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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake32
3.Bethlehem Central92
4.Shenendehowa Central135
6.Saratoga Springs176
7.Ballston Spa216
10.Colonie Central245
13.Averill Park Central378
15.Christian Brothers-Albany419
1.11Aidan Gillooley
15:01.6 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
2.11Tyler Berg
15:01.8Burnt Hills-Ballston...
3.11Noah Tindale
15:15.0 PRGuilderland
4.11Evan Brennan
15:15.5Burnt Hills-Ballston...
5.12Donnovan Tucker
15:15.9 PRNiskayuna
6.10David Metacarpa
15:16.9 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
7.12Tim Dwyer
15:26.5 PRBallston Spa
8.12Colin Ross
15:29.7 SRNiskayuna
9.12Cameron Davis
15:34.9Bethlehem Central
10.11Matthew Cavaliere
15:36.4Bethlehem Central
11.11Marty Dolan
15:36.9 PRNiskayuna
12.11Alex Hislop
15:43.1 SRShenendehowa Central
13.12Maazin Ahmed
15:47.5 PRSchenectady
14.12Jack Huber
15:47.7Bethlehem Central
15.12Riley Grossman
15:48.4 SRBethlehem Central
16.12Joseph Quinn
15:51.1 PRNiskayuna
17.12Liam Hickey
15:57.5 PRShenendehowa Central
18.11Nicholas Soldevere
15:59.3 PRGuilderland
19.11Nick Hunziker
15:59.9Burnt Hills-Ballston...
20.11Liam Danaher
16:05.1 PRColumbia
21.10Ben Guerin
16:08.6Ballston Spa
22.11Anthony Verro
16:09.3Saratoga Springs
23.10Thomas Ragone
16:10.3 PRNiskayuna
24.12Jared Craw
16:10.5 PRColonie Central
25.12Michael Messere
16:11.0 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
26.11Isaac Menis
16:12.7 PRSchenectady
27.10Kevin Board
16:13.6Burnt Hills-Ballston...
28.12Joe Hale
16:14.4 SRNiskayuna
29.10Aidan Waite
16:15.6 PRSaratoga Springs
30.11Dustin Chambers
16:16.0 PRColumbia
31.10T.J. Randall
32.11Ezra Ruggles
16:18.9Saratoga Springs
33.10Bryan Spence
16:20.6 PRShenendehowa Central
34.12Gavin Burns
16:22.3 PRSaratoga Springs
35.10Ryan Shanahan
16:22.5 PRShenendehowa Central
36.10Jack Parsons
16:23.6 PRGuilderland
37.9Vinny Levchenko
38.12TJ Michalek
16:27.3 PRShenendehowa Central
39.11Odin Schaepkins
16:28.1 PRShenendehowa Central
40.11Greg Langone
16:29.7 SRShenendehowa Central
41.12Dominick Favata
16:31.4 PRNiskayuna
42.12Max Heller
16:31.9 PRAlbany
43.8Micah Tindale
16:33.7 PRGuilderland
44.12William Quackenbush
16:36.6Bethlehem Central
45.12Jacob Oertel
16:39.5 SRColonie Central
46.9Nathan Belcastro
16:40.8 PRMohonasen
47.10Sean O'Brien
16:41.8 SRGuilderland
48.12Keegan Cochrane
16:42.7 PRSchenectady
49.12Angus Cropley
16:43.1 SRGuilderland
50.10Christopher Garret...
51.11Ben Drzymala
16:53.2 PRGuilderland
52.12Matthew Simkulet
53.11Wakeem Medina
16:58.8 PRSchenectady
54.10Alex Colonno
17:02.7 PRBethlehem Central
55.12Owen Klein
17:05.9 PRBethlehem Central
56.11Tim Rickert
17:06.2 SRColonie Central
57.10Kevin Sheremeta
17:06.7 PRMohonasen
58.11Dan Zukowski
17:07.3 PRColonie Central
59.12Sam Getz
17:07.6Saratoga Springs
60.11Brennan Fletcher
17:08.6Ballston Spa
61.11Joseph Bozzo
17:12.3Ballston Spa
62.12Destin Yee
17:12.6Colonie Central
63.10Tyler Stanton
64.12James Farachi
65.9Brady Tooker
17:20.3Saratoga Springs
66.10Adam Limoges
17:25.1 PRAverill Park Central
67.12Jeremy Gundrum
17:25.6 SRAverill Park Central
68.12Joe Vesic
17:28.1 SRBallston Spa
69.10Patrick Garland
17:29.4 PRBallston Spa
70.12Jared Kehmna
71.12Patrick Healy
72.11Peter Hansen
17:41.3Ballston Spa
73.12Dante Albanese
74.11Jason Eveleth
17:46.8 PRAlbany
75.11Alec Haring
17:49.2 PRChristian Brothers-A...
