRSchenectady
52.10Michael Polsinelli
19:12.6 PRMohonasen
53.11Matthew Baucom
19:13.3 PRNewburgh Free
54.9Trevor Cline
55.10Gabe Smith
19:19.3North Warren Central
56.10Paul Munson
19:20.7Duanesburg Central
57.12Riley Mykel
19:24.7Mayfield Central
58.9Alec Richards
19:28.1 PRCorinth Central
59.12Joe Intrieri
19:29.7 PRChatham
60.10Jack Kirkwood
19:31.7 PRStillwater Central
61.10Harry Birchmore
19:34.5 PRGranville Central
62.12Nathan Millis
19:35.3 PRCorinth Central
63.10Corey Miner
19:37.1Cobleskill Richmondv...
64.9Sam Moraci
19:39.7 PRStillwater Central
65.9Owen Burnham
19:42.4 PRGranville Central
66.12Oscar Martin
19:47.7 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
67.9Langford Maxwell
68.9Christian Mora
19:51.4 PRSchenectady
69.11Chris Cosgrove
19:55.8 PRNewburgh Free
70.10Jack Drew
20:00.6 PRMt Anthony Union
71.11Andrew Hahn
20:03.0 PRSchoharie Central
72.11Charlie Jordan
73.10Luis Patino
74.11Tyler Dellatore
20:13.9 PRNewburgh Free
75.11Cooper Mason
20:15.6Mt Anthony Union
76.12Chance Santoro
20:16.2Cobleskill Richmondv...
77.11Isaac Sibley
20:25.5 PRMt Anthony Union
78.8Michel Ghorayeb
20:28.4Stillwater Central
79.10Aaron Mcclements
20:29.4 PRStillwater Central
80.11Colton Peet
20:29.9 PRNorth Warren Central
81.11Brendon Kiernnan
20:31.8 PRMohonasen
82.12Zachary Bourn
20:32.5 PRArgyle Central
83.10Jaydon Santoro
20:36.1 PRSchoharie Central
84.12Troy Maider
20:37.0 SRNotre Dame-Bishop Gi...
85.12Anthony Gatto
86.11Jalen Richardson
87.9Elijah Yarosh
20:40.1North Warren Central
88.11Mitchell Levy
20:40.4 PRNewburgh Free
89.12Antonio Galarza
20:45.7 PRNewburgh Free
90.11Sean Jenks
91.11Thomas Lake
21:00.5 PRMt Anthony Union
92.11Musfiqur Rahman
21:02.3 PRNewburgh Free
93.11Brendon Bossong
21:06.1 PRMt Anthony Union
94.9Theo Hackett
21:06.6 PRMohonasen
95.10Shawn Allen
21:06.9Mayfield Central
96.9Gabriel Borthwick
21:09.8 PRSchoharie Central
97.10Derek Roberts
21:10.1 PRChatham
98.9Cameron MacDonald
21:10.8 PRSchoharie Central
99.12Bradley McLaughlin
21:12.1 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
100.12Robert Kuhn
21:18.2 PRNewburgh Free
101.10Aaron Li
21:21.6 PRHudson
102.11Anthony Tom
21:24.9 PRNewburgh Free
103.10Brian Mallory
21:25.2 PRDuanesburg Central
104.11Zach Zanella
21:25.5Saratoga Central Cat...
105.11Michael Tagliafierro
21:28.1Saratoga Central Cat...
