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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Scotia-Glenville Central63
3.South Glens Falls Central94
4.Schuylerville Central108
6.Glens Falls165
9.Hudson Falls236
1.12Chris Hughes
16:00.4 SRGlens Falls
2.12Kevin Bouyea
16:12.9 SRQueensbury
3.12Frank Triolo
16:18.3 SRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
4.12Brian Beyerbach
16:23.2 PRQueensbury
5.12Cody Metcalfe
16:31.8 SRQueensbury
6.11Nate Nagle
16:41.6 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
7.12Nathan Tabbert
16:45.7 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
8.10Nick Logan
16:54.6 SRQueensbury
9.10Kyle Ostrander
17:06.8 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
10.9Trevor Dzikowicz
17:15.1 PRAmsterdam
11.11Ethan Burch
17:19.0 PRSchuylerville Central
12.11Nick Sponzo
17:19.4 PRQueensbury
13.9Cowen Leininger
17:20.7 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
14.11Gabe Winters-Bona
17:32.5Scotia-Glenville Cen...
15.12Jacob Leaper
17:37.8 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
16.11Skyler Reed
17.10Micah Smith
17:49.7 PRBroadalbin-Perth
18.12Gabe Cole
17:52.6 PRJohnstown
19.11Ryan Bruce
17:55.8Scotia-Glenville Cen...
20.12Max Dwyer
17:58.1 PRSchuylerville Central
21.9Alex Tebano
18:10.1 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
22.11Nick Swain
18:19.4Scotia-Glenville Cen...
23.11Devin Becker
18:28.8 PRBroadalbin-Perth
24.12Daniel Manzella
18:30.7 SRQueensbury
25.11Owen Greene
18:37.4 SRSchuylerville Central
26.9Jonah Stewart
18:39.5 PRSchuylerville Central
27.11Wyatt Couperus
28.11Ethan Stark
18:42.7 SRQueensbury
29.11Mark Cwiakala
30.12Kadon Lane
18:45.6 SRSchuylerville Central
31.10Paul Trackey
18:46.1 PRGlens Falls
32.11Ayden Saville
18:46.4 PRHudson Falls
33.9Devin Powell
18:49.9 PRGlens Falls
34.9Daniel Dylong
18:51.7 PRBroadalbin-Perth
35.12Michael Simone
19:03.3 SRJohnstown
36.11Jacob Rafferty
19:07.0 SRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
37.11Marcos Santiago
19:08.5 PRAmsterdam
38.12Eric Hodgson
19:12.4 SRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
39.9Cody Belden
19:16.7 PRSchuylerville Central
40.10Daniel Bublak
19:19.4 SRAmsterdam
41.11Riley Lake
42.10Markey Austin
19:22.2 PRHudson Falls
43.12Evan Smith
19:30.7 PRBroadalbin-Perth
44.11Lars Conway
19:41.3 SRSchuylerville Central
45.9Nick Prevost
19:41.6 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
46.12Zach Ropeter
19:42.8 SRJohnstown
47.9Damian Brockhum
19:43.5 PRBroadalbin-Perth
48.10Patrick Nellis
19:47.0 PRBroadalbin-Perth
49.12Ethan Rittereiser
19:56.5 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
50.11Devon Pickney
51.11Zachary Rocas
20:21.8 SRGloversville
52.12Dominic Di Scioscia
20:31.2 SRJohnstown
53.9Caleb Tamez
20:31.6 PRGlens Falls
54.10Peyton Daley
20:34.2 SRHudson Falls
55.9Chaun'J Ramos
20:36.1 PRAmsterdam
56.12Christian Germany
57.11John Andre
20:44.2 SRGlens Falls
58.11Nolan Hayes
59.10Aiden Collins
21:46.7 PRGlens Falls
60.10Sal Chaidez
25:10.8 PRHudson Falls
61.11Zach Wadleigh
25:34.8 PRGlens Falls
62.10Nick Rodecker
63.10Bob Ciepley
28:13.0 PRHudson Falls
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Scotia-Glenville Central37
3.Schuylerville Central104
5.South Glens Falls Central125
1.9Noah Greski
18:22.0 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
2.10Drew Fedele
18:42.4 PRQueensbury
3.12Ethan Silaika
18:44.8 SRQueensbury
4.11Daniel Neilson
19:03.5 PRQueensbury
5.11Sam Whitehead
19:27.6 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
6.8Tyler Harrington
19:40.0 PRQueensbury
7.9Mike Pino
19:42.2 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
8.10Ryan Lapann
19:48.7 PRQueensbury
9.12Laif Luindrotm
19:53.9 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
10.10Evan Powell
19:54.4 PRQueensbury
11.10Nathan Cotton
19:57.0 SRJohnstown
12.9Stephen Rowinski
20:02.6 PRSchuylerville Central
13.10Ryan Hoffman
20:06.0 PRQueensbury
14.11August D'Amore
20:15.3 PRJohnstown
15.9Ethan Hodge
20:18.0 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
16.11Preston Hadley
20:22.4 PRBroadalbin-Perth
17.10Tyler Hanhurst
20:24.1 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
18.9Aidan Taylor