76.10Nick Mandato
17:49.5 PRChristian Brothers-A...
77.11Nick Berube
17:52.0 PRMohonasen
78.10Andrew Gatchell
79.10Ruffino Vazquez
80.11John Powhida
17:59.8 PRColumbia
81.12Andrew Fountain
18:07.4 PRAverill Park Central
82.11Andy Tucker
18:08.1 PRColonie Central
83.12Mason Pettit
18:10.7 PRMohonasen
84.9Noah Bonesteel
18:15.0 PRAverill Park Central
85.12Peter Flick
18:15.7 PRAverill Park Central
86.11Duncan Tallman
18:16.5 PRMohonasen
87.9Michael-Dennis Mur...
18:18.2 PRColumbia
88.11John Sanchirico
18:18.4 PRChristian Brothers-A...
89.12Dylan Taylor
18:19.2 SRColonie Central
90.11Chris West
18:36.1 PRChristian Brothers-A...
91.12Mitchell Ringwald
18:41.1 PRAlbany
92.10Logan Escobar
18:49.0 PRAverill Park Central
93.9Charles Woodward
18:49.9 PRMohonasen
94.11Jake Dauphinais
18:50.8 PRTroy
95.10Alex Brooks
18:51.8 PRMohonasen
96.11Joe Hogan
18:53.9 SRChristian Brothers-A...
97.11Barak Binyamin
18:54.9 PRAlbany
98.11Colin Mance
19:09.0 PRChristian Brothers-A...
99.10Ghaffar Uzbek
19:09.2 PRAlbany
100.12Jared Dewolf
19:13.8 PRAverill Park Central
101.12Kingsbury Sean
19:16.2 SRSchenectady
102.9Christian Mora
19:27.3 PRSchenectady
103.12Thomas Ottaway
19:45.2 PRAlbany
104.11Ryley Moran
20:19.6 PRChristian Brothers-A...
105.10Isaac Fong
20:38.7 PRAlbany
106.10Charles Stockwell
23:52.1 PRTroy
107.9Eric Manny
26:43.8 PRTroy
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Shenendehowa Central21
3.Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake69
5.Bethlehem Central133
6.Saratoga Springs151
7.Ballston Spa227
9.Colonie Central272
1.10Hickey Aidan
16:24.9 PRShenendehowa Central
2.12Matthew Tate
16:26.8 PRNiskayuna
3.11Max Hoffman
16:30.7 PRShenendehowa Central
4.12Matt Vigilante
16:32.1 PRShenendehowa Central
5.10Jake Quail
16:36.9 PRShenendehowa Central
6.10Dante Ubriaco
16:39.7 SRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
7.12Luke Tanner
16:43.9 PRGuilderland
8.11Thomas Kelly
16:47.1 PRShenendehowa Central
9.10Griffin Cooke
17:02.8 PRShenendehowa Central
10.10lorenzo Bianchi
17:03.0 PRShenendehowa Central
11.12Colin Swain
17:04.5 SRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
12.10Daniel Spanbauer
17:05.5 PRGuilderland
13.10Ian Avery
17:08.3 PRGuilderland
14.12Logan Short
17:12.2 SRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
15.10Christian Mercado
17:12.7Saratoga Springs
16.12Gabriel LoBaido
17:13.4 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
17.11Alex Allen
17:17.3 SRGuilderland
18.12Anthony Cusato
19.8Jack Schiavo
17:18.8 PRNiskayuna
20.11Zach Fiske
17:19.7Bethlehem Central
21.8Julian Franjieh
17:20.7 PRNiskayuna
22.11Ryan Sheppard
17:25.6Burnt Hills-Ballston...