106.12Dominick Testo
21:29.5 PRMt Anthony Union
107.11Ben Bishop
21:30.5 PRGranville Central
108.11Jeson Li
21:32.4 PRMt Anthony Union
109.9Avery Murphy
21:37.3 PRNorth Warren Central
110.11Anthony Carcaci
111.11Agner Miguel
21:51.2 PRNewburgh Free
112.11Matt Grumley
21:51.7 PRArgyle Central
113.11Ian Young
21:53.0 PRMt Anthony Union
114.12Greg Fischer
21:53.6 SRNewburgh Free
115.9Dante Buttino
22:02.9 PRNorth Warren Central
116.10Michael Blaich
22:07.8 PRCorinth Central
117.10Haydon Frost
22:08.1 PRArgyle Central
118.10Jose Ugalde
22:11.0 PRSchenectady
119.11Maxwell Noyes
22:12.4 PRMt Anthony Union
120.12Owen Denue
22:13.9 PRMt Anthony Union
121.9Chandler Melville
22:25.5 PRCorinth Central
122.11Tyler Rollins
22:40.7 PRWhitehall Central
123.10Connor Skiff
22:41.1Duanesburg Central
124.11Matthew Stridiron
22:47.1 PRNewburgh Free
125.11Eric Strasser
22:52.4 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
126.10Osvaldo Nava
23:07.7 PRNewburgh Free
127.11Connor Juedes
23:12.9 PRSchenectady
128.10Wolfgang Neal
23:15.9 PRNorth Warren Central
129.9Hunter Jordan
23:22.5North Warren Central
130.12Josh Battista
23:49.3Corinth Central
131.7Adam Liebers
24:13.0Mayfield Central
132.11Nicholas Majer
24:16.5 PRArgyle Central
133.10Gabe Niles
24:19.8 PRMt Anthony Union
134.11Adrian Martinez
24:24.2 PRNewburgh Free
135.10Max Andon
24:39.4 PRNewburgh Free
136.9John Hall
24:41.9 PRFonda-Fultonville
137.12Kenneth Fay
25:50.7 PRChatham
138.12Nicholas Angelo
25:56.8Mayfield Central
139.11Chad Miller
26:11.9 PRMohonasen
140.12Brendan Tomb
27:59.2 SRNorth Warren Central
141.12Mikey Fosmire
28:16.5Argyle Central
142.12Jarret Rhoades
28:34.9 PRHudson
143.11Martin Degennaro
30:44.6 PRHudson
144.11Josh Oddo
32:46.4 PRGranville Central
145.11Jed Fox
36:46.7Schoharie Central
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1.5 Miles Freshman

Official Team Scores

1.Newburgh Free15
1.9Bruce Gregg
11:07.0 PRGreenwich Central
2.9Matthew Haynes
11:15.6 PRNewburgh Free
3.9Amaury Rudd
11:39.3 PRNewburgh Free
4.9Jordan Gould
12:12.9 PRWhitehall Central
5.9Sean Murray
12:43.1 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
6.7Ezra Horn
13:14.1 PRMohonasen
7.9David Stridiron
13:16.8 PRNewburgh Free
8.9Garrick Smith-Grow...
13:37.1 PRMohonasen
9.9Michael McDonald
14:49.9 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
10.9Daniel Baucom
14:58.3 PRNewburgh Free
11.9Darian Rivera
14:59.3 PRMohonasen
12.9Connor Howland
15:02.0 PRSchoharie Central
13.9Roger Christman
16:48.7 PRSchenectady
14.9Alex Yankle
20:59.8 PRNewburgh Free
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Saratoga Springs25
2.Duanesburg Central98
3.Cobleskill Richmondville108
4.Mt Anthony Union118
8.Corinth Central209
9.North Warren Central221
10.Argyle Central224
11.Newburgh Free229
12.Saratoga Central Catholic233
1.9Madison Relyea
18:38.5 PRMayfield Central
2.11Elaine Atanasova
18:46.0 PRDuanesburg Central
3.7McKinley Wheeler
19:11.9 PRSaratoga Springs
4.11Jen Skeeter
19:25.1 PRDuanesburg Central
5.7Skyler Knott
19:25.5 PRSaratoga Springs
6.12Samantha Vetter
19:36.1 SRSaratoga Springs