20:27.6 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
19.12Xavier Jones
20:30.4 PRSchuylerville Central
20.12Jonathon King
20:40.4 SRSchuylerville Central
21.9Noah Engel
20:49.1 PRQueensbury
22.10Antonio Zevola
21:04.0 PRBroadalbin-Perth
23.10Bryce Law
21:16.8 SRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
24.11Aiden Rowley
21:18.7 SRQueensbury
25.9Lucas Jenkin
21:19.1 PRQueensbury
26.9Conor Burns
21:22.4 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
27.11Logan Humiston
21:27.5 SRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
28.9Liam Rodewald
21:28.4 PRQueensbury
29.12Zachary Galcik
21:31.0 PRSchuylerville Central
30.10Cody Draper
21:32.1 PRJohnstown
31.12Alfio DeMarco
21:35.6 SRJohnstown
32.12Sean Meyre
21:38.1 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
33.10Derek Anderson
21:52.4 SRSchuylerville Central
34.10Logan Dyer
22:10.6 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
35.9Brian Simmons
22:13.6 PRQueensbury
36.9Sebastion Barrett
22:21.0 PRSchuylerville Central
37.9Kyle Wood
22:25.0 PRJohnstown
38.9Trevor Swinton
22:39.6 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
39.12Ryan Hill
22:51.1 SRQueensbury
40.10Jordan Perna
22:56.4 PRBroadalbin-Perth
41.12Will Dickson
23:10.4 SRJohnstown
42.9Michael Dormond
23:21.0 PRBroadalbin-Perth
43.9John Burke
23:31.5 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
44.9Ayden Keith
23:33.3 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
45.9Liam Claus
23:39.9 PRSchuylerville Central
46.9Nick Nardini
24:15.0 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
47.9Caleb Kobas
24:45.8 PRJohnstown
48.9Michael Page
25:38.9 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
49.11Ryan Gardner
25:50.6 PRBroadalbin-Perth
50.10Gabe Rittereiser
26:00.3 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
51.12Sullivan Fitzgerald
26:14.3 SRQueensbury
52.12Zachary Rizzo
26:14.9 SRQueensbury
53.10Jake Wesley
27:13.8 PRJohnstown
54.10Nik Howard
27:34.1 PRQueensbury
55.10Shain Krutz
56.11Brian Batchelor
29:19.2 SRQueensbury
57.12Cole Carpenter
31:03.3 SRQueensbury
58.10Nik DiDonato
33:39.1 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
59.9Jackson Haverly
38:26.2 PRJohnstown
60.John Navaro
42:58.3Schuylerville Central
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Scotia-Glenville Central54
3.Schuylerville Central86
6.South Glens Falls Central141
7.Glens Falls163
1.12Olivia Lazarou
2.12Emily Atamanchuk
18:58.7 SRQueensbury
3.12Juliana Geniti
19:17.1 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
4.10Sunni LaBounty
19:33.3 PRSchuylerville Central
5.10Katie Culliton
19:47.7 PRGlens Falls
6.12Margaret Borgos
19:59.9 PRQueensbury
7.12Laura Meade
20:06.9 SRScotia-Glenville Cen...
8.9Delaney Krogh
20:10.4 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
9.10Aberlyn Doin
20:15.1 PRQueensbury
10.12Julia Sarullo
20:18.7 SRJohnstown
11.10Kinsley Holl
20:21.7 PRQueensbury
12.9Anya Vautrin
20:28.0 PRSchuylerville Central
13.11Daley Jo Christman
20:32.4 SRGloversville
14.11Gabriella Larsen
20:39.9 SRBroadalbin-Perth
15.12Alexis Bartlett
20:46.7 SRQueensbury
16.11Lauren Santiago
20:52.5 PRAmsterdam
17.10Olivia Wheeler
20:55.7 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
18.9Natasha Murphy
21:00.9 SRBroadalbin-Perth
19.11Kiana Bennett
21:03.7 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
20.9Annalis Beyerbach
21:14.4 SRQueensbury
21.10Niki Dugan
21:17.0 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
22.11Claire Barton
21:32.8 PRSchuylerville Central
23.10Kara Hammond
21:34.9 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
24.12Teghen Murray
21:39.6 SRSchuylerville Central
25.12Megan Linendoll
21:47.4 SRHudson Falls
26.11Kayla Sondrup
21:48.9 SRAmsterdam
27.12Mackenzie DeZolt
21:54.1 SRBroadalbin-Perth
28.10Rhea Winter
21:57.3 SRGloversville
29.10Emma Grace O'Rourke
21:59.7 PRSchuylerville Central
30.10Shea Murray
22:11.4 PRQueensbury
31.11Gabby Feliciano
22:13.0 PRAmsterdam
32.10Katie Romano
33.9Josilyn Bouffard
22:42.9 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
34.9Brook Marshall
35.10Kaylee Frank
22:52.5 PRGlens Falls
36.12Martha Depoy
22:57.8 SRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
37.10Maddie Durant
22:58.4Scotia-Glenville Cen...