23.10Troy Prehn
17:26.7Saratoga Springs
24.10Alexander Gent
17:27.4 PRGuilderland
25.10Zachary Pokat
17:34.1 PRBethlehem Central
26.10Mikhail Troyan
17:34.9Burnt Hills-Ballston...
27.12Jason Hart
17:35.2Bethlehem Central
28.11Leo Rosenblum
17:42.7 PRBethlehem Central
29.10Providence Kang
17:47.8 SRNiskayuna
30.11Evan Rogotzke
17:49.3 PRGuilderland
31.11Matthew Sinnenberg
17:54.7Burnt Hills-Ballston...
32.12Anthony Comanzo
17:56.0 PRNiskayuna
33.12Danali Relles
17:58.2Bethlehem Central
34.11Tommy Anderson
18:02.4 PRBallston Spa
35.11Mateo Inoa
18:04.9Saratoga Springs
36.10Josh Czech
18:10.3Saratoga Springs
37.11Ethan Welkey
18:14.1 PRColumbia
38.11Artemus DeVolder
18:20.6 PRBethlehem Central
39.11John Moak
18:22.5 PRBethlehem Central
40.12Anthony Parillo
18:23.8 PRBallston Spa
41.12Paul Pacheco
18:26.0 SRNiskayuna
42.10Casey Navin
18:28.6Saratoga Springs
43.11Zach Smith
18:29.3 PRColumbia
44.11Michael Kablan
18:31.0 PRShaker
45.10Michael McCallig
18:31.5 SRNiskayuna
46.10Max Tsykun
18:33.8 PRColonie Central
47.11Parker Scully
18:36.3 PRSaratoga Springs
48.10Aiden Sheppard
18:36.5 PRBallston Spa
49.9Logan Morrissey
18:41.0 PRMohonasen
50.10Dylan Travison
18:44.7 PRColonie Central
51.11Joseph Prophet
18:49.0 PRBallston Spa
52.12James Masse
18:56.9 PRColonie Central
53.12Ahmed Bawla
18:58.3 PRShaker
54.12Justin Meerdink
19:02.2 SRBallston Spa
55.10Paul Holmes
19:11.0 PRColonie Central
56.12Jack Palumbo
19:12.4 SRColumbia
57.12Benjamin Koblensky
19:22.7 PRColumbia
58.12Noah Waldman
19:25.3 PRShaker
59.12Malcolm Chank
19:34.2 SRSchenectady
60.10Steve Martino
19:35.0 PRShaker
61.8Evan Farnan
19:35.5 PRColumbia
62.10Michael Polsinelli
19:39.2 PRMohonasen
63.9Thomas Breimar
19:40.6 PRColumbia
64.10Harrison Kabalian
19:44.1 PRShaker
65.11Charlie Jordan
19:46.6 PRMohonasen
66.9Theo Hackett
19:52.6 PRMohonasen
67.11Ryan Strevell
19:56.5 PRColumbia
68.11Blaze Flores
20:00.3 PRShaker
69.10Anthony Horton
20:03.3 PRColonie Central
70.10Evan Toman
20:08.6 PRChristian Brothers-A...
71.12David Dimase
20:08.9 PRAlbany
72.10Luis Patino
20:12.9 PRMohonasen
73.10Maxim Gottlieb
20:13.6 PRAlbany
74.11Jacob Fredericks
20:28.5 PRShaker
75.11Peter Wiley
20:31.0 PRAlbany
76.11Michael Hermance
20:32.5 PRColonie Central
77.11Sean Jenks
20:32.7 SRMohonasen
78.10Gabriel Hildebrandt
20:33.4 PRAverill Park Central
79.12Brett LaBier
20:40.3Colonie Central
80.11Brendan Kiernan
20:46.0 PRMohonasen
81.9Wil Eveleth
21:01.3 PRAlbany
82.11Drew Douglass
21:26.3 PRChristian Brothers-A...