7.7Sheridan Wheeler
19:46.9Saratoga Springs
8.10Sarah Umphlett
19:47.9 SRMt Anthony Union
9.12Keellyn Cummings
19:56.6Saratoga Springs
10.12Paige Greenawalt
20:10.1 PRMt Anthony Union
11.9Maggie Payne
20:29.9 PRMt Anthony Union
12.11Rachel Comstock
20:38.5 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
13.12Ashley Kubat
20:42.9 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
14.12Hallie Allen
20:44.6 SRChatham
15.10Isabelle Gulick
20:46.1 PRArgyle Central
16.11Lynette Dellavechia
20:46.8 PRHudson
17.11Emma Gregg
20:50.5 PRChatham
18.8Ella Kurto
20:54.0 PRSaratoga Springs
19.8Katie Cronin
20:59.2 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
20.9Haley Clear
21:01.2 PRFonda-Fultonville
21.8Catherine Mongan
21:01.4 PRSaratoga Springs
22.10Jenna Urbanski
21:09.0Stillwater Central
23.10Emily Johnson
21:10.2 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
24.11Julia Smith
21:16.4 PRSchenectady
25.12Summer Baker
21:35.7 PRNorth Warren Central
26.10Anika Parnell
21:37.4Corinth Central
27.12Genesis Gonzalez
21:39.6Newburgh Free
28.11Alice Cole
21:48.5 SRDuanesburg Central
29.12Hailie LaPratt
21:50.5 SRFonda-Fultonville
30.12Rene'e Russo
21:54.7 PRSchenectady
31.11Taylor Suprenant
21:59.4 PRArgyle Central
32.10Madison Andrasy
22:04.8 PRSchenectady
33.9Kendyl Desroches
22:05.9Cobleskill Richmondv...
34.9Amy Chinsammy
22:07.5 PRSchenectady
35.9Wendy Harvey
36.12Eleanor Felton
22:14.2Duanesburg Central
37.12Sarahi Villa Arreg...
22:14.9 PRMt Anthony Union
38.11Karissa DeMaroney
22:18.1Cobleskill Richmondv...
39.11Hanna Avery
22:21.1 PRDuanesburg Central
40.12Emma Bisaillon
22:28.7 SRStillwater Central
41.12Katie Dunham
42.11Ava Anderson
22:35.7 PRNorth Warren Central
43.12Samantha Shippee
22:43.5Corinth Central
44.11Kelsey Baker
22:44.7 PRCorinth Central
45.12Kat Everhardt
22:49.6 SRNotre Dame-Bishop Gi...
46.12Alyssa Rider
22:58.8 PRNewburgh Free
47.11Rachel Spieldenner
23:00.8 PRCorinth Central
48.11Danielle Graham
23:04.2 PRNewburgh Free
49.10Hannah Cater
23:05.2Schoharie Central
50.10Lauren Maher
23:06.0Saratoga Central Cat...
51.10Hannah Lewis
52.12Katie West
23:11.7 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
53.9Alana Mitchell
23:14.6 PRDuanesburg Central
54.11Bryanna Howes
23:16.5 SRArgyle Central
55.8Jessica Archambeau
23:19.4 PRDuanesburg Central
56.10Sheridan Millington
23:20.6 PRNorth Warren Central
57.10Jenna Leonardi
23:22.3 PRSchoharie Central
58.10Madelyn Rohne
23:28.9 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
59.8Brooke Moore
23:30.8 PRDuanesburg Central
60.9Sydney Dohr
23:35.2 PRChatham
61.11Mackenzie Fogel
23:36.4Cobleskill Richmondv...
62.9Mackenzie Lucid
23:38.8 PRNorth Warren Central
63.12Ann marie Onwuka
23:56.1 PRNewburgh Free
64.11Christina Giammattei
23:58.0 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
65.10Manon Stevens
23:59.7 PRNorth Warren Central
66.10Lauren Johnson
24:09.0 PRMt Anthony Union
67.11Shirley Harvey
24:15.0 PRChatham
68.9Alexis Winning
24:16.3 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
69.12Suzzy Kotoku
24:26.0Cobleskill Richmondv...