38.11Julia Preston
23:07.5 SRJohnstown
39.10Ariana Yeager
23:10.8 SRGlens Falls
40.10Skylar Grybos
41.10Maddy O'Donnell
23:26.5 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
42.11Autum Hardman
23:26.8 PRGloversville
43.11Morgan Jackson
23:41.6 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
44.9Sarah Larsen
45.9Aubrey Jennings
23:45.1 PRBroadalbin-Perth
46.9Camilla Brown
24:02.9 PRSchuylerville Central
47.9Sophia Andre
24:32.2 PRGlens Falls
48.11Brooke Grace
24:34.2 PRJohnstown
49.10Rachel Seaman
24:50.3 SRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
50.11Alexis Houser
51.9Abby Hamell
25:04.7 PRGlens Falls
52.12Jessie Brooks
53.11Lily Neher
26:13.4 SRSchuylerville Central
54.9McKenna Austin
27:46.7 PRGlens Falls
55.12Mary Rozell
28:47.8 SRHudson Falls
56.9Courtney Dicarlo
29:36.0 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
57.12Brooke McClarren
43:38.0 SRBroadalbin-Perth
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.South Glens Falls Central55
1.10Carlyn Fitzgerald
22:07.1 PRQueensbury
2.10Olivia Nassivera
22:19.9 PRQueensbury
3.11Maggie Jacobs
22:27.7 PRQueensbury
4.9Paige O'Donnell
22:52.0 PRQueensbury
5.9Sydney Szcezpanik
22:52.9 SRAmsterdam
6.10Olivia Bardin
22:59.0 PRQueensbury
7.9Ashley Centerbar
23:20.2 PRQueensbury
8.9Gabby Shaver
23:37.3 PRQueensbury
9.9Maddie Shaver
23:37.8 PRQueensbury
10.12Julia Mannix
23:39.7 SRQueensbury
11.9Grace Corlew
24:14.3 PRQueensbury
12.9Courtney Robarge
24:17.8 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
13.9Kierah Duell
24:20.0 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
14.11Jadin Swartz
24:24.4 SRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
15.10Kileigh Bouyea
24:31.9 PRQueensbury
16.9Anna Fitzgerald
24:35.2 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
17.10Anneke Troelstra
24:40.7 SRQueensbury
18.9Kate Barber
24:44.1 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
19.9Katie Crotty
25:03.3 PRQueensbury
20.12Sarah Dunbar
25:13.9 SRQueensbury
21.9Josephine Smith
25:39.2 PRAmsterdam
22.12Natalie Fernandez
25:46.2 SRAmsterdam
23.10Maggie Bolgiano
25:53.4 PRQueensbury
24.9Brooke Webster
26:04.6 PRQueensbury
25.11Olivia DeAngelo
26:19.6 PRScotia-Glenville Cen...
26.10Brooke Terrry
26:29.1 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
27.11Allie Jerreld
26:33.9 SRScotia-Glenville Cen...
28.9Lauren Trackey
26:41.5 PRQueensbury
29.10Jedidiah Shortte
26:58.1 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
30.10Sofia Dayian
27:05.4 PRAmsterdam
31.11Jasmine Sirois
27:13.6 SRSchuylerville Central
32.11Kayla Kamanu
27:42.2 PRAmsterdam
33.10Pavlina Kilgallon
27:54.8 SRQueensbury
34.11Adeline McDonough
28:02.9 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
35.10Emma Kelly
36.10AnnaMarie Dean
29:08.2 SRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
37.9Lauren Davis
29:43.2 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
38.10Ella Campopiano
29:55.2 SRQueensbury
39.9Makayla Brown
30:06.6 PRAmsterdam
40.10Olivia Hallenback
31:14.3 PRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
41.11Rachel Ruddy
32:58.1 SRSouth Glens Falls Ce...
42.12Chara Boston
34:51.6 PRAmsterdam
43.9Teja Kochendorfer
37:18.1 PRSchuylerville Central
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