83.8Sean O'Neil
22:07.8 PRAlbany
84.10Joshua Mahabir
22:15.5 PRSchenectady
85.10Hayden Chenette
22:27.2 PRAverill Park Central
86.10Anthony Augello
22:30.8 PRAverill Park Central
87.10Jose Ugalde
22:47.6 PRSchenectady
88.12Keegan Skinner
23:05.5 SRChristian Brothers-A...
89.11Connor Juedes
23:39.8 SRSchenectady
90.12Michael O'Neil
24:19.7 SRAlbany
91.11Max Arena
25:22.8 PRChristian Brothers-A...
92.12Vincent Avila
25:32.4 PRSchenectady
93.12Logan Bennett
25:41.4 SRAlbany
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Shenendehowa Central49
2.Saratoga Springs60
4.Bethlehem Central110
8.Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake229
9.Colonie Central234
10.Ballston Spa239
13.Averill Park Central413
1.11Kelsey Chmiel
16:45.5 SRSaratoga Springs
2.12Abigail Spiers
17:22.7 PRNiskayuna
3.12Hannah Reale
17:30.5 PRShenendehowa Central
4.10Faith Demars
17:44.0Ballston Spa
5.12Olivia Lomascolo
17:48.0 PRShenendehowa Central
6.10Rachel Hodge
17:51.8 PRBethlehem Central
7.11Ciara Knott
17:56.1 PRSaratoga Springs
8.12Charlotte Hartman
18:10.1Shenendehowa Central
9.8Liyat Kebbede
18:11.5 PRNiskayuna
10.12Carly Vetter
18:14.3 SRSaratoga Springs
11.11Rory Graham
18:21.2Burnt Hills-Ballston...
12.11Kathryn Tenney
18:26.5 SRColonie Central
13.7Rylee Davis
18:31.2 PRBethlehem Central
14.9Kate Sherman
18:34.1 PRMohonasen
15.10Hannah Belleville
18:34.4Shenendehowa Central
16.11Charlotte Kokernak
18:37.0 SRNiskayuna
17.12Amelia Kokernak
18:43.9 SRNiskayuna
18.10Jada Dennis
18:54.1Shenendehowa Central
19.12Keellyn Cummings
18:54.3 SRSaratoga Springs
20.10Gillian Roeder
18:55.0 PRBethlehem Central
21.7Kaleigh Higgins
18:59.6 PRShaker
22.8Abigail Thomas
19:01.4 PRNiskayuna
23.12Samantha Vetter
19:02.1 SRSaratoga Springs
24.12Erin Miceli
19:07.0 SRGuilderland
25.10Natalie Penna
19:07.5 PRAlbany
26.11Anna Sherman
19:08.0 PRMohonasen
27.9Alexandria Vellekoop
19:09.2 PRGuilderland
28.12Samantha Padula
19:09.8 PRNiskayuna
29.12Victoria Padula
19:15.0 PRNiskayuna
30.12Alexa Thompson
31.9Olivia Skylstad
19:17.7Ballston Spa
32.10Emma Sinisgalli
19:20.3 SRMohonasen
33.11Megan Morin
19:24.7 PRSaratoga Springs
34.12Sarah Vener
19:28.7 PRBethlehem Central
35.12Kristin McAlonen
19:29.1Burnt Hills-Ballston...
36.11Alexis Anagnostopu...
19:29.3 PRGuilderland
37.12Emily Smith
19:31.4 PRBethlehem Central
38.11Olivia Fanshawe
19:33.8 SRGuilderland
39.11Ellisol Strich
19:36.0 PRAlbany
40.11Lily Digman
19:36.6Shenendehowa Central
41.10Olivia Miles
19:39.2 PRShaker
42.12Angela Artini
43.7Kiley Matthews
19:40.9 PRColumbia
44.10Jade Dennis
19:45.3Shenendehowa Central
45.9Katie Vandyck
19:45.6 PRSaratoga Springs
46.12Gabriella Broga
19:50.2 SRColumbia
47.8Kate Scanlan
19:55.1 PRGuilderland
48.12Monica Jerry
19:57.5Burnt Hills-Ballston...