70.11Morgan Prouty
24:27.0 PRMt Anthony Union
71.11Amelia Schoerder
24:31.2 PRMt Anthony Union
72.12Kamryn DesRoches
24:35.1 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
73.9Hunter Mulvey
24:41.7 PRNorth Warren Central
74.12Janelle Fosmire
24:45.8 PRArgyle Central
75.12Cierra Wolfgram
24:48.5 PRDuanesburg Central
76.11Emily Sullivan
77.11Abby Kienzle
24:57.5 PRNotre Dame-Bishop Gi...
78.12Brittany Castelluc
25:03.3 PRFonda-Fultonville
79.10Briaunna Slimmer
25:07.3Corinth Central
80.12Joanna Jacobsen
25:11.8 PRNewburgh Free
81.9Paige Cole
25:15.2 PRCorinth Central
82.12Charlotte Tucksmith
83.12Naiela Kooyoomjian
25:30.4Cobleskill Richmondv...
84.12Makayla Gelheiser
25:34.3 SRMt Anthony Union
85.12Emily Benton
25:41.6 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
86.12Kailyn Bremmer
26:15.1 PRNewburgh Free
87.10Grace Clayton
26:19.8 PRNewburgh Free
88.12Nicole Villachica
26:22.0 PRNewburgh Free
89.11Hayey Gaudosi
26:22.9 PRHudson
90.11Rebbecah Bourn
26:23.8Argyle Central
91.12Alyson Shirley
26:24.8 PRFonda-Fultonville
92.9Delena James
26:27.9 PRFonda-Fultonville
93.9Chayla Greenslet
26:32.2 PRMt Anthony Union
94.11Jenn Dekalb
26:42.1 PRGranville Central
95.10Yvonne Ochart
27:17.8 PRSchenectady
96.10Michell Carino
27:26.4 PRNewburgh Free
97.10Ria Walsh
27:28.9 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
98.11Emma Helffrich
27:42.4 PRNotre Dame-Bishop Gi...
99.12Liliana Simon
27:49.9 SRChatham
100.10Savannah Gilligan
27:53.2 PRGranville Central
101.11Savannah Robson
28:20.1 SRMt Anthony Union
102.11Grace Teall
28:23.0 PRNewburgh Free
103.11Hailey McLaughlin
29:04.8 PRCorinth Central
104.11Fatima Sanchez
29:27.4 PRNewburgh Free
105.10Aja Samual
29:51.3 PRSchenectady
106.11Alaina Geraci
30:19.3 PRNewburgh Free
107.9Loretta Newcomer
108.11Raelyn Hatat
30:59.8 PRFonda-Fultonville
109.12Virginia Magdziuk
31:17.7 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
110.10Tatiana Santiago
32:26.9 PRNewburgh Free
111.12Brooke French
32:36.1 SRNorth Warren Central
112.10Guiliana Marino
32:45.9 PRNewburgh Free
113.9Ashlyn Miller
32:51.8 PRNorth Warren Central
114.12Ladie Dutchess Wea...
33:55.2 PRNewburgh Free
115.12Megan Smith
38:42.9 PRHudson
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1.5 Miles Frosh

1.8Alondra Cruz-Delgado
12:14.2 PRNewburgh Free
2.10Amilia Wise-Sweat
12:36.3 SRNewburgh Free
3.8Emily Skiff
13:03.5 PRGreenwich Central
4.9Zoey Eggleston
13:46.5 PRWhitehall Central
5.9Abigail Kosier
13:56.4 PRSchoharie Central
6.10Melina Sanchez
14:00.8 SRNewburgh Free
7.7Caroline Firehock
14:31.9 PRSaratoga Springs
8.9Ramona Jordan
14:43.3 PRGreenwich Central
9.8Julie Lehoe
15:08.2 PRSchoharie Central
10.8Rachel Hyatt
15:16.2 PRSchoharie Central
11.9julia Boyle
15:53.8 PRNewburgh Free
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