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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

Official Team Scores

1.New Hampshire Tech23
2.Paul Smith's48
3.Vermont Technical75
4.Maine at Augusta102
1.SrJoseph St. Cyr
27:42 SRPaul Smith's
2.-River Goves
28:25 PRNew Hampshire Tech
3.-Andrew Shepherd
29:39New Hampshire Tech
4.SoIsaac Leach
29:55 PRPaul Smith's
5.-Jason Schoeller
30:01 PRNew Hampshire Tech
6.-Mason Foley
30:05 PRNew Hampshire Tech
7.-Michell Lavoie
30:05 PRNew Hampshire Tech
8.-Luis Guevara
30:07 PRHampshire
9.FrKyle Laroche
30:38 PRCentral Maine CC
10.-Sam Gerkin
30:47 PRMaine at Augusta
11.FrMatthew Frye
30:54 PRPaul Smith's
12.SoScott Durkee
31:20 SRVermont Technical
13.SoDustin Simpson-bragg
31:22 PRMaine at Augusta
14.FrJakob Koiva
31:36 PRPaul Smith's
15.JrDavid Mattern
31:48 SRVermont Technical
16.FrMathew Kelly
32:20 PRVermont Technical
17.FrMichael Dunkle
32:38 PRVermont Technical
18.SoJake Dumont
32:50 PRNew Hampshire Tech
19.-Jack Fitzgerald
32:50 PRNew Hampshire Tech
20.FrJonathan Puffer
32:56Vermont Technical
21.-Michael Tuthill
33:05 PRPaul Smith's
22.FrLucas Hoye
33:05 PRHampshire
23.-Raini Helmstadter
24.-Chris Milne
33:24 PRUnity College (ME)
25.SoThomas Firkins
33:39 PRPaul Smith's
26.FrKyle Ruddy
33:48 PRPaul Smith's
27.-Tom Ashton
34:00 PRHampshire
28.FrTroy Peterson
34:08 PRCentral Maine CC
29.FrTimothy Ellis
34:28 PRPaul Smith's
30.-Walker Thomas
34:48 PRMaine at Augusta
31.JrShev Williams-hardy
35:09 PRMaine at Augusta
32.-Austin Detrude
35:12New Hampshire Tech
33.FrCaleb Fortin
35:12Maine at Augusta
34.-John Synk
36:37 PRHampshire
35.JrJacob Sheppard-Sai
36.-Armon Walker
37.SoAaron Taylor
41:17 SRUnity College (ME)
38.-Pat Dodge
41:52New Hampshire Tech
39.SoAdam Bohlen
42:23Maine at Augusta
40.SoHayden Uresk
42:37 SRPaul Smith's
41.SoBryce Greaves
43:29 SRUnity College (ME)
42.FrBrandon Powell
46:31Central Maine CC
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