49.10Abigail Farnan
19:57.7 PRColumbia
50.7Natalia Sawyer
20:01.0 PRMohonasen
51.11Rachel Brown
20:02.9 SRShaker
52.12Samantha Pellegrini
20:12.8 SRColonie Central
53.10Madison Stealey
20:16.5 PRColonie Central
54.10Meghan Gough
20:16.9 PRBethlehem Central
55.12Nora Abbott
20:17.6 PRBethlehem Central
56.11Anna Asch
57.10Julia Wang
20:27.3 PRColonie Central
58.7Erin Dougherty
20:29.9 PRColumbia
59.8Madelyn Miles
20:32.9 PRShaker
60.11Alexis DiBernardo
20:33.9 PRColonie Central
61.8Gabby Cusato
20:35.6 PRGuilderland
62.10Tori Mariano
20:36.9 PRShaker
63.9Ruby Bashant
20:37.1Ballston Spa
64.10Sophia Bisognano
20:40.0Colonie Central
65.12Whitney Wright
20:51.4Ballston Spa
66.7Madelyne Knapp
20:59.7 PRColumbia
67.10Lauren Camarro
21:00.0Burnt Hills-Ballston...
68.10Janna Hackenberg
21:16.4 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
69.12Marilyn O'Brien
21:19.3Colonie Central
70.11Emily Racana
21:20.1 PRMohonasen
71.12Zoe Hackenberg
21:22.3 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
72.10Nicole Orcutt
21:25.5 SRColumbia
73.12Rene'e Russo
21:26.2 SRSchenectady
74.12Jourdyn Nicholson
21:29.1 SRMohonasen
75.12Jessica Landry
21:31.2Burnt Hills-Ballston...
76.7Xeshelle Taveras
21:44.6 PRColumbia
77.10Madison Andrasy
22:00.3 PRSchenectady
78.11Gretta Gottmann
22:01.6Ballston Spa
79.12Emma Limoges
22:21.5 PRAverill Park Central
80.11Julia Smith
22:37.1 SRSchenectady
81.11Claire Patnaude
22:40.9 SRAlbany
82.12Mara Strich
22:52.6 SRAlbany
83.9Bethany Quist
22:56.5 PRAlbany
84.9Amy Chinsammy
23:14.0 PRSchenectady
85.12Emily Rodak
23:14.2 SRBallston Spa
86.10Lauren Meyers
23:19.7 PRAverill Park Central
87.12Claudia Stay
23:35.1 SRAverill Park Central
88.11Casey Su-Morrill
23:38.4 SRAlbany
89.10Jenna-Marie Morin
23:40.7 SRAverill Park Central
90.10Mackenzie Julien
23:51.5 PRAverill Park Central
91.9Shea McNamera
24:10.8Ballston Spa
92.10Lauren Harland
24:41.3 PRAverill Park Central
93.12Sofia Fasullo
25:06.2 SRAlbany
94.11Abby Vandenberg
25:37.6 PRAverill Park Central
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Shenendehowa Central44
4.Saratoga Springs92
5.Bethlehem Central136
6.Colonie Central188
9.Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake281
12.Ballston Spa346
1.9Sophia Boler
19:13.9 PRNiskayuna
2.12Taylor Leggett
19:17.3 PRShenendehowa Central
3.10Katharine Hesler
19:18.9 PRNiskayuna
4.8Boler Erin
19:33.8 PRNiskayuna
5.11Mackenzie Ryan
19:39.7 SRShenendehowa Central
6.11Tess McGrinder
19:42.0 PRNiskayuna
7.9Rebecca Barr
19:46.8 PRNiskayuna
8.11Kristina Koes
19:52.3 SRNiskayuna
9.12Hannah Gallagher
19:55.3 SRGuilderland
10.11Sophie Tesla
20:00.5 PRSaratoga Springs
11.12Katie Hanagan
20:09.5Shenendehowa Central
12.11Miranda Curto
20:11.1 PRShenendehowa Central
13.10Margot Tanner
20:11.6 SRGuilderland
14.12Emily DiNallo
20:13.3Shenendehowa Central
15.9Nicole Czaban
20:16.6 PRGuilderland
16.11Alexandra McGrath
20:20.0 PRSaratoga Springs
17.10Jennifer McClintock
20:21.6Shenendehowa Central
18.7Skyler Knott
20:24.4 PRSaratoga Springs
19.12Elise Maddalone
20:34.8Shenendehowa Central
20.8Victoria Fanshawe
20:40.3 PRGuilderland
21.10Kennedy Vishneowski
20:45.2 PRSaratoga Springs
22.11Molly Wilde
20:45.9 PRNiskayuna
23.9Katie Grossman
20:49.8 SRBethlehem Central
24.11Jillian Hettrich
20:50.2 SRBethlehem Central
25.10Lilia Urban
20:50.8 PRGuilderland
26.9Julia Barker
20:53.9 SRShaker
27.10Madelyn Barzee
20:55.1 PRSaratoga Springs
28.10Grace McGrath
20:55.7 SRBethlehem Central
29.11Sidra Hasan
21:04.3 PRGuilderland
30.10Amelia Evans
21:15.4 SRBethlehem Central
31.10Taylor Roddy
21:18.6 PRBethlehem Central
32.11Brianna Fields
21:21.6 PRColonie Central
33.10Virag Korniss
21:24.8 SRShaker
34.9Grace McFerran
21:31.6 SRGuilderland
35.11Catherine Wang
21:33.4 PRColonie Central
36.10Julia Cogan
21:38.1 SRColonie Central
37.8Heather Bryant
21:39.6 PRColumbia
38.10Kiera Wissing
21:47.1 SRBethlehem Central
39.12Molly Bogardus
21:52.1 PRBethlehem Central
40.12Lindsey Podlaski
21:53.5 SRColonie Central
41.11Katie Chang
21:56.0 PRSaratoga Springs
42.11Molly Kane
22:02.5 PRColumbia
43.11Karin Yannes
22:04.3 PRShaker
44.9Piper Cartier
22:08.7 PRMohonasen
45.8Abigail Casavant
22:17.7 PRGuilderland
46.12Madison Clarke
22:19.8 SRColonie Central
47.11Anna LeClair
22:21.7Burnt Hills-Ballston...
48.10Elizabeth Manning
22:25.1 PRColumbia
49.11Sadie Valente
22:27.8 PRShaker
50.9Muller Jillian
22:30.7 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
51.10Jenna McCutchen
22:38.3 PRShaker
52.7Camdyn Erwell
22:47.3 PRColumbia
53.12Tiffany Liu
22:59.5 PRShaker
54.9Rounds Lindsay
23:08.2 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
55.10Tessa Degener
23:12.5 PRMohonasen
56.9Dalia Levy
23:14.1 PRAlbany
57.9Devyn Jenks
23:18.9 PRColumbia
58.10Hadley Chan
23:21.7 PRAverill Park Central
59.10Veronica Audette
23:32.2 PRMohonasen
60.10Amelia Colafati
23:37.5 PRAlbany
61.11Megan Hefferon
62.10Katherine Whitfield
23:44.9 PRBallston Spa
63.11Caitlin Carr
23:51.2 SRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
64.7Alexis Brown
23:53.6 PRMohonasen
65.9Ella Hubbell
24:07.1 PRAlbany
66.10Meghan Kennedy
24:21.2 PRShaker
67.11Kierra Chapman
24:21.3 SRColonie Central
68.11Paula Murillo-Nunez
24:31.3 PRColonie Central
69.7Mackenzie Cimino
24:36.1 PRMohonasen
70.9Lauren Steele
24:37.1 PRMohonasen
71.12Victoria Taylor
24:40.1 PRBallston Spa
72.11Emily Hogan
24:40.3 PRBallston Spa
73.7Hannah Herrick
24:47.3 PRMohonasen
74.11Maria Fernandez
24:55.9Burnt Hills-Ballston...
75.10Carley Saleino
24:59.0 PRAverill Park Central
76.11Olivia Faul
25:26.3 SRBallston Spa
77.12Kaitlyn Lunman
26:08.0 PRBallston Spa
78.10Macy O'Neil
26:26.8 PRAlbany
79.10Maria Munsey
26:56.7 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
80.9Rosie Waters
27:23.9 PRTroy
81.7Inari Sohn
27:56.9 PRTroy
82.12Tamera Thomas
30:36.5 PRAlbany
83.9Clare Su-Morrill
30:45.4 PRAlbany
84.12Farrell Pelcher
31:11.3 PRAverill Park Central
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